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Gentleman's Quarterly for March 2016 Get the back issue.

This is a short review of the March 2016 Gentleman's Quarterly magazine.

** Look under Profiles in Evil under Donald Trump

Is the Lex Luthor of Our Time

``When, exactly, did Donald Trump cross over -- going from rank assholery into real-deal, can't-not-watch, like-chugging-spoiled-milk super-villain evil? If we had to place it, it started after he called the good people of Mexico rapists, but definitely before he called for a ban on all Muslims. Because what's so delightful about Trump's villainy is how lazy it is -- how drowsily he shifted from hollering about his BEST and CLASSIEST campaign to pure, raw racism and misogyny. Maybe Donald Trump hates women, and Muslims, and our socialist Kenyan president (Okay, he definitely does.) But the super-villain-y part is that he didn't reeeally hate them until it was politically expedient.
Trump is truly the villain we deserve in 2016 -- and not because he wants to take over the world. It's because he's after something far, far scarier: applause.''  -- Sam Schube, of Gentleman's Quarterly staff. From Page 176. of the March 2016 edition of Gentleman's Quarterly.

** A look at Justin Bieber. Page 150. (Frankly, I don't know if I'll read it. It looks as long and boring as his short life. I may be totally mistaken.).

** ``26.2 too life'' I believe takes a look at the prison / Industrial complex by examining lives of Real Brothers in San Quentin. I have to read this if I Am to call myself an advocate for Prisoner's rights -- which I am indeed. Page number 138.

** Check out the Safe Sex ad from Buffalo David Bitton (Of course for me it would have been really nice to have had a Gay Black male couple, but then I always ask for too much, so I'm told. What People are beginning to understand is, if and when I get what I want, this ole world, its' People and animals and how we treat each other will take a permanent and immense up swing. But this is just me talkin, not too many People listen to me, but they will. Check out http://thepoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com

**I LOVe the Brother on the Delta Ad traveling over international waters. Very Handsome. Glad I'm getting married soon, however. Page 143.

** Check out the red Prius from Toyota on page 145. The car of the future MUST do better for our environment / mileage / looks / & thought patterns.

** Check out the Mark Nason shoes from Los Angeles on page 147. WOW!! I'll look for them soon.

** The flat square watches on page 172 & 173 are sublime from Nigel Cox

** There is a piece about The Donald on page ???, but I couldn't find it. It is scrumptious, please call me and let me know what page it is on so I can include it here. Can't wait to get the April edition. Funny, How little 24-year-ole, handsome, Black  nephews really help ignite an interests in Gentleman's Quarterly!! I never hardly gave it a look until I got help from Muata Gibson Hunter with my new hit poetry book, ``Let the Children Gather,'' available on Amazon. (Some of the money from book sales go to my church: Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia.

** A business partner of mine has fashion consulting services available for $100.00. I have signed up and am finding it well worth the bucks. Amazing what a hat will do. Call me for How to reach Him. 1 (215) 823 9985 in Philadelphia, or write me at

What One Muslim Woman Thinks about ``The Donald''

Donald Trump Sends a Chill Through My Muslim-American Body

By Saqib Bhatti for In These Times magazine ( April 2016 edition, Back page and Page 59)

(An Excerpt)

``The Huffington Post adds a disclaimer to nearly all of the articles it publishes about Donald Trump.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther & bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims – 1.6 billion members of an entire religion – from entering the U.S.

As an American Muslim, I deeply appreciate that disclaimer. Trump thrives on media attention. His entire campaign is based on saying outlandish things that will get him free press coverage, and this disclaimer helps contextualize any coverage the Huffington Post gives him.’’

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From The White House December 14th, 2015.

The White House
December 14th, 2015

Mr.. Tracy Gibson
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans who are concerned about our Nation's young people, and I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

As a young man, I made some bad choices and did not always take school as seriously as I should have. I didn't have a dad in the house, and I was angry about it -- even though I didn't necessarily realize it at the time. I made excuses, and I sold myself short.

Luckily, I grew up in a forgiving environment. I had people who encouraged me and
pushed me to work and study hard, to make the most of myself. They allowed me second and third chances and never gave up on me -- so I didn't give up on myself. Every child deserves those same chances.

