Friday, December 29, 2017

about Philadelphia's Poverty

An Open Letter About the poor and homeless in Philadelphia.


Tracy Gibson   // 12:52 PM (17 minutes ago) // to me

Dear Ms. Liz Hersh,

Office of Homeless Services

City of Philadelphia

1401 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Boulevard

Profile # 10

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

From, MR. Tracy Charles Gibson

670 North 41st Street

Apartment B

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 – 5202

1 [ 215 ] 823 – 9985


Dear Ms. Liz,

**I read a recent article where you were interviewed.  You showed much vigor and care in How you are handling the homeless situation in Philadelphia.  I don’t have the credentials or fortitude to do the work you do, as I work on a number of issues and situations facing our world and our city.

****************I do have some suggestions for you that I will offer for free. I would like to reserve the right to speak directly to groups of homeless people & poor people to discuss these issues, however, if that can be made to happen. ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IS TO ASK THE HOMELESS IF THEY WANT TO STAY POOR AND HOMELESS. SOME OF THEM DO. I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE FRIENDS WHO WANT TO STAY RIGHT IN THAT SITUATION!

•1] Homeless people need to be seen as a resource.  Many of them can work, and I don’t men selling homeless newspapers, but making a great wage for themselves, paying city, state and federal taxes and making a good Way for themselves.

•2] They need help managing their money and must begin to value not making emotional purchases at the beginning of the month ( when many of them get their funds) such as for, a WAWA Soda and Sandwich, illegal drugs, marijuana, or clothing and shoes they don’t need. [ All we can do is make suggestions because the last time I looked this was a free country where people have the right to make their own choices.]

•They should be told that they have the funds in their possession to free themselves from poverty.  Poor people can save money -- a dollar or two at a time—and save it in banks such as the Black bank, United Bank, and by June, when the investment account matures [ I use a vacation club account] , they will have about $555.00. They can get a cashier’s check and take it to 16th and Market Street to the Fidelity Investments and buy stock in their favorite companies. This will be a great hedge against inflation, a Way to increase their credit score, and a Way to get out of the mentality of ``poverty thinking,’’ while making themselves part of a big solution for our country not part of ``those people’’ who are a problem.

•* There must be a more organized Way to help homeless people and other poor people to access the places where food is offered for free at church missions, and the food must be more nutritious and plentiful.  If we are going to give poor people salty, fatty foods, white rice, white bread and white potatoes, we might as well not give them any food at all. Many people are obese or suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure.  They deserve high quality food because GOD doesn’t make second class people no matter where we end up in life. They also need training in How to prepare nutritious foods correctly & in a healthy manner.

  • Poor and homeless people also need access to places like gyms and other exercise facilities such as Planet Fitness as long as they can maintain a high level of hygiene & cleanliness. [ Those who willingly participate should get some kind of monitory or rent rebate benefit.]  This would have to be done on a limited basis at first because I am sure private gyms don’t want their regular memberships to be put off in any way. This will be a mental health and a physical health benefit for the poor and homeless.  

I think what some of these positive actions do is begin to make the poor part of our society instead of a sector we have to ``look after.’’  I Am sending this letter to Mayor James Kenney; State Senator Vincent Hughes; City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown; & Vanessa Lowery Brown, my State Representative.  Please call if you can arrange for me to talk directly to poor people in Philadelphia. I thank you for your kind consideration and I trust you had a terrific vacation and are ready for new challenges in the New Year.   



Gratefully True,


MR. Tracy Charles Gibson,

Community Activist, Chef and Business Executive.

On the Supreme Court

Please be put on a path to September 19th, 2017 Tuesday.

I Tracy Charles Gibson do hereby decree that the United States Supreme Court must change to having only 10-year terms for ALL Supreme Court Justices. This policy must ensue at once and be retroactive so all Supreme Court Justices & Associate Justices who have more than 10 years on the court. They MUST step down. So as not to have a lop-sided court the Democratic Party leaders and Green Party leaders must appoint half of the New Supreme Court Justices. This will bring new balance, vigor & fairness to the Supreme Court. So help me GOD.

Gratefully True,

Tracy Charles Gibson   T.C.G.

