Tuesday, November 21, 2017

books available

Dear Friends, Associates, Fellow Black Church-goers, cousins, lovers, teachers, poets, doctors, lawyers, Black women, Black men  and Black engineers, :


I want you to know that my book of poetry is available for Christmas, Kwanzaa. The Book is entitled ``Let the Children Gather’’, By Tracy Gibson.  It is available on www.lulu.com The book was specifically written to help Black male youth deal with their personal political anger in a constructive and positive Way.   Our new manuscript is available at http://thepoliticsofreal.blogspot.com

Look for ``The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora ‘’ A book written as a blue print for living life as a positive-thinking Black person and not just surviving, but flourishing.  Turning your slave mentality into one that thinks positively, is no easy turn of events. This manuscript is sent to you for free through my blog. I would like you to send in a free-will donation

I Am the author, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson.


Please send postal money orders to : MR. Tracy Charles Gibson

                                                                                670 North 41st Street

                                                                                APT B

                                                                                Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 – 5202


 We will also have tee-shirts available soon.

 Please call us to find out more about them.  1 (215) 823 – 9985.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Diana Ross

After careful consideration, I’ve decided that Diana Ross is one of the smartest women in the entertainment business. Why? Because she married who the fuck she wanted to marry and didn’t care one bit that she raised children that were half White and half Black. What she did was had the glitz and glamor early in Her career and then got married to one White man after the other (Two) and both helped her become rich and comfortable.  She gave up what was a lucrative career to raise her children. And I think she did a pretty good job.  All I hear is that she was a sell out and didn’t do what Momma wanted by marrying Barry Gordy or some other Brother.  She survived tragedy and almost won an academy award.  I had to really think about it, but I know now that I’m thinking correctly, that she made some tough decisions and came out on top.  Some of her children are great actors and carry the Ross name right to the bank.  I think she had many of us fooled like Vanessa Miller who said in elementary school something like ``Who does she think she is going out on her single career. I hope she falls flat on her face!’’  Wrong Vanessa. She did well, hated or loved. I think she made the right decisions for herself and raised a beautiful stable family, where other just failed miserably.   

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

an open letter to the geltleman who occupies the White House, from before He took the oath of Office...

Veterans Day November 11th, 2016 Friday

An Open Letter to Donald Trump:


By Anonymous


     You have captured the imaginations of many North Americans and enraged several others.  You have a fantastic opportunity to do something that even President Obama was unable to do. The first thing I would do is make sure you push through President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee who was rejected and not approved yet by Congress.  The Congressional disapproval on the part of mostly Republicans was a case of racism on the part of the Republican Party.  This is a test from GOD. If you prove that you will not be the same ole partisan type of President who rules with an iron fist one party over the other, you will probably have only one term and not have much of a legacy.   I would rise above this and insist the President’s nominee gets through as your first case of order.  You will have defused the angry demonstrators for a few weeks. I would look for other conciliatory, humbling things to do instead of shining up that iron glove you probably want to put on.

     Other things to do would include: reaching out to the Latin / Mexican  community; reaching out to Black business leaders with ideas and open-mindedness concerning jobs, economic development and specifics about How to achieve some economic parity along racial lines; and I would talk with the well-organized Lesbian and Gay community  about How you are going to tread lightly on their rights.

     Otherwise you will begin to tear this country apart along whatever lines and pave the Way for another Left victory in 2018. I consider our Nation the United States of Native America. I have been sent here in part to make sure that the home of Native Americans is returned back to them.   I know this flies in the face of the pro-White Nationalist corner of your constituency.  The Republican ideas are basically good ideas.  They just need to be stripped of all the racism and White Supremacy that they are so incredibly steeped in. That to me is your job. Not further tearing apart an already divided and hurting nation.

      You can choose to do these things or consider me wrong and do something else. If you choose to take a hard line, you will find demonstrators wherever you go and they won’t be friendly, jovial and kind demonstrators. They will be mean, angry and will meet you with blood in their eyes.  

