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Knowledge Hut Business Plan with Updated Contact Information

The Knowledge Hut Business Plan, April 26th, 2012…

                The Mission of The Knowledge Hut Stores is to help younger Americans of Color to better understand their history, grow and develop as more productive and reliable adults and learn better ethical behaviors through the development, production and sale of positive, defined and responsible products.

                A.            Name of Company: The Knowledge Hut Stores

B.            Mission Statement And Objectives:

Mission Statement: The Mission of The Knowledge Hut Stores is to help younger Americans of Color to better understand their history, grow and develop as more productive and reliable adults and learn better ethical behaviors through the development, production and sale of positive, defined and responsible products.

Objectives: To help parents, guardians, grandparents and others who care for youth to assist them in developing strong personal and community-wide values including responsibility, good health habits and hygiene,  good ethics, good family values, cleanness, reliability, good and positive cultural values and other positive traits in an on-going fashion through the sale of good products that reflect those values.  While we are a for profit store, we will network with non-profits and social service agencies to bring on more support services for needy Non-White youths.

C.            Form of Business: A Type B Corporation.

D.            Trademarks, Copyrights, and other legal issues:

We presently have no Trademark protections or copyrighted in house documents or documentation, but we have registered with Go-Daddy.

E.            Products or Services:  We have already test marketed positive-message Tee-Shirts; Black Greeting cards; and Afro-Centric, hand-made Jewelry.

F.            Management / Leadership. I Brother Tracy Gibson, am the sole owner and proprietor for the company.  While we were in early development stages, we had five employees for our Parent company (Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.)

G.           Location and Geographical Information: We did our Test marketing from our Parent Company’s office at 3918 Lancaster Avenue from April 2006 to September 2007. We will re-enter the market as a Home-Based On-Line store as soon as we get proper financing.  We have been operating as home based for two years, for research and development.  We have many plans in the works to start a Philadelphia-Centered, Bricks and Mortar company and later expand to fifteen stores.

H.           Development stage: We are working on getting grants and getting other established financing from Banks, Friends and Family, Wealthy individuals., and / or other financial institutions and / or investors to assist in paying for our initial development.

I.             Milestones Achieved to Date: We are working on our Business Plan with the Temple University Small Business Development Center and working on grants with the Wheatal Perk Corporation in Chicago. We are planning to do test marketing again very soon.

J.             Specialty Business Information:  Once we get funding, we will produce short promotional films to put on You Tube; Develop our own Web Page; hand out flyers in the communities; and we will also have posters & Brochures & Buttons.

K.            Financial Status: We are seeking financing from the community right now, because Bank financing is tight and very hard to come by, and because I , the President and CEO, am presently on disability.  

                                                                Executive Summary

                We have registered our company name The Knowledge Hut Stores with Go.Daddy Network. Eventually we want to be an LLC. We are planning to copyright our idea within the next few days. We have done some test marketing through our Parent company—BTGandA.Com--and we are operating a mail order firm right now.  We are low on funds to develop our Tee-Shirts and buy other products right now. Our mission is to instill positive values in young people by helping them choose more politically conscious and ethical products.

                Our company came about when our founder recognized a need to curtail the negative impact some of the more lured rap music and rap videos were having on American inner city and suburban youth. We will be selling Tee-Shirts, greeting cards, books and posters chosen by our staff to reflect and promote better values in youth. Those values include:  doing homework; not bullying; having respect for parents and elders; avoiding teen pregnancy and STD’s; and staying out of trouble with the law.  We also hope to have outreach information in our stores from the youth social service network, churches and Non-profit organizations that work on youth issues such as staying in school, attending college or university and starting youth-run businesses.

                Our target market is youth and young adults, ages 12 through 27 and their parents, grandparents and guardians. Market trends show that church-going parents are looking for products to purchase that will enhance and support family and church values, and there is an obvious need to increase business knowledge and political awareness among young people. We have circulated a petition and generated 30 supportive signatures from people who support the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut’’ stores and the community seems ready for the positive change. Few stores of any size are offering only products that encourage better values in young customers so competition at this point is null. 

