Friday, January 22, 2016

About Black Men and Black Gay Men & Black Lesbian Women

I LOVe Black men in general, but Black Gay men really turn me on.  It is not just a sexual thing. They are often some well-mannered, out-spoken, politically aware, great-looking, well-behaved, and just beautiful People who deserve the attention of the entire Black community & the world because they have something great to contribute and something great to add as a major cornerstone to Black history. Not just People like political activist & statesmen  Beyard (Spelling) Rustin and noted author & visionary James Baldwin, but others like noted poet Essexx (Spelling) Hemphill, myself -- {Writer, political organizer} Brother Tracy Gibson, and writer and political organizer Joseph Beam-- who wrote part of and edited the first Black Gay anthology for Black Gay men in the entire country--, Reverend Jeffrey Haskins-- founder of the Philadelphia chapter of the Unity Fellowship Church , Adodi Founder Clifford Rawlins, (Adodi is a noted support group for Black Gay men, Adodi's core group including  Brother Kevin Green -- Michael Otis --  Brother Delmar Thompson -- myself -- Brother Haines-- ; Brother Reverend Brian Robinson {Who in my estimation will be one of the best Christian Preachers in the world by the time He is 39 [He is presently 36 or 37]}  -- and Arch Bishop Carl Bean, founder of the Unity Fellowship Church movement which is centered in Los Angeles, California. The Unity Fellowship Christ Church has about 17 chapters and is a Gay-friendly church with several Black women {Lesbian} preachers and Bishops who are stellar luminaries, achievers, and all around great People as well.    Don't tell Black Gay men and Black Lesbian Women they have to go straight if you seriously want to bring on a new and brighter world -- you will not be taken seriously by many People. Not only that, but GOD will defeat you. I guarantee it. {There are literally hundreds of Black Gay leaders I have not mentioned here. }

A Whole New Level of Activism -- Buy Stocks in the worst Companies and advocate for positive change. Suggestion from In These Times.

A Whole New Level of Activism: Using the Purchase of Stocks & Bonds to Make A Black Radical & Progressive Point About Black Business Development & The Need for Our Black Children to be Taught & Supported Properly

When you buy stock(s) in the following companies, please don’t just sit on your stocks and Bonds. Call the companies and ask How to get a copy of their annual reports; call and ask when and How you can attend their Boards Meetings; & Ask who is the President, CEO or Founder; Or even Vice President and How you can get them a hand written or typed and signed letter stating your gripes and complaints about the company and How they can improve on corporate policy. (This concept of activism was written up in the progressive magazine ``In These Times’’ recently. I strongly urge you to get a copy of ``In These Times’’ by writing ``In These Times’’ at: 2040 Milwaukee Avenue; Chicago, Illinois  60647 – 9942. Beloved & Celebrated Progressive Author Kurt Vonnegut ``Slaughter House Five’’ (1922-2007) was the Senior Editor of ``In These Times’’ for Quite some time.

We suggest buying stock in the following companies (There are a few non-profits and progressive companies scattered throughout this list): 8 Brothers; The Businesses of Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc. (Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated); American Express; The Businesses of Brother- Doctor Keith Hunter; Chase Manhattan Bank; The Colours Organization; Citizen’s Bank; AT&T; Comcast; ABC; CBS; Hill & Knowlton Public Relations; NBC; Shell Oil; Citgo Oil; Paramount; Getty Oil; Nestles Company; Municipal Bonds from The City of Philadelphia; Municipal Bonds from the City of Chicago; Municipal Bonds from the City of Los Angeles; Municipal Bonds from the City of Atlanta; Exxon / Mobil Oil Corporation; Monsanto Company; Hershey’s Company; Wal-Mart; Wall-Greens; Waste Management; HOW Realty Company; Rite Aid; Coca Cola; Pepsi Cola; McDonalds Corporation; Fresh Grocer; MGM Films; Warner Cable; Whole Foods; Time / Warner Publishing ; OWN Network; Socks & Jocks; Victoria’s Secret; Oprah Magazine; Playboy Magazine & Publishing Company; Halliburton Corporation; Verizon Corporation; The Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Areal Investments; The New York Times; The Washington Post; The Philadelphia Tribune Company; Sony Pictures; The Kimmel Center; Kentucky Fried Chicken; Yahoo; Popeye’s Chicken, Incorporated; www.Google.Com;   Burger King; Wendy’s Hamburgers;  Temple University; Dow Chemical; General Electric; The  Bowing Corporation.; (1) Lockheed Martin  (USA); (5) Northrop Grumman (USA); (8) United Technologies (USA) These companies (Above) are among the 10 largest arms-producing and military services companies in the world excluding China, for 2013.

