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Endorsement of Sherrie Cohen

March 26th, 2015 Thursday

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

213 South 49th Str.

Philadelphia, Pa 19139

Phone: 1 (215) 921-2065

I receive my mail at:

Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878

To: Ms. Siobhgn Reardon

President. & Director of the Free Library

The Main Library of Philadelphia

1901 Vine Street

Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania 19103

Dear Ms. Reardon:

I am a good and qualified researcher and businessman who works and lives in West Philadelphia.  I am also a partially disabled worker and a budding philanthropist as well as a public relations man. I wear many hats. I am on disability, but work hard at establishing my own firm – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.  We also do advocacy for the less fortunate in the Black community & the Black community in general.  I want positive and progressive social change, but I want it through TOTALLY non-violent means. All I get is a disability check Social Security to live off of and believe me the $ 1,300.00 plus dollars doesn’t make ends meet at the end of the month each month.

The funny thing is I actually have a dedicated board of directors for my company and I have a vending license with the City of Philadelphia that cost $300.00. It took me ten years to get that license.  I DON’T want to be on disability, or at least I want to work while on it and make a decent earning at a decent wage. Ultimately, I want to GET OFF OF DISABILITY AND BE A BUSINESSMAN WITH A BIG HEART!!

The recent problem is I can’t go to the library without finding out there is yet another book that they say at the West Philadelphia regional library I lost or they can’t find. I returned ``Makes me Wanna Hollar,’’ by Nathan McCall and they have no record of it. I returned the video ``The Philanthropist,’’ and  they have no record of it. And a few weeks ago I returned ``The Art of Selling Yourself,’’ by Adam Riccoboni & Daniel Callaghan. This last book was returned at 40th and Walnut Street. They had no record of it….


NEWS FLASH --  UPDATE.!! In researching this letter I find out that ALL MATERIALS HAVE BEEN RETURNED. Isn’t this strange? I think I’m being harassed and I don’t like it. I deserve better.  Much of my work actually moves mountains and makes things happen.  What I need is for the library to consider giving a special library card to activists and academics who do research and other groups of people who use the library frequently for professional purposes. We should get receipts for our materials when we return things. Do you have any kind of idea what a bill for a $20.00 lost book can do to my entire month’s budget? It throws everything off and causes all kinds of problems with my being able to buy food and medicine and pay my phone bill or internet bill [I don’t have the luxury of cable tv and don’t want it!!] There are people who use the computers to play games and look at pictures of people. When I’m at the library I am almost 100 % of the time doing vitally important work such as researching probable solutions for the Middle East; discovering Ways to relinquish police violence in the Black community; or helping us all take issues like domestic violence and poverty very, very seriously.  I’m not playing games. If I want to look at adult pictures I’ll do that in the privacy of my home.

I don’t want to come off as sounding difficult, out of place or cranky. I just DON’T think things are running as smoothly as we think they are when we come to the library at the Main Branch or at a neighborhood branch.  I know full well that the librarians work hard and are very professional in what they do. A good friend of mine, Mr. Levin Tilghman, is a librarian and I know he works hard in the face of the difficulties of the home challenged people who come in and might not be as clean or smell as nice as some people would like; and in the face of all the changing technologies; and in the face of the security problems & issues throughout the library system; and in the face of the have not’s looking at a person funny when they have a tuna sandwich when other people don’t have one.  I am not trying to blame anyone for the difficulties, but at the same time, I think things could run much smoother and better if certain people who have acted more than polite and use the library in a more consistent manner and for professional purposes was given a special card and was allowed to get a receipt for their returned books & other items.

Another part of this equation is the almost total lack of Black men on the Main Library staff and  among the library pool.  This is not good and causes a real ethnic gap among the people who use the library and the people who work there. [Certainly a Black  ``Brother’’ – not a guard, mind you, would be much better at dealing with the home challenged people and the mentally ill than a rather frail older female librarian who feels threatened by the home challenged People.  I am not saying this to be verbose or catty, I am just stating fact. I look at all the Library Dignitaries & Ole World Administrators on the wall on the second floor of the Main Library and I see the faces of almost totally Caucasian men.  THIS HAS TO CHANGE!!  This is part of the detachment people are feeling when they come to use materials, get a book, use the computers, or just read a newspaper, magazine or get away from the fact that they don’t have a place to relax because they are home challenged. Having an exhibit of art work by incarcerated men just shows us another part of the problem that the Main Library is a part of: exclusion; incarceration; profiting from the victims; elitism bordering on fascism; racism; homophobia; sexism and on and on.  The Main Library and the library system can’t solve all the problems in the world and must not be expected to. But thank GoD we have people like Sherrie Cohen, an out lesbian running for City Council at Large who was a leading organizer for Coalition for Essential Services. She stood up to keep the libraries open, the pools open the parks open and for youth jobs when the City of Philadelphia wanted to cut back on essential services and turn back the legitimate expansion of progress. When the Mayor and the City wanted to close them down; She stood up for the home challenged people and was actually a victim of police abuse Herself when police under Mayor Rizzo actually pushed and shoved Her and other teachers fighting for a Gay Rights bill down the steps at City Hall back in the 1960’s.{I have to admit I was even shocked when She told me this at our church service –Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia--last week – March 22nd, 2015 Sunday –when Ms. Cohen actually came to our church, a church open to all, but with several gay and lesbian and transgendered and bisexual members, I was even shocked when She spoke about Her experiences at the hands of brutal police back in the 1960’s.  Some people want our fair City to go back to such law and order and abusive tactics, but thank GoD People like Sherrie are standing up and helping us remember what happens when we don’t stand up. We can’t afford to rest on our laurels!! This is the kind of leadership we need and this is why I’m endorsing Sherrie Cohen for City Council at Large.

