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A Tripple Positive Threat!

🔺A Triple Positive Threat!

You can -- with $60,000.00 -- change the lives of several hundred Black People for the better.

1 * ] $20,000.00 will go to my cousin's daughter's legal foundation.  She has a backlog of legal expenses for a mistake she made that was very costly.  This young Black lady was a straight ``A'' student at The University of Pennsylvania's medical school and had great promise for herself and her Black family.  This $20,000.00 will mean a brighter end to a tragic story. The gift will change this young lady's life and her life will improve dramatically.  Her mother worries about her & Loves her very much , as does her family. For more details, and if you are serious about giving the money, please call me at 1 (215)823 9985. Only serious funders will be given a Way to contact my cousin.

2*] With another $10,000.00 I -- Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson --   will retire over 1/2 of my debts, and lay a stronger foundation for our corporation & its' subsidiaries by buying Tee-Shirts and books wholesale and selling them retail (mostly over mail order). We also need to buy office furniture, as well as office supplies and restart our payroll to hire at least one person. We are Blessed and we Thank You. Only serious funders need call. 1 (215) 823 9985.

The second part of the second  $20,000.00 [ $10,000.00] will go to Super Computer at 41st and Powelton Avenue so they can either hire a security guard, or get a security system, & also start a suitable payroll through a reputable payroll company.  [ I left a job there before I even started because I didn't feel safe operating a cash register there without proper security. I also did not want to be paid  under the table.. These problems are exactly why the owner was unable to keep good employees. I am not writing this to dime them out, but to offer help and assistance, but I can't do so without our support. ]

3*] Our church  -- Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia  --   is in need of $20,000.00 to buy our own first-ever building for our Pastor, assistant pastor, other clergy, deacons, deacon candidates, the church congregation ; church families, friends & visitors.   //

This will, we promise, be the most appreciated $60,000.00 you have ever spent. We are already beaming with LOVe  & excitement and we haven't even put the check in the United Bank as yet. We thank all who want to give from the bottom of our hearts. Please call our lawyer, Attorney Ron Harper when you are ready to make the transactions. God Bless you forever,

 & Thank You.

Attorney Ron Harper
140 Maplewood Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144


1 [ 215 ] 844  -- 4848

If you are interested I giving anonymously you may do so through Mr. Harper. We are graciously thankful for all giving, large and small. Please designate where you want your donation (s) to go.


*The Church (Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia's Building Fund.)
You can send any and all funds to them directly at
Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia
Post Office BoX 34737
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

or Call Assistant Pastor BJ Tillman at 267 . 236 . 9041

Gifts can be made anonymously in confidence.

* My cousin's daughter's defense fund (I can verify this for you through Her lawyers if you wish, as well, but you will have to call me directly. 1 [ 215 ] 823 . 9985. )

* $'s[funds] needed for my corporation's expenses for payroll & 50 employees; office furniture & office equipment; to retire old debts [corporate and personal] which will help strengthen our corporation [s]; $ [MONEY] needed to buy items such as copies of our book -- ``Let the Children Gather'' and our new message tee shirts [ on order through Unites Tee-Shirts & Printing of Washington D.C.];  documentation for our corporation; branding; paying for copyrights ; paying for an official copy of our incorporation papers from 2006 that were lost in our foreclosure of 2010; lawyer's fees; advertising -- an ad is proposed for WURD Radio, the Inquire and the Daily News soon;  technological assistance in creating new educational apps, books, and educational films; money for new office space; transportation expenses.

Friday, December 8, 2017

a SKit I sent Spike Lee today December 8th, 2017


How to Overcome Oppression and Live Like a Real Black Person: The Reawakening of the African Diaspora.  By MR. Tracy Charles Gibson.
The following is written to show my gratitude towards Brother Spike Lee for the wonderful movies He has made and ask if He would consider making a film about my continuing struggles to make my businesses solvent in the face of poverty, ill will, jealousy and a serious lack of financial Capital.  My book about my life and my opinions of the world’s situations is enclosed.  I have been working to get it published for five years.  It was written 10 years ago.  -- A note from MR. Tracy Charles Gibson.
An amazing Black community activist, Ralph was, unfortunately always worried about getting discovered by the wrong people in the community who might not represent people who wanted Him to be successful/  .  Today He is confronted by just the two people He was attempting to avoid as long as possible.—Ole Bum and Waste Basket.  The two came up on Ralph as He was walking towards the SEPTA trolley and asked to speak to Him.
Ole Bum: ``So Man,’’
[He rubs up against Ralph].
 ``So Man, what you been doing around here? How long have yo ass been living round here anyway?’’
Ralph: ``Just a few years.  I have to be on my Way to the library.  I have a lot of work to do.
Waste Basket: ``What kind of work? Why do you think you so damned important and busy anyway, Mother Fucker!’’
Ralph: ``I want to study business on my own. I can’t afford to go to the Wharton School and learn about business, but I want to start several businesses so I can hire about 200 people in our surrounding  Black community. I especially want to help Black male youth work and become more responsible.’’
Ole Bum: ``Now how fucking long is that going to take?  Mother Fucker. I see yo ass going to the library every day and you ain’t done shit for no body but fuck that boyfriend of yours who comes to visit you three times a week.’’
Ralph: ``I don’t see why my personal life is any of your concern.’’
[Waste Basket rubs up against Ralph.]
Waste Basket: `` I heard you like taking up yo ass. Can I get me some?.
[Waste Basket smiles to show three gold front teeth on the top and four gold teeth on the bottom.]
Ralph: My gentleman caller and I have a good relationship and things are going fine. I have no intension  having an illicit affair with anyone else.  Especially someone of YOUR ilk, Sir.
Waste Basket: ``What the fuck you say.
[He rubs up against Ralph and shows Him a pocket knife.]
Waste Basket: ``Mother fucker, I’ll fuck your shit. Way the fuck up.’’
Ole Bum:  ``Don’t hurt this brother. He has personality and wants to save some of your stupid mother fuckers who spend all your money on lottery tickets and booze.   Ain’t that right brother?’’
Ralph: ``I think lottery tickets are part of a very detrimental under-the-surface economy that do Black People no good. We would do better to save money in the Black Bank  -- United Bank  -- and  when the account matures and pays off, buy some stocks and bonds.  This is what I’ve done after a gruesome foreclosure a few years.  I am bouncing back from a devastating economic situation that I never should have gotten myself in in the first place. ‘’
Ole Bum: ``That makes a lot of sense.  Can you teach us some of what you know?’’
Ralph: ``I’ve been working at getting meeting space so I can do just that. I have been unsuccessful in getting the meeting space I need. ‘’
Waste Basket: ``So you think you smarter than us?’’
Ralph: ``I have chosen to make different choices. ‘’
``I have been unable to do much of anything since the foreclosure, even though I’ve been working at it for 10 years. I know for sure that some evil forces from outside our Black community want me to fail. I have none of that, thank you. I plan on being very, very successful.’’
Waste Basket: ``Are you sure you don’t just need a real man to take hold of you and get some of that plump ass you got?’’
[Waste Basket feels between his own legs to show an partially erect penis inside his pants.]
Ralph: ``I have to be getting home.’’
[Ralph pushes Waste Basket aside and rolls on towards the trollies. ]
[Contact information:]
   MR. Tracy Charles Gibson
670 North 41st Street
Apartment B
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19104  -- 5202
1 (215) 823  -- 9985

Monday, November 27, 2017

new book




How Dare You Obama….


How dare you obstruct my


Middle-Upper class existence


In Connecticut


With Mother’s doilies on her sofa


And Mother’s pot roast


For Saturday Night dinner


We NEVER allowed your kind here and don’t want you


What ever happened to the good old days of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan….













Henry Kissinger—THE International War Criminal…


By Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia & Delaware…


The blood-letting was of tremendous proportions

He monitored & embellished the foot soldiers of Capitalism

He Lorded over invasion after invasion,

Bombing after bombing…

Massive troop movements at a cost of

Billions to the American tax payer

He helped make Viet Nam a household name under Nixon

With napalm, gas, guerilla warfare, rape, brutality, war, guns, bullets, destruction & chaos…



He walked the halls of the

White House with the likes of Cheney, Nixon, Haig, Rusk & Halderman

ALL doing the filthy deeds required of their office


He sent the American troops into foreign lands, foreign villages,

foreign neighborhoods to

Do their murderous tasks

He knew the chains of exploitation and ``National Security’’ well…


His stuffy, backwards, ethnocentric, & racist

Pro-war policy was always constructed to the

Delight of the rich, the powerful & the well-connected


To the detriment of the World’s true Grass Roots Freedom Fighters, the poor,

The beleaguered & the indigenous…


``Let’s bomb Laos,  Cambodia & Viet Nam again, Mr. President,’’ he would say

Over and over again as he dined on filet minion, seasoned Brussels’ Sprouts, exotic wild rice & Champaign…..  getting fat, rich and gaining more and more notoriety from the Press For his deeds.


And our boys came home in the 60’s and 70’s in an

Untold number of bloody Body Bags

Or with an untold number of massive, systemic & unthinkable injuries


Would his mother EVEN love him now?