     I for one don’t think racism won on Tuesday past. I happen to think, and I can prove it, I think people rejected Hillary Clinton because she is the same ole line Democratic political hack who represents unprofessionalism, greed, thug-party politics, gerrymandering, nepotism, rule of a party elite and patronage that this country has been known for, for several generations – in fact since this party and nation was founded and only rich White men were allowed to vote.

     Several People voted for you because they want a change from those things I mentioned above.  You have a golden opportunity to either help our country heal with a LOVing and healing perspective that will be the envy of almost every country in the world, or you can present yourself as a hater with an itchy finger on the put on that is ready to fight more divisive wars and bring more of our beautiful young women and men back in body bags.

     Some People think I am foolish for even writing this article because you already showed How you are going to act all through the campaign. I hope you will prove them wrong.

     I can tell you the international community – and remember this includes some 52 African countries – are looking to see what you do.  They are also looking at films such as ``13th ‘’ and seeing Black People in this country as political prisoners. More than a few countries and powerful individuals feel this country should be taken up on international charges for some of the atrocities that were included in many of the previous wars and foreign interventions that have occurred over the last 71 years since World War Two.  Hundreds of North American lives were lost usually for no viable, legitimate reasons.  We can do much better than that. I hope and pray to GOD you will understand these ideas and find ways to help people in this country who need help, but help them to help themselves. I agree with you that the welfare state has been used as a crutch and for far too long by far too many.  

You can do something that President Obama never did. Get with some visionaries of all races and determine what a decent, sustainable, LOVing, caring and fair country and world should look like. Follow this path and don’t waver from it. You can work the increases in infrastructure and jobs and opportunity right along with this plan. A youth who I am planning to teach in the near future said He thought you may surprise people with your Presidency. I am Praying He is correct. 

This article was prepared through the auspices of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated. If you would like to place an article on our blog, it must be with an anonymous by line.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Taking Action...

According to my recollection , memory and the work I did managing my Father's Estate,

** Home Depot owed my Father the sum of at least $40,000. when He died.

** Santander owed my Father's Estate the sum of $30,000. when He died.

When I -- Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson -- lost my property in New Castle, Delaware, my mortgage grantor -- Chase Manhattan Bank --  took my entire life's savings of $80,000. illegally causing great duress for me and great damage to my future. I have worked to get an out-of-court settlement, but have not been successful. I will now be enlisting the help of a Black attorney's office.

 I'm working to reconstruct my corporations regain the ethical standards I worked for 20 years to build into all aspects of my businesses.   I called the new team of lawyers, but was unable to reach them, which is odd for a mid afternoon call to a legitimate law office.   I have sent the statement below out to friends and family and my corporate structure and what I think happened. (Please read). I will be calling the new team of lawyers into play to deal openly, honestly and forthrightly with this consideration. 

Law Firm:

Ahmad and Zaffarese
One South Broad Street
Suite 1810 ///

Please enjoy the song from the Disney Film Pocahontas here.


Statement to the Black Public, From Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, President and Founder of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. and

Seventy-Five Cent, LLC

I give you Peace and salutations. Know, first of all, that we are not perfect in our work, but we work towards a perfection that only GOD will achieve. But remember GOD works through People.