Also Known as GOD.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Message to Black Men About Anger

A Message to Black Men About Anger…

By Tracy Charles Gibson


     **I could write a book about being angry about not getting what I want when I want it.  Just saying this sounds little-boyish to me now.  I wasn’t laughing when I was hospitalized for over a month for anger several years ago.  Some ideas: go for a walk; go work out; spend intimate time with yourself; (Don’t work out serious anger issues in the bedroom with another person); do some writing about what is bothering you; go swimming; scream out load a couple of times; look in the mirror and talk to yourself about How to change the situation; read a book about Black anger and Black life written by Black male writers like ``Make Me Wanna Holler’’, ``Let the Children Gather,’’ ``Man-Child in the Promised Land,’’ or ``The Fire Next Time.’’ Talk it out with the person (s) who is making you angry if possible, if you think you can do this in a calm and controlled manner; Talk it out with your Pastor, significant other, or a mentor;  read a magazine article about anger at the library;  watch an action movie and imagine yourself as one of the characters; go dancing with your lady friend, boyfriend, or significant other (if you can control your temper long enough to enjoy yourself);  go to work if you feel up to it and in control of yourself; do some art work or clay art work or make a colleague with old magazine pictures and other written materials you have around the house (think of your personal philosophy on life or your goals and make it into a vision board. Think of the things that are blocking you and How you can get past those blocks and make it visualized in the colleague. I personally find this very effective at helping me control my anger and impatience).

     **Not dealing with anger in a constructive manner can lead to mental instability. Internalizing anger can lead to high blood pressure, stress, and other problems.  **If you are having real and present problems with anger, please consult a therapist or psychiatrist. Anything you invest will be worth the cost.  

     **Things not to do when you are really angry: Don’t get behind the wheel of a car; don’t start eating your troubles away or drinking them away with liquor; Don’t have unrealistic expectations of people you are angry at; Don’t use confrontation unless your very sure you have yourself under control or have sought out a health care professional.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vending Outside the Main Free Library

There is a gentleman named Raza who has a vending cart on the South West corner of the Free Library outside. I got a few bananas and some chips.  WOW! Raza, thank you for being so kind and generous after I dropped one banana, you gave me one for free! He is highly recommended. Thanks for being so kind.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The earth & The Universe had to be in balance for earth, wind & fire to come about.

By Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson


          Almost assuredly the best album [ CD ] the spirit-Lifting Black Rock & Black Soul group – Earth, Wind & Fire  -- ever made ``That’s the Way of the World’’ stands out as the most bright, precious and shiny gem stone in a host of CD’s by this stunningly successful & phenomenal Black male singing group.

     They, along with Brother Stevie Wonder, helped popularize the Kalimba – African piano, The use of African voices & OTHER African instruments & used the drum to absolute perfection in their productions on stage and in the studio….  These sounds were made so magnificent by talents that seemed --  like Band Leader Maurice White  -- Out of this world!!

     *****Voices so controlled, tempered & focused that they seemed more Godly than human. Songs that I will go to my grave thinking were specifically designed for me to hear in the 1970’s as they helped me – unconditionally – make it through my college days at Ohio State on a path laid out for me by GOD Himself. I could have or would have never, ever made it through my undergraduate years at Ohio State without wearing a proverbial hole in this vinyl called ``That’s the Way of the World’’ – especially the title song, ``Shining Star,'' and ``Reasons’’.

     *****Dear GOD, I may have never said Thank You to each and every band member, writer and producer back then in [  1974 ], but I take the time to do so now.

     *****Thank you Philip, Verdine, Maurice and all Brothers & Sisters who ever sang, played an instrument, wrote, bought a copy,  produced, financed, or had anything at all to do with the development, production, promotion, release and management of any and all of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Albums or CD’s. Thank You GODs!!

***African & Egyptian signs & symbols abound on this and many other Earth, Wind & Fire musical journeys. Listening is not only a travel back to 1974, but a travel back to ancient Mali, Ancient Songhai, & Ancient Kemit to a time of Black explorers, Black Kings, Black merchants, Black trading in gold, rubies, & fine silks before man knew How to enslave each other. Remember the time. Remember the time!

An Open Letter to a Friend . . .

December 19th, 2017 Tuesday

Dear Anonymous   An Open Letter.

     **I Am sending you something very nice and important over regular mail. I hope and Pray you still live at the same place.  I miss our friendship and I miss Bob & you. I was thinking. You know, the three of us could have started a very lucrative business and we would have done very well.  It could have been a nice restaurant for example, and we could have taken care of feeding several hundred homeless people every month, if we wanted to.  Just think of all the extra money we would have had to invest in our grass-roots efforts to make positive political change. We could have done this on a much regular basis.  I guess you have the opportunity to do this since you have your Master’s degree and a full retirement. I , as you know, lost my entire life savings [ $80,000.00 in equity in my home ] when I had a foreclosure in 2010. I don’t cry over spilled milk, I have a very strong religious conviction and I keep going.  It is a shame we let a silly racial misunderstanding get in the way of the very strong friendship the three of us had. We were like the Three Musketeers [by the Way did you know that was written by a Black man? ] we were like the Three Musketeers.  We stood up for one another and had each other’s backs.  We really LOVed each other and had a wonderful friendship.  I don’t think it was GOD who ended our friendship. 