This is doubtful…


He is a wanted War Criminal in Cuba, Venezuela & Libya

For the out-right slaughter of thousands of innocent man, women & children

For promoting & enforcing genocide on a massive scale…

For misleading a Nation’s electorate and the world; for flat-out lying and cheating

For putting a happy fat face on torture, rape and untold human suffering & brutality…

& for justifying it all so willingly on Face the Nation &

In the pages of the New York Times…


He should be tried as a war criminal by the people for his gross misdeeds…


Somehow he came through Watergate unscathed…

The media obviously looked the other way…

But found time to highlight him dancing & Partying at Studio 54

With the rest of the elite in new york city… back in the day…


The dead children of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia will not get a chance to testify


Like so many murder victims whose killer got away,

they wait in their cold graves for someone, some force, to

Avenge their innocent blood

And lay real justice at their molding feet…


He commanded the hawks and told the generals what to do

How many villagers were brutally disturbed from their restless sleep by bullets,

Hand grenades, mace & other chemical weapons

That he made sure were in plentiful supply?


How many children never learned their people’s noble history or went

Without shoes and clothing so our enemies could defend themselves against

This war criminal and the Pentagon-Brass mentality he represented?




He would be decorated with medals of honor, money,

press attention & awards such as the

Nobel Peace Prize by the established order for what

Was laughably called his ingenuity, integrity, bravery, forethought, intellect

and courage…


He lapped up such praise as his credibility and prizes grew

All the while we were more than suspicious of him

And saw no need (in deed!!) to give him money, praise & prizes for

The turmoil he inflicted on the world’s poor at the behest of the world’s rich… 


He knew more war secrets and so-called ``intelligence secrets’’ than

Most presidents ever dreamed of

Some American mercenaries probably hung up his picture instead

Of the pictures of calendar girls—he was so loved by the war machine & its’ cronies…


He stood at the side of more Presidents and spearheaded more covert mischief, raw bloodletting and merciless mayhem

Than any one novel writer could ever conjure up…


The blood on his hands is grotesquely thick, red and dripping at a phenomenal pace

And it won’t wash off with yesterday’s guilt, anguish & regret

He is a wanted international war criminal

Who gleefully sucks at the breasts of the American tax-payer’s coffers

For his retirement & pension…


He is Harvard educated and has run in the circles of the rich and powerful

All his adult life

But to me he is an international war criminal

We know you all too well Henry…

If Mumia, our long-imprisoned hero, is put to death and this man lives

There is much still wrong

With the world


And the international justice axis & the World’s coming paradigm shift

Is still very far off & out of kilter indeed…




A Poem: Your Heroes / My Heroes



          A note to Dick Cheney and those who think like him On Memorial Day, 2009.



By Brother Tracy Gibson


Your Heroes walk through city streets

With badges and guns and try to ``keep the peace’’

By shooting ``criminals’’ and ``wrong doers’’

Down like dogs—what chances and opportunities were they offered?


My heroes defy you and know that your ``system’’

Is not sustainable

That hegemony is a thing of the past

As is White Supremacy, racial hatred and



You can’t hide in your corporate jets and your military bunkers for long!!


Your heroes move freely on foreign soil

Exploiting, ravaging, destroying progressive history

and ornate indigenous art objects, destroying the books that hold the truth

 and killing, killing, killing, never telling the truth—but twisting it & thinking of new

Ways to put a new face on what you have done for generations:

Created war, confusion, self doubt, exploitation, sweat shops &

Set indigenous people against their invaders


Your greed is phenomenal


My heroes work long hours for no or little pay devising ways to

Bring truth to light, educate, fight for real justice, peace, understanding &

authentic LOVE


Your Heroes topple legitimately elected third world governments,

Shoot Palestinian children, destroy the land and foul the air


My heroes expose what you do and struggle to survive

We live off the land and the rugged truth that you burned

In the Libraries of Alexandria, Egypt.


We all have a choice in what and who we choose to be our heroes

And what side we will be on


This is all becoming very clear

Even though we sometimes pay for our own destruction

(Thanks to the twisted way you have finagled our economy)


Soon, you will not be able to buy the gloomy future that chains us


The price is too high: in blood & money


Real Freedom is just a matter of time… 


& the clock is ticking………






Pay Back’s A Bitch…..


For the continuing support of

Those international thugs, the Israelis…


For bombing Iraq into the stone age…


For installing the Shah of Iran and acting like

You did nothing…



For killing Muammar Gaddafi’s daughter and then only worrying about fuckin Lockerbie …


For continuing to solve all your problems with the gun instead of an Olive Branch…


For being another fuckin brainless, spineless  REPUBLICAN Patriot-Bastard…



For crushing Black progressive businesses and small progressive businesses under tax attack, regulation, paperwork and bull shit…


For ignoring the Conference Against Racism in South Africa in 2000, just before 911

Blew your mind…


For waving that meaningless American blood-stained flag…


For continuing to let thousands of Blacks die

On city streets in your own country…


For robbing, murdering and raping the Native Americans…


For continuing to rip off the Third World BIG TIME everyday…


For taking ALL the fuckin diamonds, gold and uranium OUT of Africa and giving the people NOTHNG!!...


For hiding behind your Christian Conservative cloth and

Acting like you don’t know…


For Holding stock in Halliburton…


For  Enslaving, hanging, murdering, raping, Jim Crowing and discriminating against the

Black man and the Black Woman….


For letting Black children eat ketchup as a fucking vegetable…


For the Murdered Sandinistas, Angolan Freedom Fighters and those who died in the fight to free El Salvador from the clutches of White Supremists and Established Order oppression..…


For vilifying, mentally castrating and criminalizing Same Gender Loving people….


For twisting your religion around a cocaine-soiled dollar bill and shoving it up my Black ass every fuckin day…


For ripping off Africa of the people’s jewels, gold and other riches and hanging them in the Vatican as if they were yours…


For doing nothing about the lynch mob attack on the Palestinian People…


For support of Israel at $ 5 Billion Dollars a pop annually in hard earned U.S. Dollars…


For letting the ruthless under cover mercenaries around the world get hard earned, tax driven Pentagon Dollars, Yes even under OBAMA…


For letting your schools crumble because only the poor and Black and Latin go to them anymore…


For the Katrina victims still living in shacks and tents or who died under your watch…..


For still continuing to take money from South Africa when they can’t feed, clothe and educate their children….


For Black children dead on the streets because you failed to pass gun control on the local level…


For owning ALL the Fucking parking lots in Manhattan (You White-Jewish Mother Fucker)…


For allowing H. Rap Brown to rot in an Atlanta jail…..



For spending $50,000 on flowers for your fucking daughter’s wedding as millions starve…


For owning Wal-Marts…


For giving birth and power to racist imbeciles like Rush Limbaugh, George Will and Ann Coulter…


For propping up phony and fake governments through the so-called ``anti-terrorists’’ work of The CIA and the other dozen or so so-called intelligence agencies in the U.S. that operate everywhere and at taxpayer’s expense…


For just saying NO while thousands of people die from drug dependency as you make Billions of dollars off the international illegal drug trade…


And then you wonder why the World is angry at you?.....


For that crap you call ``American Idol’’…..


For sitting Back, & Maxing and Relaxing while all this continues to go on…..


How’s that caviar and Champaign tasting right about now…


You rich White Male Bitch of a Mother Fucker….


 Happy Pay Back Day…..


Enjoy your 911 and choke on it…


Mother Fucker…..



My Good Friend Joe Bunch…..


                We were the best of friends growing up. Joe is the person who introduced me to the book ``Man Child in the Promised Land,’’ and who ended up being one of my closest friends of all time.  When I moved away from Philadelphia to attend College in Ohio, Joe was stationed in Columbus part of the time.  He would visit my roommate and I and take us out for a nice steak dinner. (We rarely got to eat steak otherwise because our incomes as students were meager.)


                Joe had the best sense of humor.  He would tell jokes and we would just find the dumbest things to laugh about.  If Joe had lived we would have been good business partners and we would both probably be wealthy by now.  I was so sad when he passed away from complications from HIV & AIDS that I missed his funeral service and went into denial and depression.  I miss him everyday. 




Bonanza Night…


Mom would invite her lady friends over

For an evening of Tea Sandwiches and card playing ..


The sound of women Laughing is mixed

With the cool sound of jazz as background noise


 There are smiles all around


And talk of husbands, children and the latest movies


Never cattiness or the cold shoulder


Just good times among friends…..


I would look on from the second floor in my jammies…




I was suppose to be asleep


I loved those ladies and loved to see them play card games


On Bonanza Night……


Even though I was supposed to be in bed…….




America’s War Dead…



So Far You have had enough space Back Home

To Burry your War Dead…


You try to do so with respect and honor..


But then there is the case of a few Black men who were hung

After making it back from World War II alive!!


And Black Men, who fought so valiantly in that war,

Were not allowed to march victoriously into France at the war’s end

Because their skin was BLACK!!


I have some friends who say the fascists actually won


That war


I didn’t know what they were talking about and that thought actually


Stuck in the back of my mind for years


Your present-day twisted, obstructionist politics—fuckin over Obama, who

Has made far too many concessions to you—


I am beginning to see the merit in the statement that


The fascists won WWII….


The shame, the sorrow and the pity of so many


American War Dead….


By Brother Tracy Gibson…




Special Black Women


Sometimes you don’t know how special you are


You might think that a Black man who is Same Gender Loving doesn’t understand or care..