For decades, however, opportunity has lagged behind for boys and young men of color. Regardless of where they come from, they are disproportionately at risk from their youngest years. We need to change this -- for their sake, and for the sake of America's future.

This is why I launched the My Brother's Keeper initiative: a collaborative, cross-cutting effort to help ensure these boys and young men have every opportunity to reach their full potential. It is an effort based on using proven tools to help more of our young people stay on track. But the Federal Government cannot play the primary role here. It will require all of us joining together to expand the horizons for our young men and empower them with the tools they need to succeed. From there, it's up to each of them to seize the opportunity and make the most of it.

Again, I appreciate your letter, and voices like yours will remain on my mind as I continue working to give all our children the chance to achieve their dreams -- no matter what they look like or where they live. To learn more about My Brother's Keeper, including how to get involved and share your story with others, please visit


Barack Obama

From the White House May 6, 2015

The White House
May 6, 2015

Mr.. Tracy Gibson
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Tracy

Thank you for writing. I want you to know that when you send me a letter, I am listening. I will keep treating the cares and concerns of people like you as my own, and I will keep fighting to restore the American dream for everybody who is willing to work for it.

Again I appreciate your thoughts. The messages I read from people across our country remind me of why I ran for this office in the first place, and of the progress that still lies ahead.


Barack Obama

An Open Letter to Eddie Murphy & a Job Offer

March 27th, 2016 Easter.....

From: Tracy Charles Gibson AKA: Brother Tracy Gibson, President, Founder & CEO of BrotheR Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated. Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101 - 2878

To Actor / Comedian Mr. Eddie Murphy of New Jersey.

Eddie: I think I'm God. That may sound odd & strange, but when I'm in church & they are talking about GOD, I think they're talking about me. When I say to myself that I'm God I also say right away that I am no more GOD than anyone else. This is powerful, even though I can't forge streams, stop earthquakes or literally give Stevie Wonder His eyesight back -- I still think I'm GOD. I don't mean to step on the Real GOd's toes of go on an ego trip. Maybe I'm just here to do God's work like hundreds of thousands of other people. Maybe I just feel a certain closeness towards GOD that is really Real & meaningful to me. But anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is two fold. I have a movie idea for you that would take you back to the successes of ``48 Hrs., (1982)'' & ``Trading Places.'' (1983).

The kind of success you have been unable to reach with recent movies you have starred in. It would be part of your redemption & forgiveness regarding one thing you did that really ticked me off. That is when you made the movie ``Eddie Murphy Raw,'' back in (year) You talked about Gay people really bad & made a lot of money ($) off our backs. I never heard you apologize for what you did. I feel you owe the Gay community a Real & honest apology for ``Raw.'' Those comments were meant in jest, but they helped a lot of your Black followers especially formulate & justify views that were very hateful and homophobic about gay men in particular. If you apologized & gave about $1 Million Dollars to a Gay & Lesbian organization, you would feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders. (I noticed that some of your more recent flops dealt with religious awakening and Spirituality in a very awkward and odd manner -- a very unsuccessful manner.). You can decide for yourself what organization to give the money to. You, I know, with the apology in hand, will feel absolved of any guilt & you will get over the low point you are having in your movie career.

* Moreover, the second point is about a movie role I see for you. I know what I'm saying when I say I want you to play the role of a smart, intelligent, honest, open, stable, responsible, family oriented Black Gay man who is in a relationship with another Black Gay man. Before you faint, scream, laugh & say ``Oh, Hell No!!'' please hear me out. In Philadelphia there is a large number of Black Gay youth who have been thrown out of their homes by their parents. They are left living on the streets because they are Gay identified and outspoken about it sometimes. There parents just don't understand. You, with this movie, will be able to reach thousands of Black parents of Gay people who have given up on their children & feel resentment towards their children. I know this is not easy to her because I know it is not easy for me -- as a Black Gay man -- to write about. I am told that the actor / rapper Ludicrous  is very interested in doing such a film with you. I can tell you one young Black director who I don't know if he is Gay or not -- I think he is straight, but it is none of my business -- & that is my nephew Mr. Kamau Gibson Hunter who presently resides in Brazil. I envision this film as being a family film, but one that deals effectively with this tough issue. It is a really & decidedly tough issue for our Black community to deal with in an open, Real & honest manner. Your film will help decidedly & in a real Way. If done correctly it will help cool the controversy & bring decency, light & respect to this issue. I could help with some screen writing, but I am very busy with other matters. I know I can help with plot development & a few suggestions. I envision the two main characters being not stereotypic Gay Black men at all but acting like regular Black Brothers who are in LOVe & really care about each other. I do not want my name associated with the film if either character ir any main character in a police officer. I do not want my name associated with the film if wither character dies violently or tragically or from AIDS. & I don't want a lot of silly girl talk & girlfriend scenes in the film. & I don't want either character to be bisexual -- That can be for another film at another time. I also don't want to be associated with the film if there are any scenes whatsoever of either men or any close friends dressing in women's clothing. I think if could be a great film. I am not easy to reach, but I'll give you my home #  1 (215) 823 9985. I know for sure the honesty of this film will put you back in the chair of leadership in Hollywood (and the financial prospects are many) -- as long as you make that important apology. Mr. Murphy please take this offer seriously. Please take care & know you are LOVed & forgiven.