     **I want you to understand that I could easily feel angry that you had so much success and knew How to handle your money where as I made several mistakes and really had to pay for those mistakes.   If we had remained good friends, I am sure I would have fared better because I would have run those ideas in front of you before I made those decisions.   I Am too emotional a person. I moved to Delaware to write a book and I moved in with a man I only knew for a year.  I wrote the book, but now I can’t get anyone to publish it.  It was finished five years ago. When I lost the house to foreclosure I was stunned and motionless. I left several important items in the house including some, rare, original & exquisite art work by my sister; my original incorporation papers; some adult movies that I cherished [ even though I’ve discovered I have a bit of an addiction to them]; and some clothing & furniture I should have taken  with me. I left with my picture of Ernesto Che’ Guevara; my computer and the clothing on my back. I did this even though I had my Dad’s van and could have taken much of the other stuff. I had plenty of time to move out, but was too emotionally shell-shocked to even realize I wanted to keep the items. I was not thinking correctly.  I had three months to ``Get Out’’ but failed to take proper action.  All this is water under the bridge right about now. I guess I’m just telling you this because I wish things could have been different, but I am an adult and can deal with reality – I have to deal with reality.

    ** You once recommended a book to me called `` Inventing Reality’’. I was too scared to read it.  I think sometimes that the only reality there is is the reality in our memories because the real earth was destroyed a long time ago.  We just wake up to ``dreams’’ every day.  These are scary thoughts, but I believe in GOD and have a great deal of positive Spirit to fall back on.  I have another best friend who is an atheists like you are.  The funny thing most of my friends are Pastors and Reverends.  All I need to do is wake up and see the sun rise and I know there is a GOD.  I will never reject GOD, but I spend much of my life trying to understand Him, knowing full well I never will because ``His ways are not like human Ways,’’ like it says in the Bible. 

     **Please enjoy the gift.  Let me know if you find out how to reach BOB. I heard from Berta. She said She saw Medalya. She said Toby and His sister are, of course, all grown up and doing well.  They must be in their 30’s. Can you imagine that?

     **If you would like to help finance a business idea of mine, let me know. I’ll be sending you my 2017 business report.  I don’t have the money I need to do the things I want to do, but I keep plugging away anyway. I Am working part-time and I have no money set aside for retirement, except about $10,000.00 my sister has set aside for me.  I still LOVe my life and have much happiness.

     One other thing I want you to tell me is How you have captured the imagination of such a kind and sweet young man? Is He still your LOVer? I Am very happy for you and a bit jealous.  I recently broke up with a gentleman I was with for only two years. I have never been very lucky with LOVe relationships.     You deserve every happiness, as do I and the rest of humanity.  I don’t know How you are doing with the present government in office. I have turned to economics and think our solutions are with finding Ways to educate people to spend money better, invest, and get educated. The political realm is a minefield and a lot of hogwash.  Things go one way one election and the other way the next. White People continue to run too many businesses.  Many socialists want the overthrow of the entire government. I think this will bring nothing but violence and loss, especially for People of color as fascism will likely take over.  This is really not wise.   

     **I do regret not getting my Master’s degree and a have sorrow about my mental illness.  But I have so much going for me that I don’t worry about it too much.  I have learned to release the anger I have about so many Black men being in jail; Black poverty; and gentrification.  I can have a little impact on these things by working towards positive things the best I can in a consistent manner.  One thing that also hurts is being alone so much.  I do know How to meet people, but I’m open to any suggestions you might have also. About meeting more younger men that is.  I guess without having the financial end to make things work easier, It is a great deal harder.  This is what I’m encountering. But I really don’t want to go with a person I control with money, or at least that is what I tell myself.  I really want someone who is intelligent and thinks for himself, but who also wants to learn from this vast pool of knowledge I have at my disposal.  I want a man who is smart, ambitious, Black or Latin, handsome, working, educated, business-minded, a top or versatile, open-minded, religious or Spiritual, good sense of humor, politically awake or able and willing to learn and confident about himself as a Gay person.  This isn’t as hard to find as you might think.  I just haven’t taken the time to strategize about How to find Mr. Left.

Gratefully True,


Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,

Founder, Chief, President of

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.

Building Strength through finding Solutions for Black Families   1 [ 215] 823 – 9885 BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

670 North 41st Street

Apartment B

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 – 5202

fighting aids // finding a life-path...