I can’t speak for all of us but I do care…I do UNDERSTAND


I might not be able to be with you and hold you when you have a real need

For intimacy


But don’t think I don’t love you


``Just K’’ wrote a song about how special you are and he sings it with

Heart and flava…


I know from where I sprang


I know from where ALL of humanity sprang


You are our for real African Queens and Empresses


When you hold your head Up High and be what and who you really are


Like Angela Davis, Like Rosa Parks, Like Winnie Mandela, Like Coretta Scott King, Like Angela Bassett, Like Fannie Lou Hamer, Like Sonia Sanchez, Like Ella Baker, Like Ida B. Wells, Like Lena Horne, Like Sister Maisha Sullivan-Ongoza, Like Sister Charlotte Harris and a long line of others…..You are unstoppable like a locomotive pulling into Pennsylvania Station on a cool, summer afternoon


GOD walks every step with you


Don’t EVER think I don’t appreciate you


You are a Black Goddess of love & Self Determination


Go onward with your Bad Self…


You are Unstoppable & Loved…  





Black Fierce Freedom Warriors


By Brother Tracy Gibson


Right now

Our youths are mostly confused, lost, angry, sometimes violent, irresponsible

And Bling, Bling oriented….

The misguided ways of the Rap subculture, technology,

Video games & our oppressor’s detrimental & demented ways have

Turned them into something converse to their own existence 

We have largely failed to raise the next generation of

Black Fierce Freedom Warriors our people needs--

But this can & will change…

The Creator, the Ancestor—GOD herself

Will NOT let this stand

Soon we will institute the necessary changes within

Our community, Our Churches & Mosques & Our households….


To teach, construct and build the next generation


Of fearless leaders who will carry our noble struggle

Into the next future

They will learn about Angela Davis, Nelson Mandela, James Baldwin,

Audre Lord,  Fanny Lou Hamer, Danny Glover,  and Rosa Parks

They will learn the true and noble history of Haiti;

The freedom riders Down South; and how we were hung, burned and killed

Just for being Black—even AFTER we fought in WWII,

They will learn about the Black Holocaust and all

It’s evil intent & how present-day White wealth

Is based on our past and continued oppression & exploitation…

But it will be we who teach them…

They will learn about the African/Egyptian Kings and Queens

Who brandished Black skin and broad noses…

They will learn about King and the Mountain Top

And Sonya Sanchez’s ``Home Girls & Hand Grenades’’

Because we will home school and community school & Black Church School

 and Black Charter School them as well….

Into the future

Our oppressors have never taught us about our liberation through

The very system they constructed to keep us

Ignorant, aloof, detached, down  & fighting among ourselves…

We have to stop expecting this twisted, backwards,

 Hateful and morose system (and most of the people it has

Spewed forth) to help us, liberate us and teach us anything about…

How to reconstruct ourselves and liberate ourselves…


We will learn… 

And soon, once again, we will drink from the cool fresh waters of

The Nile

And real, true and authentic liberation will once again sooth our Blessed souls…








The Dangerous Triangle



There is a very dangerous Triangle at work within the Obama Administration that makes a mockery of the President’s pledge to bring needed change to our Nation and the teeming numbers of people who live in poverty and or without health care, jobs and hope in America.  That Triangle is more dangerous than the Bermuda Triangle and more Dangerous than the so-called axes of evil itself.  It consists of Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, Defense Secretary Dr. Robert M. Gates and the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Mr. Ben S. Bernanke.


                These three gentlemen are part and parcel to the established order and the status quo. Geithner and Bernanke are Wall Street insiders who have witnessed and benefited from the bloated golden parachutes and the fat corporate bonuses that are given out all the time there.  Their appointments fly in the face of the so-called change our President—Mr. Barack Obama—(sadly Our first Black President) was supposed to enact when he became President of the United States in January of 2009.  They are Bush holdovers and they are the reason why Mr. Bush, President Number 43, has been almost silent in his criticism of Mr. Obama.  Mr. Bush’s work continues to be done:  The war(s) in Afghanistan is being augmented and supported to the tune of billions each month in U.S. tax dollars; Israel continues to get the same amount of money in U.S. foreign aid as the entire Continent of Africa (About $6 Billion Dollars (U.S.) a year); the banks continue to be bailed out and the people are left with joblessness and hopelessness abounding. Merry Christmas!! Coal for Mr. Obama this Christmas… This is a liberal, progressive President? I don’t think so.  Mr. Obama, as I have said before, has bent over backwards to appease the Right Wing and has supported the massive bank bailouts to the tune of several more Billions, yet only lip service is offered to people who are in desperate need of jobs, jobs, jobs and decent affordable health care & housing.  I am not saying the President’s job is easy—far from it.  He has done a few things, but those things are only window dressing compared to the three appointments mentioned here. But with the Dangerous Triangle in place the country continues to slide backwards economically and the war machine remains in place providing billions in profits for greedy corporate defense contractors like Caterpillar, Halliburton, Lockheed and General Electric.  There are thousands of men and women coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq each year either in Body Bags or severely injured—missing arms and legs or with their faces practically blown off, their guts ripped out or severely mentally damaged... They will never function as real human beings again and are often worthless to their families because of the injuries they have sustained...  When will the-brass get it through their thick heads that our presence is not wanted and that our folly in the Middle East region is part and parcel to the reason that the Taliban and Al-Qaida exist in the first place.  We have historically, with our blind support for the State of Israel and our military medaling and our support for the ruthless tactics of the U.S. government backed mercenaries in the region and our support for the so-called intelligence network (that mind you costs more billions) and that undermines established governments and murders regionally elected government officials—we have been [and continue to be under Gates], deeply & paramountly responsible for the massive amounts of violence we see everyday on TV and hear on the radio.  I cry out for real change in the world and for an end to the present U.S. policy in the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Iraq.   Gates, Bernanke and Geithner should be fired immediately and more progressive thinking and acting leadership must to be implemented to bring about the change that the people voted for on November 4th, 2008—not the backwards hideousness we have become used to as passing along as decent U.S. foreign policy for decades.




Political Dynasties, King Makers, War(s), & The Movement for Black Progress…Face the Powers that Be, And Never Give Up the Struggle!!!




                Throughout North American history there have been king makers—wealthy, powerful men (almost always White)—who have decided who gets to control the joy stick of government.  Who gets to be on the inside of power and control the billions upon billions of federal dollars that get spent annually in America and on what federal projects, programs & considerations those dollars are allocated for as well as who we go to war with and for what reasons. Prescott Sheldon Bush (1895 -1972), a U.S. Senator from the state of Connecticut and a Yale graduate like his grandfather was the father of our 41st President (George Bush Sr.) and the grandfather of our 43rd President (George Bush Jr.)  was such a man. Actually born in Columbus, Ohio, Prescott Bush would move on to become a well connected Wall Street executive and the author of books on finance. He might have failed at business early in life, but he knew how to interact with the right kind of people and push all the buttons to become wealthy, educated and well healed.  He made sure, before he died in 1972, that his children & grandchildren would one day roam the inside hallways of Washington, D.C. and other corridors of power and control the purse strings connected to the billions of dollars we are forced to pay as tax-paying American citizens.


                Prescott Bush made sure his son George Sr. (also a Yale graduate) went to all the right schools and hob knobbed with all the right people who would one day make his son the King of America—although he would not live to actually see that day… The end result was his son George Sr. getting a Congressional seat & his grandsons becoming Governor of Florida (Jeb) and Texas (George Bush Jr.). (By the way, did I also mention that George Bush Jr. also went to Yale?)  Prescott had created a political dynasty.  George Sr. went on to become the head of the notorious CIA during the last year of the Gerald R. Ford Administration)  & then Vice President of the U.S. under Ronald Reagan through out most of the 1980’s.  Finally George Sr. went on to be a one term President after Reagan. (George Bush Sr. was defeated in 1992 by Bill Clinton.) But low & behold, Father Bush (George Sr.) was not to be outdone.  He made sure his son came back with a narrow, although contested, win in the year 2000 Presidential race against Democrat Al Gore. (Gore actually won numerically, but was defeated in the Electoral College.) The Dynasty was sustained & complete.  Big Daddy Prescott Bush would sleep quietly in his grave knowing he had set the pace for his son & then grandson to lord over the so-called ``free world’’ as Presidents #41 and #43 of these United States—even though he had never actually witnessed those victories…


                A while ago, there was another Dynasty in the making.  Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. (1888-1969) wanted his son Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. (1915-1944)  to become President. Joe Kennedy was educated at Harvard University (as was President Kennedy) and graduated in 1912. He went on to serve in many capacities during the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration including a stint as Ambassador to Great Brittan (1938-1940).  He groomed his children, again, by sending them to the best schools.  Boot leg whisky and working on Wall Street (some of his practices would later be described as ``insider trading’’) helped build the family fortune up to some $200-$400 Million Dollars by 1957. Tragedy struck the Kennedy clan early.  Because of the death of Joseph Jr. in England during WW II , John F. Kennedy, the young Senator from Massachusetts from 1953 to 1960 (he also served in the House of Representatives from Massachusetts from 1947 to 1953) , would actually be the only Kennedy in the Twentieth Century to be elected President of the United States.  The ``Kennedy Dynasty’’ was not quite as successful as the Bush Dynasty—at least not in reaching actual success as far as real time served in the highest office in the land—the Presidency.  But the Kennedy White House was thought, for years afterwards and even up until this day by some Baby Boomers and others, to represent an almost dreamy Camelot era of fine clothing, good natured humor with reporters and high levels of professionalism and prestige on the world stage.  The Kennedy Dynasty, however, was also fraught with family tragedy including the assassination of our beloved President during a motorcade in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.  Forty five years later our Nation still hasn’t fully healed from this family tragedy which impacted the entire Nation & much of the world--as so many baby boomers still remember little John John saluting his father’s casket and the sad but ever gracious Jacqueline Kennedy acting with such solemn dignity through all the ceremonies that are attached to losing a sitting head of state in North America...