                I think we can compete successfully, especially if we can get on Board with Macy’s because they have hundreds of stores nationwide. {We have written letters of intent to possible investors about actually having our stores within the Macy’s network } .  While we have not actually officially approached Macy’s as yet, we think their up-beat, youth oriented specialty shops would be perfect for our store and well suited for our idea. We have written General Mills about carrying their Nature Valley Granola Bars.  {We do not want to sell potato chips, sodas and Twinkies which hamper young people’s energy by providing too many empty calories and too much sugar}. There could be barrios if someone beats us to the punch and gets investors or gets a major similar contract before we do.

                Our concept designer has sound business experience, having worked @ Macy’s, Sears, Gimbals and Staples as a cashier; and having test marketed some products that will be sold @ The Knowledge Hut @ our parent company—Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc.… Brother Gibson has also taken some business courses at Temple University and with the Money School in Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware.    We did the test marketing from April 2006 to September 2007. Our key manager will be our concept designer, Brother Tracy Gibson, until we can get funding and hire additional staff.

                We want to have 15 locations and about 300 employees. We also want to manufacture our own products in the United States and provide shipping and handling at a reasonable cost. At the same time, however, we want to pay all employees good wages and have suitable benefits available for employees, as we can afford. According to reliable internet sources most book stores reach about $3 Million Dollars in annual sales per store.  Since we will sell other products besides books, we project $5 Million a year in sales for each store.  The total income from all 15 stores would be $60,000,000.00 {Sixty Million Dollars a year.}

                We are seeking $15 Million Dollars in startup funds through about five investors. The funds will be used to buy, modernize and refurbish existing property and hire staff.  Investors will get their funds back.  


Business Budget:

My Salary: $50,000.00 A Year.

Staff and Staff Development {Includes use of a consultant for initial personnel development} :  $200,000.00.

Office Supplies: $700.00.

Office Furniture:  $2,500.00.

Computers: $18,000.00.

Rent for One Year: $24,000.00.

Rental Use of vehicles plus car fair: $6,000.00.

Capitalization and Renovation of buildings to be purchased: $ 100,000.00.

Legal Fees: Donated.

Merchandize and Inventory to be bought wholesale to be modified or improved on: $200,000.00.

Purchase and Modernization of Property to be used for Factories: $1,500,000.00.

Postage for one year: $780.00.

Internet and Web Page development: $3,000.00.

Phone and utility bills: $10,800.00.

Community Outreach and advertising: $500,000.00.

Additional Communications, accounting and bookkeeping programs: $6,000.00.

Other legal fees, licenses, contracts: $6,000.00.

Other costs for consultants: $500.00.





RE: ``The Knowledge Hut Stores’’ and Why We Need Them…

                It has come to my knowledge, more and more over the years, that our young people are in deep, deep trouble. Unless we act as responsible and concerned adults, they are doomed to create another generation of lost souls who are down and out economically and unprepared morally, ethically, culturally and politically for what faces them in a few short years.

                This is why I have labored so hard to create the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut Stores’’ and why I think the concept will be a Big Success when it goes national very soon.

                The concept is a simple one: instead of throwing a whole bunch of assorted products at young people when they come to shop, why not give them a selection of products that are designed to stimulate their thinking; develop the mind and body correctly; spark learning; and develop good strong family values and strong positive study habits in them including better eating habits.

                What we would like to sell to our young people is music and videos with  positive messages and positive images; Tee-Shirts that are developed to make people think of positive things and that are designed, drawn, written and developed by the young people themselves; food snacks and drinks that are healthy and exclude white flour, potato chips, soda and too much sugar, salt and fat; greeting cards with inspirational and funny sayings in them that are written and designed by the youths themselves that reflect strong positive political and cultural values; and plenty of books that reflect the same values and also describe and create roads to self-awareness, self-reliance, honor, holistic thinking, sharing progressive ideas, interacting positively with elders, other young people and other members of the community with respect, decency and humanity, and teach our history, languages and culture in a positive and upbeat way.

