Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2015 Annual Report from Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated

XXXXX 👑👑Annual Report From Brother Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.
For 2015 To: Our Board & The Public
From Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson (Disabled, but quite active and functional)
Major Achievements:
1] We provided financing and training for a 27-year-ole youth to take part in a new program called (The New School for Progressive Black Thought & Black Achievement). The individual who took part in this pilot program was Mr. Andre Paulhill. He was able to pay His child support and have money for the summer because of our program. We paid Him almost $1,050.00. He was able to be trained in electrical work; took part in visiting the Liberty Bell and the Slave memorial to the Slaves of former United States President George Washington at 5th &Market; He also: visited City Hall’s City Council to watch an actual session of City Council while they were hearings about the availability and cost of the supply of Natural Gas for the State of Pennsylvania going on. Mr. Paulhill was also lectured about fatherhood, good ethics, Black history & He took a vegetarian cooking class. [We did not have a checking account set up at the time of His hire and there was some confusion, not due to our mistakes, with the taxes He is to pay to the City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania& the Federal government. The Internal Revenue Service has been informed of the problem and we will send a statement to the State of Pa & The City of Philadelphia as well.]  The taxes were collected, but due to this error, they never got to the proper authorities.  This matter is being handled by our President who is already discussing the matter with a professional tax accountant [Meltzer & Meltzer Certified Public Accountants of Elkins Park, Pa.], and the payroll experts they referred us to.  Mr. Paulhill loved the program and we expect to hire Him back in the near future as funds allow.
2] We started a process to officially campaign for a new Bank Branch for United Bank of Philadelphia in West Philadelphia and have recently talked with a bank representative to talk about how to expand this work to include a new branch in South Philadelphia and a new branch in the Northeast as well. We are planning to talk in late November of 2015 in front of a group of Progressive Black decision makers and activist about United Bank.
3] Continued advocacy work by writing a public letter to Minister Louis Farrakhan about what actions we suggested to be taken after the Million Man March on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. [I could not attend this event for financial reasons.]  This letter to Brother Farrakhan is posted on our Blog at: http://ThePoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com
4] Attended several events, workshops and a class including one on personal finance with a WURD Radio , 900 AM, host  as the instructor down town this summer.  A cornucopia of financial tactics & strategies were discussed at this class including How to prepare for sending your children to school; retirement accounts; investing; tricks the banks use& the stock market. Also: I attended a conference on Racism in the Black community this summer and took part in the question & answer session. We also advocated for more Grass Roots representation on various participatory panels hosted by WURD 900 AM, Black Talk Radio, this past summer. The Radio station complied with our request and successfully acquired a Black man from the Hip Hop community to take part in one panel discussion and question & answer event held at the Painted Bride.
 5] As a corporation we have also read & / or watched several videos and books. Some of the videos I have watched personally include adult, sexually explicit Black Gay videos. Some of the titles I have watched include: ``You Want the Pipe?,’’ ``Harlem Thugs Four,’’ `` Stress Release,’’ ``In Too Deep,’’ & ``Like a Freak.’’ The reason I have watched such videos in not only for sexual gratification, but to continue a process of advocating for more intimate films that actually teach our young Black Gay [or Same Gender Loving] men and older Black Gay men about intimacy and properly treating their male mates & / or sex partners with respect & decency. We are developing this idea to also help to advocate for the decrease of high levels of Sexually Transmitted Diseases within the prison system and throughout the Black community as many People mimic what they see on film and need more healthy, positive images on screen and video. We are also using this process for advocating for more use of condoms, especially in the United States of Native America’s prison system& for all sex between and among consenting Black male adults.  Along these same lines we are also helping to establish a new gerund of Black film that will look at Black Gay life in a realistic, healthy, dramatic or comic, upbeat, aesthetic& energetic Way. [Examples of such films already out include ``Dirty Laundry’’ and ``Black Bird.’’ ]Our corporation has submitted a proposal to Oprah  & Tyler Perry about this matter and idea and have signed away all rights to the project to stimulate the active and fast-tracked development  of this idea. We have also written the Philadelphia Film Department about this idea.  This decision, to share this idea, was not an easy one, but when you look at the high level of Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Black women especially;  the need for more diversity in the type of dramas we as Black People watch; and the commercial possibility of such films,  I thought the idea’s honesty and timeliness would help it enter the realm  of being accepted, financed and developed.