                Robert Kennedy (1925 -1968), the President’s younger brother, soon took up the mantel for his brother & had Presidential ambitions of his own.  These ambitions were acted upon in 1967 when he decided to run for the Presidency that year. This Kennedy was a Senator from New York State and had served as Attorney General under his brother. But the Kennedy’s tragic story was to continue as an assassin’s bullets put an end to those ambitions in Los Angeles just after the June 6th California Primary which Robert Kennedy had won handily.


                I remember as a child not believing the news of Robert Kennedy’s death.   I sat on the front steps of the house next to ours on 49th Street playing jacks by myself when someone came up to me with the newspaper headlines blaring of the murder of R.F.K. I was shocked because his death came on the heels of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4th of the same year (1968).  Had our Nation gone mad, I thought... What would this mean? There were already riots in many U.S. cities after the King assassination. It seemed the underpinnings of our Nation were crumbling. This perception of instability was shared by many Americans as they went to the polls that November and elected a Republican ``Law and Order’’ man from California named Richard Nixon.


                The Kennedy Dynasty would have to be satisfied with a leading role in the Democratic Party for the family and a Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy (1932 – 2009) for quite some time. (Ted Kennedy was unable to unseat President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Nomination in 1980.) 


                Dynasty, it seems, was more than just a tawdry, scandal-ridden TV show produced by Aaron Spelling in the 1980’s.  It is a way of political life in America.  There seems to be very few people who get to hold high office in North America & there seems to be a selection process through which all these men (and so far it has only been a men’s club) have to go through.  It is almost as if they have to belong to some exclusive club fraught with high initiation fees, blood line requirements and educational background checks.


                The 1939 Frank Capra film ``Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,’’ explores the concept of King Makers & corruption that has been married to Washington, D.C. politics for almost 20 decades.  How do you get to be a King Maker?  What is the process?  Is being wealthy & well connected enough or do you also have to be a funky old White male to join in this process?  Is there any chance that corruption and scandal can be divorced from D.C. politics within our lifetime? Jimmy Stewart played Smith in the film and said ``Things sure happen fast around here. Don’t they’’ when he was taken a back by some events taking place around him as he was about to take office as the junior Senator from a Midwestern state.  He said a mouth full.  He was (in this fictitious film) appointed Senator through a quirky mishap & some of the powers that be were not pleased with his taking power.  He seemed too innocent, bright eyed and bushy tailed for a major position of power in D.C.


                Generally speaking, things don’t happen by mistake in D.C. and they do sometimes happen fast--sometimes.  President Obama was thought to be a Renegade by some writers when he came into power in January of 2009 on the massive National desire for change in D.C. during the November 2008 election. In most instances he has not & most probably will not deliver on his many promises he made for real, lasting and needed change for our Nation.  . . [Maybe we should have made him sign a Progressive Pact that he would carry out specific duties and end the war(s) (for example) at a certain time.] The progressive and liberal wings of the Democratic Party are not pleased at this point in the middle of 2010 with many of his appointments and actions. While he has changed the temperament of the White House into something less Right Wing and has been a good international ambassador for the country with a ``message’’ of hope and possible peace, he has done many things that don’t look very forward moving or progressive. Chief among them: he has named three of the most old funky or established White males to major positions of power in his administration (read Dangerous Triangle in Chapter 13); he has not created any new inner-city initiatives to work with corporate America and create summer jobs for youth and thusly stem some of the crime in those areas; he has not even given much lip service to a needed major overhaul of our military and infrastructure; he has not said one word about military cutbacks in a time when it has been proven that the Pentagon wastes about twenty five cents for every dollar it spends;  he has supported the status quo, the existing military & the ``same old war-like White line of hegemony, politics as usual & White power domination’’ in policy initiatives & military actions as his speech in Oslo [when he accepted the Nobel Prize for Peace] proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  There are ``just’’ wars he said.  There are ``real evil people’’ in the world, he said.  The next day he had moved so far to the right in his address in Oslo that even Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin had to fall in line with some sweet words of support for the first African American President of the United States. He literally turned his back on the progressive agenda that swept him into office…


 I am sure members of the Congressional Black Caucus such as Congresswoman Barbara Lee and progressive members of Congress such as Dennis Kucinich sat in dumb-founded amazement at such a speech. The Major Goliath White media, however, lapped it up.  He had effectively picked up his peace prize while not batting an eye about his proposed military build up of an additional 30,000 troops for Afghanistan. Never mind where the money is coming from to effectively stage such a troop increase. (Some experts predict it will cost a million dollars for each armed military personnel due in part to the rough terrain and the lack of basic necessities such as running water and housing.)


                Bogged down in trying to get more encompassing health care legislation passed, the President has not created or even given much more than lip service to the business community about creating the thousands of new jobs that are needed for the teeming numbers of unemployed Americans. (The unemployment rate is about 10 % as of December 2009). The Brother obviously needs some help on the innovation and clear and new thinking side of things in his Administration.



                Moreover, Mr. Jefferson Smith (in the Capra movie), upon taking a bus tour of D.C. after he was appointed Senator was deeply and profoundly impressed with the words enshrined at the Lincoln Memorial. A child and an older Black man looked on as he took in the site.  So many Americans have, once again, been disillusioned with Obama—the President who had reignited our hopes and dreams & gotten people who would never vote—young & old, Black & White—to vote and believe in him--has largely let us down. There is a new face on things, but bracing up the underpinnings of our Nation is a man who represents mostly the same old line of thinking that got us into the economic morass, war(s) and partisanship of the Bush Jr. years.  Mr. Smith soon became disillusioned as he found out the work & difficulties involved in doing a seemingly simple thing like starting a national boy’s camp for orphaned and wayward boys in his home state…


                I remember a few years ago during a trip to Washington, D.C. when I also was moved by the Lincoln Memorial. How even before Obama came on the scene, I felt our country could move past the economic morass and political partisanship it was stuck in during the Bush (Jr.) years and become something fresh, new & hopeful. Something was needed that would really help the less fortunate and reflect peace and tolerance instead of war profiteering, White world domination and exploitation & destruction of so-called Third World or developing countries across the globe. Lincoln reflected aspects of that ``something’’.  I had worked so hard for 30 years to move things along in a progressive direction, but it seems things only work quickly in D.C. if you have the deep pockets &, frankly,  White skin & connections to make this so.  If you want to be a mover & shaker, and you have Black skin, if you are in or out of office, it appears you have to play the game, support the status quo & belly up with the insiders & the fat White money boys.  That is if you want to ``make it’’ on the world stage.  Who knows what kind of deals President Obama has made with the Wealthy?  It certainly seems that there was some kind of an agreement that things would be changed as far as style, but the substance has mostly remained in tact…


                I remember going door to door in Philadelphia to generate support for the REPARATIONS movement & I remember running as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senator from P.A. in 2005. I’ve tried so many things to bring the human rights agenda some heat and some light—some truth and some inspiration…  Then reality sets in when we see Mr. Obama exclaiming the virtues of war in Oslo and never saying a blessed word about the U.S.’s undermining of peace throughout the world through military intervention and the unscrupulous work of the U.S. intelligence network including the NSA and the CIA (along with the rest of the multi-billion dollar North American intelligence Network). The Right Wing; the War Mongers; the defense contractors like Halliburton, GE and Lockheed Martin; Wealthy Republicans; the Pentagon Brass—they all have a new friend in Mr. Obama who was elected to change things, but who pealed off what little was left of his progressive skin and threw his chips in with the Status Quo in Oslo, Norway...  I guess the old adage IS true—you can’t beat City Hall…  But I for one look onward & know just like at the actual birth of this country in the 1700’s tyranny can & will be defeated.  In all its’ forms, ways and means, tyranny will be defeated...  Don’t let yourself be easily disillusioned, fooled & like Denzel Washington said as Malcolm X in Spike Lee’s 1992 film ``hoodwinked, fooled & bamboozled.’’ We as Black people can’t afford it.   Keep your eyes on the prize and keep supporting people like Barbara Lee and Dennis Kucinich in Congress. Write them and let them know they are doing a wonderful job in keeping the progressive fires lit, hot, active and alive. Here are their addresses if you want to write them:


Congress Woman Barbara Lee

2444 Rayburn HOB

Washington, D.C.  20515


Phone # 202.225.2661



Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich

2445 Rayburn HOB

Washington, D.C. 20515


Phone # 202.225.5871



 They are some of the REAL progressive thinkers and shapers of our progressive tomorrows along with Former Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney (of Atlanta, Georgia) who ran for President in 2008 under the Green Party banner. To Write Sister McKinney log onto:



 Keep moving in the direction of Black Progress—forward each and every day.  Keep your eyes on the prize: What is the Prize? The prize is real economic & social justice, true freedom, equality & prosperity for our people & a coming of economic parity for the poor.  Even political dynasties, deal makers & war itself may have to be thrown on the ash heap of history before this is all over.  We must be ever vigilant, work hard & never, never give Up!! Power to the people!!! Never give up!! Find new ways to take your issues to the powers that be & create your own power base by creating a Black business & organizing with other Black Business Men & Black Business Women to bring greater political leverage to progressive causes in D.C. and around the globe—throughout our Diaspora… If you have a few dollars to give please check out the organizations our company has given to on our web page at They need your support, especially in these economically hard times when grants and donations are drying up!!... But never give up and never give in!!