If you need help writing the letter(s) you want to send to the companies you have invested in, please call my corporation --  Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc. (Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated) at 1 215 823 9985. Leave a message. Each letter cost $30.00 to send. Fifty % discounts are available to Community activists, the poor, The Homeless (or Home Challenged), deeply concerned citizens & Black youth. All you have to do is ask.  Do not just buy products without knowing something about the companies you are buying from, even if you take your own time yourself and just look them up on or in www.Wickapedia.Com & do your own research & write your own letters. There is one of our outlines for a letter to the United Negro College Fund at the end of this statement.

*Special Note to some existing supporters such as: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson (Our President & Chief researcher; Ms Eve Clark-Thornton; Doctor & Mrs. Keith Hunter; The Estate of Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson & Mrs. Jessie Mae Gibson-Thornton; Mr. Kamau S. Gibson Hunter; Mr. Muata Gibson Hunter; Ms Thandiwa Gibson Hunter; Anoa Gibson Hunter Dridzienyo  & Her Husband Yofe Dridzienyo; Ms Carla Harris, Mr. Bruce H. Harvey; Mr. Raymond Haywood; Mr. Eddie Frank; Ms Charlotte Harris & Mr. Arnett Woodall; Mr. Cleo Manago: I will write two letter for you (The People listed Above) because we already have an existing business relationship and because you have good standing in the Black community --  I will write two letters for you at no charge or cost to you. This is a $60.00 value as each letter cost $30.00 for research and for writing, consulting with our clients & sending the letters by certified mail.   You can also write letters if you have not invested in any corporate stock as yet. (Ariel Investments is a major Black investment House in Chicago I Strongly suggest we all utilize them & ask about no-load investing.) . The goal is for these corporations to make plenty of money but only as they adhere to much more environmentally-friendly, People friendly, much less racist, much more Humane, much less exploitative policies in their daily running or daily operations. This activism concept is being included in our arsenal of Peace & non-violence weaponry because we believe that as we grow and change into a fully fledged democracy with total economic inclusion and great opportunities for Black People, Red People & Yellow People, & other non-Whites in the United States of Native America, we must be about such non-violent, progressive change and make that change lasting and permanent.  We must put appropriate pressure on the corporate structure to change in a positive Way even as we grow and develop our own Black businesses, make inroads politically in other Ways, support our Back community groups (that may be non-profit) & make positive & effective changes for Black People in other Ways. Remember, buying Municipal Bonds helps inner cities. Some of the other goals for this type of stock-buying activism include: building a Peace-Time economy; Building and supporting sustainability; Building Our Nation’s infrastructure; winding down the military industrial complex; humanizing and fully exposing the prison industrial complex;  Supporting efforts to include non-White races, especially Latin & Black races in the Nation’s and the World’s economy; Building up the environment as clean and safe—especially water and air; expanding opportunities to the poor, the homeless (or Home-Challenged), the disabled, women, sexual minorities, People of Colour, transgendered People, The Underdog & The Hopeless. (You can use some of your money from stock and bond investing to support the United Negro College Fund and other Progressive causes).


 Outline for the letter to The United Negro College Fund. Important Points!!. By Brother Tracy Gibson

1] We as Black People  need to support our Black students by providing pay for them to go to college, & full scholarships not $ for us to buy Big expensive Houses with movie studios in the basement . We should be ashamed of having so much for ourselves when many of our Black students have so little and not much of a chance to learn.

