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I Am Ali

``I Am Ali,’’ looks at the early life & times of famed boxer Muhammad Ali, who started boxing when he was the tender age of 12. (``He was 87 pounds’’). Included: His early days as Cassis (Spelling)  Clay at the Olympics in 1960 in Rome, Italy; a look at his parents;  his ``Rumble in the Jungle’’ fight in Zaire, Africa; loving times spent with his children (in person & in recordings over the phone); an interview with trainer Angelou Dundee (spelling); his anti-violence code is explained; the marriage to his second wife ; & intimate time spent with his first wife; training in Miami, Florida; & in the ring with interviewer David Frost & singer Tom Jones.  ``He’s always been different. He was born for greatness,’’ one confidant said. 

Don't Send Our First Graders to Jail!!!

Don’t Send Our Third Graders to Prison!!

By Brother Tracy Gibson


I heard some statistics about how Black third graders who can’t read to proficiency levels are pigeon holed by the government and educational powers that be. The governments in some states actually allocate money for them to have a place in the prison system later because they know they will be a problem for our society.  The money to be spent for them to have a place in prison when they get older adds up to thousands of dollars that should be spent on their being given the best educations now while they are young. The system has no faith that these mostly Black children will become productive, tax-paying and job-holding citizens, so the system actually provides the space for youths, many Black I would suppose, to have a place in prison for many years of their life.

This is a bellicose, highly suspect, annoying, anger-causing and quiet bothersome statistic for me and many other Black People who  have faith that our young Black People will indeed be able to work and be productive citizens in future societies. I heard this statistic on WURD Black Talk Radio 900 AM, during Solomen Jones’ show in the morning, I believe. WURD is based  in Philadelphia & is quite popular in the more informed Black community here.

It took me a while, but I thought and thought about this so-called ``fact’’ and How I might change it for myself overnight because doing al the work it will take to get our youth to understand the seriousness of their situations is difficult at best. What I came up with is very simple and if enough Black People do it, it will have an incredible positive impact on the education system and How we treat our Black youth in the education system. I said to myself, every time I see a Black baby or a Black child, I would think of which of the 30 to 40 some odd Black colleges I would send them to with full funding, scholarships and even money for them to be paid to go to school.

My thinking was that if we can afford, as Black People, if we can afford expensive cigars, a cigarette habit, alcohol, cake, candy, hotel rooms to cheat on our husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends, Pop-Eyes Chicken, Duncan Donuts, Mickey Dee hamburgers and Burger King hamburgers (which have been proven to be lethal), sodas, fried chicken, pork skins, pork and a host of other things we consume all too often, but are not good for us or wasteful or downright a waste of money like lottery tickets usually are, we can afford to start finding ways to privately send our children to Black colleges even if we have to pay them to study. Our children are not dumb. I’m convinced that they often just learn at a different rate and in a different Way.  Some of them are much smarter than their White counterparts, but have not been given the opportunities to learn in a safe environment, with plenty of Black teachers who really LOVe and care about them.  Such a safe and LOVing and Caring environment really makes a big difference.

My sister says we need to home teach our children. I agree. Until we get a positive and successful network of Black private schools, or even with that in place, Home Teaching is a real option.  The lack of good Black male teachers and good Black male role models is also a big part of the problem. In Philadelphia the Public School system is stuck on 7% Black male teachers and has been for quite some time—at least 5 years. We need many more than that.  Unfortunately, many Black male teachers have actually thrown in the towel  with teaching because the children (especially young males) are so rowdy  and out of control.  The teachers can’t control these very large class rooms that often have 40 children. Students who want to be rowdy must, in my humble opinion, be separated from the students who are there to really study and take full advantage of the teacher’s knowledge. (If you have a rowdy student, parents, don’t lose hope. When I was in elementary school I would fight in the fire tower when I was supposed to be cleaning the erasers and I once had a fist fight with a female student because she called me a faggot. I ended up graduating from The Ohio State University with a 3.3 GPA.).   

Don’t give up on your children, no matter what. There is a Black guy who has found a effective Way to teach Black students science and math using rap and Hip Hop music. (I have to do the research on this. This is the reason I want money for my company.).

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Mr. PResident, for international security, please abolish the Security Council

--An Open Letter to the United States of North America, President Barack Obama. About: The Security Council in the United Nations Being Abolished.