Here is a sample scene for the film:

``The couple gets caught in a snow storm and drive up to a Hooters Bar, finding no other place open. The waitresses are very nicely showing off their bodies and offering spaghetti or T-Bone Stake. The gentlemen are shocked and dismayed that they can only find a Hooters open and start to make jokes about it and show that they are homosexuals to the waitresses, who proceed to show them even more cleavage. You can take it from there, Mr. Murphy.''

Peace & Blessings,

Tracy Charles Gibson,

Post Script

reach me at 1 (215) 823 9985.

Post, Post Script:

Please read the book ``Sweet Tea,'' by E. Patrick Johnson for homework. No, Mr. Murphy, I'm not kidding. Ask Mr. Magic Johnson.  

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African / Caribbean Game.....For Black Youth and BLack Teens.....

Five People (they can be Black teenagers or Black youth) sit in a circle and each one is anxious to learn more about Africa and the Caribbean. One starts off by saying an African or Caribbean country three times. The next person has to say an African or Caribbean  country without much hesitation (say within 10 seconds), They cannot repeat the same African or Caribbean country. The next person has to say a different African or Caribbean country (within 10 seconds) three times. And so On. When someone messes up and misses the deadline, they stop on the last African or Caribbean country that was last. I want to create an app that stops there last and explores the history, commerce, and People and culture of that particular country. The app or game / app would allow the whole group to hear a short lecture on the African or Caribbean country. This app / game would be a fun Way to learn about the African Continent and or the Caribbean and or the African / Caribbean People, culture, arts etc. It is for public consumption and especially for Black youth to learn about their homelands. (It is not designed to make a lot of money for me as a developer, nor for anyone who makes games or apps to make a lot of money. Such funds could be diverted back to programs to help pay for the education of our Black children in higher education and especially at Black colleges and Black universities.  

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2015 Annual Report Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incprporated


Annual Report From Brother Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

For 2015 To: Our Board & The Public

From Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson (Disabled, but quite active and functional)

Major Achievements:

1] We provided financing and training for a 27-year-ole youth to take part in a new program called (The New School for Progressive Black Thought & Black Achievement). The individual who took part in this pilot program was Mr. Andre Paulhill. He was able to pay His child support and have money for the summer because of our program. We paid Him almost $1,050.00. He was able to be trained in electrical work; took part in visiting the Liberty Bell and the Slave memorial to the Slaves of former United States President George Washington at 5th &Market; He also: visited City Hall’s City Council to watch an actual session of City Council while they were hearings about the availability and cost of the supply of Natural Gas for the State of Pennsylvania going on. Mr. Paulhill was also lectured about fatherhood, good ethics, Black history & He took a vegetarian cooking class. [We did not have a checking account set up at the time of His hire and there was some confusion, not due to our mistakes, with the taxes He is to pay to the City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania& the Federal government. The Internal Revenue Service has been informed of the problem and we will send a statement to the State of Pa & The City of Philadelphia as well.] The taxes were collected, but due to this error, they never got to the proper authorities. This matter is being handled by our President who is already discussing the matter with a professional tax accountant [Meltzer & Meltzer Certified Public Accountants of Elkins Park, Pa.], and the payroll experts they referred us to. Mr. Paulhill loved the program and we expect to hire Him back in the near future as funds allow.