2]  We need to groom and pre-groom students for success, not see them as pawns for us as educators to make money off of. Ultimately there will be some students who have the wherewithal to become diplomats, major thinkers, major doers, inventors, scientists, statesmen (Not just politicians),  educators in their own right, scholars, business People, movers & shakers, leaders, strategists,  philanthropists, doctors, lawyers & world leaders,

3] We need to respect the illustrious traditions of Black educators. People like Professor Francis Cress Welsling; Bill Cosby; Cornell West; Carter G. Woodson; Alvin Puissant; Professor Ben; Huey P. Newton; Professor Smith from The Ohio State University;  Angela Davis; Mumia Abu Jamal; Denzel Washington; Malcolm X; Martin Luther King, Jr. ; Professor John Henrick Clark;  O. J. Smith; Reverend Lion Sullivan; Reverend Paul Washington; Reverend John Anderson; Reverend Miller (formerly of the Church of the Advocate);   Richard Pryor; Kaream Abu Jabar; Usef Latif; Queen Latif; Will Smith & Jada Pinket Smith; Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee;  Doctor J; Danny GloveR; Jill Scott; Gil Scott Heron;  (Look up Black educators). Female & Male.

4] Give them your list of important books to read.  Some 300 books in all.

5] We have to let our Black youths know we are about more than their survival, we are working for a better world for them and we want them to thrive, even in the face of racism, injustice, discrimination, hatred and White and Black stupidity, greed & indifference. They must not suffer, they must prosper.

6} We have to ask our Black parents to Stop using the idiot box {TV} as a baby sitter – far too easy. Our children must be taken out of the day care centers to museums, zoos, libraries, parks, social events, family get-togethers & family reunions, political events, church, yes church, and other appropriate social events & cultural events to rub elbows with the more intelligent and knowing of our Black race.

7] Use the Special school on Broad Street with school administrator Ms. Joyner The Charter School for Math and Science;  (Look in your personal phone book for proper name and look it up and get address. Mention that you once spoke with Her on the phone. 

8]  Mention actors like Kadeem Henderson {``Different World’’} & Lavar Burton (``Reading Rainbow’’ on Public Television) who have helped support and inspire Black students . Maya Angelou, movie director, actress -  poet [ She was great, but was she a ``safe’’ person to like. Even if She was ``safe’’ to LOVe, that doesn’t make Her unimportant – even though She once married a White man...  

9] Mention the short comings, ambitions, and life works and successes of People like Tyler Perry, &  Oprah & Spike Lee. Mention also People like Harry Belafonte & Lena Horn as educators.

10] Look up Basketball players who are Progressive & Black. (Kareem Abu Jabar, others still playing).

11] Mention that you are a Black Gay or Same Gender Loving Black man and How you have not allowed this to interfere with your work as a Black activist and human rights leader.

12] Mention your trips to Cuba & South Africa and your stent as a President of the World Affairs club to Canada, while in High School & your trip to Puerto Rico {While in High School}.

13 Some local Black males who inspired me include: Joseph Beam; Joe Bunch (now deceased); Brother Joe Dennis;  Revered Jeffrey Haskins; Reverend Brian Robinson; Carlos Carter; Phil Hughes ; Carl Jackson; Reverend B.J.; Raymond Haywood who sings at church; Richard & Gregory & Brother Ralph (Be-Love-Now) – with the Black Nationalist Tee-Shirts and Brother Ron McCoy of the Blacks in Antiquity Study Group; & Attorney Michael Coard; and Bishop Carl Bean & Senator Cory Booker {Of New Jersey}; & Brother Bruce H. Harvey.

14] Mention How thankful you are for your church and Spiritual and Religious life—How it saved your life.

15] Mention other ethnic groups like the Native Americans, the Asians & The Muslims / Arabs; and Latin People. (Mention Cuba again and Brazil) also Japan being bombed by the U.S. and How many of them seem to have forgiven North Americans.

16] Mention The Museum Project you have proposed to the incoming Mayor of Philadelphia and being on a team of People to raise money for this project. [Major museums in Philadelphia for Arab / Muslim People; a refurbishing of the Black Museum here; and money for a major Asian Museum[ if they are going to take our money, and we should not allow this, we must learn who these People are and How they have also suffered under the rule of racism, which must be broken into a billion pieces and burned and destroyed without destroying and burning real people].

