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nice soap...

Fabulous!!! There are a variety of Black soaps available at 52nd and Sansom Street, the South West Corner. They are very nice soaps and include many scents, fragrances and types. One of the Companies is BlackSoap.Com. They make Egyptian Musk; another is Nubian Heritage, they make Lemon Grass And Tea Tree Soap and many other varieties. I have used these products myself and I have found them to be very refreshing and they don't leave a dry feeling like many traditional soaps do. They are available for about $2.50 a bar. These soaps are a real departure from the traditional soaps which dry the skin and offer little diversity and ethnic somba like these Black soaps do. I hope you will try them out and check out the store at 52nd and Sansom Street....

There are a variety of Black soaps available at this store... They are very nice soaps and include many scents and types.  I have used these products myself and I have found them to be very refreshing and to not leave a dry feeling like many traditional soaps have. They are available for about $2.50 a bar. I hope you will try them out and check out the store...
One variety I especially like is called coconut and papaya soap with vanilla beans.. it is advertised as an anti-aging, brightening and firming soap and has an awesome fragrance. It also lathers well and really leaves the skin soft and plyable. This variety is also by Nubian Heritage... and would make a great Kwanzaa gift.

Another company is They have a Black soap, which I believe I have tried before and is quite nice. I'll try it again and let you know. There multi vitamin Soap has a fantastic fragerance. After I try it I will let you know how nice it is....

and: a company called Madina Industrial Corporation also offers a naturally blended Olive Soap That has Aloe Vera and is quite nice and fragrant..

Still another variety from Nubian Heritage is Mango Butter Soap with Shea and Cocoa Butters and with Honey and Cornmeal.  It is said to be rejuvenating, firming and moisturizing. I will try it soon and let you know how I like it...

Hoisin Chicken and Bok Choy From Food Network Magazine September 2014 Issue Page 131

Hoisin Chicken and Bok Choy

2 tablespoons vegetable oil, plus more for brushing
2 tablespoons soy sauce [i would use low sodium soy sauce]
2 teaspoons grated peeled ginger
1/2 teaspoon Chinese Five- spice powder
1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper
1  1/2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken thighs quartered
2 red or yellow bell peppers, cut into 1-inch pieces
4 bunches baby bok choy, quartered lengthwise
1/4 cup hoisin sauce
Toasted sesame seeds and sliced scallions, for topping

1. Preheat a grill to medium high and brush the grates with vegetables oil, the soy sauce, ginger, five spice powder and white pepper in a large bowl. Add the chicken and toss to coat. Thread the chicken onto 10-inch skewers. Thread the peppers and Bok Choy into 4 more skewers.

2. Grill the chicken covered, turning occasionally, until well marked, 10 to 12 minutes, brushing with the hoisin sauce during the last minute of grilling. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and scallions.

3. Meanwhile, brush the vegetable kebabs with vegetable oil.  Grill until vegetables are charred, about 3 minutes per side. Serve the chicken kebabs.

This recipe is on page 131 of the September 2014 edition of Food Network Magazine.

a new look at education

A New Look at Education for Us Black Folk

This is rocket science, but it is also music appreciation, playing that funny Triangle Publications thing [yes Ambassador Annenberg & TV Guide are dead, or just about.]. It is also theatre; acting; script-writing; teaching & other creative arts; gymnastics [so important for our males to vent pent-up energy that might otherwise explode negatively out in our Black community]. It is also bicycle riding [Thank you my friends]; wood shop; industrial engineering; voice; singing; costume design; make-up artistry; tap & jazz dance; and choreography.  What I'm getting at is this. We can keep badgering the mostly Jewish lead and WhiTe lead and moderate pull-the-line Black School District executives and keep begging for money and wasting our time getting emotional and being dramatic--or we can, as real Black People, take our children and get some real teachers who have better expectations of our Black children and teach them about their better selves--this means me and you as Black parents and supporters of Black Parents, Black youth & Black educators. A good teacher doesn't need a computer & an expensive classroom and an expensive salary to teach properly. All She or He needs is, for example, a good magazine like Ebony or Black Enterprise to teach ethics, social studies, business ethics, good family values & lessons on good Ways to avoid entanglements with the criminal justice system, government agencies and avoid coolin in jail.   All the frills, Chills & Thrills of education; all the trapping of overpaid, mostly WhiTe unions; teachers who understandably want to get paid well, but who forgot what they are getting paid for--these things must be put aside for more grass-roots considerations.  These are, in my Common - cents Way of thinking, some of the Reasons why I am a strong proponent of community-based schools elected school boards and politicians who really care about students & education like Mr. Vincent Hughes & Mr. James Roebuck. [THey have dedicated years to this issue and are a big help in moving things forward, but we have to help them and support them.

Position Papers and WHy We Need to Provide Them.

Position Papers / Information Handouts

What are they used for...

1]  To Advocate for certain sectors of our Black community or on certain issues that impact greatly on Black People.

2] They are sent to: non-government community, civic & religious leaders; government leaders; responsible Black community elders; and governmental officials.

3] Reasoning: to help positively influence non-government policy and or government policy in a consistent and Politically Positive Way and to reflect a more Progressive and Revolutionary Way of looking at old issues for the Black community.

 Proposed Position Papers I need Funding From the Community for:

1] Positive Progressive Revolutionary Education for Black Children and Black youth.

2] Spiritual Healing: using established Positive aspects of various Religions to explore aspects of helping out Black Community economically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

3] Prison Rights.

4] HIV / AIDS and the Black community

5] Ending the United States lead economic embargo and travel restrictions against CUBA. Tactics and strategies.

6] Jobs for Black youth and ending the exploitation of Black children.

7] Fund Raising and Progressive Black Business development.

8] Solving the gentrification puzzle; Defeating Homelessness & saving as many homeless People as possible. Providing inexpensive, affordable and or properly priced, suitable decent housing for the world's People.

9] African Traditions.

10] The shared survival of our Planet. Sustainability; and healing the environment.

11] Healthy Human Sexuality.

12] Native American Rights [does this Nation really belong to the Native People of North America].

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What to eat and what NOT to eat

What Up? First Up! Please read the article in ``The Advocate,'' for August 2012, Page 46 about health and nutrition. You will find much of this material listed here to be born out by that particular article!!!

What NOT TO Eat!!

Ranch Dressing
Blue Cheese Dressing
White Flour
White Rice
White Bread
Processed TV Dinners
Fried Chicken
Fried Fish
ANY Pork Products
ANY Beef Products
Whole Milk; Ice Cream
Potato Chips of any kind or variety
White Potatoes {Including French Fries}
Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake {Except once in a while, without icing}
Angel food or Devil's Food Cake\Processed candy bars
Any kind of cheese especially processed cheese
White Bread Hoggie rolls
Cheese Whizz and Cheese Products
Avoid Lard and heavy frying and cooking oils
High Sodium foods
Twinkies, Tasty Cakes

Don't eat ANY McDonald's Foods except for fruit, Oat Meal, and water

Avoid Heavy Creams
and Heavy Cream Sauces

Avoid High Salt Spaghetti Sauces

Avoid sugary sodas and avoid high fructose corn syrup in sodas
Avoid diet sodas
Avoid pre-packaged and processed foods such as oodals of noodles

Avoid Sausage Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza
Avoid Pork Sausage
Avoid Home Fries
Avoid White Toast
Avoid Bar-b-q Sauce
Avoid Spear Ribs
Avoid Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