2] We started a process to officially campaign for a new Bank Branch for United Bank of Philadelphia in West Philadelphia and have recently talked with a bank representative to talk about how to expand this work to include a new branch in South Philadelphia and a new branch in the Northeast as well. We are planning to talk in late November of 2015 in front of a group of Progressive Black decision makers and activist about United Bank.
3] Continued advocacy work by writing a public letter to Minister Louis Farrakhan about what actions we suggested to be taken after the Million Man March on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. [I could not attend this event for financial reasons.] This letter to Brother Farrakhan is posted on our Blog at: http://ThePoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com

4] Attended several events, workshops and a class including one on personal finance with a WURD Radio , 900 AM, host as the instructor down town this summer. A cornucopia of financial tactics & strategies were discussed at this class including How to prepare for sending your children to school; retirement accounts; investing; tricks the banks use& the stock market. Also: I attended a conference on Racism in the Black community this summer and took part in the question & answer session. We also advocated for more Grass Roots representation on various participatory panels hosted by WURD 900 AM, Black Talk Radio, this past summer. The Radio station complied with our request and successfully acquired a Black man from the Hip Hop community to take part in one panel discussion and question & answer event held at the Painted Bride.

5] As a corporation we have also read & / or watched several videos and books. Some of the videos I have watched personally include adult, sexually explicit Black Gay videos. Some of the titles I have watched include: ``You Want the Pipe?,’’ ``Harlem Thugs Four,’’ `` Stress Release,’’ ``In Too Deep,’’ & ``Like a Freak.’’ The reason I have watched such videos in not only for sexual gratification, but to continue a process of advocating for more intimate films that actually teach our young Black Gay [or Same Gender Loving] men and older Black Gay men about intimacy and properly treating their male mates & / or sex partners with respect & decency. We are developing this idea to also help to advocate for the decrease of high levels of Sexually Transmitted Diseases within the prison system and throughout the Black community as many People mimic what they see on film and need more healthy, positive images on screen and video. We are also using this process for advocating for more use of condoms, especially in the United States of Native America’s prison system& for all sex between and among consenting Black male adults. Along these same lines we are also helping to establish a new gerund of Black film that will look at Black Gay life in a realistic, healthy, dramatic or comic, upbeat, aesthetic& energetic Way. [Examples of such films already out include ``Dirty Laundry’’ and ``Black Bird.’’ ]Our corporation has submitted a proposal to Oprah & Tyler Perry about this matter and idea and have signed away all rights to the project to stimulate the active and fast-tracked development of this idea. We have also written the Philadelphia Film Department about this idea. This decision, to share this idea, was not an easy one, but when you look at the high level of Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Black women especially; the need for more diversity in the type of dramas we as Black People watch; and the commercial possibility of such films, I thought the idea’s honesty and timeliness would help it enter the realm of being accepted, financed and developed.

6] Other research materials I read, listened to or read over slightly includes: ``The Money Class,’’ by Suzie Orman (read completely several months ago(; ``Vegan Holiday Cooking,’’ by Nava Atlas (read parts of[beautiful photos]); ``Bicycles Love Poems,’’ by Nikki Giovanni(read substantial parts of this book & plan to read it at Open Poetry readings along with some of my own writing.).; ``The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook,’’ by Haylie Pomroy. (read many of the easy recipes.). ``Pay Yourself First The African American Guide to Financial Success and Security,’’ by Jesse B. Brown.; (I read this book {about five chapters} and I took it out of the library twice.).

7] Some of the People I plan to write about funding includes: activist Anna Aagenes a bisexual lgbt sports expert & lgbt sports promoter (You Can Play)!! ; the foundations of late comic TV host Johnny Carson; The Ford Foundation; & the foundation of Jazz Trumpeter Clark Terry.

8] I have attended and written to several Black churches in the Philadelphia area. The result has been volunteering for the Historic Black activist church, The Church of the Advocate at 18th & Diamond Street for their soup Kitchen / Café – and the possibility of helping some Black churches raise funds.