Meanwhile, please put some Black people on your administrative boards, some women, some Latinos & Latina’s , Some Asians, Some East Indians, some Arabs & some other left out ethnic groups. This country is NOT and never has been a melting pot.  We don’t want to all become ``Caucasian Americans’’  we want America to respect us for the differences we have. We want to be a tremendous fresh salad that everyone can enjoy like the ones you get from    ``Sweet Greens.’’ Full of a mix of vegetables, lettuce,  fruits, great dressings and so forth—with each ingredient making a whole that is a wonderful healthy  cornucopia of GoD’s creation for all to share, enjoy and experience.

This is also why I advocate for more museums for different communities.  We have wonderful Asian restaurants in Black neighborhoods, but Black people—especially the Grass Roots—know very little about the differences between the Chinese People; the Japanese People; the South Korean or North Korean People; or the Laotian People or the Cambodian People.  There are vast and drastic differences between these Asian groups.  We do a vast disservice to each and every one of  them by not understanding their differences and what they each had & has to contribute to the family of man, humanity,  world culture—music, dance, film the other arts, etcetera, world history and our experience on this precious planet. Too often our Black community only sees Asians as exploiters and people after our money. There are all kinds of Asians who have other goals and aspirations besides just making money.  Where do we learn about them? From them and from our museums and libraries!!!!

Suffice it to say we need more respect of diversity. We all need to be more willing to share more and speak to different People who are not like us. Be kind and courteous.  Be more outgoing and share resources. Be able to accept the fact that to move forward some in high places might have to give a little more. People at the bottom have done without for well long enough. Hey are not accepting such mistreatment and exclusion any longer. We all thought more inclusion and positive development and jobs was going to be a large part of what President Obama was going to do. Many People still feel left out and mistreated. This is why we need People like Sherrie, but we all have to take a stand and demand more in a consistent, ongoing and everlasting—forever kind of fashion. We have to keep the pressure on or this thing will never work. Complacency feeds into the downfall of great nations. Activism, truth, reality, dignity, grace and honor feed into the heart of democracy and true freedom with democratic principles.  This is the undercurrent of the national debate about police violence and community responsibility and this is the undercurrent about the hatred the President of the United States has to deal with every day when He is sometimes doing a better job than anyone else who ever held that position.  I Hope & Pray I have made myself clear without being too much of a nudge.


LOVe, Peace & Blessings,



Brother Tracy Gibson,

Poet, Partially Disabled Worker, Budding Philanthropist, Businessman, Writer, Researcher, Proud Uncle ,





Thursday, March 26, 2015

Work with what you have as you strive for more-- the Prize is not just money

Even if I don't have much money, I still have a great deal : I have GoD, wit, humor, intelligence, good values, LOVe, an incredible Loving family, creativity, a good Loving heart, open-mindedness, friends who care about me, a special LOVe for Black People, pretty good health, a need to see real justice and stable positive change in the world,  writing skills, a working mind, gratitude, an ability to LOVe others, a strong need for emotional support and intimacy, a LOVe of Black history, a willingness to learn,  a willingness to study and teach others, A LOVe for my church and my friends from church, honesty, responsibility, trust and an ability to strive towards decency. As I work to improve on and embellish these things I keep my LOVe for GoD & my appreciation of GoD always in mind.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

this is just a rumor, I wouldn't take it too seriously...

I heard that a certain music-rooted Black South Philadelphia company is thinking about and really fully considering going head-long into film production, film distribution and other broader entertainment ventures. You did NOT hear this here. It is just a rumor

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An Open Letter to Stevie Wonder, The Spirit of maya Angelou & singer John Legend.



February 24th, 2015 Tuesday


Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson reach me at 1 (215) 921-2065 or BlockBoi75@Yahoo.Com


Please put I Support You Brother Gibson in the subject line of all e-mails.



Dear Stevie Wonder, The Spirit of Maya Angelou & John Legend:


I Am writing you to let you know who I am AND HOW I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY THE WONDERFUL WORK YOU HAVE DONE TO MOVE OUR WORLD more towards decency for all of humanity. You have always been a good and wholesome role model for me. The fact that you are a Black man, as I Am, is part of the equation, [or in the part of Ms. Angelou's Spirit, a Black women], but your wholesome stewardship in helping Black People always do their best must also be mentioned. Your music, especially Songs in the Key of Life, Evolver and InnerVisions, [and Ms Angelou's acting, writing and directing] have served to lay a fantastic foundation for us as Black People working to loosen the oppressor's Grip. New generations of Black Youth will be inspired and held accountable for their actions and for making this world a better Place, as you have. I must mention one thing that I'm very concerned with about you Mr. Wonder, and it is something I also suffer with and that in a weight problem. I know many of us, and please don't take offense because it is mentioned in kindness and LOVe, many of us as advocates for the soon-to-be no longer oppressed, soon-to-be no longer downtrodden & soon-to-be no longer beleaguered don't take the proper time to eat correctly and get the proper exercise & rest we need. It took me ten years to finally listen to my doctor --Doctor Joseph Bosselli of Center City Philadelphia -- and join Planet Fitness Gym. Now that I go at least five times a week, [I actually do my best to go seven times a week for three weeks and then take three days of, to be totally accurate] my life has changed for the better in many Ways. I am more energetic, more focused, my blood pressure has gone down [I need a new blood-pressure cuff to determine this is a constant]; and I have a more  determined attitude about the future as well as a better outlook about life and my role in the world as an advocate for Black People, other People of color and the Down Trodden. [I have actually called myself an Earth Father, and say I have 7.9 Billion children -- that includes everybody on the earth.]. Mr. Wonder, we all LOVe you and want the best for you, so please take this issue of weight seriously and see a doctor about your issues and concerns involving weight. We, as Black advocates for Black People and for general Human Rights and the environment, want you around for a long, long, long time to help inspire and guide us, so of course we want you to be healthy, wealthy and wise. [You can't be beat on the wise part, and persistent too!] There is one thing I heard about that you did that moved me to tears literally and made me know I was following the correct leader as I listen closely to your words and music and watch your actions. When I heard that you actually pay for blind People of all ages, and races who can, to be lifted up with a cherry-picker to feel the face of the new Martin Luther King Junior statue. By hearing that I know you are made of great stuff and have True Grit. This is such a thoughtful, kind and wonderful thing and it helps King remain alive and new in all our hearts, minds and lives. You hold GOD Himself or God Herself in Your heart and I will never forget such kindnesses on your part. There in no Way I could write you and talk about only my achievements and not mention your great achievements as well. I have three movie ideas I want to share with you in hopes you can get them to the proper People who can make these ideas into real, full-length quality Black movies that we can all LOVe, share and appreciate. Here they are: 1] I am a man and I never want to forget our Black Sisters. I would LOVe to see a movie made to reflect the life of famed actress Vonetta McGee [1945 -- 2010]. She starred in Blacula, Thomasine & Bushrod; Brothers; Hammer; and Malinda and several other Black Hollywood films during the 1970's & 1980's. Unfortunately,  but many of our Black youth, especially our young Black girls, need desperately to be reminded of who She was and the fantastic style and grace with which She took charge of the Hollywood Screen in Her day. I Am a homosexual, but let me tell you something, I was, as a high-school teen totally infatuated and in LOVe with Vonetta McGee. She was our Black Audrey Hepburn and She lit up the screen with Her Black beauty, Grace, elegance and positive attitude. I know a movie about Her is not only in order, but is chomping at the bit to be written, produced and starred in by a new Black leading lady. If there is anything at all I can do to help get such a major film project underway, please let me know. I know such a film about a Black woman with such style and Grace would be a big help in our young women toning down some of the negative behaviors We hear so much about in the media. And, frankly, I have seen some of those negative behaviors first hand and even among family members.  I have also seen Black women abused and, with no self-defense training, found myself unable to do anything much about it. So, I think Ms Mc Gee would be a top selection to make a film about for the reasons I have outlined here.  2] The second Movie project I want to see produced is a film about famed Back-to-Africa leader, statesmen, business Gigantor, and Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey. This Brother, who lived from 1887 to 1940 , had an uncanny ability to motivate, lead and organize Black People in an effective & sustained manner. He started the Universal Negro Improvement Association [UNIA] which was part of Garvey's legacy and included ownership of a major newspaper, a major shipping line and other major businesses. Black women always played a forward-moving and dynamic role in the [Unia], taking part of the leadership and organizing at every  level & every stage. The [Unia] was not a religious organization or a religious movement, but was a movement to help Black People build Black Self-Pride, Black LOVe, Black Self-reliance, Black Political awareness, a successful Back-to-Africa mentality and respect & appropriate LOVe for all our Black People world wide. If you were a member of the [Unia], you were respected in the Black community and you were known to be very serious about Black liberation and our economic advancement as well as our social healing and a general moving forward of our Black community in thought, positive thoughts and positive theories, effective economics & stable social status. The individuals involved with the [Unia] had a mechanism in their hands to move our Black people and our movement ahead with a Progressive, Black Nationalist device [the UNIA itself] that was authentic and known to be effective. The UNIA still, 100 years later, has an office near 16th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue in North Philadelphia. They still hold organizational meetings as well as public events there. Mr.  Marcus Garvey definitely deserves to be the topic of a First Class, major Black North American film to be distributed among the masses and with the needed money for advertising, previews and promotions. I suggest Denzel Washington --if He is available -- as the director because of the LOVing, and careful Way he sculpted the film ``The Great Debaters,'' in which He also starred. For the part of Marcus Garvey I strongly suggest a world-wide search for new Black talent. [While the more known faces maybe considered more ``bankable,'' a world-wide search, when implemented properly, will help propel the film itself through the box-office roof and establish it as a master work as well as a stable critical success. I Am sure there will be no lack whatsoever of financial support for producing and executive producing such a magnificent film. On ward: 3] The third movie I would like to see produced by positive Black efforts is a film depicting the life and times of world renowned Black publisher John Johnson, who took a $500.00 loan and turned it into one of the biggest Black publishing companies in history. I am presently reading Mr. Johnson's autobiography entitled, ``Succeeding Against the Odds: The Autobiography of a Great American Businessman.'' I found the fact that Mr. Johnson chose to publish the photos of massacred Black youth Emmett Till at the request of young Till's mother, Mamie Bradley Mobley both courageous, timely and even constructive in helping formulate the foundation and the jumping off point for the whole Freedom Movement that ensued in the middle to late 1950's. [A so-called trial of the two men accused of the brutal murder of young Till, who was said to have whistled at a White woman to be greeted with murder in August of 1955 in Money, Mississippi. The to Caucasians were acquitted by an all-Caucasian jury. Till's mother said ``I want the world to see what they did to my boy.'' Thousands of Black mourners walked by the open casket and saw the ``badly mangled body'' of Till according to Page 239 and 240 of Mr. Johnson's book. [There is a well-researched documentary of the Till case available on DVD. This excellent film is called ``The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till'' [2005].]  Some of the other high points of any movie version of Mr. Johnson's life need to show His decision to run photos of Till's body as well as His meeting with Presidents Johnson, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Ford and Clinton; as well as His rubbing elbows with African Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana in 1957 and President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya. His stable personal family life also needs to be highlighted as well as how He broke ground with major Caucasian Corporations to get them to advertise in the un-tested waters of Ebony and Jet Magazines. What Am I, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, as a journalist, writer, businessman, philanthropist and Black community Advocate, asking for? 1] I would like to be owner / editor of One Step Away--The Homeless Newspaper in Philadelphia. Presently the paper does not serve the public well and is not taken very seriously by City leaders & / or City Fathers and City Mothers in Philadelphia. The One Step Away Homeless Newspaper as I envision it will take on local, state and National issues in a Progressive and even radical Way. The One Step Away Homeless Newspaper can and must be used to economically empower poor, Black and Homeless People in a consistent and on-going manner. The paper needs to be bought from its present owners and I want to be part of the leadership team. {If you look at my resume you will see years of business experience as well as years of experience as a Public Relations man and a writer.  My blog is available for view at All Brothers and Sisters who work for the One Step Away Homeless Newspaper must be paid a good, stable salary in a consistent and on-going manner and they must also be paid for each paper they sell. Grants must be researched and provided to sustain funding and corporate support must also be sustained by finding and maintaining stable advertisers and charitable donations.  The paper itself must be a center of information to make sure the city's Homeless get proper services, jobs, mental & physical health services and access to stable housing at an affordable price. Good access to good, healthy food in an on-going and consistent manner  for all People living in Philadelphia including Homeless People. This is also a center piece of any work I would do for One Step Away. 2] There is plenty of room for expansion of property ownership in Philadelphia and Poor and Homeless People of every race MUST be included in this expansion at every step of the Way. [And NOT as gentrification victims.] Poor and Homeless People can no longer fall victim to starvation [Please see separate file about the Wooden Spoon Restaurant System]; Joblessness; hopelessness &; poverty -- I don't know about you but I'm tired of fighting on all fronts for what should be basic rights of all people such as decency, a good home, a good job if they want to work and can work, good schooling, & decent food. [Please see the newsletter: ``Nine Things to do to AVOID POVERTY'' sent separately]; We all need to avoid violence:[PLEASE SEE ``MEN ORGANIZED AGAINST RAPE, VIOLENCE AND ABUSE'' STATEMENT I sent To Women Organized Against Rape sent separately. I Am asking for a salary of ___________________________ for serving as editor/ owner and Major Writer for the Homeless Newspaper, One Step Away, in Philadelphia. This will help stabilize not only the newspaper, but will help establish my advocacy work & Brand through out the City, State, Nation & World. What I want to do with such money is invest in myself and my Black People First. Generally speaking, the Salary and the proposed award I'm about to receive will be used to fight militarism by offering peaceful alternatives to war, hatred & destruction; build better more ethical values among our Black youth, our elders and the rest of us; build positive non-violent modalities to peacefully work for true justice, real peace, real equality, real economic parity, real & true freedom, jobs for Poor People and job training; and build authentic hope for every person on the earth -- especially Black youth. Please see the budget offered here to give you an idea of the scope of How I want to spend any money offered to expand and build on the 30-plus years I have spent working for the betterment of Black youth, Black People, the left out and disenfranchised.  Even the well-to-do Black People, well-to-do Black families;  and Black middle class families and Black middle income People need to stabilize themselves economically. I am sure I'll do my part with such a viable position I plan to take as part of my consulting work. There are many aspects of my companies that are in the development stages. The Parent company is Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc., primarily a Public Relations, Advertising, Research, Education, Black Advocacy, Human Rights, Environmental Rights firm, & a major proponent of making the world a safer and more sustainable place for all humans, plants and animals on this Space ship earth we sometimes take for granted. We only have one inhabitable planet that I know of & that is earth. Let's treat it special as we learn respect and decency for ourselves and each other as Black People… I'm learning also.   