Many heart ailments, joint ailments and other physical problems, such as liver disease, high-blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke and Diabetes can be traced directly back to consumption of such foods as those listed above. Listen to what the First Lady--Mrs. Michelle Obama--has to say about diet / nutrition / and obesity. Read the book: ``How to Eat to Live,'' by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad; and look for books by Gary Null and Dick Gregory {``Dick Gregory's Natural Diet For Folks Who Eat: Cookin With Mother Nature,'' by Dick Gregory and James R. McGraw. on diet and health. Also read: ``The Gradual Vegetarian,'' by Lisa Tracy...; and ``Sugar Blues'' by William F. Duffy... ``Eating Well for Optimum Health,'' Dr. Andrew Weil. Avoid high-sodium Asian Sauces like Soy Sauce and other Asian Sauces like Hoysen Sauce; Use Olive Oil to Stir fry delicious vegetables.. Watch the salt level in food items and remember you can ask for a list of the sodium levels for most food items in even fast food Restaurants... Watch the SALT and sodium levels on ALL pre-packaged vegetarian items especially pre-packaged frozen vegetarian breakfast sausages or frozen vegetarian hamburgers. ``The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight and be Happy,'' is also a good book to read. It is by Bob Greene and Ann Kearney-Cooke, Ph.D.; and Janis Jibrin, M.S., R.D. It is available at the Penn Bookstore on the Penn Campus in West Philadelphia at 36th and Walnut Street and other fine bookstores.

The following is an excerpt from Mr. Bob Greene's ``The Life You Want,'' Mr. Greene says that some of the Major problems in life that cause over eating are: ``1] Family Conflicts; 2] Work and School conflicts; 3] Toxic Relationships; 4] Money Worries; 5] Health Issues (including an unhealthy lifestyle}; 6] Unresolved Loss/ Grief;'' He also has a great section about When Food Replaces Love, which I am convinced that many Black women and Black men suffer from in great numbers.

Some of Gary Null's Books are ``The Joy of Juicing: Creative Cooking with Your Juicer; Completely Revised and UpDated''. By Gary Null and Shelly Null.

``Kiss Your Fat Goodbye: The Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight and Building a Healthier Body for Life,'' by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Try to EAT THIS instead!!

{Most of you already know this stuff, but there are far too many people dieing from heart ailments, obesity and Diabetes and other heart ailments such as heart attack and stroke for us NOT to reiterate.....}

Check out ``Vegetarian Times Magazine'' and try to stay away from red meats such as pork and beef.

Eat free range chicken, but DON'T fry it.
Eat baked fish of many varieties
Eat Whole grain or Brown Rice {Not instant}

Eat ALL fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables {especially organic and wash them completely}

Eat Wheat, 12 and 15 grain breads, and Whole grain Breads

Eat Egg Beaters instead of real eggs or mix them in with real eggs if you have a cholesterol problem...

Drink Spring Water and Seltzer Water with a little lemon or lime {Use an actual lime or lemon because the bottled kind can go ranced quckly.}

Tey to Eat Wheat Hoagie Rolls or Oat Hoagie rolls {Sub-Way is the ONLY place In Philly that I know of that has an option of fresh wheat and oat hoagie rolls. {The company that has a monopoly on the Hoggie rolls in Philadelphia {Amaroso's} doesn't make a more natural whole wheat, or oat variety, that I know of..}

Eat Low Sugar Zucchini Cake

Eat Low Sugar Pound Cake

Drink Soy milk or mix it with real milk. {I prefer Organic Whole mike because I just don't like the taste of skim milk}...

Drink Rice milk or mix it with organiz whole milk as well...

Eat Yams and Sweet Potatoes {White potatoes just aren't good for you and neither are all those French Fries we North Americans eat by the truck load--just ask Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, who has asked that we curb those fat cravings with a bit of dark chocolate once in a while.

Eat Balsamic Vinegar and French Dressing. Blue Cheese and Ranch dressings are very fat centered and very high in salt.

Eat plenty of Blue Berries; Black Berries; and Strawberries. They are high in anti-oxidents and Omega 3's which are very healthy and good for your fiber intake and health wise--according to OUR First Lady, Michelle Obama...

Eat Rye Bread with the seeds in it and Eat Pumpernickel Bread such dark crusty breads are great for fiber intake and good for you and your diet, so says Doctor Andrew Weil, who has been writing about nutrition, health and weight loss for decades. {See his book mentioned above.}

Go to Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant at Broad and South Street in Philadelphia and enjoy the variety of vegetarian foods {See OUR ad on our Blog:

... When ordering from Chinese Restaurants get shrimp or vegetable egg rolls DO NOT ORDER PORK or BEEF items or FRIED ITEMS... or better yet, slowly work them out of your diet... Your doctor and our First Lady Michelle Obama will thank you for it when the National rates of heart disease goes down and our costs for health care actually goes down as well....
Join me in April, 2013 in joining and attending a local gym and getting a gym membership. Plan to get back in shape. It is never too late {I'm 56 and have NOT given up!!} Plan to go twice a week and build up to three times a week over a six or seven week period. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING AN EXERCISE REGIMENT OR PROGRAM. Start changing your diet through a slow process over time. Please Don't try to make drastic changes all at once, you will lose interests when you don't get the weight loss and energy results you want and give up... Take your time and stay with it. I have had weeks when I didn't lose any weight and weeks when I put weight back on, but I've lost 35 pounds over a year!!!!! Plan out how much weight you want to lose over about a five month period. Keep records on weight so you can look back at your progress...

There is also A Black-owned Restaurant at 4505 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. I always forget the name, but there food is quite good. They serve fish if you want that. they also serve a variety of vegetarian foods and that are quite good. {They recently catered an event for me and everybody loved the food...}

Additional Books: ``Eat,: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution,'' By Ian K. Smith, M.D.

``Eat Well, Live Well: More Than 150 Delicious specific Carbohydrate Diet (TM) Compliant Recipes,'' By Kendall Conrad and Elaine Gottschall.....

Latest Book: ``EAT: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution,'' Doc. Ian K. Smith,

mo knowlodge about Mikee Dees

Beating McDonald's on the Food Tip...

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

Finding Alternatives to McDonalds…..

There are a number of Black Restaurants in Philadelphia that serve as an alternative to the stuff that is passing as food at McDonald's. As you know, I am working with the MOVE organization to BOYCOTT McDonald's because of the poor quality food they have and the FACT that much of their food can be traced back to the health problems and physical ailments we have as Black and otherwise oppressed people. Such ailments as heart disease, skin rashes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and joint ailments are linked to the food we eat that is not good for us. {See Reference to the nutrition article under What Up McDonald's}.....