Our parent company – Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. -- was incorporated on December 18th, 2006 to be a simple Public Relations Company to serve the Black business community. We have since expanded into dealing mostly with Black Youth Development, education, advertising, housing, urban affairs, Black community development, Black business development, Black  youth advocacy (which we expressly moved into early because of the crisis with Black youth – especially males), advocacy for the Black community, advocacy for Gay, and Lesbian rights, rights for Black women, and advocacy for Progressive causes – especially Native American rights and the rights of the poor.  All of these things are important to us and it takes some developed thinking to have the vision we have. There is a basic LOVe of Black People at the core of our work. Don’t think we are not bombarded in every way possible and held back as a testament of our effectiveness, our tenacity and our faith in GOD our creator.  With a strong belief in GOD at the core of our work, we have not let negativity  stop us.  We have possibly, in the past, had our company taken over by hostile forces bent on taking every dime from us and destroying our work while sending out misinformation about us. We have even had our own words defiled and altered to change the meaning into something vile, inappropriate and vulgar. We have not let this stop us. We are in a new phase of hiring lawyers to work through the legal process to an end that will spell freedom, decency, stability, life, and wealth for Black People. We want to help others in need, but Black People come first (as well as Native American People), because they have been the most defiled, discriminated against, stolen from and held back. There are forces at play that watch our every move, and call us the devil. I did my research and noticed that they gave Nelson Mandela the devil number – you know what it is, I will not repeat it here, as part of His number as He was held in captivity and forced to do hard labor for 27 years on Robbin Island (Do the research).  The Cubans told us decades ago that we live in the belly of the beast. We have not listened. But now we are discovering the true insidiousness of people who want to further enslave us as Black People. So-called new technologies are being used largely for this purpose. Some of our detractors have Black skin, some of them have White skin, some of them have red skin. Some of them are liberals, some of them are conservatives, some of them are radical right or radical left. They have found every excuse to attack and attack. Yet our very existence has been below the radar.    Many African countries are taking money from China who is bursting with cash from world Capitalism. A lot of that money comes from little food shops in Philadelphia, Chicago and New York. These restaurants have gathered money that they will find is more of a hornet’s nest than money they can use effectively to further enslave Africa and Africans, which was their plan. It was a plan they, the Chinese, were put up to by negative European and negative White North American forces. I don’t go to Chinese restaurants much. At least not willingly and knowingly. It is not to discriminate, but to help get the foot of oppression off of my neck as a Black Person, and a chosen Child of GOD. (I have written some demands and some positive things about Asian People. I do not single Asian People out because I don’t like them and want them to fail at the good and righteous things they do. I want them to succeed at such good and righteous things.)   I am writing you to let you further understand what I do and what my employees do as a corporation.  We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a questioning mind and a deep and abiding LOVe of Black People that motivates us to work when people laugh at us or scorn us.  Black People need to build Trust, and honor among themselves and we are helping in that effort, even as we get scorn sometimes from our own friends who are either jealous or deceitful or just motivated by money or greed.  We can’t let such things restrain us. If you want to help in our efforts, I need to hear from you directly. There are golden opportunities with our corporation. Not only jobs, but investment opportunities and positive Spiritual opportunities that have been developed over many years to give back to our local Black community. We are being duplicated by our Black friends in other cities and we are taking good and useful ideas from such positive forces as well. There is no way in the world we could have gotten where we are without the help of GOD and the good trusting Black People we have encountered over the years.  If you want to dedicate yourself to working with us, I ask that you read three articles a day from our Blog and incorporate some of these ideas into your life. This will mean turning off the Television, turning off the radio, staying up at night and reading, ignoring the fight down the street, not going to the movies, not going to the theatre, not going to this or that meeting or even missing or turning away from some other reading you thought were important. As far as the ipods, cell phones and the other electronic devices go, many of us have become dependent on them in our daily lives. I, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, don’t use my cell phone much and it isn’t very complicated. I have no television in the house. I watch videos from the Free Library in Philadelphia for free, (on my computer) because as yet, I cannot afford such other electronic devices in my home. I do have a computer and have had three computers chock full of un-copyrighted articles stolen from me as well as three flash drives stolen. There is obviously some articles that have had my name taken off and other names put on the same articles. I am putting a statement of authenticity on all articles from now on. I am not on Face Book and I will probably take my name out of www.Linkedin.com as well. I have not found such accesses helpful, a help tp crating a prosperous career, and a help in meeting authentic people who are not users, but who are authentically there to help people, and themselves, achieve success. I don’t worry much about copyright problems because I have a serious faith in GOD who walks with me every day.  These facts are why I used to have anger, resentment and bitterness and not much faith in White people.  But Black People are the ones I am convinced need a fresh Way to heal from the ways in which our thinking has convinced us we are inferior. We pay $90. for weaves and extensions and $300. for high-end sneakers and think nothing of it.   But when a Black Brother, close to GOD, ask for money to support jobs programs, positive research, Black advocacy, and create a nest of positive activity that will be a jewel in our crown as Black People,  we sometimes think ``He is up to something.’’  I have to ask for money to exist. I make very little as a Black person on Social Security disability for bipolarism ($15,888 in 2016).  I need your help. We can do Big Things when you believe in our Black People, our Black leadership, our Black religious leadership and our Black GOD. Expecting responsible behavior is totally acceptable. Someone told me Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t have divinity degrees and inferred that they should not be trusted. Both of these men – regardless of their credentials  --  have successfully dedicated their lives to fulfilling  a segment of the need among Black People and fulfilling the common good. I will do things differently. Here is the access for my blog where you can get at least 300 articles for free: http://thepoliticsofreal.blogspot.com  //  here is How to order my poetry book: ``Let the Children Gather,’’ on WWW.LuLu.Com // the book in $10.