                It has been proven that young people sometimes get in trouble with the law mostly during the hours of 3 P.M. and 7 P.M. when they are out of school and their parents and guardians are not yet home.  ``The Knowledge Hut Stores’’ will be designed not only as a place to help young people buy positive products, but also as a place to congregate and learn about positive things going on in the community as well as sit and read or play positive board and educational video games. They will also be encouraged to interact in other positive Ways. Eventually they should be able to work towards credits for their GED at our stores and make connections for positive career moves or for going to college or university. Social awareness and social service organizations from the surrounding community will be asked to present positive information about their organizations (Such as Planned Parenthood and The Human Rights Network) and to put on workshops about the services they provide and how they benefit the community.  These stores will not only benefit the young people, but also the adults who care for them because the parents, grandparents and other guardians will know that their children and young adults are in a warm, safe and responsible place that will help nurture and care for the young people until they get home safely.

                Our target market is Black young people between the ages of 12 and 27; Latin youth between the ages of 12 and 27; and poor White and progressive-thinking young people of all races, genders and sexual orientations of the same ages.

                We want to eventually have a fully operational and state-of-the-art GREEN factory that mass produces many of the items that will be sold by the store. Many youth will be hired to learn management skills and we will hire young people from the surrounding community to work in our store. (Right now I have looked at and thought about the property at Broad and LeHigh Avenue, which was once a major factory in the North Philadelphia area, as a site for our first factory.) This would have a positive impact on the unemployment rate that is despicably high and out of control in North Philadelphia.  We don’t know how we will do it, but we want to pay our workers a good living wage.  As we said, our purpose is NOT to just make a profit, but to help develop our young people’s futures in a strong and positive Way.

                I am presently in the process of developing and writing the Business Plan for ``The Knowledge Hut Stores’’ at the Temple University Small Business Development Center in Philadelphia on Temple’s Campus.  The plan will be complete in 12 short weeks.  I will be in touch with you to let you know how this idea is blossoming, blooming and developing.  We will certainly need financial supporters, developers and investors as this idea takes shape and becomes a reality.  We are willing to take a small 20% of the profits from the stores at first just to get this crucial idea off the ground.  We reserve the right to have final say as to what products are sold in the stores, but we will take any products the investors want to add into full consideration.

                We will have full financial compliance for anyone who wishes to invest with us.  A Mr. Frank Breitman, a Center City investment lawyer and Real Estate Manager, will be coming on board to help us devise specific investment strategies. {We have worked with Mr. Breitman in the past and we fully trust his work, investment management skills, opinions, financial advice and views. } He can be reached in Philadelphia at: 12159281077.

                We hope you will contact us if you know of any financial people who might be interested in investing in our concept with seed money (as we are in the development stages); or who might want to help us get the whole project off the ground.  (Please contact Mr. Breitman for larger investments.

With Peace and Blessings,

I Am,



Brother Tracy Gibson,


President and CEO OF Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.


Brother Tracy Gibson

Writer – Advisor – Visionary – Businessman

Fund Raiser – Activist

670 North 41st Street

Apartment B

Philadelphia, PA 19104

1 [215] 823 9985


                III Industry Analysis and Trends

  1. We will be comparing The Knowledge Hut Stores to the major bookstores for our analysis. There are some 10,000 bookstores in the U.S. and annual revenues have been $16 Billion Dollars.    According to reliable information culled from FirstResearch.Com. Each store can expect $3 Million Dollars in annual sales and an annual sales per employee of $130,000.00 a year.  While a major chain—Borders—declared bankruptcy in early 2011, the estimated growth rate for most stores is about ? ? Percent.
  2. Back to school and Holiday shoppers constitute a large percentage of sales.  There are some highly technical marketing programs available for bookstores, such as _________________ and most of the networks use them.  These programs help manage inventory.
  3. The state and federal government helps regulate bookstores for employee / consumer protection laws. The publishing industry also regulates itself ``To ensure equitable treatment of independent bookstores,’’ according to FirstResearch.Com.
  4. Most Big Book Networks have their own distribution centers and some may even have their own book publishers.