9] We received at least $195.00 in donations & loans this year. The money is not a large sum, but has come from some sources that really pull at the heart strings. One $20.00 donation came from a Home-Challenged [read homeless] Black woman who has some instability problems. Every time I see Her I thank Her profusely. I would like to do something nice for Her, but I can’t right now. She eats meals at a certain place in Delaware County that I would like to provide a whole mostly vegetarian meal for. I hope I can get some of our Board members to volunteer. {Something tells me this will be soon.}. Another $100.00 came from a Board member who asked not to be identified. Another loan for $50.00 came from a good friend and a Board member. The last $25 came from a good friend of mine. He can’t join our Board because He has other obligations with another Progressive Board that concerns itself with South Africa. We also applied for a $20,000.00 loan & a $500.00 loan at two separate and different times (The $500.00 one first), but were denied for both loans. We will be applying for a $7,000.00 loan with the same company (West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution). I Am looking for co-signers on this loan. If you balk at the idea of co-signing, I want you to think about what we are asking White People to do. Make changes and go against their traditions of racial inequality. I Am asking you to do the same thing – go against your traditional idea of not trusting anyone or Black People in particular, or Black companies and co-sign. If you can’t do this remember this when you ask White People to change. I as an individual have worked diligently this last year to improve on my credit rating. I have worked with a Ms Omi at the City of Philadelphia’s Clarifi Program. My personal credit score has gone from 334 to 553 or better.

10] I have written several articles that I have shared with the reading Black Public through my Blog. Included: The final Addendum to the Booklet for Black Youth; final editing of my poetry book; Article: Don’t Send Our Third Graders to Jail; Cut to the Quick; Article: Jesus Is Here; The Hefty Cost of Not Supporting Our Activists; A Letter of Support to Senator Elizabeth Warren; Total Package; Land Ownership in Africa; and The Concept of Earth Father.

11] I went to a seminar that was attended by workers at the Free Library’s Foundation Center and I have continued our outreach to funders, supporters, the general Public,& the Black supporting Public. Part of this effort was to take on supporting the West Phillie Produce Store at 62nd Street on the West side of the Street between Market & Ludlow Street. This is a Black-owned produce store whose owner (Arnett Woodall ) is very empathetic to Black youth issues and stands as a stable rock in that community. I spend over $50.00 a month on fruits & vegetables at His store and have promoted Him among friends, colleges, business acquaintances and associates.

12] I have also and we have as a company, supported three Black film directors by sending financial incentives (no actual cash) to them in hopes that they get their films either finished or produced. One director actually interviewed me on camera for His film. I have also kept in touch with the City of Philadelphia’s Film department about various film-related projects we have endorsed such as a proposed film to be made by Black Film director Michelle Parkerson of Wash D C about aviator Bessie Coleman; The film about the Adodi movement by director and producer Brother Rod of Brooklyn; and we have supported the work of Brother Kamau Stewart Gibson Hunter in Brazil who has many projects underway. Lastly, we will be in contact with novelist and theater director Stanley Bennett Clay of California and New York to see if we can assist Him as well.

13] We endorsed the idea of helping provide the momentum for a huge celebration of the activism of Sistah Pam Africa, whose work has spanned several decades.

14] Poem: Why Do We DO All This?

So as to not see another small mountain of candles

Stuffed teddy bears





Another site where one of our youths

Has been taken from us

15] Through all this work I have kept a positive attitude, a good Spirit, and, often with your help, have managed to keep my head above water – even in these positively changing times we live in right now. This is why I continue to go to see my psychologist on a regular basis and keep taking medicine – so I can stay balanced enough to do this work.
**If you have any questions about this Annual Report; Please give Brother Tracy Gibson a call at 1 215 823 9985 or write Him at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com.

If you would like to make a no-pressure contribution of any sum you wish, can afford and feel totally comfortable with, please do so by sending your postal money order or personal check to

Brother Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Common’s Wealth of Pennsylvania 19101 – 2878

You have our heart-felt thanks!!!

Minority Business Forms

I would like to know How to register as a minority business with the City of Philadelphia. I own and manage a Research; Education; Public Relations; Advertising; Philanthropy; &  Black Community Advocacy firm called Brother Tracy Gibson & Association, Incorporated. We incorporated on December 18th of 2006 in Philadelphia. We did test marketing of Afro-Centric greeting cards & Pro-Black-Message Tee-Shirts; & have been an advocate for Peace, Justice & Economic parity for years (Even though we are not financial and do not make much money, that I know of). Please feel free to contact me so we can register as a Minority Firm with the City of Philadelphia. If you call me I can give you our EIN number and other pertinent data. Thank you and have a good evening.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Disabled, but highly motivated, honest, and responsible.  1 (215) 823 9985

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated
Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,
President, CEO & Founder (Disabled, but highly functional)
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101

To Kill a Mockingbird

It would be wonderful if Oprah Winfrey would get as excited about ``To Kill a Mockingbird,'' as She is about ``The Colour Purple.''

