Monday, July 11, 2016

Free Library Complaint From July 11th, 2016 #11516245

the library at 52nd & Sansom Street has been closed for about eight months. There is a plan to keep it closed for another six or seven months. I am a landlord and property owner of about 25 years (I am 59). I know for sure that if there is proper money for work it should only take about six weeks to replace a heating & airconditioning unit, even a big and complex one like the one at 52nd & Sansom street. Why the delay? Is ther just a shortage of money? There seems to be plenty of money for the NorthEast's Library and the South Philadelphia Library. I am at the North Philly Library at Broad & Erie Aveniue. There is not much space and most of the books and CD, & films look old and limited. I should certainly hope there is not a duuble standard about supplies, equipment, and space centered on what racial neighborhood a Library is located in.I use the library system quite frequently, but have found the system antiquated and old at best. I have two items out not ``Ocean's 11'' the film & the book ``Eating on a salt-free diet'' that I have returned, but are still outstanding on my record. I am a writer with a book published & a researcher & I have my own advocacy corporation. I don't have time to hunt down lost items from the Free Library. I returned ``Charlie Brown's Christmas at the Library after I paid for it, but never got any credit for the film. Is this any way to run an airline?  My home phone number is 1 (215) 823 9985. I recently saw an article about what a great job the new nead of the Free Library is doing. Not, apparently, in Black neighborhoods''