[But before I get to Black restaurants, I want to talk about Non-White economic unity and cooperation is a new and thriving Philadelphia for a moment. I have to mention Chinese food and one of my New Favorite Chinese Restaurants. There is a controversy about Chinese Restaurants in Philadelphia among Black Radicals and Progressives. We like the food, but don't think the Chinese are interested in helping the Black community become a stable, self-sufficient, thriving, growing, loving, kind and open community as ALL communities should be..... Many Progressive and Radical Blacks, who are part of the backbone of the community, be they usually invisible, feel the Chinese come into our community and take money and offer jobs only to their own people. We never see any of our hard-earned dollars come back for positive Black economic development. It is time for a positive change. As Black Radicals and BLack Progressives, we like the food at the Chinese Restaurants because it is filled with fresh vegetables, little meat and little oil. Often too much salt, but we can ask for less salt. That shouldn't be a problem. The Problem is why can't the Chinese get together with some Black investors to bring major Hotels to Philadelphia that are NOT owned and operated by the White man... This would be a good Way to begin to share economic pie mutually instead of fighting and bickering over who gets what and no body being satisfied. I suggest some Black businessmen come to The Sang Kee Peking Duck House and talk about these things. We will find that some positive actions are forthcoming. The Sang Kee Peking Duck House is Home to many, many great dishes. I just had stir fried Snow Peas with Garlic sauce for a late snack with my night time medicine. This Way I don't eat any cheese, sugar or bread. [I didn't eat any rice with the meal]. It was late like 12 midnight, but this is a light meal that goes through and digest well and doesn't cause one to have nightmares or stay up too late unless one wants to work and study like I do at night. There are many other things to eat at The Sang Kee Peking Duck House at 238 North 9th Street [at The Corner of 9th and Vine in Philadelphia.]. I recently had the steamed vegetarian Dumplings [you get six for $5.95.]. They are very good and do not have a lot of fat for people watching their weight. They are served with a green Dumpling so you know they are vegetarian. I also recently had Kung Po Shrimp with Peanuts for $11.95. This was a great dish and the shrimp were ripe, Well Done, big, zesty and tasty. This dish WAS NOT swimming in a salty sauce like people like myself, who have a high blood pressure problem, like it. There are a number of other dishes that you might like if you come down for a Black business lunch of have to go to Traffic Court around the corner at 9th and Spring Garden Streets. Did you ever wonder why there are so many Black people in Traffic Court.... Don't White people also violate the traffic laws..... Just wondering........Their Chicken Egg Rolls are great and not greasy. They are not so hot that you can't eat them, but served just warm enough so as not to burn your mouth. Scrumptious!! The mixed vegetables with Pan Fried Noodles is also a great dish for $9.50; as is the Seafood Maw Soup, I am told... $$8.95 for two.; also Seafood with With Vegetables And Pan Fried Noodles for $11.50. Eating at Sang Kee will bring your business Good Fortune!!!!!!]

I also ate at 52nd and Chestnut in Philadelphia and I enjoy my breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with peppers and onions with Turkey bacon. My breakfast was only $5 and some change. [Mickey Dee Prices]... What I had was not fattening because I DIDN'T HAVE cheese [one of the worst kept secrets about weight gain is DON'T EAT CHEESE!!!].. I also had some veggies [the peppers and onions] and turkey beacon is MUCH LESS FATTENING than pork beacon. There are nice tables to sit at and the Wait staff was friendly. The food was done in a very short time as well. [This particular restaurant is right across the street from McDonald's, which should be avoided.].

One restaurant I like and that has very good food is Baltimore Crab and Seafood at 4800 Spruce Street {48th and Spruce on the South West Corner in West Philadelphia}. They have VERY GOOD flounder; very good string beans and very good steamed vegetables and fresh salads. They take a few moments longer than some of the other restaurants, but what are we always in such a rush for anyway? Believe me, I hope you will try Baltimore Crab and Seafood. They once gave a donation for a Black party I was having when I was the Block Captain of the 4600 Black of Sansom Street and I have never forgotten them for that. THEY DIDN'T CHARGE US A THING. They are real community supporters and always meet us with a smile. During these hard economic times, we have to really support our Black businesses and this is a good one. Prices for platters range from $24.00 on the high side to $4.50 on the low side. Stop on by and give them a try. You can order ahead of time at: 1.215.472.7040. Open Mon through Thu. from Noon to 11 P.M.; Friday and Saturday from Noon to 12 Midnight; and 2 to 10 P.M. on Sunday.

Sometimes I envision Black families taking more time for themselves and going out for a nice dinner instead of grabbing a bag of burgers and fries at McDonald's. The McDonald's on 40th and Walnut is a great place to avoid. But what you might not know is for heavy eaters, or people who like the buffet, there is a great East Indian place at 38th Street near Chestnut in West Philadelphia. It is called the Sitar Restaurant. Dinner or lunch is under $14 per person. I know exactly what you are going to say—and I’ll quote you. ``For $14 I can get a whole bunch of fillet of fish sandwiches, fries, soda and even a few apple pies. Why on earth should I spend that kind of money on some old East Indian food that I might not like…’’ The fact of the matter is, you deserve a break from eating McDonald's food. As I have said in the past. It is fattening, too salty, loaded with chemicals, greasy, unhealthy, bad for digestion, it can actually upset your chemical balance of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals and it will help make it hard for you to lose weight in the future. McDonald's, as filmmaker Morgan Spurlock_[``Super-Size Me’’ {2004}] proved by eating only McDonald's foods for a month and turning from a normal healthy young White male into a man with high blood pressure, a liver like ``jelly’’ and having gained several pounds. Don’t miss seeing His film. But I digress. I want this Black family I envision, be they a man and a man, a woman and a man or two Black women [with however many children], to go to Istar Restaurant and try the vegetarian chick peas; the delicious spicy chicken dishes, including of course curry chicken; the salad, the other vegetarian dishes and so on. You will have time to savor each morsel as your mouth takes on every taste from this far-away part of the world that few people from the U.S.—especially Black people—ever get to visit. It is worth your good health to eat better. Better food that is. More and more health professionals are saying that if you really want to have a positive impact on your health maintenance, EAT BETTER FOOD CONSISTENTLY, eat smaller portions, and get plenty of exercise. The two block walk from 40th and Walnut to 38th and Chestnut is worth the walk. You have GOT to try the Mango Juice. [$2.50] It is the perfect mix of tangy, sweet and thirst quenching in one glass. [It sure beats the Hell out of a McDonald's shake..] The visit to Ishtar Restaurant will give you and your family time to sit, talk and savor the food as it slowly digests in a proper manner, instead of quickly eat food that is not suitable for human consumption. [There is another film called ``Food Inc.’’ that depicts the commercialism and Big Business mentality of our nation’s food manufacturing/consumption experts and farmers. How they make such huge profits and why corn now plays such a big role in the production of food in our food consumption system is explored in this film. ] I strongly recommend ISHTAR for a night of enjoyable eating with friends, family or significant others.

As I have said in other articles: Family Variety and Deli at 310 South 52nd Street, is a delicious alternative to McDonald's. Their food is fresh, well prepared and they do NOT sell any pork, which The Nation has been telling us for decades is eroding the health and strength of our community. Family Variety and Deli sells great dinners on Fridays and Saturdays; as well as great sandwiches {You can get rye or wheat bread if you don't want the traditional hogie rolls which are NOT good for health}. I often go to Family Variety and Deli and I find the ladies and gentlemen who work there to be kind, courteous, friendly and helpful. I STRONGLY recommend you support them.

Another Restaurant I visited in Upper Darby is Tim's Roti Shop/Restaurant {Phone} 484-461-3080
They have Jamaican / African cuisine and I had some and it is quite tasty. This place makes a nice divergence from the McDonald's right down the street, which has the same old dried out hamburgers; fattening fish o fillets; and sugary sodas, shakes and greasy fries... What Tim's has is jerk chicken {Nice and spicy and quite good; delicious beans and rice; good fish and veggies without meat in them such as collard greens and cabrich. Enjoy!!! They are available for catering as well.....

It is also important to mention introducing new and exciting books about nutrition and the food industry into you life and thought process; Suggested Reading: ``Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed food Took Over The American Meal,'' By Melanie Warner [ available used for $16.14 of; ]''Cooking The Fat-Free, Salt-Free, Sugar Free, Flavor-Full Way,'' By Marcia Williams, [ available used on www.Amazon.Com for $28.98.]; ``Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us,'' By Michael Moss.; [Available used on for $10.95.] [You may also be able to view some of these authors on clips on Democracy Now by going to www.YouTube.Com and entering and looking through their film archives. They make a very considerable impact on thinking more positively about food choices.