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated --  (I AM disabled, but very active, responsible, creative, effective, coherent, alive, & thankful for this life). Our firm is a firm dedicated to building better lives, bounty & sustainability for Black People and especially for Black youth. We use Research, Writing, Education, Advertising, Public Relations, Black Community Advocacy, Philanthropy &Business for our work. Loving Black People in the correct Ways is extremely powerful.

feel like a hundred bucks

Peace Will Find This Nation..
By Brother Tracy Gibson

Our Nation, traditionally called The United States of America, is at war with itself. It is mostly a Spiritual war, but it is also a philosophical war. You can tell because the traditional political parties have very little idea of what the People want or How to please or reach the needs of the People.  It has to do with race, but not only that. It has to do with economic fairness, but not only that.  It has to do with ole injustices and How to effectively cope with them, but not only that either. We live in a time that has given rise to Black Lives Matter and a deep concern for the futures of Black youth, especially Black males.  The Black male population has been chosen by God to step forth and lead our Nation and our world out of a time that, if not changed, will lead to more destruction and more pain financially for more People.  The rich continually want more and more and many of them don’t even seen able to bring about the humanity in their thinking to save the planet earth and the nine billion People who reside here. Generally speaking,  The People getting the publicity about what should happen to make our world livable, sustainable, decent, happy and future-thinking seem not to really have a clue as to what needs to happen.  The changes People want also have to do with traditional Capitalism and How it wrings money out of People and gives them too little back to maintain life, liberty and the pursuit  of happiness.  I often tell People if we could just put five things in place we would have a much better world that would be responsive to most People living within our borders, and fairer to People living outside our borders. {Have you noticed that the People coming here, to North America, don’t come with flowers and peaceful thought, they come with blood in their eyes, wanting revenge or an education so they can free their People back home. They don’t believe in this so-called American dream, that has often, because of the foreign intervention of our country and the cover our military gives for Capitalist expansion in their homelands – these new settlers or immigrants in our country sometimes want revenge for the military exploits our country has carried out around the world and for the Capitalist expansion, under the cover of doing good business, our nation has hoisted on oppressed Peoples.} The madness needs to be pulled in before it is too late. Only God knows when it is too late and She or He will take appropriate actions when that times comes. For right now, I believe God is working through People like you and me. So we have to be courageous and willing to take bold, non-violent action and do the correct things to bring about the positive changes we need to make this world a better place as soon as possible and our country a better place as soon as possible.  I reject  violence being used for any purpose. There is only one exception: when a People have been blocked out of making any reasonable changes for themselves, over a reasonable amount of time, and are left without resources to feed, clothe, and do for themselves and live with some kind of decency, and these conditions last for a duration and go unresolved, I understand why People take up arms and want to make changes in other ways. Unfortunately, sometimes,  the legal processes that have too often proven unworkable, or have just failed altogether are hopelessly unavailable and only lead to more frustration.   This kind of being locked out of positive change is going on in the Middle East and has caused insurrection, violence, uneasiness for many People living there and uneasiness for much of the rest of the world. This being locked out is reflected in so many Black men being held in jail in our own country.  Elections don’t seem to change things. There is always some new figure coming forward, who promises to make positive changes, but when they get into office as President, those changes seem to be turned around, or de-rooted. It is usually a financial or money source that causes that end run and usurps the real desires of the People.  Moreover, I said there are two countries in the United States right now. First there is a country that existed during the Kennedy Administration, but has grown a little weary. This is a country that is having new life breathed into it even as it is weary.  It is the older People like myself who are weary. Young People, especially young Black People, have hope and resiliency, but they also need to be directed and move in a positive direction.  When leadership is arrested, their hope is pushed back.  They know they want change, but are not quite sure how to achieve it. I think those five things I’m going to talk about here will bring on the positive changes they want. Here they stand: One: we as Black People do not need to but must begin a process of pooling our money into a Trust or investment pool so we can take care of the most in need.  This can start by regular Black People stopping their purchases of lottery tickets and stop getting their nails done at Asian-owned nail salons and supporting so many sporting events and not going out to dinner at White-run establishments so much and getting a very small account at a Black Bank such as United Bank in Philadelphia, if that is all they can do, and supporting as many Black-owned stores in their neighborhoods as possible. I have already done these things and feel a great deal of self-power in this process. Another thing we can do is join a Black organization. I joined Black Lives Matter and I send them information to help them see some of the things I feel are important.  