Put in my name in -- Tracy Charles Gibson -- and the book will come up. In lulu’s book look-up box. It contains some cursing which I felt was important for the young Black males especially to read. Reading such anger-centered writing can begin a process of dissipating Black male anger, and start a healing process.  I need parents to buy a copy of this book for their troubled or not-so-troubled Black males, but be advised of the cursing. The book costs $10. The cursing was not put there just to be anti-social or vulgar.  When you want to give money, I only want you to do so if you have no expectation of a return. If you read the works on the Blog, you will be getting a return instantly. This situation with financial return will improve as we get more and better control over our corporate holdings and stabilize our future work by providing a headquarters and locations other than my home office. I am also working with a problem with the United States government concerning our mail and our rightful ownership to receiving it properly. I get such harassment for obvious reasons. You will find out in the future that even the Obama Administration did some things that were a bit dastardly to not only my corporation, but things to --  in general -- short change our Black Folk.  I will humbly take your donations and utilize them to continue our work, hire new People, and do good diligence. I thank you for taking the time for reading this. Address: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson;

670 North 41st street; APT B Philadelphia, Pa 19104 – 5202

Phone Number: 1 (215) 823 9985. // {Forward movement} 

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the time you have taken to read this statement and for what you can take or give, financially or otherwise. I am in need of file cabinets, copy paper, notebooks, record-keeping books, more complex calculators, printer cartridges, computers, printers, sofas,  business chairs, and a lamp for my home office. We are presently looking for space for our headquarters as well. Call me if you can donate such items or just want to talk….  1 (215) 823 9985.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

what I think of SEPTA -- even at $2.50 a POP!

A SEPTA Thank You.
I have a few Popular words to say about the South East Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. {SEPTA}. I know a bunch of People like to complain about SEPTA service. I have even complained about SEPTA in the past. But, I must say, I have gone to my neighborhood #10 stop and the Trolley {#10}, has been right there. Yes, it is seldom clean, it is sometimes crowded, but I don't know of any other viable Way to get down Town in 20 minutes safely, quickly and without much delay, hassle or fanfare. A good female friend of mine -- Her initials were G.F. -- used to always talk to the drivers on the busses. She wasn't always trying to make time with them, She just wanted to be kind, supportive, friendly, appreciative and nice. G.F. LOVed SEPTA. It has taken about 5 years since G.F.'s death, but I now LOVe SEPTA as She did. You can decrease waiting time by getting a SEPTA official schedule; you will be appreciated for NOT littering; NOT playing your radio loud; being kind to your  fellow SEPTA riders; NOT smoking anything; moving back in the bus or trolley; and NOT talking loud on the TROLLEY or BUS. Spiritually, sometimes I do a project to help GOD {I believe GOD works through People}. The project  is, in fact, still going on. I did a long Prayer that SEPTA's rank and file, get or start a scholarship fund for their children and or grandchildren, and that this scholarship fund be supported by the SEPTA Union members, SEPTA management, and private contributors. I have not called SEPTA's Union as yet, to see if they have such a scholarship fund, but I am pledging $20. from my for-profit company for the scholarship fund. WHY?
* SEPTA workers have and continue to perform exemplarily often under difficult working conditions such as extreme heat, or extreme cold, heavy traffic; crowding ;unruly passengers;  and  a lack of trash being taken off the system consistently.
* SEPTA drivers treat disabled People like my-self with great respect and kindness, when it is often difficult to do.
* SEPTA workers are friendly.
* SEPTA hires women, men and People with different sexual orientations.
* SEPTA gets you where you are going on time -- if you plan well ahead.
Thank You
Thank YOU
Thank You
Tracy Charles Gibson