I don't know if you can master this one, but after careful consideration one of the main problems with world security and a feeling that everyone is being heard fairly is the existence of the Security Council in the United Nations.  Why have the United States, Russia and China ``the security council’’  been able to, for the last however many years, been able to actually veto many considerations & positions & proposed resolutions of many so called ``rogue’’ countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia,  Syria and other countries that may well not even be ``rogue’’ nations. When these countries are not heard at such an international body as the United Nations, they get angry, lick their wounds and make plans to destroy instead of join in peace talks; trade openly on foreign markets; find roads to help their people; find Ways to end graft and corruption; and listen to divergent views.  This small thorn in the side of so many causes bruised egos; has created more anger than I can mention here; and may well even be traced back to the causes of war and unnecessary bombings. I want to see Peace and much less use of military force by all countries and all sides. [This is why I’m asking for Communists countries not to show off their military wares on May Day; May 1, 2016. Because such shows of force are utilized by the West to justify more military spending in Western countries like England and the United States.] .  I feel the Security Council is really for the security of the conservatives and for the security of people with great wealth holding onto their share of markets instead of giving back and making sure many, many, many more people have healthy food to eat, more than decent housing, bus fare to get to and from work and school, decent well-paying  jobs,  clean water, decent shelter & that People don't have to live in at-war circumstances. I have not done the research, but I have called the United Nations about this, but have not been able to get a clear answer to my questions. The Security Council has held up progress at the United Nations for decades and must be abolished. There are more than rumblings about some countries starting a new international body that will hear the voices of countries -- large & small  -- fairly and equally. This must be part of your legacy. --One country one vote with no veto power for the Security Council.



Brother Tracy Gibson,

President, Founder, Chief Executive Officer,

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.


--Building better more holistic green living for our world.

Food Justice Article. April 19th, 2016. From Brother Tracy Gibson.....


Brother Tracy Gibson <>

Apr 6 (7 days ago)
to Claudia, blondel.reynol.

April 3rd, 2016 Sunday


An Open Letter of Concern About Free Food Pantries in Black Neighborhoods.


Dear Congressman Chaka Fattah; U.S. Senator Robert Casey; Mayor James Kenney; Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell; Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown;& The Food & Drug Administration; The President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama & His beloved wife Michele Obama:

I Am what would be considered poor by national standards. This does not mean I Am stupid. Far from it, I have a BA degree from The Ohio State University in Journalism (August of 1978); and two business certificates from the Wharton School (from a free community educational program in 2015); I Am presently taking a 12-week parenting training class with Pastor Rodney King at the at 55th& Market Street in West Philadelphia. The class is to help me be the best children’s advocate I can be for Black children & Black youth. I Am saying all of this to talk – eventually – about nutrition and the poor. I know this is an issue our beloved First Lady & The President are very concerned about.  I have discovered a serious flaw in the way surplus food from food pantries and EBT Food allowances are distributed.  If you have high blood pressure and an eating disorder like I do, you are subject to get a very small amount of EBT allowances (I get only $16.00 a month); and the food you can get for free with an approved voucher from your state representative, state senator or City Council person is subject to be very high in fat, salt, and generally unhealthy and void of much nutritional value. (Such foods as white potatoes, white rice and white bread are often included, but are not generally considered healthy foods.).

** I know Brother Martin Luther King didn’t die on a cold hotel balcony on April 4th, 1968 to allow things to remain this way. I know Sister Rosa Parks didn’t dedicate several years of Her life to end up rollin’ in Her grave over anger about this issue. I know Stockley Carmichael (Kwame Ture) didn’t open paths to Africa for us and talk about ``Black is Beautiful’’ just to have us end this fight for true freedom; true economic viability & true economic equality for us to stop when such immense problems as fairness in food distribution still exist. During the last few weeks I had to go to the food pantry for several items because ends didn’t meet due to the very small amount of money I get per month for SSD (Social Security Disability) per month ($1,324.00). Black men  like me suffer disproportionately from high blood pressure. My doctor and I, Doctor Joseph Boselli of Drexel Medicine on Broad Street in Philadelphia, have worked for literally over 25 years to get my blood pressure down. When I started exercising about a year and three months ago things started to brighten up as my blood pressure went down. I was exercising about five to seven times a week and I was losing weight and feeling good. I do not spend money willie-nillie, freely or haphazardly on anything.