We must also support Black institutions that want good social change or that stand to help our Black community. These institutions may be good Black churches, good Black schools, no matter what formation they take {but preferable Community run and community-based schools}, & support good Black political bodies or good Black-run positively motivated Black organizations. Some times you may not be able to give money. Go to a meeting. For example, in Philadelphia I go to the meetings of Avenging The Ancestors Coalition that meets at Broad and Vernango  Street at the Zion Baptist Church on the third Monday of most months at 6:30 P.M. {They did not meet in January due to the Reverend, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior holiday}.  This is a great organization and should be supported. I especially take pride as I see more grass roots Black People & more young Black People attending and taking note of what is going on at these meetings.  There are other things we can do. We need to get therapy if we are cheating on our mates or if we have anger issues or if we are dealing with any kind of addiction, even if it is an addiction to pornography or over eating. We may have an addiction and not know it or know How to deal with it. Get help {call your Pastor, Doctor or Imam about this and do it soon. This is no laughing matter because your life may be more out of control than you think. I don’t care How young or ole you are, you have the power to bring about positive change in your life by taking this positive action.} Two. Support independent Black activists. I Am one such Person, but there are many others. These are often invisible People in our Black community who are creating a great deal of positive change, but they are hampered because they don’t get the financial support, community support & the ethical support they need. For example, I have a corporation that is totally unable to get what it needs to get done due to a lack of financial support. This is changing as we speak. One thing I have suggested is that we stop, sending our girlfriends or allowing our girlfriends and wives to go to these Asian-owned nail salons and ask them to have their Black female friends to do their nails at their own homes... Pay your female Black friends to do your nails!! This, even if only done by 20 % of Black women, would have a great positive impact on helping keep some money in our Black community. This is only one idea, I have others, but I have had trouble getting this information out to the People until now. We independent Black activists don’t usually have a sign around our necks saying this is what we are and telling the world what we do.  Google Independent Back Activists in your area and see what comes up. Read some blogs there {mine is} Do this instead of watching TV or going to a movie just one time and see if your life doesn’t change. You will feel empowered. Remember this is a right you still have, but won’t for log if you don’t exercise this correctly. You can read and you can learn.  See what the activists with track records are asking you to do and try a few things out. If you are not pleased or have a question or still feel hopeless please write or call these activists and let them know {you can reach me at or call me at 12158239985}. I will respond and let you know what kind of help I need. It is not always monetary help or money. I may need some stamps or a trusted volunteer to work for me once a week. Or I may be able to help you set up a trading post or a barter system that will benefit our entire Black community. Or I may want you to attend our church {I attend the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, which has helped change my life for the positive in many Ways}. It is a gay-friendly church so I understand if you are too closed minded to go, but it is a church for everyone and one thing Black People need to do is wake up and stop judging each other and smell the coffee {by the buy,  buy some African Roast Coffee} and do something different for a change. Don’t be such a stick in the mud. Do you really think when Jesus comes back, and He already has, do you really think He is going to drag the world back some 2200 years and put the religious Genie back in the bottle? No! He is going to ask that you be decent active citizens right here and now and stop letting your Pastors call you a sinner and a person born in Sin when you are the new decency we are seeking.  You will fall off the wagon. Get back up and go to school. You will fall off the wagon. Get back up and find a new job, even if it is at half pay to start. You will fall off the wagon. Get up and try putting the bottle away again and listen to Gil Scott Heron who went through drug addiction Himself.  Send me your e-mail address and I will send you some articles that will help you see what a mess we have become living in such ethical squalor that is standard regular living in the United States. Three. Change your mind. I call what we are living in in this country The United States of Native America. I have been calling our country this for about a year and a half.  This country was stolen from them and GOD is going to make sure the Native and Indigenous Peoples of the world are well taken care of {and I mean this seriously and in the most good and positive Way!!}.  Native men are some of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. You can go on the Net and Google : Handsome Native American Men, and you will see some of the most attractive men you have ever seen. If you like women I strongly suggest you Google Attractive Native American women. I Am asking you to do this because you will not see these images on TV and you need to see these images. This will help create an alternative aesthetic {beauty} standard in your mind. Native People were almost totally done in by the Europeans who came here when this Nation was just a penal colony when it was first started. I want you to ask these People for forgiveness and ask them, just by watching their pictures, ask them How we can start paying them back for taking their land and ask them How they can help us get our land back. Ask the librarian to tell you of any books that talk about supportive relationships between Native Americans and Africans and or African Americans. Something empowering will come over you that won’t let you go. I Am asking you to put down Zane books and read some of the books I suggest for you to read. {I will send you a list of books when you write me and send me your e-mail address}. Unlike you, I’m too lazy right now to write the other two things I want you to do right now. I will share this with you for now and come back to it, God willing, in the near future. If you do just a little of these things you will feel like a crisp new $100. Bill . I promise. 

