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I Don't Have Much Money Either, But I Do Have GOD!!!.....

``Even if I don’t have much money, I still have a great deal of wit, intelligence, good values, LOVe, family, creativity, a good LOVing heart, open-mindedness, Writing Skills [I am a wordsmith] , good humor, GOD, and Gratitude I Am forever thankful to GOD our Creator & All Ancient Black Ancestors including Jesus Christ &; All Living Black Ancestors &; Our Black youth who will carry on the torch for this positive movement that will eventually wake us up to our own Black power as Black People.’’


Earth Father  -- Brother Tracy Gibson…..



The Concept of Earth Father & Why It Is Important to the World’s Future

                                                                            By Brother Tracy Gibson

The concept of Earth Father has come to mind to ponder.  A Black Youth told me I was thinking I was a God by calling myself an Earth Father. That is certainly not true. Certainly, recently, I have thought of myself as a God, but at the same time, not wanting to take the place of the one and only true GOD, I have backed off from this concept in hopes of discovering for myself something else that works better in concept. I think Earth Father will do just fine.


An Earth Father is someone who sees Himself as a leader of men and women. A LOVer of mankind and woman kind. A Man who sees Himself as the father of all of human creation, but not wanting to take the place of GOD, but, in fact, just help GOD along the Way by working towards peace, LOVe, decency, justice, Joy, Prayer, Hope & wealth spent properly for all of humanity.  I think, in my case, being of African and Caribbean decent, I Am a special Earth father to African and Black People throughout the world. But my duties extend to other races as well. 


The fact that I Am a homosexual has nothing to do with my viability as an Earth Father. Learning from such groups as Adodi Philadelphia, a support group for Black Gay men, I discovered the many faceted aspects of what a truly caring, open and giving Black man are, regardless of sexual orientation. It really has to do with the deep LOVe, I have for myself and for this precious, precious earth we live on and our duty to serve as masters of it and stewards for it as we hand it down to younger generations of Africans and others who truly care about People, places and things and the environment.  Not just wanting to exploit these entities, and master them for wealth building, but actually utilize stewardship as a great honor and return great portions of wealth back to the People. For now, I don’t see why I should need more than $75,000.00 a year r more to live off of.  This would have to be done in a Way that was complimentary to the positive existence of this precious earth, not leading it further towards destruction just so I can make money.


Some wealthy People who live well, but give millions of dollars away—I think they are secret Earth Fathers and Earth Mothers. They just don’t think of this concept.  They also go by a more traditional way of thinking about wealth, philanthropy, wealth building, inheritance, charity and stocks and bonds & so forth.  I tend to think we MUST share, not that it is just an desirable option. Keeping wealth within one family like so many wealthy families do is out of the question for an Earth Father or an Earth Mother.  I see Mr. and Mrs. William Gates as struggling with this concept.  They give away a lot of money, but their home estate is worth a ravishing $67 million dollars.  I am sure there are servants, extra cars planes, and so forth.  Having some of the trappings of wealth is ok, but I really think too much is too much.  So much of the United States population [I call our Nation he United States of Native America] so much of our population looks at people like Oprah and want to be like them and envy them.  They   know very little about How wealth works, how to attain it, how to master it and how to maintain it. I learned at my father’s knee that a key to all this is property ownership and living below one’s means.  However, [personally, I’ve not been able to buy property recently and live as a struggling man economically.  I pray everyday this will change. I work hard at it. But my inability to give back created a very bad spirit for me so I forced the issue with myself and created a program to hire one Black youth who is now my student.  He earns $342.00 every two weeks. Unfortunately this leaves me with very little to spend on myself and my personal needs. 


What I can’t get close family members to know and understand is this giving back to me is like breathing for others.  I felt a level of joy and hope and wonder at being successful with the program – devised as p[art of The New School for Black Progressive Thought & Black Achievement—I felt so good about the program at first that I cannot explain to you this feeling.  It made things come round for me. Turned me into a New Man. Made me whole. Made me feel decent and great about myself.  But as we fell on hard times, I realized I couldn’t successfully run the program without financial intervention and financial help from somewhere.  I AM still an Earth Father, but I have to be a realist also.  Unless the Program is financed in some way, it will have to be discontinued for now.  This I feel, is a shame and makes me sad.  Maybe I am just fantasizing here, but I know unless many, many more Black People take a personal look at helping out Black youth, maybe just one or two, our youth are, many of them doomed to create another generation of People in the turnstile of prison, the military and joblessness.


This is Why I have asked for financial help with the Program.  But this is Why I want to express my concept fully as Earth Father.  Why are we longing for a vacation house on the French, Riviera, expensive art work, mansions, and many sexual partners when such a lifestyle is basically destructive, deceitful, greed-producing, wasteful, unnecessary and while your friends will be envious, they will also be out after your wife, husband and your pocket book.  Such a wealthy unrealistic lifestyle is one that may create envy, but since when has creating envy in others ever been a good thing? Creating envy in others flies in the face of good spiritual posture with the major known religions such as Christianity. It also is basically an un-Godly lifestyle unless you are prone and destined to give away, after seeking the People who have their credential and hearts in the correct place, give away a large chunk of the wealth you helped create. Basically it is the workers who have really created the wealth in the first place.  Often it is the inventor or the innovator who just harnesses an idea and uses it to make the money and manages the company well enough to harness wealth.  This really doesn’t, in my opinion, make you any better than any worker down on the front line of employment or in your factory.  In fact it may make you less humane as you consider and ponder the decisions that impact greatly on People’s lives, without their input and / or knowledge.


An Earth Father or Earth Mother makes decisions that help create peace; create and maintain a safe and clean environment; take good care of worker’s needs; creates decent, cool, relaxed, clean & safe working conditions; & take care to obey every and all regulations without using money, power & influence to pay off this foreign official or that state or federal regulating agent. This is the duty of an Earth Father or an Earth Mother.    