**Even if I wanted to, I just don’t have money to be able to do this. I have a new partner which has helped me improve my life and my level of Joy has significantly gone up. But I now have to find time for the new boyfriend and cooking, cleaning, writing,  going to the gym saving the world (I Am a major Black political activist in the City of Philadelphia), and for going to the Free Library to research & study, running an ``S’’ corporation, watching and sometimes reviewing movies, reading books etc.  It is not an easy life, but it is one that I cherish. (When I was struck from behind, pushed to the ground, and rushed to the hospital with broken glasses and a slight concussion in 2013 I thought maybe I had  seen my last days). Fortunately I recovered with a few stitches and was even given a $250.00 check from the City of Philadelphia to replace the broken glasses. Please don’t think I am ungrateful for the good things and the breaks I have gotten.  I Am very thankful for the good and great things that have happened to me as well.  

**Moreover, something must be done about providing better, more quality food for elderly people who are poor (I am 59), and for people who have high blood pressure or diabetes or other serious health risks. [I Am sure my doctor, Doctor Joseph Boselli would agree with me.].  People like me should get much more of a food allowance on their EBT cards because the free giveaway food is massively unhealthy. Here is a list of some of the items I was given at the free food pantry with the salt content. [Sodium and salt are about the same thing.). I have also said whether or not each item is acceptable or not for a low salt, low fat diet that might be typical for a diabetic or a person with high blood pressure. : [As you know people with high blood pressure are not supposed to eat hardly any salt and people with diabetes should stay away from too much fat and sugar in their diets. (I should mention that I generally stay away from cheese, fried foods, sodas, beef and pork to increase my chances of staying healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and not have a heart attack, stroke of other severe health risk.

** Goya Grape Squeeze-it Jelly  -- no sodium (acceptable); 11 grams of sugar (acceptable); no transfat (acceptable).  This is an acceptable food item, in my estimation, even for our Black children.

** Musette’s Dijon Mustard – 130 milligrams of sodium per  teaspoon (acceptable);    no saturated fats; no sugar mentioned. This is an acceptable food item even for our Black children.  People who put mustard on Hoagies instead of mayonnaise are generally a lot better off. Utilizing wheat or whole grain bread is good also especially instead of white bread.

** JIF Creamy Peanut Butter – 135 milligrams of sodium per 2 tablespoons; no cholesterol; 3 grams of sugar; 2.5 grams of saturated fat; 3 grams of sugar. (notice How the measurement went from milligrams to grams -- which is a much larger measurement -- without any notice whatsoever.). This product is made by the J.M Smucker Company; & The Pillsbury Company. This is an acceptable food even for our Black children.

** Field Harvest Mixed Vegetables – 140 milligrams of Sodium per ½ cup; no transfats; 3 grams of sugar. Even though this item has white potatoes in it – which generally speaking are a no, no  --   I find it to be an acceptable food item even for our Black children. If this is the only food you have you can rinse the white potatoes in a strainer and rinse off 40 % of the salt / sodium.

** Field Harvest Sliced New Potatoes – 360 milligrams of salt per 2/3 cups; no transfats; no cholesterol.  I find this an unacceptable food due to the high salt / sodium  level  and due to white potatoes being generally unacceptable for healthy diets. If this is the only food you have you can rinse the white potatoes in a strainer and rinse off 40 % of the salt / sodium.

** Tio Franco Refried Beans – 120 milligrams of sodium / salt per ½ cup;  No cholesterol; no saturated fats; One gram of sugar. I find this to be an acceptable food even for our Black children. You can make soup & put a can of this in the soup along with a lower salt / sodium Spaghetti sauce & it will not only stretch out the soup for more servings, but also hold back the salt.

** Our Specialty Macaroni and Cheese dinner  --  510 milligrams of salt / sodium per 1 cup prepared; no cholesterol; 3 grams of sugar;  This is a dangerously high level of sugar and salt / sodium. This particular food item should not be allowed on the Black American table of good bounty. I ate some when it was all I had in the house to eat along with extra mozzarella cheese. (I was given a big bag of mozzarella cheese from the food  pantry). The macaroni and Cheese with the extra cheese had a very bad impact on me even while I went to the gym with some regularity. Not good enough for our Black children.

** Stuffing Mix for Turkey – Distributed by Foodhold u.s.a. – 430 milligrams of salt / sodium per ½ cup; 3 grams of sugar. Not an acceptable food item.  Much too high in salt / sodium for the Black Family table of Bounty and not acceptable for our Black children. Could cause health risks. Please compare labels  with other similar brands such as Stovetop Stuffing for chicken.