If You want to write Black McDonald's Owners with your views and opinions: The National Black McDonald's Operators Association {NBMOA}; Post Office Box 820668; South Florida Florida 33082-0668

NOTE: Please know that while this material is NOT copyrighted, to my knowledge, it is the property of the author and not to be copied or reproduced, unless asked to be forwarded by the writer Himself. Just because we have the Internet and a more free floating idea of copyright ownership does NOT mean to steal things willy nilly without a care in the world. Such behavior is not proper or recommended for people who wish to have anything they may have produced held as their own in a court of law.

where did all the money go...

An Open Letter To The Black Community…

RE: Where Did All the Money Go?

Have you as a Black Parent ever wondered where all the household funds are going? Do you often have the sinking feeling that your children are just there to act as a vacuum cleaner [s] for Five Dollar Bills and One Dollar Bills?

This short article is designed to let you know where some of the money you give your children goes ad how it is spent.  If you read onward, you will also learn how to stem some of the flow of money and turn that might financial river around and put some of those dollars back into the household and back into your pocket.

If you are a typical Low to Middle-income household in the inner city—Black family with either 2.3 children and either one parent, two parents or a guardian watching the children such as a grandparent—the children probably goes to the corner store or the neighborhood store about two or three times a week.

The typical things they might buy will include: A 16 Oz. Pepsi  soda [$1.50.]; Herrs BBQ Potato Chips [Large Bag for $4.29 each]; A cheese and turkey Hoagie—[$7.49 each]; three cream-filled cupcakes from Tasty cake or Drake [one pack of 3 is $1.69]; A small bag of powered-sugar donuts  [$4.78 a bag]; Tasty Cake Pie [$1.]on special.

That sounds like a lot of food for one setting, but taken over a week, a month, or a year and you get to relate to just how much this food, often called junk food, is costing the average American Black Family. If you have two or three children you can multiply some of these amounts by two or three [I will do this for you.]

An average male or female in the 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th grade has plenty of money for snacks before and especially after school.  [Now some of that money they get hold of themselves and make it honestly at a job or by doing work around the house and getting an allowance. This is where the family discussion of good and proper values comes in.  One value we all need to teach our children, nieces, nephews, young cousins and grandchildren, etc., is NOT to eat so much junk food!!!  But we need to come to them with facts and statistics about high blood pressure when they get older; about heart ailments when they get older; and about obesity they may be dealing with right now or when they get a bit older.  This is crucial and we have to explain to our young ones the importance of listening.  We also need to take the time to listen to them as well and write a hand written or typed letter to our pastors about good and better foods and nutrition and how we think our churches can help in this process.  This is important and can be worked into the day late at night before you go to bed or really early in the morning before you go to work.  If you don’t think this is important, just read some of the facts and figures on nutrition in the Black community and you will see what I’m talking about.

``On the Flip side, fat in the midsection is usually quite responsive to diet and exercise, and losing weight reverses the health risks,’’ from Ebony Magazine, January 1990.

I have literally seen at least one youngster with a $50. Bill and I have seen plenty of $20. Bills; $10. Bills and $5. Bills. A typical male or female child or youth might buy a hoagie, two bags of chips, or one large bag, and a soda at least twice a week. Each trip to the corner store for those three items Will cost about $13.28!!  Twice a week, That’s $26,56 a week. Over a month That’s $106.24 if your child goes and gets those items… Twice a week for a month, over a year time that’s $1,274.88—One Thousand, Two Hundred and Seventy Four Dollars and Eighty Eight cents a year!!  That is just for one child or youth over one year.  [If You have two children or young people around the house, that’s  $2,549.76.] 

Money shortages in Poor or even Middle-income Black households is at the apex of the reasons for arguments, conflicts and disagreements between parents, guardians and grandparents and children, teen or young adults.  There just never seems to be enough money, especially during the hard times of high unemployment and the flood of foreign-made goods [including large and expensive items such as cars] coming into the U.S. economy that we are currently faced with.

Many heads of Poor Black Families think if they could just win the lottery or get that windfall or make a big gain in some other way, such as a stock option, they would really be living the high life. Everything would be fine.

But the control is actually in the parents and the children’s hands each week or every other week or every month when the get paid and the money comes in.

The Parent—with a little knowledge and community or church education—can make some badly-needed change that can have a significant, lasting, and positive impact on Black families and eventually whole Black Communities!!!

If a parent; grandparent or guardian sits down with the children He or She has responsibility for the parent can take the positive opportunity to take Positive action and change the situation.  Parents can put the fattening hoagies, chips and sodas down and make other choices. Such foods as sodas, cakes and hoagies are not healthy at all and have real and present links to diabetes, obesity heart disease and high blood pressure.  They contain a high level of unhealthy saturated fat, salt, sugar and corn syrup—all foods and chemicals linked to health difficulties. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of positive physical activity such as exercise, this becomes a great danger to our Black Families.

A grandparent, Mom or Dad can help the child or youngster by instructing them to take slices of cucumber, celery, radishes and carrots to school in a plastic container.  The child can take a small container of hummus or Balsamic vinegar to school with the fresh vegetables and have a really healthy snack instead of all that fat, salt and sugar that can threaten life lines, especially later in life. The child can take a bottle of Spring Water pre-bought from the super market or just cool tap water.  This will save more than half that $1,274.99 a year!!

The Mic of Dees

Dear Good Brothers and Sisters: I have volunteered to help the MOVE Organization in the PHILADELPHIA area to act on a boycott of McDonald's. I know what you are going to say: Why McDonald's? There are plenty of other criminals selling us fast food that is killing us as well!!! This is true, but in the successful movements, you have to target your points and fine tune your message. You can't go after everybody. The reasons why we have selected McDonald's is that:
* McDonald's is really harming and victimizing animals in the way they kill stock for meat for burgers.
* McDonald's is very intransigent in the way they don't respond positively to customer complaints and suggestions about new products that are less fatty, salty, sugary, dangerous, and filled with pesticides. There are easy alternatives, but McDonald's keeps pumping out the same old stuff that is killing our people with High Blood Pressure; Heart Disease; Sugar Diabetes; Cancer and on and on. It is time to take a stand.
* McDonald's is responsible for on average of about 6 % of ALL the trash in the Whole Northern United States. They need to use less paper in their packaging and more environmentally purposeful packaging to lessen trash and the multitudes of trash that they are spreading across our Nation and the world.
* We also chose McDonald's because they are such an open target and because they are ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! They have a waiting line to get a franchise and it still cost over a million dollars to wreak this havoc on the people. It has to end and they need to be dragged, kicking and screaming if need be, into the future... A future that is more humane, decent, loving, kind, receptive, respectful, understanding and able to care for people instead of just seeing people as open wallets to be exploited.
* The MOVIE``Super Sizer Me'' really points out the health risks of eating at McDonald's on a regular basis. The director of the film eats at McDonald's for a period of time and finds his health going South steadily. { his liver practically turns to jelly} The film is a documentation about the real health risks of eating Double Quarter Pounders; Greasy fries; milk shakes; cokes; greasy piece-meal fish sandwiches covered with tarter sauce; sugary cookies and other items that Black, Latin and Poor White families across the Nation are stuffing down their children. IT HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE!!!
* One Last Note: A Lot of People didn’t notice when the University of Pennsylvania Hospital closed the MacDonalds at Children’s Hospital. We DID!!!.... This proves that the food is NOT suitable for children who are trying to get better in the HOSPITAL—WHY IS IT EVER USEFUL OR HEALTHFUL AT ALL IF IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF PENN HOSPITAL’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COMPLEX?????
Please send this rational for the boycott of McDonald's to as many people as you wish and have them write me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
If you want to read other articles by me as an activist and writer, please look up Brother Tracy Gibson under GOOGLE and look under ``The Politics of Real'' under their Blogg information.
Thank you and please stay in touch.....