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Sports and What they Mean to us

Sports: Two Views from One Man Anonymous
By Anonymous …
1] On the one hand I can understand why People like to go to sporting events. There is a thrill, a certain level of excitement, the community comradely from supporting the same franchise or the same team, and a general feel-good nature to sports. There is also the very real need for our Black boys and Black girls to get physical exercise, so this is a benefit for health when they play organized sports. Young People also get great encouragement to play more sports when they actually go to sports games. However, more sporting events need to be accessible for young people to attend so they get the encouragement to play sports themselves and benefit from not being obese, or bordering on obesity  & other health benefits.
2] On the other hand, I have to wonder if we are making the best choices when we drop $150.00 to see a baseball game with the family when the household is in need of food for the house, clothing & books for the children, new glasses for the Father, or a new stove or air conditioner is needed. More money is needed for income-challenged People to attend & get encouragement from sports. Some of our youth see the players making literally thousands of dollars & the youths themselves don’t have food, let alone money to see a live sporting event. Something is wrong with this picture. It is really inherently unfair How if you are from a family that has money you can go see almost any professional team your fancy pleases, but if you are from a family that is income – challenged, you are lucky to ever go to see even a Phillies game or other live sporting event up close & personal.  Considering the phenomenal salaries some of the players make [& then they don’t even want to give back to community- based, grass-roots charities], I say ``I’ll keep my season ticket money invested in real estate; stocks; bonds; & the private corporate sector – thank you.’’

Monday, June 22, 2015

We Lost Nine Black Angels.....

We Lost Nine Black Angels

By Anonymous

I don’t want to dwell on the negative, but nine Black saints were murdered on yesterday. Wednesday brought the end of their lives. A White mad man went to a Black church and sat in worship for about an hour and then suddenly opened up with real live bullets and killed nine Black Saints. It is being considered a hate crime and they already caught the criminal the murdered, who MUST be tried in a court of his peers before he is really found guilty.

This has happened in the overriding darkness of our Black children, especially males, but females too—and the females being ignored by the media is not really a separate issue—Our Black youth and teen’s lives were already being snuffed out by police in numbers that are hard for the average Blck, and sometimes even the average White North American, to understand.

There is a war going on in our country. I haven’t commented much more than to say we as Black People have to keep our nose to the grind and do our own work past and beyond what we are being paid to do by any European company we might be working for.   We have to get serious, get real, write about our situation, find new and better roads to finding solutions, be willing to talk to people we don’t normally talk to, and we have to be willing to bend, move forward and stop just view People as Black and White, but look at People’s achievements, their dedications, what they decided to do with their lives, who they are loyal to and how they make space for themselves on this planet and what their relationships are with their friends, families, and most of all, in my opinion, what their relationship is with GOD!!!

One thing that has helped me to cope with the real anger that is seething under my surface reality is to call our country The United States of Native America and begin a process of looking at each property owned by progressive, grass-roots, Black People, and also really radical People of every color—I feel it is important to look at all the land owned by us as part of this new fairer, more decent, LOVing, open, humane and wonderful country……not part of the ole country that continues to choke, kill, murder, fatten-up, and exploit us.

I was watching ``House of Lies,’’ when I decided to write this article. I think this show, a Showtime program, uses humor to expose & explore the inhumanity, ruthlessness,  Capital worshipping, money worshipping , sex worshipping, silly, ungodly society we live in. How our President and Washington took thousands of our dollars to pay off the Wall Street interests, the Banks, and the rest of the money machine that makes this country the hated country it is in so much of the real world. The real problem is the top rich folk within our borders who are suppose to have control of this madness are so invested in keeping money to themselves, they have no ethics, no decency, and no kindness about themselves…. And people are starting to NOT want to emulate them or be like them.

Black People have it within their grasp to create something new by formulating alliances with Native People, Latin People, Arab People, Asian People and yes, even White People, who have full control of their senses and who want to not only create something new, but also want to formulate a new reality that is about fairness, justice and decency. This can be done.

The murders in South Caroline point out How much work we have to do, How little time there is to ratchet  control, not only of the political system, but also of the economic system, away from this hateful system and formulate decency before the Middle East blows and before the wretched of the Earth have gotten together and made it impossible for any decent People to exist on this earth. I think there is still time. I think People like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren serve to offer real hope for People.  But we have to really look at the governments is Denmark, Switzerland and ? Sanders talks about so much and see they still have problems with drug dependency, alcohol, marijuana, crime and some other problems.  These problems can be lessened by really creating jobs, not just lip-service, in our Native American Land. But we have to come to terms with the reality that none of us deserve to be here unless the Native Americans say we can be here. Just my opinion.

We don’t have to go along with the plans the rich and super rich continue to shove down our mouths. We don’t have to accept Jewish People only as our record producers for the Rhythm & Blues singers and our Black Rap singers. These traditional executives are mostly corrupted, corny, tired and trite in the way they lead our talent and they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Our talented, ethical, politically conscious singers have to stop the money worship long enough to realize they can be and do better and we can’t replace these hateful, racist record and movie and TV producers with the same problems in Black face.

I Am not hating on Jewish People here.  There are way too many Black People who don’t stretch and bend and do better as well. If you real some of the articles on my blog and you want to take life more seriously, you will find yourself unable to accept the life you are probably living and make some real changes in diet, lifestyle [and I don’t think, for a minute, you have to become straight—because I’m gay myself].  I think everybody can change, but not listening to People like Dupock Shupro [Look up spelling], who have formulated progressive views and made them into so much pap and amalgamation that they become way too difficult to embrace fully and understand on the Grass-Roots level they , these principals and ethical standards, need to be understood on.