Thursday, June 29, 2017

who Serve Their Country

A Message to the Men and Women who Serve their Country, Turtle Island.

   I have great respect for you.  However, in the past, when you were the armed and decorated solders of the United States of America, you were constantly misled by our government and made to do a great deal of dirty work to maintain a level of comfort for  the few and the White [mostly], but maintain a level of real oppression and exploitation for far too many people of color and even White poor people.

     I have no real power that I know of except the power of a man in front of a computer and a typing board and the powers that GOD has given me. I don’t fully know How to utilize those powers. If I did and if they were great, the world would be a much different place.

     I ask that you not sit still and allow our government, in its present state and form, do things that you feel are unjustified, illegal, illrighitious, of unethical without hearing from you as an organized power and an organized voice.  Not just the veterans among you, but also the enlisted and active-duty women and men who want to speak out, must be able to do so.

     You have options. You can write letters anonymously, you can petition the government anonymously, you can ask you friends state-side to make their voices and your voices heard, you can buy stocks with your pay in progressive and revolutionary companies, you can buy stocks in companies that are awful politically [discriminators, polluters, haters of humanity, etc.] and make your voices of decent known among those companies or corporation’s Boards and Directors and their Presidents, Founders and Chief Executive Officers. I am not demanding that you do this. I am saying this is something you can do to continue in the armed forces and keep aor develop a good conscious. You can also petition your government, your congress people, your governor, your community leaders, and your families about starting a Peace Time Economy where you would get active-duty non-war, non-threatening jobs that would never find your lives to be in danger.  You must also, if you can and want to, no matter if you are straight of Gay, you must, in good conscious, petition your government to never hold you back for expressing your sexuality in a wholesome, open and acceptable Way, if that is what you want to do.  

  All these things I am asking you to do, not requiring you to do. I also think you must write your new leadership, the Native American People.  Some of the organizations you should write and pledge yu allegiance to include The Native American Rights Fund, The National Congress of American Indians; and the American Indian College Fund.  Sned them a few dollars. This takes courage. I can only ask you to do this. I cannot demand it, but I feel it is very important, or I would not have taken the time to write you about it. 

     Stand up for yu rights. Don’t take losing any rights laying down. Read some good books and listen to the news and traditional news sources less.  You will find yourself having more courage to fight the battle at home as well as find yourself closer to GOD. If you want to write me, you may do so at, BRotheRTRacy11@gmail.com


I LOVe, you and Respect your decisions to not do anything at all of take an active role in freeing our cuintry from the grips of those who are trying to balance us towards destruction, isolation and regret.  GOD Bless you.




Brother Tracy Gibson,

President and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.

A corporation dedicated to building a great and balanced foundation for Black People internationally.

670 North 41st Street

Apt. B

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

1 (215) 823 9985

Saturday, June 24, 2017

An Important Message to Respected Former Mayor John Street

TO: Former Mayor John Street:

Congratulations on the new portrait that will be in City Hall. I had every intent on attending the unveiling, but found myself sitting in a restaurant -- at no charge -- for dinner. My partner and   I are having a difficult time so he hasn't given me use of His food stamp card. {I always repay Him with a SEPTA pass the next month}. I didn't want to miss a very good dinner, so I missed seeing our finest Black Mayor. I had imagined shaking your hand and saying hello and smiling. I remember seeing you in the Walnut Street Theatre and we looked at each other as some strange energy seemed to Pass between us that has existed since the tie of the Pharoses of Egypt // Africa. I know you had the best Police Commissioner we EVER had in Sylvester Johnson. I know you had a level of professionalism and Black inclusion that has been missing ever since. I remember interviewing you when I was a cub reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune back in the late '70's and early '80'You were on City Council and I was covering North Philadelphia. I'm saying all this to ask you to continue to visit the prisons and Black men and Black women in the prisons. Thank you for being the best Mayor you could be. I probably could not have done such a job myself at including women, gays and lesbians and other people of color. The one short-falling, was I thought, the lack of new promised recognized privately-held Black hotels. We be still working on that one. Here you will find my prison reform measures. I want you to read this and send copies out to whoever you need to.  (Still working on this, Will finish later today or tomorrow.).


By Brother Tracy Gibson…


                Prison reform has to start with prisoner reform first.  Warehousing prisoners is not working and has never worked.  What ends up happening is that prisoners might go to jail with a minor violation and find themselves caught up in an in-prison lifestyle that includes permissive male to male sex; learning how to do more crimes that are often more illegal and more sophisticated than the crime(s) that the brother came in for in the first place; an overload of violence; building of a level of self-loathing and self-destruction, self-pity and addiction to illegal drugs.  Black people, especially in North America, find the current system extremely unacceptable, brutal and repugnant. This is mainly because it is the Black race that finds more and more of their men and women in jail doing hard time.  And it is the Black Community that finds these men and women back on their doorstep when they get out.  The more former offenders who are fed back into the community find there selves in negative situations and without coping skills and job skills, the more difficult it will be to take in these brothers and sisters in a positive and productive manner...  The jobs, presently, just don’t exists because when they are asked if they have a ``criminal record’’ or a ``criminal background’’ they are blocked out of many jobs if they answer in the affirmative.  Something drastic and revolutionary needs to be done. And it needs to be done very, very soon… It is a situation that requires massive surgery ``before’’ the patient is lost and another generation or two of Black and largely poor people goes down the drain—including hundreds of Black men who can and will be productive citizens if we keep on the case, demand change and build, invest and save independently…..……




1)            Start a separation system through which the least likely to recommit crimes are taken away from those who are most likely to recommit crimes.  Each prison should have a section for such people who can be given light work to do, the freedom to read books, better food, more open and legitimate contact with the outside, and direct job training that leads to a real living wage job on the outside.  The private sector could be taped for assistance in paying for these training programs, on a voluntary basis, and allowed to benefit from picking the best employees they want from the people who successfully finish such training programs.


2)            Some prisons have already started programs where prisoners who are in same-gender relationships and who are going to be in jail for a long time are respected and allowed to let those monogamous relationships flourish.  This is something that seems to work, at least in the TV documentary I saw recently [On ``Lock Down,’’ on MSNBC... ] It should certainly be examined and given at least pilot program status.


3)            Condoms MUST be given out in prison and used by men who have sex with other men.  It is a proven fact—and many of our Nation’s AIDS-Fighting organizations have the numbers to prove it—that many people who come out of the prison system in North America bring STD’s, including HIV back to the Black community.  Many men, for example, begin to take on female partners again once they leave the prison system.  This is part of the reason why some Black women are finding themselves HIV positive after they have been intimate with former offenders.  Something drastic has to be done here and accepting condom use in the prison system is a good start.  Also: more education about STDs and HIV is desperately needed in the prison system and in Black & Latin communities across North America...  If you are asking how to off-set some of the obvious political outcry that will come from the Right Wing and more family oriented and conservative elements among the electorate and the body politic, all I can say is they are giving our Brothers and Sisters in the neighborhoods and the communities a death sentence by allowing HIV and AIDS to flourish in our community.  Our babies are being born with HIV, partly due to the loose sex in the Prison system where condoms are unavailable and not being used with regularity.  It is worth taking a political hit for this one and you will be strengthening Black families and saving lives.  This must be explained to the electorate.