If you want to write McDonalds: Please do so at: The McDonalds Corporation
1 McDonalds Drive
Oakbrook Ill 60523-1911

Write about how they need to change their food choices and make suggestions as to what they should sell to improve their menue.
Brother Tracy Gibson...

who to boycott

Corporations [Nasty Ones] To Boycott--If You are Interested!!!


2] McDonald's

3] Coco Cola

4] British Petroleum

5] Chick Fillet

6] Monsanto

7] Exxon

I thank you for your cooperation and guidance.

More to come about Jesus....

Jesus: more to come.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brand New Resume


** Resume Philosophy: I feel, with the job market flooded the way it is, I might as well tell my full story and try to get a JOB that way, as opposed to only giving a brief sketch in my resume, the way the job professionals want one to do. This way, if there is something a possible employer doesn't like he or she can just pass me by instead of wasting his or her time and mine with an interview. Also: the professional JOB finders say to NEVER, EVER let a potential employer know about your ethnic background. I find this silly and ridiculous. Any potential employer who will NOT respect me as a Black man doesn't deserve to even consider getting me as an employee.

I AM--Brother Tracy Gibson - Consultant - Businessman - Educator - Writer - Visionary - Organizer - Fund Raiser , Child and Youth Advocate, International Progressive Activist, Philanthropist ; 670 North 41st Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104; Phone: 1 215 823 9985; E-Mail Address: BlackExecutive46@gmail.Com


Make my business profitable and expand; and / or find suitable work as a staff diversity consultant; or a staff consultant for community outreach, youth issues and services; work on Peace, Education and Prosperity issues for the poor and left out; fund raising; writing; and / or Public Relations and / or Promotional Work...


Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.; April of 2002 to the Present. [And Subsidiaries] Planning, researching, reconstructing and building my businesses and developing and implementing policy for our parent company [Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. ]--a growing Public Relations, Research, Community Relations, Grass-Roots Advocacy and Education firm dedicated to and specializing in developing survival tactics for people of color [especially disenfranchised Black People and other economically disadvantaged groups of people so such groups can flourish into the future. I have been filing the proper papers with local, state and federal agencies to continue to carry on in a legal and legitimate fashion; I have placed advertising to expand and stabilize profitability and generate and expand on our client base; bring our Wed Page back on line []; I am advocating for progressive causes such as: good, solid community based schools; proper funding of effective Charter Schools; Health issues for Black men; proper funding for the City of Philadelphia’s troubled programs; more people of colour in leadership positions at the Free Library of Philadelphia; Health issues effecting the City of Philadelphia’s Pharmacies; Better roles in film for people of colour; and summer jobs for Black youth.  


I presently have a Blog Entitled: ``The Politics of Real'' which can be accessed by clicking onto: I have also written for several other publications including: ``The Black Star,'' ``The Leon Williams Journal'' ``The Walnut Hill Community Association's Newsletter,'' [I served as the editor for One year]; ``SBC Magazine''; ``Au Courant Newspaper''; and ``Male Box Magazine.'' From March of 2001 to Present.


Careers USA: 18th and JFK Boulevard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--Edited law briefs and other legal documents such as wills.  I also: Provided registration materials for Doctors attending a National Cancer Conference; and did clerical work in a psychiatrist's office. I also served as a male receptionist for the Jewish Federation--1995 to 2001.

TV Guide Magazine: Manhattan, New York; and Radnor, Penn. Wrote and Edited TV listings and program evaluations as I became literate on a new and innovative computer system. January 1981 through November 1995.


As part of My life-Long Business Experiences I served as a cashier for various Department Stores including: Staples, Macy's, Gimbals and Sears.. I also started my work career by working at McDonald's in West Philadelphia [40th and Walnut Street] when I was 16; and also worked at McDonald's temporarily, part time [for about a year] to help pay for college expenses during my years at The Ohio State University [ September 1974 to August 1978] in Columbus, Ohio...


I enjoyed a significant honor in helping care for my elderly Mother, Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson, before she left this place of existence on June 5th, 2006. It took a great deal of coordination, work, dedication, Love, endurance, and--most of all--courage to interact positively with a sometimes hostile Health Care System on behalf of my aging Mother. I learned a great deal through this process. My Mother was a fantastic lady who believed strongly in education and motivating Black students to do their best and helping the less fortunate [traits I have taken up through my corporation]. My Mother taught me many life lessons, including NOT to hold grudges against people, and to Love people even when they are wrong or have different ideas and opinions than I do. I also learned that to be human is to honor human beings, no matter what colour they are or what religion they are. Recently I helped tend to my Father's Health Care needs [ Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson ] who was 85 when he passed away while on Hospice Care at home on July 10th, 2012. Dad helped me to care about people's basic needs while still being frugal and responsible. He was a dedicated and concerned Landlord for most of his life.

* I am planning to take a class for three Wednesdays from October 22nd to November 5th, 2014 in Greeting Card Design. This class is also at the University of the Arts.

* In May of 2014 I took a class at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in Social Media Marketing.

* In October of 2013 I attended the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School [In Philadelphia] and took a class in Personal Finance & a class in Entrepreneurship.  I received certificates for both classes.

* On May 31, 2012, I completed the Business Plan Development Program--a ten-Week course--at Temple University's Small Business Development Center at 1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Suite 200, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121. My instructor was Ms. Cynthia Moultrie. ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan’’ can be found on my Blog.

* I also attended the Delaware Money School to learn more about personal finance, thrift and budgeting from January 2008 to August 2010.

* I took continuing Studies Classes at the Pan African Studies Community Education Program [PASEP] at Temple University where I studied: personal finance and budgeting; Civil Liberties Law; housing rehabilitation [I was a Landlord for 25 years]; alternative music industry analysis and progressive rap music indium's with Attorney Michal Coard; the advantages of the vegetarian lifestyle and vegetarian cooking. At Temple University's Center City office I took Business Management. I also enjoyed classes in and essay writing and basic writing at Community College to brush up on my writing skills. January 2002 through May 2014 [not continuously]. [I plan to attend Temple’s PASEP in February of 2014.]

*Graduate School -- Temple University--13th and Berks—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. September 1980 through January 1982. Studied communications, script writing and journalism after being awarded a scholarship from the Scripps-Howard Foundation in 1981. I have NOT received my Master's Degree at this point.

*The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio September 1974 through August 1978. Received a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations with a Minor in Black Studies. While at Ohio State I wrote for the alternative Black newspaper, The Our Chocking Times and received a commendation from the Ohio State Association of Black Journalists. I also wrote for the school’s daily, the Lantern for class credit.


I have served as a Leading Member and an officer of a Same Gender Loving Black men’s organization—ADODI-- a support group for several years. I helped chair meetings; facilitate meetings; develop meeting topics; and host meetings in my home for over seven years. I also helped found Adodi Philadelphia Inc., and was a leading core member for this support group and support system for Same Gender Loving Black Men. Adodi has since evolved into a National Organization that holds a National Retreat each year at different locations. They also hold different constructive meetings and workshops during the year in various parts of the United States.

Served as a Block Captain for the 4600 Block of Sansom Street for seven years when I lived on that block. In elementary school [Lea Elementary School at 47th and Walnut Street, in West Philadelphia] I served as a Crossing Guard and a Hall Monitor. [I have always been concerned about people’s safety, well-being and health.]

I am presently slowly implementing a youth employment and empowerment program for my corporation in the neighborhood in which I live and am seeking grant money and investors to help with the financing and implementation of this program.

I received a Community Service Award from Men of All Colors Together of Philadelphia in April of 2005.

I ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania in 2005.