I wrote an article about How Whitney Houston,[spelling] another Black Angel who was killed and who killed Her, and guess what? The article disappeared from my blog!!! We cannot keep losing our Black angels. Are you bold enough to stand up and protect our Black Angels?

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A Profile of the Kindest Brother -- Sean Peretta

To be added at a later date, before Jun 19th, 2015 Friday.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Suraj Patel The Barber

This is the official barber for Drexel. They will go where you need them to go. Call 1 (973) 873-3639 for more information and an appointment. They are at 20th & Spring Garden.

New Housing Policy Needed...

There has been a concerted effort to allow more large Real Estate developers gain major access to inner city markets in Philadelphia. While big dollar developers, largely from New York and some other areas have been given a special entry to gain and maintain property in Philadelphia, the City and City Council has seen fit to continue to make it more difficult for the small landlord and even the moderate-sized property owners to own and maintain property ownership. The City & City Council has helped the big property owners at the detriment to the smaller property owners.

Higher taxes, more regulation, outright harassment, problems and difficulties with License and Inspection and difficulties with tenant rights over landlord rights, *[Please see note at the end of this article], these pressures have made it difficult for the smaller property owners and smaller income property owners to keep afloat in a changing economy. I have personally heard friends who have been owners of investment properties for years in Philadelphia say they were getting out of the property ownership business because the City-Hall inspired red-tape and ``the process'' has forced them out of the Philadelphia market and made property ownership difficult at best.

Something MUST be done. There is a real need to streamline City, State and Federal housing policy, include more incentives for People indigenous to Philadelphia, include more Black males, Black women, Latin Men and Latina women in the process leading to real ownership of investment properties and store fronts. Other groups needing assistance in this positive process include: the hard-core unemployed, Black Youths and Latin Youths,  Poor or income-challenged People, the home-challenged {or Homeless}, and the disabled--as well as other People who may have been traditionally left out of the home ownership, store front property ownership and investment dwelling ownership process in Philadelphia--all these groups of People really need help from the political process and the politicians who profess to be helpful. Often, unfortunately, such politicians end up helping the very system that is leaving the groups mentions here way out of the process. This MUST change also.

There needs to be a complete overhaul of How People are buy property, more accessibility to property ownership at a reasonable or nominal cost, a full analysis of the gentrification process & How to slow or stop gentrification so more People native to Philadelphia can own & maintain property, pay proper taxes and make a fair profit to at least maintain ownership and be able to afford repairs on their houses and properties.

The entire government apparatus, concerned private sector, and concerned and engaged non-profit advocacy structure with interests in this issue--all these entities need to be involved in solving this riddle that has so badly impacted on the poor, the Home challenged, the homeless, and the general indigenous Philadelphia public. Things MUST be turned around for them.

This is why I'm supporting Nelson Diaz for Mayor of Philadelphia and also why I'm sending this letter to Nelson Diaz's office and asking for a positive policy response.  I will also send it to Mr. Jim Kenney, who I also feel holds some promise for the City of Philadelphia in regards to fairness and equality in housing and will not represent the same ole business as usual. People and especially the young, are tired of the same ole business as usual. These candidates, Diaz and Kenney,  hold some promise & hope for those who feel they are left out and have been left out of the City's economy..  These Brother & Sisters--the poor, the weak, the frail, the Homeless, the Home-Challenged [Including those who have suffered a foreclosure such as myself, or those who are behind on their rent or are without any housing at all}  -- These Sisters & Brothers  deserve to be more than just a political football and a political issue that gets put on the shelf after November Third's election of this year -- 2015.....   Everybody SHOULD & MUST have at least middle income status. So many People living below the poverty line is totally unacceptable. It is with Great Hope that I write this statement. We really need--as advocates for the income-challenged and the left out and our Black & Latin Youth, -- we really need to make sure that property ownership is highly possible for the new generation of young People, the home-challenged and the disabled.

Editor's Note: As you call me I will make updates to this article. It is NOT perfect,  needs your input.

``Say Yes'' RoleReversal Fundraiser -- With a Special Tribute to Reverend Charlene Arcila-Ecks

This lively fundraiser benefits the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia and will be held at The William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street in Philadelphia on Saturday, June 27th, 2015 from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M.  The featured Host is Tina Montgomery; ``Special Guest: The Boss'' & Bishop Jacquelyn Holland. Tickets are $20.00 at the door [$15.00 in advance]; There will be vendors and a great deal of excitement and fun. Please write for more information.

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Fruit & vegetable Stand owned by Black company in the hood.....

On 62nd Street near Market [18 South 62nd Street] heading South before you get to Sansom Street on the West side of 62nd Street, there is a Black-Owned Fruit and vegetable store that is chock full of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; made-to-order fruit of vegetable smoothies; & opportunities for Black youth to get involved & help their communty.... The Store is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday through Saturday & 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. on Sunday. The prices are good and you get the chance to support a store that cares about our Black community. Tomorrow, at 4 P.M. there will be some music and drums to make things festive. I hope & Pray to see you there.  I just bought some corn on the cob and yesterday or the day before I bought some things to make spaghetti sauce with. The sauce turned out delicious!!!  Let's support the Brother & Sisters in the Community working to make things better for our youth and stabilize our Black community!!!

LOVe, Peace & Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson...

Monday, June 8, 2015

SEPTA Needs Policy Change

June 4rd, 2015 Thursday

To: Jannie L. Blackwell; Blondell Reynolds-Brown; SEPTA BOSS; Michael Nutter; Rodney Muhammad; Michael Coard; Chaka Fattah:

From: Brother Tracy Gibson, Founder, President, & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated. A Firm Dedicated to the Grass-Roots issues & efforts of Black Folk and improving our lot as well as effectively helping Black youth.

RE: Taking SEPTA if you are poor on the first three days of the month.