Staff for my parent company:


President & Chief Executive Officer

1st Vice President for Staff Management

2nd Vice President for Staff Management

3rd Vice President Head of Public Relations, Advertising & Promotions

4th Vice President Head of Sales

5th Vice President Head of Human Resources

6th Vice President Head of Internal Operations

Four Receptionists

Twelve Secretaries

6 Creative Consultants [2 for music; 2 for ads and promotions; 2 for design]

Fifteen members of the youth brigade

Seven Assistants for research and promotions

Head of research and development

Head of Publishing

Factory workers for tee-shirts & Greeting Cards [About 100 workers]

Coordinator for OCEA Regulation conformity

Seventeen Staff Writers

Ten in-house cleaning staff

Three experts in Computer Hardware maintenance and expansion

Three experts in Computer software maintenance and expansion

Supervisor for in-house day care

Five Day Care workers for children

Eight Middle Managers

Seven in House messengers and Mailroom clerks for the mail room

Fifty Nine other employees to be hired later



Projected Business Expenses for February 2015 to February 2017.


1]Tee-Shirts: [Before printing].

2] Twenty vending tables for teams to go out and vend.

3] Twenty Table Cloths.

4] Bags for shirts, labels & Mailing bags: 17,000 of each item.

5] Publishing Cost.

6] Promotions & Advertising for books, tee-shirts & Greeting cards  [at Black Progressive  Publishers].

7] Office Space.

8] Phone Bill.

9] Electric bill.

10] Employee's Salaries.

11] Payroll, accounting and check delivery costs.

12] Accounting and record-keeping:; Lawyers.

13] Internal cleaning expenses.

14] Consultants.

15] General Business Advertising fees.

16] Black Greeting Cards [Wholesale].

17] Computers.

18] Office Furniture and Partitions.

19] Panasonic Phone Systems.