17] We must include Black People in the leadership of Mother Africa out of an age of oppression and into a light of great abundance, wealth, success, sharing and hope. We need planners to plan this and all kinds of professional People and tradesmen and common workers as well.  From AD 20 in the Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt & the auxiliary Great Library of my bedroom office. Signing, Brother Tracy Gibson.

New Letter Concerning Mumia Abu Jamal

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,

Founder (Disabled), CEO & President Of

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101 – 2878

1 215 823 9985

To: Mumia Abu Jamal & His Friends & Family & Supporters

In France, The United States of Native America & Around the World

And to Those Who would support His Causes, His Quest to Regain Good Health & Freedom.

RE: The Health Status of Mr. Jamal & How it Can Be Improved on; Should He be set Free from jail By the Governor of Pennsylvania (Tom Wolf) and the President of the United States (Mr. Barack Obama) as a gesture of Kindness & Concern to the Black Community.

Including: The John F. Kennedy Library; The Carter Center; The Robert F. Kennedy  Center for Justice & Human Rights; Wellstone Action; The Philadelphia Tribune; The Final Call;  One Step Away;  215 483 3900 (Mind TV; Independence Media – Channel 35 – call & demand coverage!!); The NAACP of Phillie;  The Association of Black Psychologist; The Association of Black Doctors (National Association of Doctors & Medicine); The Human Rights Campaign; & The Native American Rights Fund.

Dear Friends, Associates & Allies: I AM not generally, an ardent or tough supporter of Mr. Jamal’s and have done very little in the past to work for His specific cause. However, I know an injustice when I see one and this long-in-coming-to-a-decent-resolution case is making headlines again. This time it is because Mr. Jamal --  who was imprisoned for the alleged killing of a police officer after He was found guilty in a Philadelphia case that has in many legal and activist circles been  considered a highly questionable trial – Mr. Jamal has some health issues for which He is not being treated properly.  This is, once again, a gross miscarriage of justice, and once again has caused international outcry. Mr. Jamal needs treatment for a Diabetic condition and for Hepatitis C, either of which, if not treated properly, may well be lethal.  [There are an estimated 10,000 plus prisoners in the Pennsylvania prison system – women and men – who are apparently ill with Hepatitis C].  I was privy to actually hear Mr. Jamal speak over the phone a few weeks ago when some French activist came to town to advocate for his getting treated properly by doctors in the facility He is in.  Those French activists also had a scheduled meeting with the Mayor of Philadelphia.  Mr. Patrick Le HYARIC  of the European Parliament wrote a letter dated October 21, 2015 requesting a meeting with the Mayor and stating deep concern about Mr. Jamal’s health, His proper treatment, and His general wellbeing as He has been imprisoned for over  30 years -- often in solitary confinement.  There has also been mention of the quality of the food Mr. Jamal is eating ( and concern for other prisoners as well in this regard) and How that food can help Him to regain and maintain sustenance and good health. There is a concern that the food be improved on as quickly as possible.  For His condition, He needs certain medicines that are not getting to Him as far as I know at this point, and He also needs to see a doctor more frequently.  I attended an indoor rally for Mr. Jamal as an independent observer and as person concerned with the fair treatment and human rights of all People, regardless of skin color, race, religion, sexual orientation or sex.  Mr. Jamal, a Black Man, as I Am, was in good Spirits while He was on the phone, even though He has been separated from His family, His supporters & His friends for many, many years, & has apparently had to deal with all sorts of violations to His human rights, harassment and now this lack of health care.  As the President of the United States, Mr. Obama has taken it upon Himself to work hard on attaining health care for as many People in this country as possible. I Am sure He is deeply concerned about the health of Mr. Jamal and His getting the proper treatment and the medicines He needs.  I Am asking to go on record as supporting Mr. Jamal’s efforts to get proper treatment for any and all medical problems He has as well as proper treatment by a qualified doctor.  I Am putting several questions in the Mayor’s press office regarding this matter. I Will let the public know as soon as possible about what answers I get to these questions.  Mr. Jamal, who is now serving a life sentence because many People, led by Ms. Pam Africa and Ms Ramona Africa of the MOVE Organization in Philadelphia, successfully fought His death sentence tooth and nail for several y years.  If I may be so frank, I must admit I did not have the foresight or deep concern for this matter I should have had because I was engaged with other matters I felt were more important such as the rights of our Black often forgotten children; the rights of our Black youth to be more constructive & responsible North American citizens; the question of the environment and global warming; Human Rights, Free trade and open travel with Cuba; peaceful and better relations with and non-militarism towards Africa and Asia;  and the rights of Black Gay men such as myself to find work, adequate housing, food, & jobs. Many of these very same issues Mr. Jamal And The MOVE Organization have been concerned with for years as has The Friends & Family of Mumia Abu Jamal and other supporters of Mumia’s.  Please let me know How this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible so Mr. Jamal can receive the proper treatments for any health issues He has as well as see a doctor as quickly as possible. Being that He is up in age and of ill health, it would be a great idea for the Mayor of Philadelphia, The Governor of Pennsylvania , and the President of the United States to get together to consider the profoundly generous offer of releasing Mr. Jamal to His family so He can spend the rest of His days in decency as He was never given – many sources have insisted—never given a fair, balanced or non-partisan trial in the first place.   