                Near the end of the film ``Precious,’’ (2009) the star of the movie wraps a bright red scarf around a little battered and abused child and gives her a hug as she walks off.  It is left up to us to remember that Precious herself is one of the ones who, earlier in the film, was actually an abuser of the child.


                That is what the film ``Precious’’ does.  It wraps a red flag around the problems that afflict much of our community—poverty; incest; lack of ethnically relevant education; lack of adequate health care; lack of jobs; lack of opportunity; and other types of abuse both politically, culturally, socially and self inflicted.  But a red flag offers no hope or guidance in how to begin to solve the problems or even much of a look inward to see where the healing can begin. In this case, the bearer of the red flag (the directors, actors and executive producers of the film ``Precious’’) may have actually made things worse.


                ``Precious’’ left me empty, dissatisfied and angry. I was empty because I felt taken. Another set of Hollywood stars and producers has left me $4.99 cents poorer without offering any hope of salvation for the future. Dissatisfied because I know our filmmakers can do so much, much better than produce such populist pap that rags on Black men and poor Black women without showing any glimmer of hope, love or understanding among poor Black people.  All of which I know exists.  I was angry because this film has received such ballyhoo and fanfare.  It will or has been seen around the world and other ethnic groups will think this is all that Black minds—that have always been ingenious and inventive—can come up with.


                ``Precious’’ is a shame and a sham.  The young girl’s fantasy life is interspersed with her dark and dreary life as an abused, sexually molested teen and she never has any road to make her fantasies begin to take any realistic formation in real life.  This was a frustration for me. We are constantly told in America that if we try, put our noses to the grind stone and work hard enough, that the world is our oyster. There is no pearl in this oyster.


                We see the poverty, but we don’t understand why it almost has to continue. From the film’s point of view—there is no way out. I feel the film fails to give us hope and encouragement.  While Precious takes her family away from the abusive mother, what hope does such a child have if she has to fend for herself in such a cruel & insensitive world? 


                Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry (the odd couple) helped give the film a first-class launch that made sure it got Academy Award consideration and world wide exposure.  I hope they will choose their next project more carefully and that Black audiences, at least, will demand much better.        


                Black movie goers should not, at this late date, be going to see movies just to be entertained.  We need enlightenment. We need to have courage instilled. We need hope provided.  We need to find solace, peace and most of all we need to have something to think about, talk about & hold on to that can be applied to creating solutions to the multitude of problems we face each and every day...  ``Precious’’, to me, offered little of that, but was a mirror reflection of some of the worse of what it means to be Black and living a poor inner city existence in America. 



Solution: As more responsible and conscious-minded Black filmmakers come to success such as Spike Lee, John Singletary and others, their power and influence will expand and increase.  Those of us who only make frivolous films and entertainment that don’t educate us and/ or, in some way, augment our struggle as human beings should be ignored and seen as tools of the Established Order.  We need to get our eyes back on the Prize—real Freedom, real Justice and real Equality and an end to world wide White Supremacy and war... I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the movies just to make another Black filmmaker even richer.. I want to be taught something and given something ``Precious’’ to hold onto—not deceived…




Transgendered People: A Difficult Question to Ponder…


                My understanding is that transgendered people are people who are either transsexuals or transvestites. I believe that the term transgendered is an umbrella term that fits both categories.  Transsexuals are the hardest ones for me to understand.  I try not to judge them. They are the people like the former Chastity Bono who is a male ``trapped inside’’ the body of a female.  A transsexual can also be a female ``trapped inside a male’s body. The concept boggles the mind, even for me—a Same Gender Loving male and a person with a very open mind about many things.  My root feeling, however, is who are we to judge.  We have no idea of what these people go through.  It must be extremely frustrating to be ``trapped inside’’ a body and not feel comfortable with that particular sex.  My heart goes out to these people and I hope there are more scientific and biological, even chemical breakthroughs that will eventually help them.  I know the mind is a very complex thing.  I also know that the more we judge and cast off or ignore such people and say they don’t exists, or are just confused-- the more we become like the people who chained us as Africans when we were brought here as slaves several generations ago. That is why I don’t like the term LGB&T because it just groups Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people all together and makes us a convenient special interest group, but does nothing to take on understanding the many complexities of each group.  Lesbian women are quite different from Same Gender Loving men. Bisexuals have a host of different issues, such as of trust and alleged ``confusion’’ that plane old Gay or Same Gender Loving men might not experience.  At the same time, because of the many social pressure on people in our nation to conform, some Same Gender Loving men are very confused because they try to be something they were not put on this planet to be.  Namely that is a STRAIGHT male!!  Many times parents put us through many, many changes about self acceptance, self love, social acceptance and religious acceptance that just turn out to be more confusion and head ache and heart ache for the person in question.    As Kermit the frog says ``it ain’t easy being green.’’ This applies to anyone who is Same Gender Loving, lesbian bisexual or transgendered.  It is not an easy road to travel on in life, but it is like being born or another race or handicapped—that is what you are and being anything else only causes more troubles and compounds the pain.


Some of us ``children’’ have no problems with parental acceptance and find a path in life that is NOT filled with a lot of acceptance questions, pain and problems.  God bless such people, I was not one of them.  I have been in therapy for over two decades to help me find a path that is both ethical and self accepting—not an easy thing.  But the good therapists I have had have helped me carve out such a path for myself.  I strongly recommend therapy for anyone having self acceptance issues and concerns.  Such issues can really tear at the heart and make existence very difficult. 


Another grouping under the transgender umbrella is the transvestites.  These are generally men who have to or like to dress up as women. They can also be women who like to or find they have to dress as men. I guess Tyler Perry is one of these, although he gives the excuse that he does it only for professional reasons.  You can’t tell me that Tyler Perry doesn’t like dressing up as much as that other Black male transvestite (Rupe Hall).  Rupe seems more honest and comfortable about what he is and less of a person just putting on for money, to me at least… Funny isn’t it that both of the really known ones are both Black men. 


Black men have more difficulty being who and what they are sexually than some other men, but males in our culture have some difficulty with the Same Gender Loving thing all around.  Some people feel it rubs off and it is best not to be associated with such people or be around such people.  One of my best friends in the world, a person who I have been through a lot together with, is a former transvestite. He is a sweet older gentleman who has done a great deal for the Black community on many issues including HIV.


                What I’m getting at is that there are many passages in the Bible that say not to judge people for but for the grace of GOD go you or I.  I think that is a very good idea.  Take people for what and who they are and access their good qualities as well as their bad qualities.  Most people have good hearts and love to be loved and cared for by someone special.  Just because you have kids doesn’t make you better than any other American or make you a saint.  There are grown adults who abuse and beat the Hell out of their own kids.  I think I know several adult male homosexuals who would make much better parents than some of the parents I know who have had children naturally, but don’t know what the heck they had them for.  Maybe just for ego to reproduce and to be able to say they have off spring.  That is NOT a reason to have kids.  Frankly, there are people in my own family who didn’t need to have kids, certainly not as early as they did.


Now whether a transgendered person could make a good parent--now that gets into another whole question. I won’t go into that here.   Suffice it to say that it is best to reserve judgment because there is invariably something about you that people don’t like or understand. Not understanding makes people put you into a box, close the box with a key and put you away—maybe even hating you.  Black people were in such a box for a long time and still are in the minds of some members of some other races.  It could be that you don’t like peanuts on Sundays (I mean the day of the week); or that you have straight hair.  Give people a chance and at least listen to them for a few moments before you condemn and judge.  I know, you are going to tell me I’m very hard on and condemning of Republicans.  That I think is a different question because a Republican has already made quite a harsh judgment of me by taking on such a racist and backwards banner in the first place…..


Ultimately, everybody has a right to their own opinions.  Some people think all doctors who carry out abortions should be shot dead.  Some people have actually gone to jail for shooting such people. (Please see my opinions on women & reproductive rights in chapter 17.)


Solutions: Transgendered people are people too.  I remember when I first heard the term at a meeting at a friend’s house in North Philadelphia.  I came away with a lot less judgments and harsh opinions than when I went into that meeting.  The lady who gave the presentation was born a woman, but was living as a man.  She ws a fantastic writer and speaker and told a story of love, redemption and respect about her story.  I was adult enough to open my mind and listen and learn. I gained confidence in the speaker and I opened my thinking.  That is all I can ask any of us to do on any given subject.   