20] Building Maintenance.

21] Health Insurance for all employees.

22] Employee's Good Nutrition Program.

23] Spring Water.

24] Stock Options, investments, mutual funds, certificates of deposits. [Progressive, non-military, non-violent, green-friendly, earth friendly companies only.].

25]Rear Estate investments & research: $5 million dollars.

26] Research & Development.

27] Employee relations

28] * Erasing personal debt.

29] Printing work outside of the office.

30] Camera equipment.

31] On-call doctor, nurses & First Aid Training for employees.

32] Ink Pens, Pencils, Envelopes, paper, staples, rulers, erasers, desk blotters, etc.

33] Charities & Corporate Philanthropy.


* Erasing my personal debt will help me stabilize economically and help these visions come into reality that much quicker.


** Philadelphia Fight: $6,000.00.

** Paul Newman Foundation: [a grant giver to progressive causes.].$6,000.00.

** Oxfam America: [An international effort to stave off poverty and build healthy living modalities in developing countries especially.]. $6,000.00.

** Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues [works on Aids education and awareness].: $6,000.00.

** The Attic Youth Group:[A group dedicated to providing shelter and programs for Same Gender Loving and transgendered young people in inner city Philadelphia] $6,000.00.

** Adodi National and chapters [A support organization to build self-esteem and survival skills for Same Gender Loving Black men.]



will the real Stevie Wonder please stand up??

Who Is Stevie Wonder?


The following statement is culled from an unofficial foundation web page of musical genius Stevie Wonder and was reworded for clarity:

Stevie Wonder is without question one of the great personalities in music history. He is an absolutely pivotal figure in modern music and has influenced the world of contemporary music as we know it today.

Raw foods on Baltimore Avenue!!!

If you are seeking a break from fast food places and really want to try some great food, try Atiya Ola's at 4505 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. She serves breakfast items such as turkey beacon, eggs, vegan pancakes, gluten-free pancakes and salads with salmon for lunch [UMMM!!]. Call them at (215) 939-3298 or just stop by. They are conveniently located in West Philadelphia near Clark Park... They Specialize in Vegetarian and Vegan and Raw foods... Atiya once catered an event for me last year and EVERYBODY LOVED THE RAW FOOD--even people who had not tried it before!!! She comes highly recommended...

say it isn't so Al & Emanuel!!

Big Al & Emanuel Corrupt?

An Article in ``In These Times,’’ a progressive magazine out of Texas, looked at the Mayoral campaign in Chicago, and separately, the work of Reverend Al Sharpton, and apparently found corruption and graft in both of these highly-criticized-by-the-right bastions of supposed liberalism. The end of the article on Rahm Emanuel, once thought to be a shoe-in for re-election as Mayor of Chicago says ``Rahm Emanuel is a corrupt mayor, out for himself, and never for them.’’ Back in New York: there is a suit against Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network claiming they took $ 3.8 Million dollars in salary & for his fee as tv host for MSNBC. Comcast, who gave Sharpton the money, got in return a quiet Sharpton concerning the fact that the media giant Comcast has effectively avoided, according to a multi-billion law suit against Comcast & Reverend Sharption,  paying decent & fair fees to Black-owned media outlets from lucrative agreements & contracts. From the April, 2015 issue of ``In These Times.’’

Men are organizing to stop abuse.....!!

December 16, 2014 Tuesday
Re-Edited on March 24th, 2015 Tuesday
Dear Progressive Women’s Organization [not the official name of an organization I know of] :

I don’t want to conjure up images of the Lone Ranger, or a White Knight on a Black Stallion -- but I think women could use some help in fighting against this rape thing and I think you could use a special Brother – Sister organization called Men Organized Against Rape, Bullying and Abuse to foot the bill.  The reasoning is, men, and there are still a few decent ones still in existence among us, men need to work against bullying, rape, abuse and hatred in greater numbers for our own healing as well as the healing of women, children, other men. Our Nation and our World is waiting for men to take positive and direct action to curb their own behavior that is improper, indecent and / or abusive...  We have sometimes, too often, abused People in our world and it is time to find decent peaceful solutions to stop the abuse and the violence.

I am an abuse survivor on two fronts. First my Father, GOD rest His soul, was verbally abusive. I have long since forgiven Him as much as I can, and that is still not totally, even though He has been dead over two years.  [I am still working on this through therapy. You know How it is when you were taught by your savior, Mom, to hold grudges. It ain’t easy.  Not to blame Mom, mind you.  BOTH parents did the best they could do!! It took me a long time to accept that and live with it!!!] On the other front, I was molested as a child by a Black store owner I worked for as a youth. It was not brutal, just rather sneaky since I didn’t know what was going on at the time and wasn’t even sure what had happened after it did happen. [Physical child sexual abuse is especially cruel when the so-called victim doesn’t even know He or She has been abused because they are too young to know, comprehend or understand exactly what has happened to them.   I have carried around this abuse for 45 years and spent thousands of dollars to alleviate the pain through medicine [Doctor prescribed only], therapy and working it out through a support group for Gay Black men I helped establish  in the 1980’s.

I also had help several years ago from a women’s group in Philadelphia . You had a men’s group that helped me almost physically conjure up the images of the abuse in my mind as your trained therapist helped me relive the pain to help me grow and break the chain of hurt and abuse.  I made a successful breakthrough because of these therapies and that is why I’m writing you today about the proposal for the new organization—Men Organized Against Rape, Bullying and Abuse.