Peace and Blessings,


GOD AKA Brother Tracy Gibson,

Building Strength through Helping Black families.  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

seeking positive relationship for business, trade school, the professions. . .

Older Black Man is seeking someone between 34 & 45 to build a positive business & professional &  personal relationship with. This person must be a male and have great ambitions & want to be trained in the world of study He is most interested in. The writer of this ad does not have time to play games. I Am a great trainer. If you get excited about discovering your intelligent side or want to go to trade school and are not afraid to learn the truth and be open to debate, discuss, & learn on a high scale, possibly going back to school for study on a graduate level, & have an interests in the arts, writing, professions etc. Give me a call. I can help you take yourself seriously& get on a better track in life. If you want all this, with no personal relationship, please call me also because I want five students who are serious about study and want to be a professional Person and are serious about study, not being another negative statistic, but a success and one who makes the decisions that helps rule and change the world.  Call Mr. Tracy Gibson at 215 823 9985. DO NOT TEXT ME!!

God's Property

Friday, January 8, 2016

Helping Bring Down the Madness in the Middle East and Build Up Decency.

Important Letter Rational:

I want you to join the Holocaust Museum and send them a copy of a letter stating something like this:

I Am joining the Holocaust Museum of D.C., not so much because I have so much pity for Jews, but so I can expose all oppression, especially that which happened to Black People and other non-Jewish People during the Nazi occupation.  Such information rarely gets into the public. Aside from Jews being tortured and murdered, there were Blacks being murdered and tortured;  Gays & Lesbians being murdered and tortured; Gypsies being murdered & tortured; and other foreigners being murdered and tortured by the Nazi menace. I strongly suggest you change some of your museum policies and make it so more of the other groups are represented.  I Am a Black professional, and I have almost always lived my life as one of higher ethics and inclusion.  I don’t like much of what our present President has done in regards to the State of Israel. I think, feel and know the State of Israel gets way too  much financial support from the United States when our public schools and inner cities go without. There is a crumbling infrastructure in the United States that must have jobs created for us to maintain safety and decency.   I think Israel would do better as an independently run free state with open borders for everyone including Palestinians, Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Africans Etc. An independent Board needs to be set up to actually run the country and leadership needs to rotate. There MUST be a shared and agreed upon flag and shared and agreed upon international policies of fairness, job access, inclusion, access to housing, and access to leadership and management. The Jewish people have proven time and again that they cannot lead Israel fairly, freely and openly. The persecution and discrimination of Arabs and Palestinians has been proven and documented. Jews have also suffered needlessly just so there can be an Israel / Jewish state. There MUST be checks and balances set up to maintain an incorruptibility in policy, fair policy creation, management and to make sure things are run smoothly, fairly and properly.  The influence of large amounts of money & the influence of Jewish people , or Arabs, or Africans or Europeans or others must not be able to have total sway in the region. Other countries in the Middle East & elsewhere should also be run in such an open & free  manner such as Egypt; Syria; Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Iraq, the U.S., North Korea  & Somalia. There may well also be other countries that need this free-state process in their management as well.  This is a fair and open solution and one that will dramatically decrease violence and terrorism in the region. U.S. trope movements in the region are not helpful to create lasting Peace, To create lasting world peace, access to jobs, access to education and access to a better life for everyone living there including women, children and men open and fair access to information needs to be mandatory and a proliferation of weapons needs to be outlawed. When the Security Council is abolished in the United Nations [the Security Council has historically vetoed U.N. policy that would have made a positive difference] a process will start that will lead to a positive solution. It is in that Spirit that I join the Holocaust Museum as a member. —It is my hope & prayer that World Peace, world Friendship; the saving of lives; the sharing of wealth, currencies and resources;  & the sharing of  cultural experiences such as dance, film, theatre, other mass media such as TV, Radio,  the internet, newspapers and magazines will create balance, openness and fairness throughout many parts of the troubled world.  Openly creating balance, Peace and ending the decades of hurt, violence and murder is a big job, and more Common People must take part. This is also why I’m writing this letter.  A very Common man once said something very simple, but true in regards to His own brutal beating by Los Angeles police ``Can’t we all just get along?’’ That Brother’s name was Rodney King. It is with Him in mind that I offer my membership at the Holocaust Museum and in with this work  I Pray for lasting Peace, freedom, economic & cultural sharing and maybe even a little LOVe in North Africa.  The process outlined in this important letter will lead to a safer world for People living in Brazil & Cuba as well as the United States & Europe & the rest of the world. But we all have to stop being afraid and get a handle on How to work effectively for World Peace.