Dear Black App Developer

I have a fantastic new idea for an app that I want to get developed. I need to talk to a Black app developer who has adequate financing. It is educational and Afrocentric. Please call me at 1 215 823 9985 or Write me at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com My name is Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson; my company is Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated --  (I AM disabled, but very active, responsible, creative, effective, coherent, alive, & thankful for this life). Our firm is a firm dedicated to building better lives, bounty & sustainability for Black People and especially for Black youth. We use Research, Writing, Education, Advertising, Public Relations, Black Community Advocacy, Philanthropy & Business for our work. Loving Black People in the correct Ways is extremely powerful.

The Holy Bible & Brother Marquis Laughlin, host of The Scriptorium-Center for Biblical Antiquities in Orlando, Florida (He lives in Atlanta with His wife & Two Children)

I have your audio of the Holy Bible. I have found it soothing and warming. I Am a homosexual, but I still know GOD almighty made me the Way I Am for a holy and special reason. You might not understand this, but it is true that no man knows another's pain or Reality unless He has walked in His moccasins -- as our Beloved Native American Brothers & Sisters are known to say. I have a new special friend and I cherish our relationship. I Am 59 and He is 46. I was at the gym, by myself and my lover has said He thinks ``something is strange'' about me going to the gym so much. I have maintained good health by going and go at the request of my doctor. Today I was tempted, but I was able to turn away and go about my business and get home to that special someone because I was listening to your words from 2000 years ago. I don't believe everything I hear in the Bible, or read in the Bible, but I know for sure there are very important words and very important lessons to be learned from the Bible. I want to personally thank you for creating such a beautiful audio of The Bible. It comes to life for me in a very special Way. I think it is partly because you are a Black man as I AM and partly because you are a special chosen man to carry on GOD's work for Him / or Her. I belong to a very special church called Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. (It is actually a movement of some 18 churches nationally). They call themselves affirming, but I say they are Gay-friendly. Some People think that because a person is Gay He or She is outside of the church. This is blatantly false at its' root. GOD made all kinds of People to do His work. If you look at population projections of what happens to the availability of food and water if People keep reproducing the way they are, gayness may well be a part of GOD's plan. Not for everyone, but for some. God wants His or Her earth to continue and not be destroyed. We have to live together here. We must get along better. All of us. The Holy Bible can make that happen. It is an important book, but there are other religious and spiritual books that are important as well. (One is ``Ethical Ambition: Living a Life of Meaning & Worth,'' by Derrick Bell  (A Brother). I just wanted to thank you for what you did to bring the words of GOD to life for so many. Keep up the good work and remember to share your gifts, your knowledge & your wealth with others. You are a very special Brother.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated --  (I AM disabled, but very active, responsible, creative, effective, coherent, alive, & thankful for this life). Our firm is a firm dedicated to building better lives, bounty & sustainability for Black People and especially for Black youth. We use Research, Writing, Education, Advertising, Public Relations, Black Community Advocacy, Philanthropy & Business for our work. Loving Black People in the correct Ways is extremely powerful.