Building use proposal for 52nd street between Baltimore Avenue in the South to Lancaster in the North, as part of Africa Town WEST..
Building Number    [1]
[1] Clean Rest Rooms
[2] Headquarters of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. er go Seventy-Five Cent, INC.
** Advertising and Public Relations Center
** High School for Entertainment and Performance
Building Number [2]
[1] Clean Rest Rooms
[2] Advocacy Office
Personal Office of the Founder and President
** Socks ‘N Jocks [Clifford Center]
** Fine Men’s Clothing. [He’s Very Handsome.]
Building Number [3]
[1] Clean Rest Rooms’[2] Social Services and Cultural Center
** Black Millionaire’s Network
** Grant making / Philanthropy Center
Building Number [4]
[1] Clean Rest Rooms’[2] The Clifford R. Rawlins Adodi Philadelphia Cultural / Community Center
** a] Full kitchen
** b] large activity room and / or banquet room
** c] Tee-Shirts and greeting cards
** d] Teaching center, education center
**e] 100-seat Theatre, healthy snack center
** f ] cafeteria – fully staffed while the building is open.
** Put this information on your computer as a report to the Black financial community.
From Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. er go Seventy-Five Cent, INC.

Claude Lewis Article needs research, updating. a preview.

Writing Style of Mr. Claude Lewis Will be Missed by the Black Community Here!

By Brother Tracy Gibson.

[do the research]

      **A lot of young Black People don’t remember or were not born yet when the terrific work and overwhelming dedication of a Brother who just passed away a few days ago – I believe it was Saturday the 18th, of MaRch, 2017, named Brother Claude Lewis, was a major publisher and journalistic figure in Philadelphia….

     ** This writer, father [Look on Wikipedia and make sure He was a Father] and publisher was  now just a ``liberal commentator or print’’ but published for a good long while [Check publishing dates on Wikipedia]  a fantastic Black journal called the ``National Leader.’’

     ** The National Leader broke fresh ground in the Way Black People especially were thinking, and helped us navigate a positive and progressive Way through many political and social obstacles during the time it was published. 

     ** Brother Claude Lewis worked for the Philadelphia Bulletin – which was a considerable rival to the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News -- for many years {Check with Wikipedia as well],.

     **His journalistic standards were very extensive, established  and  far-reaching.  I was so impressed with MR. Claude Lewis when I was a teenager, about 15, I called Him and asked if I could come to visit Him in His office.  Mr. Claude Lewis  was kind enough to extend an invitation to me to come and visit His office. I was highly impressed with His kind demeanor, soft temprement and big smile.  I started writing when I was eight, and after this meeting the deal was sealed – I would become a writer of the best order GOD and I could muster.

     ** One of the main things I remember about MR. Claude Lewis was that He had a big traditional Black rotary dial phone with a red light on it.  When the phone ``rang’’ the light would light up red. Mr. Claude Lewis told me He didn’t like the disturbance the ringing sound cause and liked the red light much better.

     ** Frankly, I thought this was a bit eccentric of Mr. Claude Lewis, but I went along with the plan and had a very nice conversation with Him, noting that He was very dedicated, professional, and caring about Black People.

     ** But the reason I wanted to write this is to explain to our Black  public that publications are very expensive and hard to keep afloat, especially in today’s market with so much media taking on a more electronic tempriment.   In the older days, Mr. Claude Lewis was able to keep the entire nation abreast of Black news that mattered. Fantastic feature stories, interesting interviews, great photographs, and personality sketches that would stop a pit bull cold.

     ** I was very impressed with Mr. Claude Lewis’ writing style and His ability to get interviews with the most hard-to-reach Black personalities for interviews, photo sessions, and delightful comments that were not being shared even in ``Ebony,’’ and ``Jet,’’ magazine.  His Spirit and confidence will be very much missed by this Black journalist, and He has inspired me, through His death, to try once again to join the Association of Black Journalists.  I walk with my head held high as a Black writer / Black journalist because of the hard work, dedication and terrific writing style of this talented Black published / writer – Mr. Claude Lewis.

Add articles about Mr. Acel Moore and Mr. Claude Harris.

sexual obsession -- a personal story from the head of a corporation...