December 2017


Dear Philadelphia Fight,


     We ``celebrate’’ World Aids Day and remember our great friends who we lost to the dreaded disease over the years.   But, it seems that we are ``celebrating’’ AIDS itself!  We must keep in mind that the clear goal is to eradicate AIDS completely within our lifetimes.  We seem to be ``chumming up’’ to the disease and not seeing it as the enemy, while clearly remembering our lost friends who died from the disease as our lost friends.  One day soon as our thinking clearly becomes more clear and correct and focused, we will not find it so hard to eradicate the disease…. Keeping this in light, perhaps we should call it ``World Anti-Aids Day’’ next year and be more focused and on point with the whole concept of how to fight this disease.  What do you think of this concept?  If you look at the new organizations that are fighting cancer, they are clearly NOT celebrating Cancer, but looking at how to rid the world of it.  Shouldn’t we be doing the same thing?


Gratefully True,


MR. Tracy Charles Gibson,

Founder, Chief and President of

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated & Our Subsidiaries.   

Finding Better Solutions for a Better Black World.

1 [215] 823 9985



Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rough Draft of our 2017 Annual Corporate Report [to be completed on December 31, 2017 and released to the public.]

➨2017 Annual Corporate Report for Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated; & Our Subsidiaries.
Summary of Our Corporate [2017]:
Please call Mr. Gibson if you would like to be removed from His e-mail list. We will kindly stop sending you e-mails. 1 (215) 823 -- 9985