Peace & Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson.


It is my hope that informed members of the General Public will also write such letters and send them to their political representatives and other leaders.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

No to a Socialist / Capitalist Military Showing on May Day (2015 and into the future)

An Open Letter to the Russian Federation…!!!
Just moments ago I wrote the Cuban Mission to the United Nations; A friend who represents the African National Congress [South Africa's Governing Body] here in Philadelphia; the United Nations Mission to North Korea; and the Gates Foundation about How it would be such a great thing for Socialist countries like China, Cuba and the Russian Federation to NOT SHOW their military might in the media this May Day, but instead, use the arts like film, theatre, dance, Street Theatre, other Progressive media & Children's Puppet Shows, to present to the world what they do to bolster Peace and work towards ending disease in the world & in their respective countries. A similar letter will be sent to Brazil, Sweden, Namibia and Angola.   The arts have always been a magnificent Way to show growth and development in a country and present peacefully How countries and Peoples can build on more positive aspects of their nations. Culture is very powerful, especially when it is used for Peace and not propaganda. [That goes for Capitalist and Socialist.]. One of the problems we are having in the United States is our young Black People being abused and hurt unjustly by our police. It is going on in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and far too many other areas of our fair nation. We need your solutions to help us stop this useless violence. Let us know what to do. Let us hear from you. Give our leaders and our community People your advice.
Military Might on the part of the Socialist countries has ALWAYS been used to leverage more military spending in the United States of Native America.  The flashy armaments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have been used in the past to scare the People of the United States into supporting more and broadened military spending in the Administration, Congress & at the Pentagon. The time has come for this military build up to STOP IT IS COSTING WAY TOO MANY LIVES AND TOO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!!!
The back and forth bickering that is replacing diplomacy has to change as well. It is time for the real People in these countries like the United States of Native America to have a major say in foreign policy and the keeping of Peace and economic opportunity in all countries. The People want Peace. Even those who fight our wars want Peace and want to work in non-military jobs, but they do want security for our People here in North America, [The United States of Native America]. I know the military workers in The Russian Federation , the military Doctors, the military nurses--I know they also want Peace and an end to war and more Olive Branches instead of war.
Ask a United States veteran who lost a limb in Viet Nam; ask a nurse who lost Her vision in Iraq; ask the general population walking down the street in Saint Louis and they will tell you the same thing--we want Peace and Security and we want jobs not more military spending.   I hope you will do whatever you can to help your own government in the Russian Federation and other Socialist countries like Cuba, to NOT show their military hardware at all this year, but show their progress for People. What has been done to get more food to People; what is being done to get more housing for People; what is being done for more openness and freedom for the average man, the average child& the average woman in the Russian Federation and in Cuba.  Are People outside of the government officials and the most loyal to the ruling party getting the services and housing and food and opportunities they need and deserve. Do People have clean air and clean water. We have problems with these issues right here in the United States of Native America as well. If the United States government and our corporations--especially the large ones--are responsible for your woes; please point this out to People like me who can relay this information to our People.    While we are working on developing a free society, we also have a rich, money-owned media which decides to play stories the way the rich and the Capitalist want to hear them.  Sometimes the truth gets lost. We need all sources to be honest and fair and ask for help when they need it.  We as North Americans, want to understand the Russian Federation's population better and we want more opportunity for as many People as possible.  If there is anything at all my company can do to help build Peace and Understanding please let me know. You can read more Progressive articles by me [Brother Tracy Gibson] by logging onto my blog at:
We see ourselves as a bridge to tolerance, LOVe, hope, Peace, humanity, dignity and decency. We want to help.
With LOVe, Decency, Peace & Blessings,
Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President& Chief Executive Officer of
Brother Tracy Gibson& Associates, Incorporated.....
A Growing Education, Advertising, Black Community Development & Philanthropic Firm.
We are especially dedicated to building better opportunities for Black Youth the world over.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Post for Black Lives Matter Dated today: January 2rd, 2016 Saturday