               A  Total Confession to GOD—My Sexual Obsession // By Brother Tracy Gibson…

     ** I try so hard Lord, and yet, I fail every time. I am under the powers of my own sexual drive and sexual obsession. I am like a child in a candy store – sorry Joseph for the cliché – I am like a child in the candy store even though I don’t cheat on my LOVer, my desires remain out of control as I watch hours of pornography, [I claim it relaxes me and allows me to move forward to do God’s work]  even though I destroyed 17 DVD’s of porn to try so hard to work against my sexual obsession for beautiful Black men, beautiful Native men and beautiful Latin-Black men.  I have failed myself and my Black People.

     ** Will you, GOD, will you forgive me? I see the beautiful feet and beautiful stomachs and beautiful faces and incredible sex organs you made by your hand Lord, and I am amazed at my own desires. They seem out of control, and yet, in some strange Way, perfect.

     ** I Am especially titillated by younger Black men, and I give total control of myself over to them. I am helpless, coy, timid and out of control, even though I put forth an African mask of total cool and total control. I give myself to them, through GOD. Yet, somehow, I must remain faithful to you, Leonard.

     **Sometimes I think there is a rapist inside me waiting to pounce out like a Black Panther. Sometimes I think there is a leopard inside me waiting to find PRAY.  Sometimes I think there is a ruthless tiger waiting to find refuge between the legs of yet another BLACK man .

     ** I have a place at Home where I put photos of my BLACK family, JESUS,  and Ancient Black ancestors – including God’s picture [JESUS] and they give me strength to make it another day as I PRAY for redemption, SALVATION, forgiveness, and resolve. I move forward with my activist work and I want to save this world made wretched, by ungodly forces. I don’t know if I will ever meet with success.

     ** I think of my mentors Nelson Mandela, Pastor Paul Washington, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Reverend Jeff Haskins, Reverend Victoria, Reverend Brian Robinson, Cynthia McKinney, Betty Shabazz, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Junior, Rosa Parks, Rosita Johnson, Joe Beam, Joseph Bunch, Pam Africa, Ramona   Africa, Wanda, James Wright, Nebraska Bowman,  Blondell Reynolds Brown, Jessie Gibson, Charles Gibson, Bill Hill, Bill Peterson, Estelle Welch,  Aunt Helen / Aunt Maud, Aunt Helen Peterson - Thornton, Grandma Jessie Thornton, Uncle Ken, Uncle Lionel, My Grandfathers, Uncle Raymond, Uncle Lloyd, my many cousins. I ask forgiveness from you for all the men I have had while I was in search for LOVe, tenderness, intimacy, kindness, closeness,  kisses, soft touches, thrusting in LOVe’s last climax.

     **  Taking off my obsession is like trying to take off my skin or unload my heart and still live. It is impossible. Leonard, please forgive my obsession for lust, closeness and intimacy. I want to make a family with you, but the children I want to raise with you will most likely never happen now that I’m 60 years ole. GOD says never give up on yourself. His / Her hand is the most tender of all and His / Her face is in the faces of babies, the laughter of ole men, the quiet falling of rain, waves crashing against the rocks, and in the eye on each dollar bill the government has ever produced – He / She is totally and forever undefeated. He allows me to walk with Him / Her each day and I am forever thankful.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

An Up-Dated Review of Eat Cafe. More Updates to Come.