``If you are poor, on disability, and buy a monthly SEPTA Bus and Rail pass, you are being ripped off for the first few days of the month and you probably don’t even think of it this Way!!,’’ Brother Tracy Gibson…

It is true. Because SEPTA won’t relent and make a simple change in policy, income-challenged People, especially the chronically poor in the City of Philadelphia, have to ``make it’’ those first two to three days of the month with no fair to take the bus or trolley.  I recently wrote a letter in support of SEPTA so don’t think I am just a complainer. However, all SEPTA has to do is make it so People can have an option of buying a pass that goes from the first of the month to the third of the following month so chronically poor and ``left out’’ People in the City can take the SEPTA system on the first few days of the month when such folk don’t have any money. It seems simple to me and my three letters about this have gone unanswered.  One letter was even sent registered!! 

Last night I went to an event all the Way down at 6th and Market to honor Progressive People who fight for People with HIV in Philadelphia—A Philadelphia Fight Event…..!!. The event was on the 2nd of June. I had no money to get there, so I walked from 49th Street to 6th and Market Street. If you are 58 and a bit heavy set like I am you might think the walk would do me good. It did, but walking back was a bit much. I tried to get on SEPTA to take the bus trip home and was denied entrance on a SEPTA bus number 42 at least two or three times. One driver finally let me on reluctantly and with a bad attitude. I told the driver I was going to buy a monthly SEPTA pass the next day. Which is exactly what I plan to do. This made no difference and I was told to get off of two busses. {Something tells me that Rosa Parks is turning over in Her grave on this issue!!!} So, in essence, SEPTA was actually ripping ME off because I am going to pay for that ride today when I get MY hard-earned [That’s right I said  hard-earned] money from Social Security disability. {I say hard-earned because I don’t get paid one red cent, as yet, for formulating & implementing a positive-experience and education program to help Black youth. This is only one of a multitude of things I do as a Black activist in Philadelphia that Most People don’t have any idea about—even though I post much of my work on my blog:}

 People think People on disability are just lazy good-for-nothings. Many People on disability have molded and crafted a life for themselves that includes giving back a great deal of work and putting in a great deal of creative time and effort. I Am one of those People.

Do you have any idea what kind of humiliation it is to be denied a ride on a bus because you are poor? It is like a backhanded slap in the head and a kick in the butt at the same time.   You want to know exactly why there was only a 27 % turn out of People at the polls on vote day during the Democratic and Republican Primary—this is exactly why. What are the politicians going to do about this problem with not being able to take the SEPTA system on the first few days of the month? This is only one of a host of problems that poor People have that rich and even middle – income People have no idea about. Yes, I have a real feeling of righteous indignation about this and I Hope & Pray something is done to change this. On months where the First falls on a Monday this is not a problem, so much. You just walk down town and get your money and if you know how to spend it, and where to go for sales, you can make it for the entire month—just about. Just imagine if you are poor or income-challenged and have to walk really, really far like from the North East to Down Town!!! {I frankly, think the amount of money the government ``gives’’ disabled People is criminally small and needs to be tripled. Here goes yet another reason why you have such a small number of voters on vote day. Poor People see rich People driving around Down Town in their luxury cars {like BMW’s, Cadillac’s and  Mercedes Bens’ and they see all the Big luxury High Rise apartment buildings {Very few of which are owned by caring & concerned Black & Latin People—no such buildings, I know of are solely owned and run by poor People} and they, very understandably, feel left out of the equation & the process. Still another reason why you don’t see People voting in great numbers. Our political system continues to make certain People, disproportionately poor People of Color like Black and Latin People, feel almost totally left out. We are just cogs in the wheel to make more money for rich people. Consumers not able, in a real, lasting, on-going and systemic Way, to take part in this so-called ``great opportunity’’ included in being born and raised in North America.} This is why our Nation is quickly becoming the experiment that failed and failed miserably. I say all this as a North American Patriot, and one who wants to believe in our Nation’s inherent greatness, even though we were founded on a economy largely run through the profits of a brutal & distortedly-run slave industry. This is why we have elections that only 27% of the People take part in because they feel, generally speaking, totally left out and the our system is almost totally unfair, unequal, racist, classist, anti-Gay & Lesbian & really out of touch with even the main stream of the People who really want positive political change, but find a broken system that can rarely deliver this positive vision of change… Not only to embarrass the leaders who I sent this letter to, but it will be going to as many People I can think of to send it to as well as being posted on Face Book and on my Blog. If I can muster the strength together, I’ll even write a petition to get SEPTA, City Council & The Mayor to change this law and make a SDEPTA pass for the month really for the entire month so income- challenged People can use it on those first three days without being left out on a cold rainy night like I was last night. Thank you for your time and cooperation on many other issues. And thank you for the hard work you do to make this the best city on the East Coast.  We could NOT have gotten here without your work and input, and the input of activist and just plain ole regular People and voters as well. GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER—as long as you stay Proud of Being Black and REALLY have it as a goal to help the least of us like it says in the Bible. 

With Peace & Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson


Contact Information:

Phone: 1 (215) 921-2065.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Common’s Wealth of Pennsylvania 19101-2878

``Unless we continue to fight & work for our rights in Big Numbers and gain support and allies I can guarantee we will  never get those rights…..’’


Black Business Proposal

Black Business Proposal


Mission Very Probable: Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated


Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated was incorporated on December 18th, 2006 in Philadelphia as a Public Relations company.  We have since grown into a research, Advertising, Black advocacy, writing and education company with a penchant for dealing positively with Black youth in an on-going Way.  Our main focus, although we are a for-profit company, is not only the bottom line, but also the growth and development of our world into a place where ALL people can live with abundance, Bounty, prosperity [not Bling, Bling], thoughtful and balanced LOVe and financial stability without the threat of exploitation, violence, war or poverty.