4)            Rape MUST be disallowed, not encouraged. The level of brutality can be curbed if men are allowed to have training, art classes, access to libraries and even passes out of the prison system for great behavior.  {Remember this is for first-time offenders and people who are deemed to be non-repeat offenders. }


5)                The level of illegal drug use and illegal drug abuse can also be curbed greatly when men see other men getting real training in carpentry, electric, journalism, computers, housing construction (electronics), administrative office work, and engineering etc. Women should have full access to such training as well and be rewarded for great behavior as well. ALL programs should reach across gender, race, religious and sexual orientation lines…


6)            People will have access to this training and an outside job as they are pulled out of the general population for great behavior.  There could even be separate places for the best prisoners far away from people who find themselves in situations where they want to destroy people, property and themselves.  Low level violators who display such ``great behavior’’ should have access to healthcare, dental care, eye glasses, and other benefits as well such as those mentioned before in this document   {like free library use, access to educational television, and conjugal visits…. 


7)              I feel that hardened criminals and repeat offenders DO NOT benefit from harsh treatment.  They should get psychiatric treatment and be allowed to stay alone as much as possible – especially if they are violent or have an extensive record of violence.  All prisoners must have a right to healthy, decent food and food must not be part of any type of punishment. Neither should being put among men who are hostile or violent to any group you might ``belong to.’’ The entire North American society needs to take a real hard look at the level of violence within our prison systems, & our borders and find ways of stemming the violence through less violence on television and in movies, more educational programming on television {some centered on How bullying hurts children and all people.  Greater emphasis on education in the school system on using peaceful means to stem conflicts, and through other avenues such as positive & constructive programs in churches and Mosques throughout the United States of Native America & much of the rest of the world......


8)            Violence coming from staff, guards and other formal prison officials is deeply unacceptable and should be met with criminal charges and financial liability.


9)            Prison populations are now, in North America, as diverse as the general population.  Diversity should be respected and differences should be celebrated and understood, not punished and repudiated.  An increase in cross-cultural experiences should be emphasized, not de-emphasized.


10)          Celebrations in prisons, for birthdays, holidays, and better food for such events should be given out according to great behavior as well as free access to educational television, radio, libraries, computers, music and constructive movies…


11)          As mentioned earlier, there should be an emphasis on family visits, better food and other benefits for people who want to work and who have ``Great Behavior’’….

12] If Brothers are well behaved it seems to me that short of prison allowed sexual liaisons with their mates or husbands or wives from the outside they could be allowed to have space alone with a nice bed to watch adult videos and have the proper materials such as lotion and towels to be intimate with themselves {masturbate} so the sexual tension and rape could be greatly decreased and brought under control. We all know, and it has been proven by other activists, that our Brothers and Sisters are being warehoused and railroaded into the Prison Industrial system to be used for labor {at $22. An hour by  corporations like Monsanto and Halliburton.} 

13] For Men and women who have really been obeying  the rules and treating themselves and others with respect, they MUST be allowed to have sexual liaisons with their mates or husbands or wives from the outside.  These visits MUST be totally condoned by the prison authorities and space MUST be provided that is comfortable, well heated or well air conditioned and special meals must be prepared.  Of course the main goal is for the Brothers and Sisters in the prison systems to get their freedom, and earn it, if you will, through their good behavior.  Taking part in programs that allow them to re-conform and acclimate themselves to dominate society will benefit our whole society and the prison population.  They MUST be given every opportunity to readjust to society and find jobs and programs where they will fit in the communities from which they came from in a timely fashion. 

A previous version of this document was submitted to the Obama Transition Team in November of 2008 by Brother Tracy Gibson; Re-submitted to the President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama, on April 11th, 2012.

Also sent to the Prison Commissioner of PA. in April of 2013. And to my cousin: Activist, Poet, Actress Liza Peterson on May 12, 2013.

A further edited version of this Prison Reform Statement will be sent to all prison Administration officials and all prisons within the United States of Native America or Turtle Island over the next few weeks as money allows us to do so.


Reach Brother Tracy Gibson  at 1 (215) 823 9985 // or  BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com