I served on the Board of Directors of The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League for one year [The League was constructed as a result of the positive energy that materialized from the Million Man March in October of 1996]. They develop strategies to advocate for the Black community's inclusion in getting our fair share of the Economic Pie in America through creating community initiatives that generate support for the community itself. The League also holds an annual luncheon to respectfully recognize the work our elders are doing to uphold the community and the community’s positive values and various self-supporting economic initiatives.

I also served on the Board of Friends of Somafco for seven years [Friends of Somafco delivers support services such as educational assistance; and food for the temporarily disenfranchised [especially children] in South Africa through Rosie's Kitchen a soup kitchen in that African Nation.]Friends of Somafco once ran a school in South Africa while I was on the Board of Directors.


* I am available to speak on a number of topics. Please call about availability and topic.

* I gave a full report to the public at Philadelphia's Paul Robeson House after my trip to South Africa where I attend the World Conference Against Racism in August of 2001.

* I presented a Major Academic Speaker to the Public concerning the latest upheaval in Haiti after the fall of that Nation's dictator, Baby Doc Duvale.

Possible Speaking Topics: 1) Why Black America Will soon come around to Supporting Gay and Lesbian Marriage; 2) A Healthy Environment; 3) Working in North America; 4) Homophobia in the Black Community and How and When to Stand Up To It...


We are expecting to publish five books by Early February of 2015. The first book is a book of poetry that is derived from the anger and frustration many Black men righteously feel about being left out of the economic development and financial advancement taking place for a ``select few'' in our country instead of ALL the people. The book of poetry is entitled: ``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' and features over 100 original poems written by Brother Tracy Gibson. We are hoping they will also spark interests among Black youth, both male and female, to go forward and read more books that are of great value and significance for us as Black and sometimes oppressed people. The second book is entitled: ``Writing in Wet Cement: A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation'' This book is dedicated to the forward motion of Black youth especially, but includes many stories and anecdotes [intertwined with my own life's story] that much of the Progressive Community of social activists, environmentalists, Peace Activists and humanitarians will find interesting and inspiring. Many Black and Latin youth especially will also find it enjoyable to read and find its pages helpful for instilling positive, progressive, proactive social values, education and knowledge. Law-abiding behavior and good solid ethical behavior among the youth who read it will also be instilled. We plan for this book to help instill the value of good literature among Black and Latin youth--especially males, but females, and help keep them out of trouble with the law.  ``Writing in Wet Cement,’’  with a lesson plan approved for schools, will help transform our youth into good, hard-working, positive-value oriented, responsible, reliable and community-centered men and women.  The book will obviously need the help of positive intervention by responsible parents, teachers, other leaders in the community concerned about students and youth, grandparents and other student guardians. We hope our books will help our youth be of greater value and an asset to our community instead of a detriment.


I have a deep concern for the community in which I live and I want to see people of ALL races who have been left out of the financial process become included in the process towards positive development, a clean environment, sustainability and economic and social equality, justice, freedom and democracy. I have written literally hundreds of letters to Civic Leaders, Community Leaders, Political Leaders, entertainers, business People, clergy, government officials, and so forth, in an effort to promote the issues of youth and adults throughout the world [but especially in the Philadelphia area]; the left out and the economically disenfranchised; and those who might not be able to advocate for themselves. Groups I have advocated for include [But are NOT limited to]: The poor or economically disenfranchised; Same Gender Loving people of Color; Black, Latin and other disenfranchised people and youth; the Elderly; Women and Muslim women of color; Black youth; and people of ALL races who have been left out of economic processes toward political and economic freedom, hope and equality..


I was diagnosed as a person with bipolar illness in 1982 / 1983 and managed to work and or go to school for about 15 years after that before I went on disability. I had many up and down points and was hospitalized for nervous upsets. I haven't been hospitalized for the last 14 years, and although I'm on disability, I have worked hard on writing my own books; reading and researching numerous issues; starting a corporation dedicated to the advancement and reconstruction of Black Youth; and caring for elderly parents. I want to get back in the workforce and I would like to do so, most of all, as a consultant, or as the leader of my own corporation. I am a hard worker, a dedicated worker and an honest person. I hope you will take me on as a consultant. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


I traveled to Cuba, South Africa, Canada, Porto Rico and various points within the United States such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wash D.C., Denver, Colorado, and Aspen, Colorado; Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Florida; and New York City [mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn] in my continuing journey to learn and grow as a valued and gifted individual

who gets to make it big and why

There is an unwritten rule saying you can't be a pornography star and ``make it big'' in Hollywood, yet many of the major films being produced are basically--socially and politically--very pornographic.

Definition of Pornography from Random House's Unabridged Dictionary, 2nd Edition: ``Obscene writings, drawings, photographs or the like esp[ecially] those having little on no artistic merit.''

Friday, August 15, 2014

looking for Business Partners...

I am looking for business partners for a variety of business interests.  I want Black, East Indian, African, Caribbean, Latin or Muslim business men who are serious about advancing people's lives NOT just making a dollar. I have a strong interest in helping Black males get on the right path in life and have dedicated much of my adult life to this work. I have NOT let my disability hold me back.  I can send you more information if you call me.  1.215.921-2065. Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson.

``Are You The New Man''

``Are You The New Man’’

Aspiring Philanthropist, honest, disabled [differently abled], trust-worthy, seasoned writer, and Public Relations expert, 57—a humble, Black Businessman—who needs to lose about 45 pounds, is seeking a new male partner for a close, intimate, long-lasting, monogamist relationship. I have a history of emotional upset and have been hospitalized for depression. {My therapist says I have schizophrenic features to my illness. I have not been hospitalized for this in over 10 years and have been very stable over a long duration.}   You need to be at least 35 years of age, ambitious, honest, trust-worthy, focused and hard working. { I can accept weight problems if we both agree to work on this, but I can't accept smokers. I am also willing to work, through couple's therapy, and or group therapy on any other interpersonal issues you and I might have. } We Will have to date five times before we get together for any intimacy. I like Brothers who play their car radios softly and listen to JAZZ and like to go for long walks on the beach or in the park and talk about politics and the positive future of Black People. I have the requirement that you have a five-year positive work history or at least a four-year college degree. You MUST be Willing to learn from me, as I Will be Ready, Willing and Able to learn from you. I am NOT looking for a thug type, but if you have a prison background [and are reformed], we can at least talk. I am NOT a snob, but have been through a lot and don’t have time, patience or the inclination to go through more silliness or take time away from my busy and important schedule to deal with inane drama or negativity. I Will be well-heeled, [Well Off] in a matter of days. I prefer a man who does NOT have children. You should be about helping Black People move forward economically and have no fear of radical, but, of course totally legal, political activity, progressive ideology, reading, foreign films, the legitimate theatre, writing and attending nice restaurants. I am seeking a MAN—not someone I Will have to raise. I have very little fashion sense and I can use some help in picking out a few nice new items for myself. By the Way, I have a good sense of humor, but I am NOT joking or kidding about a single word I wrote here. Only adult, serious-minded MEN who want to move forward in a positive direction with their lives need apply.…Much Peace and Many Blessings to you,

Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

call me at 215- 921-2065 and leave a message if I'm not home.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Open Letter...


April 26th, 2014 Saturday

The Following is an Open Letter to: The North Star Fund

520 Eight Avenue

New York, New York  10018-6656

From: Brother Tracy Gibson

Full Legal Name: Tracy Charles Gibson

African Name: Kokay

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878

Reason for Writing: New Ideas for Activism.

1} Ole methods are not working & are ineffective.

2} Let us try something else; a new success mode.

3} Let us Lift ALL Boats--financially, socially & spiritually.