We do everything in our power to bring about prosperity for people who have been left out of economic justice and social equality such as Black youth, the Homeless, Gays and Lesbians, and the discriminated against. No rock goes unturned in our work to bring about more positive thinking and decency for those formerly left behind.

Our work is done through: educational projects such as seminars, workshops and other public forums; publications such as our newsletter ``Truth Be Told’’ and our Blog:; and other media and educational projects still in the works.

Our subsidiaries are: ``The Black Millionaire’s Network,’’ [ a component designed to build economic strength for Black families and Black individuals through helping them develop better financial habits such as saving money, building a better credit rating, living below their means and reading a number of  books. Another subsidiary is: ``The Knowledge Hut Store.’’—[which helps on-line shoppers purchase positive, value-building products for Black youth such as message Tee-Shirts and ethnic greeting cards that instill racial Pride.].  Our list of suggested books includes: ``Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy,’’ by Maggie Anderson & ``Ethical Ambition,’’ By Derrick Bell...]. We are also in the process of publishing two books: ``Freeing the Free World: The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora’’ and ``Let the Children Gather.’’ Both books were written by our President; Founder& Chief Executive Officer, Brother Tracy Gibson. The first book is again, designed to help build better values such as responsibility, understanding the importance of homework and reliability among Black youth and Black people in general; and the second book is designed to help Black young males especially throw off the shackles of anger, resentment, criminal play and laziness. Instead we want to motivate them to work towards their own financial stability and social liberation in a constructive, meaningful, peaceful, spiritually positive and on-going Way.   Our Address is: Brother Tracy Gibson; President, Founder& Chief Executive Officer; Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878. Phone: 1 (215) 921-2065. E-mail: brothertracy11atGMail.Com Business E-Mail: BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com






Why Not Do This………

We’ll help you find more purpose to your life!!  Who are we looking for? Positive thinking, progressive Black  Wall Street stock traders, Black Hedge Fund Managers, Successful Black Hedge Fund Operators & Successful Black Entrepreneurs—this is your opportunity to be a patron & Supporter for an up and coming Black business with a heart & a political conscious in our changing world!  We are helping change lives and need your support.  Log onto our blog at:

Discover a new world of investment opportunity!   Find a program or a cause that you want to support.  It will give you a warm feeling that the new red sports car you just purchased can’t beat.  Check out our articles and the groups WE support and you will see how many people you can help during these improving economic times.

We look forward to hearing from you.   Any and All contributions will be kept confidential, unless you otherwise instruct... If you have questions call Brother Tracy Gibson at 1 (215) 921 - 2065 AFTER October 27th 2014. Write us at: blockboi75@Yahoo.Com with any questions. Please put Questions for Progressive Black Investments—In the Subject line.

We THANK you for your interests & Concern.

Brother Tracy Gibson

Please enjoy the following song from the Disney Movie Pocahontas.

As of October 29th, 2014: A List of Organizations We Supported in the Past…and / or will Support in the Present & Future. Request for funding:

1}** Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. – An Organization dedicated to supporting the issues and causes to help Black youth live lives of trust, worth, respect, high business ethics & standards, responsibility & dignity.

2} ** Brady Anti-Gun Campaign.

3} ** Common’s Causes& Common Cause.

4} ** Earth Justice.

5} ** Friends of Somafco.

6} ** Corporate Accountability International.

7} ** Native American Rights Fund.

8}  ** Oxfam America.

9} ** Philabundance.

10} ** The Progressive Center for Dance

11} ** North Star Fund.

12} ** Environmental Defense Fund.

13} ** The Land Trust and the Estate of Mr. Charles S. Gibson.

14} ** The Estate of the late Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson.

15} **The Black Millionaire’s Network—as run and envisioned by its’ founder, Brother Tracy Gibson.

16} ** My other legitimate business interests designed to help Black People, especially Black youth. {I have NO illegal business interests that I know of and approve of and DON’T WANT ANY!!!}

17} ** The Coalition for Peace & Justice in the Middle East, as conceived by its’ Founder, Brother Tracy Gibson.


**No Number is worthy of the next group – Adodi New York, Adodi National & The Adodi Movement. This is a support group of Gay & Bisexual men of African descent dedicated to self-improvement, the building of better self-esteem and the strengthening of survival skills in a country {the former United States & The Present United States of Native America} which often doesn’t care about their continued good & constructive existence.


18}  ** The old debts of Brother Tracy Gibson and or Mr. Tracy C. Gibson, so He can move forward with the various businesses, issues, concerns, corporations, political issues and items He is presently working on that are helpful to Black People.

19}  **  New Property and Stock purchases for Brother Tracy Gibson & Doctor & Mrs. Keith Hunter [Brother Gibson’s Brother-in-Law] {ONLY WITH THEIR TOTAL CONSENT& APPROVAL} so they may move forward with their work both separately and together as part of the family. {Mr. Gibson will buy property in West Philadelphia}. My Sister is MRs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter.

20} ** The Southern Poverty Law Center.

21}   **Money to create a good & stable job and extra spending money for Muata, Helena, Thandiwe, Kamau and Bacari as well as any of my cousin Vicky Wilmore’s children and grandchildren and other extended family who want to work, who want a job & can work or need money for school for this next generation & the time being right now. [In grant, job, consulting jobs, & gift formation, not as loans.]