A Review of Eat Cafe'
By Brother Tracy Gibson…
**There is a small eatery at 3820 Lancaster Avenue -- an area trying to redefine itself economically even while the pressures of gentrification and the ``so-called'' property of traditional cultures work to gain or regain ownership.
**The food at Eat Cafe' is pretty good and the menu changes weekly. Eat Cafe' is really an experiment that seems to be working quite well.  There is a suggested price of $15. per person, but if you have no funds, you can pay the next time or not at all.  Remember your drinks outside of water is not free even if you can't pay. There is an additional price [$2.75], for specialty drinks like Cinnamon-Iced Tea.
** The fish I had last week was baked, which was good, and the vegetables are always done to perfection. I had vegetarian Pot Pie that was quite mild and delicious, and it had no cheese, so I didn’t have to worry or think about weight gain or extra calories. UMMMMM!.
     **Once I had rice which the Chef / Manager [ MR. Donnell Jones- Craven] told me was not cooked like regular rice from a box, but with vegetable stock or chicken stock and spices like parsley and garlic.  MR. Craven also told me the rice is rinsed to get the starch out. The end result is rice like you may have never experienced it before. Very tasty!
** Other main dishes have included Chicken Pot Pie with a puff-pastry crust and a cheese sauce. This was really delicious and served very hot. Fried chicken was also good as was the Cheese and pasta [If your not totally tired of this dish like I am.] .
**This is a restaurant that doesn’t stay open all week. [Hours are 4:30 P.M. to 8 P.M. Wednesday through Saturday] Being an extremely effective Black community activist, I want to see more activist and political types, especially Black People, support this successful experiment and find out what the management needs by making yourself known, interacting in a positive Way with the management, and visiting often to be a Vanguard force to not only protect the patrons, children and the establishment, but also the idea of the restaurant as well.
**  As a Black activist or Black valued politician you may be concerned about the pay for employees.  I know from the management and the Eat Café’ Web Page that the wait staff makes $14. an hour.  Restaurants in Pennsylvania are only required to pay about $2.50 an hour because waiters and waitresses depend on tips – which may or may not materialize.  Some patrons are not always as generous as others. At Eat Café’ you don’t have to leave a tip if you don’t want to because the wait staff are paid properly.  I am not certain or sure what the chefs make for salary, but I think they are paid adequately. I know some people don’t like to go to establishments that help poor or homeless People by offering free food or services (somehow People feel they are taking advantage of establishments that help the poor or they don’t want to rub elbows with poor or homeless People.) I can tell you most People pay something, from what I know. I have gone several times and not paid for dinner.  [Once I gave them a $20. For dinner. Boy, did that feel great!] I want to make that a habit in the near future.
     **I have a long list of things I’m proposing to do for Eat Café’ for free (I have sent them this list and gotten approval for at least one thing on the list. ]
•I forgot to say something about the service. The service is much more than adequate. The wait staff is well attired, professional in manner and attitude, and there is rarely a long wait for food. The kitchen staff [and I have met at least two of the chefs] are highly trained, highly qualified and professional in manner, attitude and attire.  Our Black activist and politicians of merit need to come out and support this stellar establishment. [By the Way, yesterday State Senator Vincent Hughes was right there on the money at Eat Café’. I was glad to see this gentleman, who has been a friend for over 30 years. ]
**At Eat Café’ they had signs up for the longest asking People to display their art work. Recently, distinctive art work and photographs, descriptive statements and credits to the artists have been posted on the walls.  The art lends a nice touch and a glowing atmosphere to the establishment.
** Another point of fact, Take Out orders have to also be paid for with cash or credit.  I think creative Black activists and Black politicians who really care should find out what Eat Café’ needs and be as cooperative and helpful as possible.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An Open Letter from a Black Activist...

An Open Letter

From An Independent Black Activist, Named Brother Tracy Gibson

To: Cuba, The Soviet Union, Black Africa – From Egypt to South Africa and from Mali to Somalia, and to former United States, Now Turtle Island.

     **I am writing this letter to let you know I act as an independent Black activist. I am on no ones payroll except my own company’s, my job’s [as a food service worker,] and for Social Security Disability.

     **I am not a spy for anyone knowingly and willingly. Not the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the Kremlin, not The Central Intelligence Agency, not Israel Intelligence or any such Intelligence agency in any African, Asian, Central American or South American Country. I work diligently and consistently for Black People to make things better for myself, all Black People, and all good People who formerly considered themselves oppressed. I can use financial help from all who care about humanity, but you will get nothing in return, except a freer Black People, a freer earth and more responsibility and knowledge for Black People.

     **I’m not selling influence to the highest bidder, but am working for the liberation of our Black Planet to – in Peacefulness – to a GOD who is ready to Bless  People who need our help.  This letter is put on my Blog – good and positive News – to ask for your help and help you clarify the situation,


Gratefully Ture


Tracy Charles Gibson