Mission Statement
Our company  -- Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated – is dedicated to helping as many Black youth and Black people as possible become whole citizens and become as asset to our Black community instead of a possible detriment. We do this work through education, advocacy,  our Public Relations and advertising work, our philanthropy and our other modes of continued support & work.  We are positive thinkers, good willed people with a new attitude and a will to go on regardless of circumstances.
* An Open letter to WURD Radio // 900 S.M. & 96.1 FM about Black Economic development.
2] * Joko's Ain't No Stoppin.
*3]  Advocacy for Black Gay Films.
* 4] Elected School Board.
* 5] Developing a top notch Black Talent Agency.
*6] 11-part report. When & where I did work for our company recently.
****A Seven-part corporate  Work Reports is next.   
1]  No date. Location, Main Library at 20th and the Parkway Senior Section, , Philadelphia. PIn # 0196, Computer number 6; time, 1:10 P.M. in the afternoon;  
2] Senior Section, November 27th, 2017. Computer # 4. PIN # 1024, Time, 12:45. Main Library, 20th & The ParkWay, Philadelphia.
3] PIn Number 2908, GID # 4, 2nd floor of the Main Library, 20th & The ParkWay, Philadelphia, 2:50 P.M., November 24th, 2017, 10 minute wait.
4] PIN # 3580; Personal Computer # 5; October 11, 2017; Time, 4:55 PM; length, 30 minutes, Wait time—15 Minutes. Main Library HallWay on 20th & The ParkWay.
5] PIN # 9769; Social Science & History; December, 2, 2017, Time, 1:25 PM; length, 60 minutes, Computer Number 40.
6] Senior Center, Main Library 20th and the ParkWay, November, 21, 2017, PIN # 1510, Time, 9:50 AM.  Computer # 1.
7] November 9th, 2017, Computer # 4, PIN # 8990; Time 10:05 AM. Main Library Senior Center.
8] Research Computer # 40, PIN # 9969, November 24th, Time, 4:30 PM, Social Science & History, Length 60 Minutes. 20 & The ParkWay Second Floor.
9] PIN # 0505, Music Department, Computer# 51, November 27th, 2017, Length, 60 Minutes, Time: 2:55 P.M., First Floor, 20th & The ParkWay, Philadelphia.
10] PIN # 6328, Computer # 3, Time, 3:05 PM, Date, November 30th, 2017. First Floor Senior Center, 20th & The ParkWay, Center City Philadelphia.
11] 4:10 PM, November 30th, 2017. Computer # 3, Senior Center, 20th and the Parkway. PIN # 5678.
7]   A partial list of Donations, financial help, loans, grants, contributions & inheritance over the last 20 years.
From Mr. Charles S. Gibson, $60,000.00 inheritance.
From Mr. Bruce H. Harvey, $3,500.00 in investments. .
From, Mrs. Aziza Claudia Gibson Hunter, $30,000.00.
From Myself, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, $20,000.00.
From Ms. Charlotte Harris $300.00 in loan.
From, Carla Harris, an undisclosed amount of cash.
From Mr. Jerome Carter, $25.00 in loans.
From Mr. Levin Tilghman, $300.00 in loans.
From, Mrs. Pat Peterson (An undisclosed amount of money).
From Vicky Wilmore, An $80.00 loan.
From Mr. Robert Mason, An undisclosed amount  of loans.
From Doctor Keith Hunter, An undisclosed value is placed on the great advice from Doctor Hunter, which will last a lifetime.
If you would like to make a large donation please call my lawyer and designate How you want the money spent. (See How to contact my lawyer, Attorney Ron Harper, as mentioned above.   We do not have a non-profit status and as such we are not monitored by a non-profit charitable-giving evaluation corporation.  We are a for-profit (S) corporation and we sell products and services such as
education services, public relations services, advertising services, philanthropy, media management, & the sale of books, progressive message Tee-Shirts, and Black greeting cards.
**Will Smith (Thank you for attending the funeral of Muhammad Ali & being there for Nelson Mandela.
**Jada Pinket-Smith & Queen Latifah  – Thank you for ``Girl’s Trip’’ which turned on the power for my new positive direction. 
**Patti LaBelle – Thank you for ``I Got a New Attitude’’ because I DO.
** Doctor J – Thank you for the championship for the 76ers; and your generosity.
**Wynton Marsalis  -- Thank you for your music and accepting so many e-mails from us during the year.
**Denzel Washington – Thank you for the tremendous support over the years and for being a fantastic role model for our Black youth, especially our Black males – me included.
*9] African Diplomats.
* 10] Homeless & Poor
* 5] Top notch Black Talent Agency.
* About Money.
* Contributors.
An open letter to WURD Black Talk Radio
A statement to Black Rap Artists.
An explanation and justification as to why we support the advent of decent adult movies for the continued rejuvenation and development of a more healthy intimate life for Black Gay & Bisexual men.
A discussion and explanation of our proposed work to develop a more professional, better managed and more humane, fair Black talent agency.
An endorsement of the idea for an elected School board in Philadelphia. 
A seven-part corporate work report.
A report on what we use and want to raise money for.
😉🌐🌍ðŸĒðŸĒðŸĶNovember 24th, 2017 Friday.
Reach me at home office at,
Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson
 670 North 41st Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 - 5202
1 (215) 823 -- 9985
🌍[?]🌐🔓🚰ðŸĶðŸĶ  I thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing your new movie, ``Roman L. Israel, Esquire.'' Sometime after Thanks Giving / Native American Suffrage Day.//
--**--A positive message about Black Economic Development…
**  A note to WURD Radio ( The only Black – owned  talk radio station in Pennsylvania) about Black Economic Development.
From Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, // Dear Sistah Sarah Lomax - Reese.
Thank you for the heads up about Mr. Solomon  Jones’ new e-mail address, the information you sent and for the fantastic work you continually do to keep our Black community not only informed but armed with the truth. GOD Bless and long live Sister Sarah Lomax Reese and all staff members at WURD Radio!.  Please do more about Black economic development and have on guests from We Buy Black campaign (In D.C.) ; and I Buy Black (In Philadelphia), as well as Black Lives Matter (To speak about Black economic development); and from the Black Wall Street group (About Black economic development.). Bilal Quyyam, & Kenny Gamble; We are going to have to be extremely independent economically by supporting, financing and developing our own Black businesses in the very near future as social programs get cut back further by the racist in Washington, D.C. I personally find doing work on Black economic development much more fruitful than trying to change White racist minds (which is most of them).  Don't forget Minister Rodney Muhammad (to speak on the same issue) and members of the Urban League, the Urban Coalition, Avenging the Ancestor's Coalition, and PLEASE have Brother Denzel Washington and Brother, college professor, author and historian Molefi Kete Asante (from Temple University); representatives from United Bank of Philadelphia;  and Temple Law Professor Lynne Abraham; as well as guests from the National Congress of Black Women ( founded by the late great Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm); Activist-Educator Tony Montero;  Women's rights advocate Jovida Hill ( head of The city of Philadelphia's Commission on Women); and my cousin Iola Nelson - Harper of the City's Commerce Department. Romano Africa, Pam Africa, Doctor Keith Hunter of Washington, D.C.;  Bilal Quyyam, President and founder of the Father's Day Rally Committee;  Dr. Boyce Watkins, Ph.D. ; Economist Claud Anderson.  And of course the Mayor of Philadelphia, James Kenny.  State Senator Vincent Hughes; State Representative James Roebuck,. You should not have a problem getting any of these personalities to be guests on your various programs. Make sure to ask questions about How Black economic development helps build and strengthen our Black school system, improve our housing shortages, fight gentrification, and find jobs for our Black youth. Also, ask about How trust and the development of Black positive LOVe also impacts greatly on positive Black economic development.   Let me know if you have a problem.
Gratefully True--GOD Bless You,
 Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, Founder, President and Chief of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.
A strong Black will, finds Peace in the Valley and a solid Black economic foundation to stand on.
 1 (215) 823 – 9985
😇        Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Jocko Henderson - Rhythm Talk (Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now) (Rap Version)//