{With full Parental support & approval from parents as well ONLY!!.}

22} ** Money for Anoa (my Niece) and Yofi (Her Husband) for their child Densu, and any other children they may have into the future; their business development & business interests & their general expenses such as school; housing; housing upkeep; investments; vacation accounts; and other monies they deem necessary [in the formation of scholarships, grants, business grants, research grants & for other legitimate costs.] – {Again, only with their full consent and approval.}

23} The Restaurant idea – Wooden Spoon—[See Below] for Philadelphia’s Homeless People, Poor People,  those who are disabled [differently abled], indigent, needy, and in need of financial help, mental and emotional help, spiritual healing, hope, prayer, good clean decent housing and jobs—and the rest of us who want to help these Good People move forward in life. Find details under Wooden Spoon on the Major Blog at:

24} ** Money to send out more teaching items and study items for friends and family members; members of my church – Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia--; and the general Black community; the Black Gay and Lesbian Community; The Progressive Black transgendered community; the Progressive and Revolutionary Black community; The Progressive and Revolutionary Latin Community; The Progressive and Revolutionary community of general [read white or other ethnic groups not mentioned such as Arab; East Indian; Asian & Lesbian; Gay; Same Gender Loving or Transgendered communities; and our supporters in the religious community and this includes all religions; and in the political community as well as to our other supporters. We are and we use ONLY NON-VIOLENT MEANS AND PEACEFUL TACTS ONLY!!!

25} ** Financial support for any number of Black churches in Philadelphia and other areas in the United States of Native America as it evolves as well as in Africa, the Caribbean; Cuba & South America (Especially Brazil) & ALL areas in the world where Black people dwell, grow and prosper; and People of all races grow and prosper and want to live in Peace and do well. Not just to support the ``word of GOD’’ & needed work impacting positively on Black People but to build bridges of Hope, Understanding & financial healing among Black People& for Black People & to help streamline, enhance & promote our positive work; & to work consistently, constructively & diligently—with more than reasonable time off to repair & restore our human bodies & human souls; & to effectively reach out to Black communities in need to help lift them up financially and successfully.

26} ** Assada Sankofa Sisterhood.

27} ** Ngoma Committee.

28} **The Kwanzaa Collective.

29} ** We also need help for the building fund for my church—Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia. We are located at 55 North Broad Street in the Chapel of the Arch Street United Methodist Church. Our Church service is on Sunday at 2 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.  Pastor Jeffery Haskins and Assistant Pastor Victoria Castillo presiding.

30] The Trust Fund of Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson; Contact Mrs. Claudia Gibson Hunter at 4221 Argyle Terrace, North West; Washington, District of Columbia 20011 for help in investing in my future and present work and my retirement account if you so choose. I have very little funds for retirement and I am 58 years old. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I Pray Blessings flow freely for me as well as for you.

31] is a multicultural group of wealthy givers dedicated to helping progressive causes. They will help in many Ways, but you have to keep the pressure on them.

Please give as you wish, as your heart sees fit and as you are able and willing. Don’t feel you are under any pressure AT ALL!!! ALL this work and support must be done in the Spirit of Peace, kindness and Prosperity for ALL Black People on this great, good and precious earth and ultimately without expectation of return on any donations given or in any Way which might be corrupted. I am, Hoping AND  Praying each day that these funds can be generated especially among the Black Rap Community and Black celebrity community in the United States of America and the Evolving United States of Native America and in Any and ALL areas of the world considered moving forward in a progressive manner, but especially from Grass Roots Black People, and made to multiply and never be any part of our destruction in any Way. Any such work by Black Rap artists, Black Hip Hop artists and or Black celebrities to support on-going Revolutionary and Progressive  work will be rewarded, as we are able, with more control over the Black Rap artists, Black Hip Hop artists and Black Celebrity’s own work, copyrights, endowments, funding sources, wages, creative content, scheduling of themselves as performers, venues utilized, endorsements, venues, creative control and financial control as well as control over branding, distribution rights for their own work, and the positive ethical content of their work. This applies to Black artists  who want, appreciate and will gladly accept more control over their careers in every field of the arts including: dance; theatre; community theatre; film; movies; television; and the complete movie industry and all fields within the filmmaking  and Movie industry; culinary arts; sports; martial arts; radio and New tv; the publishing industry; video gaming industry; ipods; travel, leisure, pleasure and adventure industry; hotel industry; housing industry; construction industry; and within other business ventures such as health and mental health, but ALL for the good without exploitation, corruption, hate, greed and other such negative considerations, thoughts, legal contentions and actions.   No one in the world is being forced to give any money to the causes or constructs explained here and no one need feel any pressure to give any money if they don’t wish to; or receive any benefits at all if they don’t wish to. No one at all is to be penalized, scolded or punished if they wish NOT to participate in any of what is explained here; and no one should feel peer pressure, political pressure, professional pressure or economic pressure to conform to any of these voluntary mandates and voluntary considerations. I have only my faith in GOD that the things explained here will happen in a timely manner, but that faith is extremely strong and on point.


**The asterisks indicate the responsibility of, on ALL our parts, if desired, and desire for and motivation to in general, to, as much as possible, generate Black Celebrity support; and support from the Black Wealth Community; Black Business Community; The Black Hip Hop Community; The Black Music Community, The Black Music Industry, The Black Acting Community and Black Performance Community; and Black Rap Community--  But this is ALL our Responsibility as Black People and those who would authentically support us without expecting anything back in return!!!


Prepared by Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson for Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Common's Wealth of Pennsylvania 19101-2878.

Please enjoy the song from the Disney Film Pocahontas here.



An Updated Budget for April 17 2015 -- April 17th, 2016.

For Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Incorporated {May Need adjustments}.

213 South 49th Street, Philadelphia  ;Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Common's Wealth of Pennsylvania 19101-2878. BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com 1 (215) 921-2065.

$55 Million Dollars to carry Over from the Last Budget.

1} $15,000.00 for Computers.

2} $2,000.00 for Cameras.

3} $20,000.00 for printers and photographic equipment.

4} Office Renovation Space & Office Rental Space: $2 Million Dollars.

5 } Decent Clothing for the Founder and President $3,000.00.

Subtotal:  $57,040,000.00.