``They Need to Put a Yellow Caution Ribbon Around the Whole Nation’’


Not too long ago, I was visiting Mosque # 12 in North Philadelphia and I heard the head of the Mosque, a good friend of mine named Minister Rodney Muhammad, say during one of his famous talks about current events and the state of America and the state of Black folks in America that ``They need to just put a caution sign around the whole Nation.’’


I am beginning to see what he was talking about.  Every time you turn on the so-called news, you hear about a mass shooting, a deadly fire, a building collapsing or some other catastrophe in some part of the country.  Often it is close to or in the Philadelphia area, if you are watching the local news.  There seems to be so much insanity, violence & mayhem that they might as well go ahead and NOT spare the caution tape and use it to encompass the entire Nation.


Where does it end? At your door step.




     It’s Not Just Incumbency, It’s The System…



                There has been a group of conservative activist voters—they have been called tea baggers by the mass media. They have made their wishes and their disgruntlement know at the poles by voting in more conservatives.  They are voting out people connected with the ``problems’’ in Washington and they are particularly angry about just about everything President Obama has tried. What they fail to realize is that President Obama took hold of D.C. and the country when it was left practically destroyed financially and ethically, and spiritually bankrupt by one George Bush Jr.—a Republican.  They are failing to see the corporate interest’s influence on our political system and the corrupting influence of same.  The Republican Party has always been closer to the so-called ``business community’’ then the Democrats—but plenty of Democrats have taken a great shine to the corporate establishment as well.  Especially the more conservative Blue Dog Democrats Down South.  The problem is multifaceted, but not that hard to understand.  The problem is that money influences in Washington are too predominating and the interest of the people has largely gone out the window with yesterday’s newspapers.


Non-profits like ``Common Cause’’ have decried the massive and powerful influence of money on our political system for years.  So have many other more partisan, left leaning organizations. Being an incumbent makes you inherently closer and more connected to the influences of money and raw power in Washington.  More thinking people need to come together and find ways to root out the influences in Washington that are NOT connected to the real needs of the people.


The Tea Baggers are misleading and being misled.  They are being covered by the mass media, which in turn is part and parcel of the problem.  The mass media itself, which has always been connected to Big Money interests, looks at the Tea Baggers, but fails to cover the righteous indignation of other, more progressive grass roots concerns.  The media itself is a large part of the problem.  A very large part of our problem as Black people. The mass media itself is headed by mostly conservative White males, largely of Jewish origin.  They have an undue and unwarranted say in how North Americans think and how we interpret the news, the events of the day and reality in general.  Not just the news media, but those who make & distribute movies and fiction TV programming.  There are very few real progressives and fewer still Black people among the top decision makers in this elite group of people.


Back in the 1970’s there was a small and purposefully ineffective attempt to bring more Black people into the decision-making process in America’s newsrooms.  There was a limited push for Affirmative Action and more ``color’’ in the news rooms for TV and print media.  This ``limited push’’ never reached into movie-making much, at least not for an extended period of time.  Even during the Black Exploitation Era in Hollywood, most White movie producers, White Movie Moguls and White distributors of film remained at the helm and turned the reigns of power over to other Whites.  The media and especially movie making is an extremely lucrative industry.  It is also extremely Jewish… You can make a very bad film, but if you can get it distributed internationally, you can still make millions of dollars off of it...  


America is controlled by image.  If you have a bad image in corporate America and you don’t do something to clean it up, you will lose business and be dragged into red ink and bankruptcy.  If you can maintain a ``good’’ media image—even if you are doing bad thing—(Like let’s say Wal-Mart for example) you will continue to maintain market share and keep your bottom line floating. 


Many people say that we had to bail out the banking system, or everything would have gone under.  Well, just about everything HAS gone under.  The impact of the 43rd President of the United States giving billion upon billions of dollars to his rich friends through a costly tax cut has not even reverberated through the system completely at this point. Still, President Obama is getting all the blame now.  It is no time to fall back into Republicanism (See related articles on the Republican Party in Chapter 13).


Voting for Republicans now is like giving the keys to your house that was destroyed by arson fire to the arsonist and asking him to fix it.  The Republicans will smile at you, take your keys and gladly go about the business of doing you in further. So what can be done?


             There is a great and real need for term limits for politicians.  Then, when the corrupting influences of money and power take hold, it is time for another face. Congress People should get three, two-year terms, Senators should get two, six-year terms. Governors should stay at two, four-year terms as well as two, four-year terms for Presidents.  That is it. There will be no going back into office once you leave.  This will cut back on the creation of the Good Old Boys’ Network effect and stop the circles of incumbency, corruption and old-line power that never seems to get anything done, but costs the tax-payers billions of dollars. Mayors, especially for Big Cities, don’t need more than two terms either…

             There needs to be an effective system for National Referendums. Handing our votes and the power over to elected officials is like giving the roosters the keys to the Hen House.  You are bound to get taken.  Media polling and public opinion is swayed by the media itself each and every day. If we had National Referendums that became law, we could effectively overshoot and Passover the wide and undue influence of Big Money, corrupt politicians, and the media itself.

             More people need to have the opportunity to vote.  Voting in National elections for President should take place over a weekend so people who work get their vote in or, at least, we should get the day off from work.  There should also be other incentives to vote such as a few bucks off at the local grocery store on election day if you show proof of having voted, or other such incentives.

             Advertising dollars for politicians should be given at a discount if you have shown some grass roots support.  Have you ever seen the financial numbers in dollars, of the amount of money that the TV networks make during a Presidential election? The numbers are staggering. This in itself shuts out many people who are patriotic, progressive, grass roots, concerned individuals who want to get in there and fight and make the system work better for the average working JOE.  The money influence on TV and the networks is nasty and growing.  It overshadows popular candidates and corrupts the whole process.  Cheaper ad would be a firs step to help…

             There needs to be an open Constitutional Convention to reshape and reformate how our government operates as we move into a new era and experience the coming paradigm shift and its global implications on world economies and the world’s people, including Black people who are the most poor and the most left out of the process.... 

             Term limits of 15 years on Supreme Court Justices would also be a good idea.







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300 West 57th Street, 33rd Floor

New York, New York  10019


Dear Sir Elton:


                I write you with the utmost of respect.  That respect comes from me because I have a great deal of love and respect for you or anyone who has given so graciously towards the needy, the homeless, the down trodden, and the needlessly hated.  You have dedicated your life and your music to so many positive causes that I can’t even mention them all in one letter if I tried.  GOD has blessed you, but more importantly, you have taken those blessings and blessed many people yourself.  That in itself is ANOTHER BLESSING FROM GOD!! And this is what GOD wants.  Believe me I know because I speak with her everyday.  The world is at your feet because you were blessed with a magnificent talent and because you have tried and succeeded to lift the world up and help so many.  Your work to help people suffering from AIDS/HIV has been incredible and has gained you much recognition.  But you don’t seem to go after that recognition.  You go after helping others even more.  If I was the Queen I would have knighted you too!!  If I were GOD I would make sure that your place in heaven has plenty of pillows and cool drinks, but, most importantly, I would make sure that you have plenty of time remaining on earth to do what you love to do—help others and make incredible, lasting and heart warming music. 


                At the same time, there are a few other things I want to mention. We had a mutual friend in Lady Diana of England.  I found her to be warm, open, loving and caring like yourself.  A woman who, at the time of her tragic death, was becoming a World Class advocate for children like no other before her and a person who would go out and touch the people she loved so dearly—once again the poor and the left out.  I have never met her, but I know a classy lady when I see one.  I know that she was concerned about explosive mines in countries like Angola.  She didn’t like how so many innocent children and women were getting their hands and arms and legs blown off due to the volatile mines being left after the wars in that area.   But Lady Diana didn’t just take a stand, she was becoming an advocate for peace and was turning heads and opening check books.  She was also turning the heads of people who fight to keep their bottom lines up by supporting war and destruction around the world.  She was becoming a danger to people who want to keep a tight lid on any thoughts that there could be a lasting peace around the world and that armaments could become absolutely obsolete around the world one day—not even any good to terrorists because ALL the complaints terrorists have can and would have been dealt with in a positive and peaceful manner.  This was Lady Diana’s dream, my dream, your dream (if I am not too presumptuous), and the dream of many, many of the world’s people.  I pray every day that your work continues forthrightly and positively for many, many years to come.  But I have to say, getting back to Lady Diana, I think she was murdered for having such a dream.  That scares me a bit, but I know I have to do what I have to do—no matter what.


                Presently, we are almost in foreclosure with our house and me and my male roommate are living on disability.  It is not enough to keep up with bills, let alone do the important work we feel needs to get done.  You may be totally tapped out because times are hard and when they are, people like me –an advocate for Peace and Justice myself--look towards people like you for support and help.  If you can help, believe me, we will appreciate it greatly.  I know how much you already give so I will not feel bad if you can’t help.  Please know that if there is anything I can do for you, just ask.  Also: I would love to get a journalist who is able to project and think positively about what might have been had she lived, to take on the perspective I discussed here and do an extensive expose on Lady Diana, the status of her advocacy work and where that might have led had she lived and continued to get the incredible exposure she was getting. 


Take care and know that if it wasn’t for Teresa Ashley in High School, I would have never grown to accept and appreciate your music so early in my life.  They didn’t play music by White artists on the stations I listened to and I didn’t know who you were, but Teresa did and she liked to share good things like good music. GOD Bless you Sir Elton John!!