Conclusions: please read labels on foods before you purchase them especially if you do not get exercise on a regular basis (and no I don’t mean walking an extra block for the bus). Please also write a letter to the people above (most of this can be done through the internet) to tell them you want more food stamps (EBT card accessibility) because you are a responsible father or mother & want only the best for your family and the food coming free from the food pantries is very hurtful to Black families. You can also write me with your own views & I will place the information on my new blog for food.

Or send a regular mail letter (best Way ): Brother Tracy Gibson,

President, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Of: Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101 – 2878

Thank you for reading this important article.  Funding provided by upcoming grants from various Black foundations & Black socially conscious celebrities. 

an open letter to the free library of philadelphia april 25th, 2016 monday

An Open Letter: Dear Ms. Siobhan Reardon -- President of the Free Library of Philadelphia:


I am a constant and mostly satisfied patron of the Free Library System in Philadelphia. Most people seem to have a hard time realizing the real value of a library card for the Free Library of Philadelphia. I have a severely limited income at the present time -- as far as I know. Because of this I take out movies and books for entertainment, not just knowledge. Sometimes I get into a situation where I think I have returned a book of video and it gets lost or is returned and not found to be returned properly. I think one Way of repairing this problem is to make sure people like me, who do a great deal of research, writing, referencing and so forth and use the library sources quite frequently, maybe we need to have a receipt for every return. Because I have such a severely limited income, losing a book or video can actually take food right out of my mouth or mean a utility bill or rent is late.  This can be a real problem. Is there anything you can do? also: I think the ``homeless'' [I prefer the word ``home-challenged''  because this includes people like me who have been unjustly foreclosed on and other people who are in a housing crisis such as being a victim of gentrification], such people congregating at the library -- the main library in particular have become a real problem and one I would like to help the City of Philadelphia find solutions for. My close friend and business partner and personal assistant actually doesn't like to go to the main library because of the smells of some of the people there and the extraordinary bad smells and unclean conditions in the men's room in the basement. One can use the bathrooms on the fourth floor, but many people of greater ilk don't know they are available. I think it would be wise to close the men's room in the basement and totally refurbish it as soon as possible.  I am disgusted when I use it and plan to go to the fourth floor from now on in hopes that it will be open there.  I know there are monitory constraints on any city agency in Philadelphia including the Free Library. I have work on this by getting some friends of mine who have large incomes and are philanthropist to give large donations. I have asked for a  $Billion dollars especially for the Free Library of Philadelphia.  For all the nice things like the fabulous kitchen on the fourth floor equipped with cameras and state-of-the-art stoves and so forth.  There are also some great meeting spaces on the fourth floor. I think the library is run pretty well, even though I have these gripes. I do also think you need to hire some more Black men. I know this is hard because there are not so many Black men, like myself, majoring in Library Science in college -- -- it is becoming a lost art.


  **However, the Free Library of Philadelphia needs to talk with administration officials at the Board of Education and Community College and other area schools and universities and make sure there are some Black men majoring in library science who want jobs in the Free Library of Philadelphia.  I am sure something can be worked out. Not all Black men want to be basketball players; rap stars; or engineers.  Library Science is a more than adequate field for a young Black man and one that includes promise and generates respect from responsible people in our Black community.  I look forward to hearing from you about that bathroom.  I have complained about it more than once right there to the gentleman named Paul I think who works outside the hallway leading to the senior section. 


  **I do not mean to be mean or cruel in my message here. As I said, I LOVe the Free Library of Philadelphia and sped too much time there according to my mate.  I am putting this letter on my personal blog and sending it to my city council members in hopes that something will be done. I hope this is not inappropriate, but I want to see some action. I do get frustrated.


  **The general staff and librarians at the branches and at the main branch are really professional and helpful. I have almost never had a problem.


**By the Way I find the guards very nice, well-groomed and pleasant in the Way in which they treat people. Even those who fall asleep when they are not supposed to. There are some people who use the Free Library of Philadelphia who just got up on the wrong side of the bed and would have done better to have stayed home that day. It is not to make an example of you or any of your policies, which I think are good, but could use some improvements. It would also be nice if you could put a Black benefactor's picture or two and some Latin or Native American benefactors on the wall as well as some more women in these ethnic groups on the wall with all those White men and that lone White women on the second floor near the Social Science Library. Surely you get large donations or have had Black men and Black women who are benefactors.  If not, I hope to be one, one day very, very soon.