 ** We also continued to advocate for Black Gay adult films that do not contain too many graphic depictions of sex & sexual intercourse, and do not include slapping, hitting, spitting,  the exchange of body fluids, cursing, and or the use of illegal drugs. Condoms must be used for all times when explicit acts and penetration is being conducted.  These films will include complex and detailed dialogue solid acting, with qualified actors, as well as higher production values, good costume design and set design and great locals.  These films are meant as an alternative to other adult films, NOT a total replacement.  We have continued to find inroads to advocate for such film venues.  We have written politicians; and plan to write the rating board of the film industry as well as the major studios, and major Black actors and Black producers.   IF you want to help with this project, or have contacts who will be interested in getting more information, please contact Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com We think that if we are able to achieve this goal, we will have made serious inroads into curbing AIDS and HIV because Black Gay men are a major source of the disease; it is a known fact that many people watch Black Gay pornography and often mimic what they see. Excluding most of not all of the more explicit acts will help make us as Black Gay men, think our intimate lives are not only important to develop with thoughts of decency and honor, but with trust, integrity and even spiritual wholesomeness. This may sound contradictory and backwards to the untrained mind, [ often stuck in religious dogma, sexual stereotypes, and religious moralizing, & Biblical quotes]  but it is true.
** We have also endorsed an elected School Board for Philadelphia ( as has City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell) with such education luminaries on board as Sandra Dun gee Glen (Please check the spelling of Her name, I count not find a reference source for it...
******* We have also continued to support a much better management style  and a top notch talent agency for Black entertainers, top Black executives, and top Black sports figures, with policies including more rest time, days and weeks off for drug and alcohol rehabilitation if and when needed; psychiatric therapy if and when needed; constructive help with problem solving;  legal help at minimal cost;  special time with family members; vouchers for travel expenses; much less pressure to produce, travel or perform in a manner or under conditions deemed too stressful and or too pressured oriented; time in between concerts, book signings or movie-shooting dates to refuel, relax and practice one’s craft; an honest accounting of all monies; proper accounting and tax filing with the Internal Revenue Service; and proper accountability for all taxes [ local, state, school taxes, property taxes & federal taxes];  and help in surrounding the Black celebrities, Black executives and Black sports figures with people who can be trusted, depended on to make decisions that reflect the best care and treatment for the personalities involved, and priority concern for the safety and security of the Black celebrity, Black sports or Black executive personality.  
****A Seven-part corporate  Work Reports is next.   
. If you wish to make an anonymous  contribution to our work, please contact my personal & Corporate lawyer, Mr. Ronald Harper, Esquire, at 140 Maple wood Avenue; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144
1 (215) 844 – 4848.  Attorney Ron Harper has agreed to take money anonymously to be used by my corporation to continue our work.  If you want to send large donations anonymously, please let us know what you want the funds earmarked for (see list below).    We are hoping to attract common people; Black academics; Black celebrities; top Black executives; Black Wall Street Investors; and Black sports figures to donate non-tax deductible money for the continuation of our crucially important work.
1.Money for the United Negro College Fund and other legal, progressive and Revolutionary Black activities and organizations.     $25,000.00. Please be specific if you want to support this effort.
2.Money for the Barack Obama Library in Chicago. (We have yet to get formal permission, and we suggest the funds for this go directly to whoever the former President want them to go to). We will contact Mr. Obama and see if we can get an address.  Please specific if you want to support this effort. We are committed to raising $250,000.00.
3.We want to raise $40,000.00 for our church – Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia. We will talk to the head Pastors in charge and get full approval and permission.  This will happen in the next few days. Please be specific if you want to support this effort. Please send this money directly to them at:
Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia
Post Office Box 34373
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
4.$40,000.00 needed for the legal defense fund for a relative in need of legal assistance and to pay for back legal bills.
5.Corporate needs for – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated and our subsidiaries including for: staff development (we expect to hire 30 people in the next few weeks, mostly Black youth for our executive training program); office space, phone bills, computers, & office furniture; a New Web page including web page management; Web advertising; corporate membership for WURD’s  business group; continued positive advocacy for various Black political issues;  copies of our original incorporation papers done by attorney Frank Breitman in 2006; goods like our books, Black greeting cards and Black progressive message tee-shirts to be bought wholesale and sold retail for a profit; continued development of corporate policy; legal fees for a retainer for a major Black law firm; advertising support for major Black businesses including our own business. The telling of our successful efforts and successful business  accomplishments;  support for the issue of funding and supporting in other Ways that need to develop further. Supporting Black media, Black churches, other Black progressive institutions, and Black corporations of all sizes . You get to support all these activities for $200,000.00 When contributing, please be specific about How you want your money spent & for what efforts. Otherwise it will go into a general fund for corporate money.  
6) Continued advocacy for Homeless & poor   Black People by feeding the hungry at various locals; sending money to Homeless Advocates;  Guiding poor and homeless people to various places to get a hot meal; and writing articles to let people know a path to greater wealth, more responsible money-handling, and the power of compounding and saving. 
** We wrote several African Diplomats about various issues including world peace; fresh, clean water for Africa; an end to using children as war solders; clean water for Africa; educational development for Black African Students.
 Donations, financial help, loans, grants, contributions & inheritance over the last 20 years.
From Mr. Charles S. Gibson, $60,000.00 inheritance.
From Mr. Bruce H. Harvey, $3,500.00 in investments. .
From, Mrs. Aziza Claudia Gibson Hunter, $30,000.00.
From Myself, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, $20,000.00.
From Ms. Charlotte Harris $300.00 in loan.
From, Carla Harris, an undisclosed amount of cash.
From Mr. Jerome Carter, $25.00 in loans.
From Mr. Levin Tilghman, $300.00 in loans.
From, Mrs. Pat Peterson (An undisclosed amount of money).
From Vicky Wilmore, An $80.00 loan.
From Mr. Robert Mason, An undisclosed amount  of loans.
From Doctor Keith Hunter, An undisclosed value is placed on the great advice from Doctor Hunter, which will last a lifetime.
If you would like to make a large donation please call my lawyer and designate How you want the money spent. (See How to contact my lawyer, Attorney Ron Harper, as mentioned above.   We do not have a non-profit status and as such we are not monitored by a non-profit charitable-giving evaluation corporation.  We are a for-profit (S) corporation and we sell products and services such as education services, public relations services, advertising services, philanthropy, media management, & the sale of books, progressive message Tee-Shirts, and Black greeting cards.
Will Smith (Thank you for attending the funeral of Muhammad Ali & being there for Nelson Mandela.
Jada Pinket-Smith & Queen Latifah  – Thank you for ``Girl’s Trip’’ which turned on the power for my new positive direction. 
Patti LaBelle – Thank you for ``I Got a New Attitude’’ because I DO.
 Doctor J – Thank you for the championship for the 76ers; and your generosity.
Wynton Marsalis  -- Thank you for your music and accepting so many e-mails from us during the year.
Denzel Washington – Thank you for the tremendous support over the years and for being a fantastic role model for our Black youth, especially our Black males – me included.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Tripple Positive Threat!