From Brother Tracy Gibson to Black Lives Matter January 2nd, 2016 Saturday..


Here is my manuscript on my blog. My book is coming out in two days. Anything else is not acceptable. http://ThePoliticsofReal.blogspot.Com


I read all of your opening statements. When I get the $20,000. I promised you, it will be in the mail. John Legend says I'm too caught up in fantasy. What can I say, I was named after a White man,  Spencer Tracy, when He was at the height of His acting career. He was a traditional White liberal {If you get a chance look at the movie ``Guess Whose Coming to Dinner.'' That is Him as the Dad. Or If you put His name in the Google some other Movie titles will come up. There is a reason I'm telling you to study White males. Not to be like them, but to chart new territory. He often starred with Katherine Hepburn who was even more liberal than He & who won several Oscars. She went to a local college near Philadelphia Bryn Mar College, an upscale, prestigious, established Liberal Arts college.  Very few Black sisters go there. I feel Spelman University is even more prestigious. Am I lying to myself? } I want to send hundreds of Black students to traditionally Black colleges & I plan to start by raising them  $ 3 to  $ 5 million dollars. Meanwhile there is barely enough money to pay for required bills. {This is the fantasy kicking in?} Perhaps.  When I see our children I immediately send them off {In my mind} to either Howard University for the boys or Spelman , for the girls.  This mental game is extremely empowering & helps end feeling hopeless.  I Am going to send you some other games & thought that end our feeling of hopelessness-- which is very powerful.  If you have any need to call me I Am offering you my phone number. 1 215 823 9985 or e-mail me at BLOCKBOI75@YAHOO.COM I have a business that hired a Black 27 year old male  who was paid enough money to pay His child support. I did this on a very limited salary last summer. My commitment to our community is almost total, but I have learned to really help us, we must help ourselves. I would find it refreshing if you could add something about Spirit growth, Mental health & physical health / exercise to your opening statements. We need to deal with self and SPiritual growth & discover we are GODs not Dogs. We have a few things backwards. The  items about Black Gay and Black Lesbian People & Black Trans People is phenomenal & you are to be highly praised {There is GOD again} for writing such in a society that is presently grappling with these issues. You might also want to discuss anti-militarism; & something about the movement towards decency in the prison system; & getting Black People jobs instead of housing them in jails. ALso { & don't let me be too laborious} you must mention something about the environment {Clean air & clean water} & our connections to Kwanzaa & ouR African & Caribbean Brothers & Sisters.  You are doing an excellent job. I mentioned our Brothers & Sisters who really need help & want to live in a more peaceful environment for many reasons. We have to stop hurting each other & we have to understand we must have a more successful & outstanding business record as well as more health care intervention. Part of my program for Black youth is to have them become diplomats & dignitaries & statesmen -- not just activists. Never stop & never give up.


You will get other messages from me very soon.



Brother Tracy Gibson

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer {Partially disabled, but highly effective & highly Productive, & responsible} of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated, a growing concern for building stability for Black families, Black youth & Positive-thinking Black individuals. {THis statement will also appear of my blog}