6] Other research materials I read, listened to or read over slightly includes: ``The Money Class,’’ by Suzie Orman (read completely several months ago(; ``Vegan Holiday Cooking,’’ by Nava Atlas (read parts of[beautiful photos]); ``Bicycles Love Poems,’’ by Nikki Giovanni(read substantial parts of this book & plan to read it at Open Poetry readings along with some of my own writing.).; ``The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook,’’ by Haylie Pomroy. (read many of the easy recipes.). ``Pay Yourself First The African American Guide to Financial Success and Security,’’ by Jesse B. Brown.; (I read this book {about five chapters} and I took it out of the library twice.).
7] Some of the People I plan to write about funding includes: activist Anna Aagenes a bisexual lgbt sports expert & lgbt sports promoter (You Can Play)!! ; the foundations of late comic TV host Johnny Carson; The Ford Foundation; &  the foundation of Jazz Trumpeter Clark Terry.
8] I have attended and written to several Black churches in the Philadelphia area. The result has been volunteering for the Historic Black activist church, The Church of the Advocate at 18th & Diamond Street for their soup Kitchen / Café – and the possibility of helping some Black churches raise funds.
9] We received at least $195.00 in donations & loans this year. The money is not a large sum, but has come from some sources that really pull at the heart strings. One $20.00 donation came from a Home-Challenged [read homeless] Black woman who has some instability problems. Every time I see her I thank her profusely. I would like to do something nice for her, but I can’t right now. She eats meals at a certain place in Delaware County that I would like to provide a whole mostly vegetarian meal for. I hope I can get some of our Board members to volunteer. {Something tells me this will be soon.}.  Another $100.00 came from a Board member who asked not to be identified. Another loan for $50.00 came from a good friend and a Board member. The last $25 came from  a good friend of mine.  He can’t join our Board because He has other obligations with another Progressive Board that concerns itself with South Africa. We also applied for a $20,000.00 loan & a $500.00 loan at two separate and different times (The $500.00 one first), but were denied for both loans. We will be applying for a $7,000.00 loan with the same company (West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution). I am looking for co-signers on this loan. If you balk at the idea of co-signing, I want you to think about what we are asking White People to do. Make changes and go against their traditions of racial inequality.  I Am asking you to do the same thing – go against your traditional idea of not trusting anyone or Black People in particular, or Black companies and co-sign. If you can’t do this remember this when you ask White People to change. I as an individual have worked diligently this last year to improve on my credit rating. I have worked with a Ms Omi at the City of Philadelphia’s Clarify Program. My personal credit score has gone from 334 to 553 or better.
10] I have written several articles that I have shared with the reading Black Public through my Blog. Included: The final Addendum to the Booklet for Black Youth; final editing of my poetry book; Article: Don’t Send Our Third Graders to Jail; Cut to the Quick; Article: Jesus Is Here; The Hefty Cost of Not Supporting Our Activists; A Letter of Support to Senator Elizabeth Warren; Total Package; Land Ownership in Africa; and The Concept of Earth Father.
12] I have also and we have as a company, supported three Black film directors by sending financial incentives (no actual cash) to them in hopes that they get their films either finished or produced. One director actually interviewed me on camera for His film. I have also kept in touch with the City of Philadelphia’s Film department about various film-related projects we have endorsed such as a proposed film to be made by Black Film director Michelle Parkerson of Wash D C about aviator Bessie Coleman; The film about the Adodi movement by director and producer Brother Rod of Brooklyn;  and we have supported the work of Brother Kamau Stewart Gibson Hunter in Brazil who has many projects underway. Lastly, we will be in contact with novelist and theater director Stanley Bennett Clay of California and New York to see if we can assist Him as well.
13] We endorsed the idea of helping provide the momentum for a huge celebration of the activism of Sistah Pam Africa, whose work has spanned several decades.
14] Through all this work I have kept a positive attitude, a good Spirit, and, often with your help, have managed to keep my head above water – even in these positively changing times we live in right now.  This is why I continue to go to see my psychologist on a regular basis and keep taking medicine – so I can stay balanced enough to do this work.
**If you have any questions about this Annual Report; Please give Brother Tracy Gibson a call at 1 215 823 9985 or write Him at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com.
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