🔚A Triple Positive Threat!

You can -- with $60,000.00 -- change the lives of several hundred Black People for the better.

1 * ] $20,000.00 will go to my cousin's daughter's legal foundation.  She has a backlog of legal expenses for a mistake she made that was very costly.  This young Black lady was a straight ``A'' student at The University of Pennsylvania's medical school and had great promise for herself and her Black family.  This $20,000.00 will mean a brighter end to a tragic story. The gift will change this young lady's life and her life will improve dramatically.  Her mother worries about her & Loves her very much , as does her family. For more details, and if you are serious about giving the money, please call me at 1 (215)823 9985. Only serious funders will be given a Way to contact my cousin.

2*] With another $10,000.00 I -- Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson --   will retire over 1/2 of my debts, and lay a stronger foundation for our corporation & its' subsidiaries by buying Tee-Shirts and books wholesale and selling them retail (mostly over mail order). We also need to buy office furniture, as well as office supplies and restart our payroll to hire at least one person. We are Blessed and we Thank You. Only serious funders need call. 1 (215) 823 9985.

The second part of the second  $20,000.00 [ $10,000.00] will go to Super Computer at 41st and Powelton Avenue so they can either hire a security guard, or get a security system, & also start a suitable payroll through a reputable payroll company.  [ I left a job there before I even started because I didn't feel safe operating a cash register there without proper security. I also did not want to be paid  under the table.. These problems are exactly why the owner was unable to keep good employees. I am not writing this to dime them out, but to offer help and assistance, but I can't do so without our support. ]

3*] Our church  -- Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia  --   is in need of $20,000.00 to buy our own first-ever building for our Pastor, assistant pastor, other clergy, deacons, deacon candidates, the church congregation ; church families, friends & visitors.   //

This will, we promise, be the most appreciated $60,000.00 you have ever spent. We are already beaming with LOVe  & excitement and we haven't even put the check in the United Bank as yet. We thank all who want to give from the bottom of our hearts. Please call our lawyer, Attorney Ron Harper when you are ready to make the transactions. God Bless you forever,

 & Thank You.

Attorney Ron Harper
140 Maplewood Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144


1 [ 215 ] 844  -- 4848

If you are interested I giving anonymously you may do so through Mr. Harper. We are graciously thankful for all giving, large and small. Please designate where you want your donation (s) to go.


*The Church (Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia's Building Fund.)
You can send any and all funds to them directly at
Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia
Post Office BoX 34737
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

or Call Assistant Pastor BJ Tillman at 267 . 236 . 9041

Gifts can be made anonymously in confidence.