Sincerely & Humbly,




Brother Tracy Gibson























Advocacy, Black Media Relations, Public Relations, Marketing &  Promotions…




T. Bone Pickens

President & CEO,

Pickens Plan

P.O. Box 12123

Dallas Texas  75225


Dear Mr. Pickens:


                I admire some of what you have tried to do over your lifetime.  I think NOW is the time to become energy self sufficient for the United States because so much of our use of resources has skewed our foreign policy in a very deleterious way. 


                I am a REAL idea man and a public relations man.  I want to work with you on a highly personal level.  I think we can work together with me learning and you teaching.  I want to be a Billionaire of the future.  I am enclosing some of the things I’m working on and trying to get funded.


                I also have the idea of having a BIG WORLD concert to benefit the victims of the Haitian Earth Quake.  I envision getting Faith Evans, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce and many others to do the concert which could be held in New York City in June.  I hope you like the idea and will hire me on as an assistant to help.  GOD Bless you and keep up the good and excellent work you are doing on energy sustainability for the United States...


With Peace and Justice for ALL,



Brother Tracy Gibson


Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Delaware  19720
















Letter # 20





Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720







Senator Harry Reid, Democrat

Washington, D.C.



Dear Senator Reid:


Not only do I NOT want to take issue with your comments that Republicans and others (Such as the Blue Dog Democrats) are being as narrow minded and backwards in their thinking as the North American politicians who opposed the end of slavery, I want to go on record as supporting and cheering you on in that argument.  It is sound and true. The Republican part has been narrow-minded for decades.  They are, frankly a party of racist who care little about what the common man has to go through to make it in America.  They are the party of the rich and the wealthy and THEY are the ones who are detached, aloof and dreadfully cold and heartless. All they care about is money and taking up the issues and concerns of the wealthy, the owners of Big Corporations and Wall Street. They could care less about how many North Americans go without jobs or without health care because they have it all—money, connections with the rich and wealthy and plenty of cheap health care for themselves.  I think the tactics of Republicans such as George Bush Sr.—who used the criminality of a lone Black man named Willie Horton to get elected president as he smeared Michael Dukakis time and time again over and over again and then left the Black community with a Supreme Court justice name Clarence Thomas—he and many other such politicians have been hateful to the end and are severely disliked by the Black community. The head of the Republican Party is a Black shoe shine boy.  He is a lackey and an Uncle Tom who does the bidding of that hateful party to no end.  I’m talking about Michael Steel of course.  Don’t listen to him!! Stay on course and make your case and your argument.  You’re on firm footing.  I hope the Senate can come through with a public option in tact, although it doesn’t look like that will be possible.  Meanwhile Michael Steel and his crew are licking their chops at seeing a possible defeat for the President on the horizon.  I wish you the best of luck…  I know your job is not an easy one.  I, myself, am unemployed and in need of work, but I wouldn’t want your job!!  You have your work cut out for you.  I hope this little letter has made things a little better for you.  I support your efforts and applaud your attitude, demeanor and tactics.  Keep on Keepin’ on!!




With Sincere Respect,




Brother Tracy Gibson…,,,



A Farce Named Madonna…


                Many Black Same Gender Loving (SGL) youth look up to, admonish and almost worship Madonna. bell hooks wrote a scathing and informative review of  Madonna in her 1992 Book ``Black Looks, Race & Representation’’ which I strongly recommend that our Black youth read, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual gnome.


                Madonna, who changes men like she changes underwear, has trademarked, copy written, reinvented, packaged and repackaged herself more than Mattel has done for their line of Barbie or Ken dolls. She is a ``master’’ at wrapping herself in Black and other ethnic cultures for her own political, cultural and economic gain. She always manages to come up with something ``new and trendy’’, but my contention is she is just another White copy cat in sheep’s clothing….  She is not the trend setter, innovator or visionary she purports to be. Far from it…


                If you look back at just about all the trends she is given credit for starting or creating innovation in, you will find that other groups of mostly oppressed people started these trends first, but were left out of the economic bonanza and notoriety that Madonna has so cleverly taken advantage of and enjoyed low these many years.…


                For example, the song Vogue created a craze about dancing Vogue style, but it was Black and Latino SGL youth who started Voguing long before the record came out and popularized the trend.


(Ironically, now even POP-Rap & R&B singers like Chris Brown are putting Vogue Dancing in their videos, but never stopping to look back and give credit to where it all started from—in the gay nightclubs and in the dance of Black and Latin SGL youth.)


                Many people don’t realize that it was a Black man (Reggie Lucas) wrote and produced many of the records from Madonna’s first album which catapulted the ``singer’’ into superstardom in 1983.       


                She also throws a lot of money at Black issues and problems in Africa and elsewhere and even adopted a Black child  in 2008, (David Banda Mwale) from The Republic of Malawi (A southeast African Nation which borders Zambia, Tanzania & Mozambique), but is this because she really cares or is it because she wants to shore up her base of colorful, youthful supporters who would buy her records way before they would look into buying the music of: a Nina Simon, (who wrapped her music & earthy, raspy voice around and reinforced an entire political movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s); the sultry ethnic voice and styling’s of a singer like Nigerian born Sade; or understand & respect the vocal range and distinctive voice of a Minnie Riperton; the raspy relevance of an Erykah Badu; or the multi-talented and politically relevant styling’s of India.Arie; or the emotional sultriness of a Phyllis Hyman; or the pure and distinctive talent of Jennifer Holliday; or look back to the vocal genius and gutsiness of a Diana Washington; or the brilliant once-in-a-lifetime talent of scat-singer Ella Fitzgerald. These are true and talented Black female singers who deserve the accolades and support of our youths of All ages and persuasions as well as the respect & honor of the rest of us. But Madonna reigns supreme among many young Black SGL males in our inner cities.


                To me Madonna is a serious light weight.  She is mostly a studio voice who has hired a lot of fantastic dancers (mostly Black) and background singers (largely Black again) to put some talent and glitz around herself that, included with some special effects and incredible lighting will stave off anyone who might notice that she does not have a very strong or distinctive voice and also has little range.


                Certainly the Material Girl’s music is often snappy and sometimes even crisp, but will future generations be dancing to and listening to it?  Will it be studied as brilliant and refined aspects of American culture that helped set trends and Move Mountains? Probably not…


                Her dancers are often Black men, usually SGL, who fall to her feet on stage and seemingly almost worship ``Madonna’’ but as bell hooks points out, when a White man is in her life, she knows when to take a back seat and play the ``innocent little woman.’’


                It is odd and perhaps not coincidental that these same SGL Black youth in our inner cities are drastically lacking bold, forthright and aggressive leadership to take their causes and issues into the next 30 years with honor, grace, dignity and courage. Many of our Black SGL youth live without much in the way of such values. WHERE ARE YOUR LEADERS?  If a spaceship came down from another planet and asked Black SGL youngsters to take them to their leaders they would stand there and say ``Huh, what leaders?’’ Frankly I can only talk about Philadelphia because that is what I know, but I haven’t heard of much positive young Black SGL leadership coming from our neighboring New York or D.C. either.


                They have our minds!!!...And it is far past time that we took them back…!!! This is why I called this book ``The Re-Awakening’’ because we have been asleep at the wheel and need to take control of our communities and our individual personal lives as well as our choices and decision making process.  The time for us following idly and sheepishly behind ``what every body else is doing’’ is long over.


                We eat McDonalds food because that is what the TV tells us to eat and because that is what every body else is eating.  Never mind the fact that this food is literally killing our people with far too much fat and salt.  We go to the Vogue Ball because that is what every body else is doing.  We cut up and dance and sweat and listen to the same tired music that offers us nothing to think positively about and we hand our often hard earned money over to the same old rap stars, pop vocalists and vacuous singers who could give a damn about us.  



                I once attended a Vogue Ball in Philadelphia and was shocked at the sheer numbers of Black SGL youth that came out to attend. (There must have been over 300 Black youngsters there.)  I never saw so many young Black SGL men ``ANYWHERE’’ else, ever.  But they were out in numbers for the Ball to end all Balls.  They vogued and danced and did their things to all kinds of silly, snappy music and what did they have to show for their efforts when the night was through?  NOTHING!! I have to ask ``ARE WE USING OUR GOD-GIVEN MINDS OR ARE WE JUST FOLLOWING ALONG LIKE HEARDED SHEEP IN LIFE AND DOING EXACTLY WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING???


                It is long past time that our SGL youth started thinking fast, on their feet and for themselves.  Their youthfulness will be taken away from them in a few short decades and they will have nothing left for there selves unless they do what Teddy Pendergrass said to do several years ago and ``Wake Up’’…           All the money these young people make slips through their hands like water and goes right back into the hands of rip-off artist like Madonna and the same old White record producers and record companies.  I’m talking about billions of dollars, not just a few million. 


                These young people need to be creating institutions like the Adodi Movement, the Colours Organization, and other projects and institutions that will embellish and refine their existence; educate them as to the tools and training they will need to survive in the often harsh realities of North American life; and create modalities that can move them and their race forward into a more positive and stable future.