I know the world, especially the male world, is ready for this.  I see video of men’s groups that want to deal with the new sensitivity of men and re-defining what masculinity should be. [We know manhood can’t be defined only by what sports games we watch and get obsessed about, nor can it be only defined by how many women we go to bed with, or how many time we strike our wives or girlfriends.] Such barometers of masculinity are totally inappropriate, wrong-headed, outmoded—and useless.  We have to, and I think it will work very well through the organization I’m proposing, I think building bridges to find out what masculinity can be and redefining masculinity is vitally important in end running much of the violence.  Look at today’s headlines. There are men killing men in foreign countries and right here near the Philadelphia area there was another mass shooting. And still another in Australia.  It won’t end by the waving of a magic wand it will take work and it will take dedication and real effort.


** Our police forces need sensitivity training as to how to deal with Black and Latin communities—especially Black & Latin young men.

** Our Police Unions should NOT only be dominated by right wing ideologues, and policemen and policewomen of all colors must have an option to be represented in a second or third union that is less politically motivated like some police unions here in Philadelphia can be.

** There needs to be civilian review boards to help ALL communities grapple with the issues of abuse, bullying, police brutality and child molestation in open and honest Ways. When children are involved any treatment MUST be handled by true qualified professionals who know how to treat children properly.

** The media – especially movies and advertising -- needs to be contacted and better images need to be advocated for to help define and give character to women and men who are ``different’’ and women need to stop being victimized so much in movies.  Police are NOT, by any means, the heroes they are so often portrayed as in the media, but they are, by no means always criminal and corrupted either.

** New products like Tee Shirts, buttons, posters, greeting cards—and advertising--need to better reflect this new Way of thinking that allows for differences and tears the mask off of the abusers while making social amends for obvious injustice. We can all advocate for bringing social responsibility to the efforts to treat men AND women as human beings and do this in a humane manner.

** New and innovative Ways need to be devised to deal with education systems to help them come to grips with these new realities as men become more aware of how Caucasian Supremacy, racism and male domination have deeply slanted the course of history while not allowing for the true story of men and women to get out of the bag.  [Everybody should be reading Howard Zinn’s The People History of the United States, a must read for allowing the truth to begin to come out and it should be required reading in High School,  colleges and universities.  Getting all our text books filtered through the most conservative region of the country – Texas – is also a Big Problem that needs to be systematically rectified.  It is obvious that several other states desperately need to be brought into the process of writing and approving text books for our Nation’s schools.

All of the above are just a few of the things the new organization could be given to do as tasks.

The above letter is being sent to independent funding sources including Barbra Streisand’s  Foundation and Jerry Seinfeld’s Foundation.


The Above was produced by Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.  a growing Research, education, public relations & Black advocacy firm. Reach us at Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 19101-2878. E-Mail: BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com


Friday, March 20, 2015

Finding Solutions for McDonalds Food At McDonalds? WHAT?

I know many People don't like to take the time to find Caribbean & non-fattening, non-sugary,  non-dairy, & non-meat foods in our neighborhoods. For you I am going to talk a bit about things you can eat right in McDonalds that are much better for you than the general fair of burgers, fries & sugary sodas. To drink: try some Spring Water or some Orange Juice; to eat: try a side salad with no meat and just ONE salad dressing; Also to eat: Try some yogurt in a tube. Also: try a fillet- of- fish without the Tarter sauce or the cheese--just try it once. I guarantee that GoD will look upon you and smile.  Now-- what GoD will actually do for you, I'm not sure. That we will leave up to GoD. But I'm sure it will be worth the opportunity you are granting yourself to do something different. I know what it's like to move outside of your comfort zone and do something different.  It is almost like walking into a Lion's Den with a real live Lion in there. It is like walking off a plank into shark-infested waters. It is like walking in an Asian jungle with no food or weapons and no clothing on.  I know because I've got to do something I'm not that good at on Sunday when I read a letter I wrote in front of my church.  It is a good letter and all, but it is a rather deep subject that calls for nerves of well, steel. So wish me luck. Please eat something different at McDonalds when you go there next. Have you noticed How McDonalds have been well, I hate to say it, but NOT changing with the times and losing a good portion of their market share, even without cutting back on advertising? It is true. Also: Don't forget to try some fresh fruits at McDonalds like the apples and the oranges.  If you want to stay after school and so some extra credit, write them a letter and say you want them to sell raisins, non-meat greens, vegetables, fruit salads, Turkey Burgers, Veggie Burgers and granola bars. Here is the address: McDonald's Corporation: 1 McDonalds Drive: Oakbrook, Illinois 60523-1911 .. Again I don't know what your reward or prize will be for doing your neighborhood a favor and writing them.  We will have to see. GoD Bless you..

***** By the Way, I didn't have the courage to read that letter in church. But that doesn't make me a failed person. It means that maybe it wasn't time, or that GoD wants me to NOT read it right now. I KNOW if I got some positive feedback from YOU I would have the courage to read that letter in church. It may be more important that you think, but I can't do it without your help.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Open Letter: The Third Letter About Mr. Bill Cosby A Work in Progress To be Completed by March 31st, 2015 Tuesday

An Open Letter: Sorry, I Don't Believe the Allegations Against Mr. Cosby

By Brother Tracy Gibson
This is the third time I am writing something about the Bill Cosby situation and the ridiculousness of the allegations against Him.  This is a slice of Pie that smells like limburger cheese. Everything about the case is suspect, in fact nothing jells and looks correct with this whole situation. First and foremost, you can look back on videos of Bill Cosby teaching little Black grade school children to be Proud of their Blackness that go way back to the days when He starred in ``I Spy’’ with Robert Culp.  He has dedicated Himself to education to the degree where He actually got a real Ph.D. From Temple University in Education.  Anyone taking a cursory look at His career finds thousands of dollars from Him given to Black colleges such as Spelman University, & Clark University in Atlanta; Lincoln University near His home town of Philadelphia; Howard University in d c  and several other Black universities.  Looking at the ole footage of His very popular tv show ``The Cosby Show’’ from the 1980's He has on expensive Black college sweaters and has other Black college memorabilia in the background.  This was a little Way of giving Pride and Courage to students at those Black universities and maybe even helping them raise money through the free publicity.