4} Instead of Challenging the Ole Established order we Will find much more success when we take on a ``Let's Lift All Boats'' Philosophy and bring on change in a gradual fashion or manner while thinking of sharing with our neighbors. Sometimes this is not easy because sometimes issues are designed by the media and higher ups financially to pit different racial groups against others.  We must work at working with other people, and also within our racial and other groups we feel most comfortable with. RELAX!!!

5} Think of Policies that make dollars and sense [cents] -- And Positive, reasonable change for ALL People, All Concerned.  Being GOD-Centered and LOVing ourselves is very important for me personally. It may NOT be a mode that works for you.

6} We have been wasting time banging and beating on Doors that will never open. Some minds are closed and will stay that way until GOD finds the proper tools to theoretically open them in a non-violent, LOVing, and timely Way. Meanwhile, We have to get on with the work of Reolution as we see fit to.

7} Find Ways to create our own opportunities; create jobs; make our sources of money and income to expand on opportunity, especially in so-called depressed or ``oppressed'' communities. We will be a whole lot better off creating opportunity ourselves than we will be fighting the ole guard and the ole establishment to get the forward motion we seek for our Revolutionary efforts. 

8} Cool Down criticism [ This is something I REALLY need to work at myself--and I mean in a BIG WAY!!!]; and find good in a few things our perceived enemies have where we can work together -- even only if we are in negotiations or short-term communications-- instead of arguing endlessly over philosophy, ideology & issues like traffic jams and grape jelly over orange marmilade--that will most likely never be solved to everyone's moral, ethical & Human Rights satisfaction. Let's offer more choices: like they need to at MCee Dees like a turkey burger and a veggie burger instead of just a beacon, double cheese burger with a stroke--there I go again!!!

9} Cool Tempers and Listen instead of talk endlessly.

10} Find Point Men and Point Women who can work with different groups, ethnic groups & different organizations TO MEND FENCES, BUILD BRIDGES AND KEEP LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN [THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DISLOYAL TO YOUR PARTICULAR ETHNIC GROUP, RACE, SKIN-COLOR OR THE ORGANIZATION YOU ARE MOST LOYAL TO… IT IS VITAL IN DIFFICULT AND TRYING TIMES --EVEN THOUGH WE ARE MAKING ECONOMIC PROGRESS --  WHERE egos and tempers may be warmed easily, to keep communications open, keep in a positive Spirit and remember we are ALL really doing this work to create something decent, LOVing, and kind for the children of the world ...... In my case, especially Black Children....

11} Talk, Talk, Talk; but keep a positive-thinking philosophy and a positive mind at the forefront of All work in the movement.

12} If you are willing -- allow children to interact along, within and among different lines of race and ethnicity-- especially Asian, African and Latin children.

13} Find cultural and artistic experiences that help expand mental, physical and social awareness & positive, wholesome, & Justice-Oriented interactions among those involved in The Revolution.

14} Begin to Realize LOVing & Respecting Self is at the Root of Stability for Our People.

15} Do away with words like ``Struggle'' & ``Overcome'' & we find we have truly overcome the struggle and are on our Way to Real, lasting sustainable & ethical sharing of the world's bountiful resources.

16} These ideas and processes are offered as voluntary guidelines and are in NO WAY a requirement for any financial reward from my companies.


With LOVe, Peace & Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson; Tracy Charles Gibson-- African Name: KOKAYI

Atiya Ola's at 4505 Baltimore Avenue.

If you are seeking a break from fast food places and really want to try some great food, try Atiya Ola's at 4505 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia.   She serves breakfast items such as turkey beacon, eggs, vegan pancakes, gluten-free pancakes and salads with salmon for lunch [UMMM!!]. Call them at (215) 939-3298 or just stop by. They are conveniently located in West Philadelphia near Clark Park... They Specialize in Vegetarian and Vagan and Raw foods... Atiya once catered an event for me last year and EVERYBODY LOVED THE RAW FOOD--even people who had not tried it before!!! She comes highly recommended...

** Late addition: recently I had Her Black Bean soup and a salmon salad and chocolate cake. You are talking about something really great. I also get a great deal of wisdom when I visit Atya Ola's because many very smart Black people like to stop by for a meal and talk.

triangle NOT try any Angle

Angela Bassett; George Clooney & Denzel Washington

the musical and write up a proposal about it being restored as a movie.

He is Here, Within Us Anonymous

Jesus is HERE, within us… Right Here today
By Anonymous
So many Christians wait their entire lifetimes for Jesus to come back.  Sometimes, in fact often, I think Christianity is full of waiters—more waiters than in Relish Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon at Brunch….and that’s a lot of waiters. But, we don’t have to wait.  The secret of Jesus is He is within us and was within us all the time.  His blood flows through us because His blood is Royal blood, but the blood of a commoner as well.  You see, if I am right in my reading of the Bible, Jesus is here with us, but He also never left because He stands with us when we stand tall and fight for justice and when we do our best as members of the human family.  When we get us early to go to work and work hard and then demand a decent wage—GOD and Jesus is with us; when we stand up for the rights of our youth like the befallen Travon Martin—Jesus and God are with us; when we demand decent housing and fight for better schools; Jesus and GOD are with us.  He never left us.  It is just a matter of our getting as excited about Jesus and GOD  as we do about Iron-Man and Spider-Man and never letting His work—GOD’s work—go undone as He colors our work, our goals and our aspirations every day.   That is why I say Jesus is alive and well and in our blood.  Jesus is why we must not spill each other’s precious blood as Black people and other people who love life, love GOD and LOVe the exciting work He has here on this precious planet for us to do. You can be like me, an older Episcopalian who doesn’t get all excited in church, but gets very excited all throughout the week when I get the opportunity to reach out to other people and help them see the importance of being politically aware as a human rights activists and never let the work of GOD go misinterpreted like so many people do.  I don’t like to have arguments about religion, but I like to take the high road when reading scripture and look at it through the eyes of a modern day Black Gay man who won’t let my sexuality or color stop me from believing in GOD and telling People about it.     I have a really good friend who is an atheist who I have great discussions about GOD with. My feeling is that some Biblical scholars actually question the existence of Jesus, while others really believe He was a true living and breathing Man and the Son of GOD.  I think He probably existed as a prophet, a believer in mankind, a visionary, maybe even a healer and a LOVer of the earth and its’ People.  I am not sure about the Great Dissention, but I know He must have existed, what with all the stories and ``fables’’ about Him.  But I think we need to stop quibbling over if He existed or not and spend our time doing the fantastically rewarding work Jesus and GOD would have and does want us to do.  It is all throughout the Bible.  Work towards justice; work for peace; work for the betterment of the human race; work for human decency, kindness and fairness.  This is what we, I think, are put on earth to do.  Not just get a new pair of sneakers and a new IPod and a New Degree from the Wharton School or Temple.  I Hope and Pray you will agree with me and come to our exciting church—Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia at 55 North Broad Street in the Chapel at 2 P.M. every Sunday.  Our Gay, Transgendered and Lesbian friendly church is not only for People in those groups, but for ALL People who believe God is LOVe and that LOVe is for everyone.   I hope and Pray I will see you there.

international African Kings...

International African Kings

Mission Very Probable Statement

We are starting an organization of International African Kings to help with the positive growth and positive development of Black men and Black youth ages 19 through 91.  We will be teaching African Culture; African dignity rites [including critical thinking] ; African languages; African music; African Martial Arts; African Dance; African Technologies; African History and so forth.  You will be able to get involved for free, but you will need to volunteer time for your efforts. When we get fully funded--which we expect to happen any day now--your volunteer work will turn into a good job with pay and benefits. Eventually we will travel to Africa and have African speakers come to our meeting place.  We do not discriminate against men because of their age, but our programs are intended for the positive growth and positive development of African, Caribbean and African American young men to help them avoid negativity and become the best Africans they can be Please call Brother Tracy Gibson for more information at (215) 921-2065.

why communism doesn't work--the inherent strength of the Capitalist System, even when it is used wrongly...