* My cousin's daughter's defense fund (I can verify this for you through Her lawyers if you wish, as well, but you will have to call me directly. 1 [ 215 ] 823 . 9985. )

* $'s[funds] needed for my corporation's expenses for payroll & 50 employees; office furniture & office equipment; to retire old debts [corporate and personal] which will help strengthen our corporation [s]; $ [MONEY] needed to buy items such as copies of our book -- ``Let the Children Gather'' and our new message tee shirts [ on order through Unites Tee-Shirts & Printing of Washington D.C.];  documentation for our corporation; branding; paying for copyrights ; paying for an official copy of our incorporation papers from 2006 that were lost in our foreclosure of 2010; lawyer's fees; advertising -- an ad is proposed for WURD Radio, the Inquire and the Daily News soon;  technological assistance in creating new educational apps, books, and educational films; money for new office space; transportation expenses.

Friday, December 8, 2017

a SKit I sent Spike Lee today December 8th, 2017


How to Overcome Oppression and Live Like a Real Black Person: The Reawakening of the African Diaspora.  By MR. Tracy Charles Gibson.
The following is written to show my gratitude towards Brother Spike Lee for the wonderful movies He has made and ask if He would consider making a film about my continuing struggles to make my businesses solvent in the face of poverty, ill will, jealousy and a serious lack of financial Capital.  My book about my life and my opinions of the world’s situations is enclosed.  I have been working to get it published for five years.  It was written 10 years ago.  -- A note from MR. Tracy Charles Gibson.
An amazing Black community activist, Ralph was, unfortunately always worried about getting discovered by the wrong people in the community who might not represent people who wanted Him to be successful/  .  Today He is confronted by just the two people He was attempting to avoid as long as possible.—Ole Bum and Waste Basket.  The two came up on Ralph as He was walking towards the SEPTA trolley and asked to speak to Him.
Ole Bum: ``So Man,’’
[He rubs up against Ralph].
 ``So Man, what you been doing around here? How long have yo ass been living round here anyway?’’
Ralph: ``Just a few years.  I have to be on my Way to the library.  I have a lot of work to do.
Waste Basket: ``What kind of work? Why do you think you so damned important and busy anyway, Mother Fucker!’’
Ralph: ``I want to study business on my own. I can’t afford to go to the Wharton School and learn about business, but I want to start several businesses so I can hire about 200 people in our surrounding  Black community. I especially want to help Black male youth work and become more responsible.’’
Ole Bum: ``Now how fucking long is that going to take?  Mother Fucker. I see yo ass going to the library every day and you ain’t done shit for no body but fuck that boyfriend of yours who comes to visit you three times a week.’’
Ralph: ``I don’t see why my personal life is any of your concern.’’
[Waste Basket rubs up against Ralph.]
Waste Basket: `` I heard you like taking up yo ass. Can I get me some?.
[Waste Basket smiles to show three gold front teeth on the top and four gold teeth on the bottom.]
Ralph: My gentleman caller and I have a good relationship and things are going fine. I have no intension  having an illicit affair with anyone else.  Especially someone of YOUR ilk, Sir.
Waste Basket: ``What the fuck you say.
[He rubs up against Ralph and shows Him a pocket knife.]
Waste Basket: ``Mother fucker, I’ll fuck your shit. Way the fuck up.’’
Ole Bum:  ``Don’t hurt this brother. He has personality and wants to save some of your stupid mother fuckers who spend all your money on lottery tickets and booze.   Ain’t that right brother?’’
Ralph: ``I think lottery tickets are part of a very detrimental under-the-surface economy that do Black People no good. We would do better to save money in the Black Bank  -- United Bank  -- and  when the account matures and pays off, buy some stocks and bonds.  This is what I’ve done after a gruesome foreclosure a few years.  I am bouncing back from a devastating economic situation that I never should have gotten myself in in the first place. ‘’
Ole Bum: ``That makes a lot of sense.  Can you teach us some of what you know?’’
Ralph: ``I’ve been working at getting meeting space so I can do just that. I have been unsuccessful in getting the meeting space I need. ‘’
Waste Basket: ``So you think you smarter than us?’’
Ralph: ``I have chosen to make different choices. ‘’
``I have been unable to do much of anything since the foreclosure, even though I’ve been working at it for 10 years. I know for sure that some evil forces from outside our Black community want me to fail. I have none of that, thank you. I plan on being very, very successful.’’
Waste Basket: ``Are you sure you don’t just need a real man to take hold of you and get some of that plump ass you got?’’
[Waste Basket feels between his own legs to show an partially erect penis inside his pants.]
Ralph: ``I have to be getting home.’’
[Ralph pushes Waste Basket aside and rolls on towards the trollies. ]
[Contact information:]
   MR. Tracy Charles Gibson
670 North 41st Street
Apartment B
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19104  -- 5202
1 (215) 823  -- 9985