Peace & Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson,

President, Chief Executive Officer, & Founder of

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Building Better tomorrows for Black youth & Black Families through good ethics & the building of bridges of hope & good behavior.


Post Script: I plan on reading the article on you in the August 2015 edition of Grid Philly as soon as I get time (as you can tell, I'm behind on my reading). A big thanks to you and the entire staff at the Library from a published author.

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what my corporation does on a daily basis

As of December 17, 2015 Thursday

What my Corporation – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated – does on a daily basis.

1] We determine what tax and management issues need to be dealt with and, with a very small sum of money, do our best to deal with such issues. This included tax issues; Corporate Board issues; & issues relating to my having to make it with such a small amount of income.

2] We strategize as to what is the best route to take concerning helping those most in need within the Black community and How to effectively help me and others overcome poverty, a lack of hope, and a lack of financial resources.

3] As an individual, I also have to survive in a neighborhood that has a ``community post office’’ in a pawn shop where street knives and knock-off watches are also openly sold. I’m not kidding.

4] I work to get restitution for the loss of a house that was worth some $333,000.00 when I first purchased it in Delaware in November of 2006. I recently wrote a letter to Chase Manhattan Bank asking for restitution of the $80,000.00 I had invested in the house over the five years I lived there {my equity}, but was denied that sum of money even after I told them this was my life’s savings. The house at 214 Southwyk Road in New Castle, Delaware zip 19702, was foreclosed on in November of 2010. When I bought the house my income was projected by the mortgage holder, but my income – even thought I Am a skilled writer, skilled organizer & skilled & experienced property-owner and property manager—never materialized. This-- in my estimation --  was due to a lack of opportunity and also due to my skin color and race. I am Black. There were plenty of White folk making money in Delaware during the time I lived there.

5] I take care of my personal health and nutrition regiment which includes frequent trips to the gym {Planet Fitness}; eating very healthy foods; not eating at night; listening to Jazz and progressive music I get free at the library; and watching movies, some of which I review for my blog. Blog Access:

6] I write several articles and bits and bites of information that I send to friends and colleagues to move forward our walk towards liberation, freedom, financial restitution, financial solvency, Reparations, and hope as Black People.

7] I contact several People of great merit  -- such as yourself – to advance my business and my career. I have attended the Temple Small Business Development Center and a free community program at The Wharton School to gather skills utilized in the business ventures I promote and work on.

The Scarves etc of Peter S. Greenland help homeless individuals.

Peter S. Greenland has a wonderful luscious assortment of hand-knitted  scarves, Hats, Afgan Throws, Ponchos, & Shawls. Some of His profits go to support The Home challenged among us. call him at 1 (267) 788 4051 or

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Good Things to Purchase from a Chinese Take Out Restaurant -- Golden Lake (Pond) at 22nd & Market Street

What to Eat in Chinese Take Out Places......

* Steamed snow peas with chicken (not fried).

* Steamed Broccoli with chicken (not fried).

* Zucchini, Snow Peas & Broccoli (not fried) or with chicken.

* Mixed Vegetables (Steamed, with ginger sauce.).

* Shrimp with Broccoli.

* Sweet  & Sour Chicken (with little sauce).

* Vegetable Fried Rice.

*Egg Drop Soup.

*Vegetable Egg Roll.

* Chicken Noodle Soup.

* Vegetable dumplings (steamed).

*Shrimp Egg Roll.

Comments: you can get any food if it is steamed. I, however stay away from pork and beef for health reasons. I also don't like certain sauces that are loaded with salt such as Hoysen sauce; Soy Sauce & regular stir fry sauce. Many Asian dishes can be prepared at home for much less cost. Invite friends over and have fun and make a night of in on a Friday night so you don't have to go to work in the morning. It is a lot less expensive than eating out or going to a night club. If you have high blood pressure,  Duck sauce does not have much salt in it. Mustard sauce also is low in salt. Stay away from Soy Sauce or Hoysen sauce. Usually you can buy these sauces in the supermarket. You will find that  Ginger sauces have less salt and are helpful for good health. Ask for Brown rice as opposed to regular white rice. Brown rice is better for you. At finer Asian restaurants you can ask for a low sodium / low salt dish like steamed vegetables in Duck Sauce. (Use less sauce). Shrimps should not be purchased if you have high cholesterol because they are high in cholesterol. Duck (not Duck sauce) is also high in fat.