6} Stock to stockpile our mail order room for mail orders: $40,000.00 {Shirts, Tee-Shirts, Posters, Books, Digital Video Disk, Compact Disks}.

7} Office Furniture: $100,000.00.

8} Advertising cost for the First three years: $8 Million Dollars.

9} Staff hiring and Staff Development: $27,000.00.

10} Back due Bills to creators: $ 57,000.00.

11 } Printing cost for traditional advertising $57,000.00.

12 } Reference books and materials needed for research $27,000.00.

Subtotal:  $65,348,000.00.

13} Company Trucks and cars: $2 Million Dollars.

14} Bookkeeping and accounting assistance: $27,000.00.

15} Legal fees: $27,000.00.

16} Studio rental space: $27,000.00.

Grand Total: $67,429,000.00  {Sixty Seven Million, Four Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Dollars}.

  • These funds are asked for in the name of the little Black Boy who was shot  in Florida in late February, 2012 & ALL the Young Black Girls & Black Boys who were slaughtered at the hands of police in Philadelphia and by other members of the Black community and by other communities.....
  • Please make a cashier’s check payable to: Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Incorporated; 213 South 49th Street; Philadelphia, Pa 19139…
     {Dear Kamau: Please check the math!!!}.
    Proposed FILM Project…
    A Film--Starring Denzel Washington as a Father frustrated about his Sons' scholastic and professional performances, finds Himself the Father of a Gay son who is an over achiever; and a Straight son who gets a young  girl [19] pregnant. The Gay son begins to burn rubber, as it were, when he wins a Pulitzer Prize for writing. Denzel's character comes to terms with his Fatherly frustrations and accepts both sons as they get their lives together.  Denzel meets a nice Black woman from Africa, a Ghanaian, [He is a widower and a diplomat] and settles down to a good life. Both sons achieve fortune in an Uncle’s business.
    Number two Film Idea: Thespian Denzel Washington as Harold Washington, the late Mayor of Chicago who got elected challenging the machine politics of the Windy City.
    Number three Film Idea: The story of William Still as envisioned by Writer / Brother Tracy Gibson. A national search for Black talent must be administered to find Black People suitable for this film project. Funding has already been attained. William Still was considered ``The Father of the Undergrou d railroad’’ and halped many runaway slaves seek asylum in Philadelphia and Canada. He sometimes worked with Harriet Tubman.  Still had a detailed & meticulously  written account of the former slaves He helped which became the basis for His book ``The Underground Railroad Records,’’ published in 1872. Still was the Father of FOUR children. His wife’s name was was Letitia George. Information for this idea was researched from accounts written in the month of August 2015 section of Black Seeds 2015 Calendar. Available by calling 1 (202) 398-4104.
    Number Four Film Idea: The completion of the Adodi Film, Directed by Rod Risbrook. Contact Mr. Risbrook at 1 (646) 770-2699. The remaining funding has already been attained. {Adodi is a support group for Black Gay men organized in 1986 by Creative Artist & Arts therapist Clifford Rawlins to bring Brothers together for emotional healing & to end their isolation during the HIV crisis in Philadelphia. The Adodi movement has spread to other parts of the United States of Native America. You can reach Mr. Risbrook at: Post Office Box 3329; New York, New York 10008-3329. Much if not all of the filming is complete, but post production is now underway. Hopefully in time for Adodi’s 30th Anniversary in 2016. Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated is giving Adodi National & The Adodi Movement a $10,000.00 contribution.  
    Number five Film Project is a reflection & recollection of the life & times of Fanny Lou Hamer, the Civil Rights icon, orator & activist who challenged the Democratic Party loyalist in 1964
    Abbreviated List of Current Achievements By Brother Tracy Gibson as of April 15th, 2015.
    1] Received a vending license from the City of Philadelphia in January 2015.
    2] Attended & Achieved two certificates -- one in Personal Finance and one in Entrepreneurship -- {After attending two three-week-long free classes} From The Wharton School of Business & Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I also was instrumental in advocating for Black children getting access to the Wharton School Building for a lunch and a tour to help stimulate future business interests & focus in on Black Business Development... There were over 300 mostly Black students from the community in attendance.
    3] Hired a personal assistant, Mr. Andre Pullhill, 27, a father of two, to help with housework so I can concentrate on my business and writing. He is also a mentee who I have spoken with about better ethics and building material wealth for the proper development of Black futures.
    4]  Presently I'm working with my Nephew, Mr. Muata Hunter of Wash D C, to publish a book of poetry -- ``Let The Children Gather.''
    5] Joined my church on the 28th Day of February, 2015. The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, Pastor Jeffery A. Haskins /  Founder -- A Gay Affirming Church. 
    Sample Advocacy Letter Below:
    October 6th   2013 Sunday….
    From: Community Activist Brother Tracy Gibson— Founder, President and CEO OF: The Black Millionaire’s Network; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878…
    Note: Please put ``Lifting the Cuban Embargo and 52nd Str Development’’ in the Subject bar when answering e-mails.
    Future Philanthropist / Businessman / and Supporter of Progressive Causes
    Also Known as: The Wisdom Seeker…..
    RE: There is a two-pronged approach needed in fighting for better and wider Black Business Development in West Philadelphia. One is Local and the Other has international potential.
    My Pledge:
    ``I will Help Open Tourism from the U.S. to Cuba in What small Ways I can and or what BIG Ways I can. I Will Write the U.S. State Department; the President of the United States and the First Lady; My U.S. Senators; My Congressional Representatives and find out who is working on setting Cuba free from the U.S. Led economic embargo in both Houses of  Congress and write them as well… I will continue to work on this.’’
    An Open Letter to Philadelphia’s City Council. Regarding the lifting of the economic embargo Against Cuba and the development of ``AFRICA TOWN’’ in Philadelphia.
    Dear City Council of Philadelphia and Other Friends:
    As A Black Philadelphia Progressive, an educator, an activist and an advocate, especially for Black People, Black issues, Black children, Black families, and Black concerns, I’m especially and specifically concerned with the rescinding and abolition of the economic embargo against Cuba.  The U.S. led, world-wide economic embargo against Cuba—instituted by the Kennedy Administration in the early 1960’s during the Cuban Missile Crisis—has been a thorn in the side of Progress for international commerce and has plagued international understanding, cross-cultural, and cross-ideological interplay for generations.  It has also confounded and made it more difficult for countries and people with different ideas about how people and countries are to be run politically and economically to sit down and talk reasonably and peacefully…. This is the International aspect of this two-pronged approach. 
    We as a nation of North Americans, have full and thriving trade with Russia and China and other socialist societies, yet when it comes to helping the Revolutionary Government of Cuba get a better foothold on openness and democratic economic principals through an open trade policy, we balk and refuse to face the music.
    This racist, counter-productive, reactionary, backwards, financially devastating and economically constricting embargo MUST be lifted, and free trade, increased tourism, free travel and the exchange of ideas must ensue even if it takes a Presidential Executive Order to start the ball rolling in a Progressive Way.
    I am requesting a special binding proclamation from the City of Philadelphia requesting a National vote or plebiscite on this issue from Philadelphia’s City Council.  This proclamation MUST also list reasons why it is a better policy to follow if we dismantle the Cuban economic embargo, and mention that the City of Philadelphia can and Will benefit culturally and economically from the lifting of the embargo as free trade, free travel and other positive economic considerations will benefit our city which is presently so economically strapped that we can’t meet budgets and are involved in draconian cuts in the City’s School budget.  These budget cuts have stepped up the process of cutting back on important and vital programs for our School Children and the actual closing of several Public Schools including my alma Marta, The West Philadelphia University City High School at 36th and Filbert Str.. .
    A current policy of lifting the Cuban Embargo and travel restrictions will have a very positive impact on us getting along better with our Cuban neighbors and dramatically increase both economic and cultural ties and exchanges with the culturally rich country of Cuba as well as exchanges along the lines of medical care, health care and create a more meaningful, open, honest and fair policy towards the People of Cuba and the Revolutionary Government of Cuba. Cuba, by the Way, sits right 70 miles off of the Florida Coast. Very near our own country…  
    The City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Government Will reap obvious benefits by being good friends with the country of Cuba as opposed to being their sworn enemy for no reason.
    Many Philadelphians and other North Americans enjoy Cuban cooking, enjoy Cuban Salsa Music and enjoy Cuban dancing, colorful clothing and other positive and beautiful aspects of the Cuban People’s culture.  The Cubans can also enjoy the more positive aspects of our culture such as Rhythm and Blues music and traditional and the newer and more innovative Jazz and healthy soul food.  Our North American society can also benefit from some of the scientific breakthroughs of the Cuban People as they can benefit from our advanced technological study and breakthroughs.
    Now for the Other aspect of this letter, which is the foundation and acceptance of 52nd Street as Philadelphia’s ``AFRICA TOWN’’—where African, Caribbean and African American Businesses can flourish, thrive and find acceptance among African Centered and African Rooted Black People and their Progressive allies here in Philadelphia are along the East Coast .  We need a place for African Centered and African Rooted People to do business in a positive and on-going Way.  There is NO reason on Earth why 52nd Str can’t be the place for such economic advances for Black People.  The foundation of 52nd Str as ``AFRICA TOWN’’ Will help establish self-respect, self-pride and self-esteem for African People throughout the Philadelphia area and allow us to stop being wards of the state and do for ourselves, like the Black Muslims have taught and trained us to do for the Last 50 years. I have written several people about this idea and have NOT received ANY answers as yet.  We need to look at how the People of Detroit asked their City Council for an ``Africa Town’’ Designation and were denied.  That City is now in Bankruptcy and the People are not getting paid properly and have lost what little self-respect they once had.  Do you want this to happen to Black Philadelphians? 
    These two subjects are inter-related—the establishment of 52nd str as ``Africa Town’’ and the lifting of the U.S. led Cuban Embargo.  They are both basically economic issues and they will help a great many people of African descent as some 50 % of the Cuban People are of Black African descent. The two events, taken in tandem, will allow for the economic expansion, economic development and cultural expansion of a race of People—the African Diaspora—who have been left out far too long.  I need your support.
    Other ethnic groups have been able to flourish in the Philadelphia area, but Black businesses of any merit are hard to come by and are kept in the closets and shadows for some reason. I want to see us come out of the closet and advance our economic causes and establish ourselves as successful Black People economically.  Never again being fearful to develop ourselves culturally and economically.  
    Please follow up with me to make sure this project gets full consideration and acceptance by our City Council.  You can reach me at: 1.215.471.64.94. or at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com;  or at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. You can also reach me at the Black Millionaire’s Network at: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878, of which I am the Founder, President and CEO…….
    CC: Doctor Keith Hunter and Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter; Senator Vincent Hughes; Senator Shirley Kitchen; Members of the Philadelphia City Council [Including Curtis Jones, Blondell Reynolds- Brown, City Council President Darrell Clark and Mr. Kenney]; Congressman Chaka Fattah; Congressman Bob Brady; U.S. Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey; The President of the United States and the First lady; Seeing Black, Inc.; The Black World; The Philadelphia Tribune; The Head of the U.S. State Department, Former U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts ; The Friends Center of Philadelphia; The National Congress of Black Women Inc.; and The International Action Center Chair Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark; The Angolan Embassy; The Embassy of South Africa; the Cuban Mission to the United Nations. 
    Please call me, Brother Tracy Gibson,  if you have any questions whatsoever: 1 (215) 921-2065.