Why Communism Doesn’t Work in North America and What We can Do to Successfully Create Social Activism While Maintaining a Decent Profit Motive for Our Workers and Executives.

I am not a communist or a socialist. I am a progressive-thinking North American with African and Caribbean ancestry. I don’t think Socialism will ever work for North America because we have too much anti-communist rhetoric allowed on the open air waves. I also think most North Americans don’t understand or accept socialism because they think it is un-American. Little do they know that there has always been a stream of far-left thinking and activism in North American politics and history...

You can trace the roots of Mother Jones Magazine and the roots of the North American labor movement and you will find socialists deeply involved and embedded at every level. There were also committed socialists involved in the Civil Rights movement and the Anti-War movement in our country. Most of them were White, but there is also a history of Black socialism as well.  However, I feel that we basically need to use Capitalism to put forth social activism in the year 2013 and beyond. We also need to make the Capitalist system more humane, less exploitative and more driven to serve people than to make huge profits at the expense of human rights, labor rights, decent living standards, good working conditions and decent wages.

Certainly there are models that come to mind that have been very successful at working social activism into the mix of successful Capitalism. ``Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream’’ comes to mind as does a few other companies such as ``Virgin Airlines’’ or ``Southwest Airlines'' { I am not sure which} and a few other companies. These businesses have, if I'm not mistaken, a long history of treating people who work for them with dignity and respect and paying well.  There are several other companies that do this as well. The way I am constructing my business, for example, is to have a strong for-profit side and a mechanism to feed money into the non-profit side to do the social activism. There are many other examples where this has been done successfully, such as Annie's Pretzels.

The time for consistent positive social change to be supported actively by the corporate structure has come.  Not just hand over a few million dollars and take a big fat tax cut for your effort, but actually partner with the people on the front lines of the company and decide what to do for the future of the company, the future of Our nation and the future of Our World.  How do we create diversity and maintain fairness; how do we develop sustainability and work that concept throughout our system; how do we allow women to reasonably raise children and maintain a household AND a job without losing their dignity and their minds; how do we help White people understand that the party isn't necessarily over just because they are becoming a so-called minority; how do we create fairness when race, gender, class, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation are still major players in deciding if a person gets a certain job, maintains that job and moves on into the corporate hierarchy.  These are real questions for the corporate sector to ponder and decide on as we reach into the next phase of the Obama Age.

The dollar is weakening and other monetary formations like the Euro and other monetary components still to be devised are taking over world markets and becoming of increasing value to world markets. But I digress. Let me get back to my original premise.  Communism isn't the future.  I am a left-thinking American and I know this for a fact.  Central Committees and other leadership formations of Communist Parties can be just as corrupted and misled as the corporate sector. The problem is, that often leadership in Communist countries cannot be overthrown easily.  They often don't hold regular elections and can be the center of nepotism, cronyism, unfairness, discrimination, and, as I said, corruption. Once someone gets inside the Communist Party in some countries where leadership is Communists, they had better act as the Party wants or they may find themselves in political or even physical trouble. Communism is too limiting.  Free markets are the answer, but if you think we have Free Markets in the United States, you are sadly mistaken.  We have something that is about as chocking as Communism, if not more so.  We have the rule of the rich, the rule of the Oligarchy, the rule of the monopoly and the corporate structure and the rule of the Ruling Class.  This is a world of discrimination and the flexing of muscle by people like the Koch Brothers who own several corporations and put Tee-Party loyalists in place through the primary system and through their very strong financial manipulation.  Such people work behind the scenes to twist arms, make deals and crush opposition that often ends up chocking all the liberty, freedom, diversity and justice out of our democratic system and making a mockery of our Constitution--that is if anything much is really left of our Constitution.  With Bills like the Patriot Act I and the Patriot Act II and the National Security Act, we have lost or are losing our right to free speech, the right to assemble, the right to not be searched and many other rights.  But the people are asleep at the Wheel, many of them, and the Oligarchy is taking advantage of our ignorance.  Still, Capitalism and democracy are much stronger than Communism.  But Capitalism in another formation--not its’ present form.  We have to ALL get involved to make this system of ours work.  We have to vote, have our say, fight for what we want, and make our voices heard.  We can't just vote once every four years and expect things to change that way.  We have to be actively engaged and make the changes we want.  Other- wise, we will lose this democracy we have and it will be maintained as a corporate state like it presently is. 

That means you.  Every North American needs to take part.  If you are sick of the Gun runners at the NRA having so much control over the process of who get a gun in our country, you have to not only write your Congressperson, you have to write your governor and your city council person and you may have to attend a rally or two.  You may have to be willing to give up that Saturday night movie or theater presentation to write a check to the Brady Campaign or whoever else is fighting for reasonable gun laws and put your money where your mouth is.  I have been doing it for 35 years and on a very light salary.  Our system might look like an old beat up Ford right about now--what with the fiscal cliff and the non-cooperation in D.C., but look around... What else is working? NOT MUCH ELSE!! 

I am no longer a Democrat.  I am registered Independent. The Democratic Party has taken Black voters for granted for generations and the Republicans hate us and don't want us to vote for them in any significant numbers.  Register Independent and work for positive social change.  Most of all read and think.  Watch Free Speech TV and Public TV and National Public Radio and The British Broadcasting Company.  If you actually watch FOX and think that has anything good for our Nation, I feel sorry for you.  I twice voted Republican for governor of Pennsylvania.  I wasted my vote.  I was sorely disappointed both times. But our local politicians in the Democratic Party are elected by us as Black voters, but they REALLY don't do a damned thing for us either.  How can we possibly have a city with no central shopping area with Black stores? How can we possibly have no Black hotels in Philadelphia? How can we, in 2013, with a Black President in the White House, still have such a small middle class and a broad underclass?  The Black politicians here have failed us significantly.  There are some who have and do work diligently to advocate for Black economic advances and good education for our students such as State Senator Vincent Hughes; State Senator Shirley Kitchen and State Representative Dwight Evans [Sometimes].  But most of the others are held in the pockets of White and Asian City ``Fathers'' who don't give a crap about Black and Latin and poor people and probably never will.  Do you see the Asian community worrying about who is in office like we as Black people ado? No!! They own ALL the businesses in our community and they are sucking us dry each and every day along with the Big Supermarket chains and all the other businesses that are owned by White and Jewish merchants.... This picture doesn't change by voting.  We need to get informed and read books like ``Our Black Year: One Family's Quest to Buy Black in America's Racially Divided Economy,'' by Maggie Anderson.  My new book coming out very soon: ``A Grass Roots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement,'' has a book list of over 400 books in the back.  It is a book about how to help our Black youth become an advantage to our society instead of an economic and political light weight like we are used to them being perceived as.  It will help parents teach their children better ethical values and better Ways of treating each other.   It will help our youth learn the importance of sharing; respecting elders; intervening in a crisis with LOVe and communications instead of a knife or a gun; it will teach critical thinking and respect for achievement and entrepreneurship.  It encapsulates my own life story with many ethical lessons and political analysis.  It will be a Best Seller. But remember, if you want our system to work, keep on your pointy toed shoes [Like my Mother Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson, used to say] and keep the pressure on your politicians--and I mean REAL pressure with plenty of letters and phone calls.  Don't be afraid to shop at stores like ACME in the meantime, which has a union and which has traditionally treated employees with much more respect than say, a Wal-mart. Our system doesn't work perfectly, but like my Ole Uncle Pete Peterson used to say, don't throw the baby out with the bath water.


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