I have heard there is a video floating around that shows Sinbad -- one of the Stars of ``A Different World'' telling it like it T * I * S about How Mr. Cosby treated Black actors on the set of ``A Different World’’, His generosity and How his heart was full of LOVe, caring and devotion for young Black People who had the courage to work hard at making at their education or at making a product that was superior.    

Mr. Cosby’s generosity has reached far and wide.  His stewardship in helping the Bush Fire theater right here in West Philadelphia is noted, recognized and documented. Just before the firestorm broke about his alleged multiple affairs and alleged rapes of several women, He gave a benefit comedy concert at Temple University for Black Bush Fire Theatre to help them raise money to operate and move positively into the future.  I don’t know How much He gave them, but I think it was a goodly amount of money.  Other Black celebrities should take notice of what He has done and try on His skin. Being generous is not necessarily a finely honed and cherished trait of being a Black celebrity.

I have asked Mr. Cosby for money for different projects in the past. I actually went to Bush Fire Theatre just a day or two before the stories against Him with all the women broke and gave some information to be relayed to His office about my own corporate need.  [I have an ``S’’ corporation that is mostly concerned with finding Ways and modalities to bring better values and responsibility into the Black family -- especially Black Male youth.  It is called Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. and is especially interested in helping young Black men become better more responsible Black men and People to be held in high esteem as opposed to people held in lower regard. It is about building self-esteem, building responsibility, building reliability, building self-Pride, building Self-LOVe and building other good social values. Yes, if I can take a word from the Republicans, good family values.

I never got even a response from Mr. Cosby’s office the latest time I wrote Him.  The last time I wrote Him -- years ago-- I got a letter saying Mr. Cosby had other projects He was more interested in supporting at that time.  That was more than some 10 years ago. I’m not getting on the i-wanna-help-Black-youth-before-they-beat-the-heck-out-of-the-Black-Community’s-image-and-mess-things-up-further-for-themselves BANDWAGON!! Or the I-wanna-stop-Black-youth-from-being-hurt-by-te-police-and-searched-by-the-police bandwagon because I have a proven record of helping others. I incorporated my company on December 16 2006 and started research in 2002.

The story of Mr. Cosby's recent troubles sounds signifagently similar to all the dirt and Hub Bub they dug up of President John Kennedy a good while after His death. I dont't see How President Kennedy could have possibly had the time and inclination to have all that many girlfriends in such a short time all over dc.  The Kennedy Male Ho story was conjured up to bring down the Kennedy name. I don't think they are totally innocent, [none of us really are], but it is just nonsensical to think The former President had that much libido going on with that many girlfriends over such a small duration. The same goes for Mr. Cosby.

I want to give respect to the women with their stories, especially the Black women, but I have questions that need answers. Some of the allegations may stem back to His powerful pro Black & pro-Progress business dealings or be a strong warning to Mr. Cosby and like-minded People to stay in their ``place.''  Mr. Cosby had constructed a package of investor interests to purchase a major network station. I believe it was CBS, and head ownership himself. The deal fell apart at the last moment and was quickly out of the media.

The real question is what is the formerly powerful oligarchy going to do with this case? Can they try My. Cosby and NOT have the whole country go up in a racial hot fire of bigotry, hatred and deceit? I don't see How they do it because the public will clamor for it to be shown on tv. I think the formerly powerful oligarchy has their hands full with several hot potatoes already. stay tuned to progressive social media and get the real story.

Above is a clip [ click] of Comic Sinbad briefly discussing the Bill Cosby situation.

Why the wealthy hate the Poor? To Be Continued a work in progress

Why do the rich hate the poor? It is a question I have thought about for a while. As a student of good, stable mental health and how to reach it and maintain it, the only answer I have is that the rich are mostly very mentally ill. Not all rich people, but decidedly most of them. There are certainly exceptions. If I were rich I would only spend part of the time discovering ways of getting richer. A preoccupation with finding new sources of profit and new ways to exploit People and get more work out of them for the dollars an employer pays them is not a very ethical or altruistic way to spend one's time. If I were rich I would spend a great amount of time support the work of Oxfam America and other such non-profits who have discovered Ways to help women, poor women -- especially Black & People of Color Women -- in poor villages across much of the developing world to create micro businesses that stabilize those villages economically and create opportunities for the entire village.

Unfortunately, many of the rich are preoccupied with finding new modalities to carry out plunder, deceit and economic exploitation. Most wars the former United States carries out are rooted in & driven by such evil ambitions and evil desires as how to line the pockets of the rich and wealthy with even more money. When we buy certain products we are supporting the exploitation and further plunder of people and land. The Koch Brothers have had much of their such plunder documented in a new book called: When we buy Brunei [look up] paper towels this is what we are doing. When we support buying the little trinkets that Walt Disney makes that is what we are doing. I am told by a good activist friend that Disney Studios employs a goodly number of People in Haiti to make little toys and trinkets that are given away with happy meals at McDonalds. The workers who make these little objects that bring joy to the hearts of youngsters during and after eating food that is literally killing them, are also helping support the exploitation of these Haitian workers who are paid next to nothing.  [I need to do the research on this allegation]  Most wars lay a foundation for and give cover to economic expansion for rich people and give way to plunder. War is not only a way to expand influence for rich people. War is actually a tool and a mechanism used to introduce the kind of political foundation that allows for the exploitation itself.  War introduces foreigners to the invading government [usually the United States of European countries] first hand. The former United States has been an invading government for years.  If you Google the phrase U.S. invasions after World War II, a list of some 150 U.S. backed or U.S. led invasions, wars and covert actions comes up. There have been hundreds of lives lost, children have been raped, villages have been pillaged and burned, and innocent women and men who simply want to rule their own nations independently have been maimed, killed, raped, tortured and otherwise left to die.

It hurts me to have to tell these stories. They are based in truth. It is the truth our government doesn't want us to know. When we buy certain products like Dixie Cups, also owned by the Koch Brothers, we buy into the laying of the foundation of such murderous plunder and the expansion of it through exploitation.

I wish I could tell you another story and it be true. In a Way I can. In a Way there is hope. There is hope because there are companies that are owned by the workers like [look up peanut butter company] [do the research]. As more People become aware of these things they are able to  focus and tighten in on their purchasing power and not buy Dixie Cups and Brawnie [research] Paper Towels. There are a host of such products we should NOT be buying if we are serious about helping our Brothers and Sisters in developing countries like in Asia and Africa.     I will come back to this later and do the research and writing.

Sophisticated Black Gents of Philadelphia -- Not Playing the Same Ole Games...

Real Honest Achievers Don’t Play the Same Ole Games

No pretense. When you say someone is just horny and needs a good Fuc*** you make light of a person’s sexual nature and natural state of needing intimacy.  This is part of the Americanization of sex. Short, Sweet, all over the map, generally polluted and usually nothing respected by the respectable or the GoDly. Something to hang around an advertising jingle in a commercial. A hook to entice men to buy something for the wives they wish they had married and dream about or the girlfriends they wish they had ``concurred''  instead of the complaining one they are actually with. 
High achievers don’t have to play at this silly, repugnant game. [When I say high achievers I am NOT necessarily talking about those who make a lot of money, but mostly I'm talking about those who have higher ethical principles. Frankly, I include myself in this small group of People. We choose to look in the mirror and LOVe ourselves and say ``I’m deserving of a good relationship and a good man. I am not just a horny toad, but rather, a man in need of the Grace & dignity of decent and wholesome LOVe. And decent & wholesome relationships with not just the one I live with and call my soul mate or intimate partner, but also with close friends and family. When you see ole friends, family and intimate relations pealing off like ole onion skins, you know you are getting close to the kind of honesty I'm talking about. 

Sex is like eating and sleeping. Do without it long enough and your body will rebel as will your mind, your mode of thinking rationally, and your ability to focus and see things clearly for what they are. I should know having done without sex, in any really meaningful Way, for over four years.  I ``see’’ an awful lot of men I think, intellectually I want to go to bed with. I give a lot of intellectual and sexual power over to them and face street-level, superficial rejection very often—more often than not.  What I have noticed is that the handsome, light-skinned, or brown-skinned or dark-skinned young men I’m attracted to don’t really have the upper hand, I do. They are what is so grotesquely considered ``young, dumb and full of…’’ well you know the rest. I have something real and authentic that has taken me many, many years to develop & cultivate. That is cultivation itself. How to have class, get qualified for a job and get and have some decency about oneself. Interact in polite conversation without raising eyebrows, engendering laughter or causing People to stair or walk briskly in the other direction. This is because I was raised properly by my parents, went to good schools, took school seriously [after grade school], and also because I have a Sister and Brother-in Law who have taken it upon themselves to continue to care about me after my parents and many other blood relations have left this place. I have also been in therapy for some emotional problems and psychiatric problems of adjustment and chemical imbalance.  So if you want to raise yourself above the fray and the common man and the regular everyday dull mediocrity that we all face as North Americans and want instead a life of possible great wealth, but more importantly, a life & a life partner who will teach you How to teach yourself to live with decency, hope, LOVe, respect & GoD, a call to me will lead you in that direction.  Please know that I'm NOT the know-it-all I sound like. I have an open mind and, as a teacher, I learn from my students as well.  I already have a LOVer, but I am considering starting such a character building and ethics building and progressive politics building organization to help build decency & honor in young Black men. If you want to be included in this, please give your parents, grandparents and or guardians my phone number. You must be at least 16 years old. I am not after a ``piece of a..’’ I am after the ethical betterment of my Black community and I am after our Black economic stability and our Black economic fulfillment into another generation before we lose a generation of viable, young Black men. I have been working at these issues for decades.  If I just wanted a ``piece of a..’’ like any grown Black man I know where to pay someone for it and get it for almost free if Ever I so desire.  [I am against prostitution.]. If you want to keep playing games, lying to yourself, not row into opportunities, not become a Black men of respect & honor, please pass me by & ignore this message. If you are a Black female looking for some decency, respect, honor and responsibility and opportunity in your life, I am NOT the one to help you with that, but I can refer you to two Black sisters in Philadelphia I know who will help you with that. One is more politically active than the other, but they are both very capable at what they do. If you want to call me for such help, my number is 1 (215) 921-2065. If the song ``Here’s my number and a dime, call me any time’’ comes to mind you may well be barking up the wrong tree. I am out to make you into a better, more critically thinking person and a more LOVing and decent person who knows not to spit on the sidewalk near policemen or carry a knife. All the Best, Peace in. By the way the tentative name for the new organization is Sophisticated Black Gents of Philadelphia.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Quote From Nathan McCall

From:  ``Makes Me Wanna Hollar A Young Black Man in America,’’ by Nathan McCall. A national best seller from Vintage Books, A Division of Random House. 1994. Page 66. Right under the three dots.


``In many ways, high school marked a turning point for me.’’