                Many people are working with Black youth, so the future may not be as desperate or bleak as I paint it here, but I know we as a Black community need to do the best for them and stop isolating, chastising and rejecting our Black SGL young people (especially males) and recognize that they have to be accepted & allowed to exists because they will anyway. They need to be encouraged to contribute to our people’s survival and our prosperity as a race of positive & forward-thinking, proactive people.….  We Can Do This!!


                   Solutions: The reason I highlighted Madonna was to take note that we don’t and our young people (some of whom practically worship Madonna) don’t need to follow each and every trend, person, icon and ``event’’ that the mass media creates for us to get hooked on, follow and give our hard earned dollars to.  We need to be creating our own idols to appreciate and support.  And some of those Black idols need to do a whole lot more to support positive people, events and projects that come out of Black communities and Black people’s efforts.  All I’m saying is question what you follow—don’t follow and support anyone blindly just because they are perceived as hip or ``in Vogue’’.





     Movies to Request at the Library



1)            ``Do the Right Thing,’’ by Actor & Director Spike Lee; 1989.


2)            ``The Learning Tree,’’ by Director Gordon Parks; 1969.


3)            ``Malcolm X,’’ by Actor & Director Spike Lee, also starring Denzel Washington; 1992


4)            ``The Autobiography of Mss. Jane Pittman,’’ Starring Ms. Cecily Tyson & Directed by John Korty; 1974.


5)            The Film about Jamaica as a case study of economic exploitation on the part of the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund.


6)            PBS Special on Malcolm X.+()*%+_# (CALL PBS)


7)            ``Tongues Untied,’’ by Filmmaker & Director Marlon Riggs and Poet Essex Hemphill; 1988.


8)            PBS Special on James Baldwin.   )*_#&$_&#_&$  (CALL PBS)


9)            ``A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde, ‘’ Directed by Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson; 1995.


10)          ``Color Adjustment’’ by Filmmaker Marlon Riggs; 1989


11)          ``To Sir, with Love,’’ 1967 Sidney Poitier.


12)  ``Higher Learning’’, Regina King, Omar Epps, Ice Cube. 1995


13) Any of Michal Moore’s films including: ``Sicko’’ (2007) or ``Capitalism: A Love Story’’ (2009)

 13) ``Fun With Dick & Jane’’ Starring Jim Carry (2005)

14) ``Brokeback Mountain’’ (2005)

15) ``Super Size Me’’ (2004) by Director Morgan Spurlock.

16) ``The Progressive Movement’’

(Some of these films may have strong language and or adult themes, but most are acceptable for younger audiences. If you wish, please view them before you allow your pre-teens to view them. Some of these films are available at the Library for free, a week at  a time….)

17) ``In Debt We Trust,’’ (2006) Directed by Danny Schechter.

18) ``Crude Impact.’’ (2006) Documentary.

19) ``Get On The Bus,’’ By Spike Lee.

20) ``Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War,’’ by Director Robert Greenwald.

21) ``When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts,’’ (TV mini-series originally on HBO)., By Spike Lee.




Recommended Magazines, Periodicals, Newsletters, Journals, Newspapers & Other Publications you should be reading or might want to try…




1)            Leon Williams’ Journal.

2)            The Philadelphia Tribune.

3)            The Nation.

4)            The Final Call.

5)            The Progressive.

6)            The Workers World Newspaper.

7)            The Crisis.

8)            Ebony.

9)            Jet.

10)          Black Enterprise Magazine.

11)          The Walnut Hill Community Association’s Newsletter.



                    Movie Ideas that are Chomping at the Bit…


1)            A fictional exploration of what the first two years of a Robert F. Kennedy Administration would look like.



2)            A biography of South Carolina born Frank Wills, the Black security guard who discovered the Watergate break in.  While this Brother died penniless after a life of poverty, his story is one we can all learn from.  I think a moderately budgeted film starring Eddie Murphy could be a huge success because his story shows there is often only a fallacy of success to go along with the mantel of heroism.



3)            A Black child is born and grows up to be retarded, but at age 12 miraculously develops mental skills above all others his age after being tracked into special education classes and almost given up on by his parents.  He learns how to speak properly and develops a knack for math, physics, engineering and space technology.  He goes on to attend Harvard University in Boston and Oxford University in England and never forgets his friends at a mental institution where he was once stricken.  Starring Terrance Howard.



4)            A documentary history of the SGL (Same Gender Loving or Gay) movement in Philadelphia among Black men and Black women.  Talk to the elders of the movement and get the real story.



5)            A documentary tracing the so-called terrorists in the U.S. asking why they do what they do and digging deep to find out the terroristic exploits of the U.S. and why our Nation is so hated by many forces around the world, especially in the Middle East and among Islamic Nations.



6)            A major SGL erotic drama featuring Black Same Gender Loving men and women actors.



7)            A film depicting a Black and a White stand up comic and how they barb against one another during a fictitious U.S. tour they take during 2011.



8)            A no-holds-barred documentary look at Cuba and U.S. policy towards that Island Nation and what the impact of the U.S.-led embargo has been on the Cuban people.



9)            A dramatic and Documentary journey through the Philadelphia school system depicting school policy, the children’s interests and what the many community groups who have worked on the issue of improving education have to say about the subject.  Included: interviews with the major personalities & players concerned and re-enactments of events such as the police beating and hitting Black school children as they demonstrated for better schools during the Rizzo days and SGL Black, female students acting out violently at West Philadelphia High School in the year 2007 & 2008.



10) SGL members of the Black church. And the formation of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement. 



11)A sequel to ``The Scorpion King’’ featuring a Black African King (Michael Clark Duncan would be perfect) and his noble & heroic escapades in Africa during the times of the great African empires.


12) The story of Thor featuring a muscular, dark-skinned African actor in the lead with long black locks instead of Blond hair.


13)          A film version of Tupac Shakur’s ``The Rose that Grew from Concrete.’’


14)A dramatic & positive depiction of our hero Marcus Garvey… (If we were any other racial group we would know that as each day goes by and there is no such film either in the can or being produced by Hollywood—they are committing a racial crime!! Meanwhile, we are satisfied with criminally disrespectful movies being made about us such as ``Precious’’ and ``Why Did I Get Married TOO!!’’)


15)          A dramatic depiction of the life and work of Lena Horne, Bessie Smith, Josephine Baker and Leontyne Price. (This could be four different films and they are just biting at the bit to be made.) 


16)          An epic movie about Paul Robeson.


17)          The life and Times of  Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L’ Ouverture.


18) A Film Version of the 1961 HIT off-Broadway Play ``The Blacks,’’ the Playwright Jean Genet.


19) The Life & Times of Harriet Tubman…



20) The Life and Times of a fictitious Black history professor at Harvard University. He gets embroiled in controversy when he discovers a Major ``Black Find’’ at a leading European museum that proves beyond any reasonable doubt the African ancestry of the ancient Egyptians. The artifacts had been hidden from the public for decades…



21) A documentary depicting the facts behind the historical relations between Iran and the United States.


22) A profile of Nobel-Prize winning (1984) South African Humanitarian Desmond Tutu.

23) A 12-part retrospective on Ancient Black Heroes, both male & female.

24) A dramatic biography of famed Black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951), who directed many all-black films mostly during the 1940’s. I strongly suggest a talented unknown thespian to play this part. And please don’t get a brown skinned or a light skinned actor.  Mr. Micheaux was very dark skinned.  




Prototypes for Video Games


                                                                October 29, 2008



1)            Negotiate – Talking heads teach students, and the just plane curious, how to negotiate out of certain situations.  Say, wars, poverty, hardships—what do you have as a person or country to offer other powers that be to get what you need for your people to get out of death and destruction?  Natural Resources? Laborers? A nice climate? Stable political history? Etc.





2) Stopping Gun Violence & War -  You can imagine yourself as the Mayor of a big city or head of the Pentagon, by pushing a button.  This game will guide you through ways and means of stopping street crime or wars by satisfying the needs of the community of would-be hoodlums with jobs, inexpensive schooling, and healthcare benefits.  There will be some who are just plain violent in nature.  They may have to be locked up.  This is a decision you will make as you play the game.






3) Stopping the International Drug Trade – You are at a table with five drug dealers who say they want to stop dealing drugs.  What can you give them from your arsenal of jobs, money, houses, education that really interest them—to help them NEVER do drugs again and never sell drugs again?  If you get four of the five to accept what you have offered, you win the game.  Number five may have to go to jail or may be in need of further coaxing.





4) Art as an alternative to violence – Art, good, clean aesthetic composition, no matter if it be written as a poem or novel, or drawn or painted as a painting or picture, or acted out on stage, good artistic, make-you-want-to think art is the best alternative to violence. Our games will make every attempt and take every road to transform people’s violent thoughts and tendencies away from violence and towards love, peace and non-violence.  It is boldly obvious that there is too much violence in our North American culture and, thusly in the many countries around the world that mimic the North American experience because of her vast influence in TV, movies and other entertainment venues.  This will be the beginning of something really BIG.




6)            Race Relations. You are the Mayor of a Big City or another elected official.  There is racial strife between three different racial groups in you city or district...  How will you handle the racial strife?  What can you use to break down racial, ethnic and language barriers and find common ground so people can relate and live in harmony?  What about old family rivalries and historic racial hatreds such as that between Black and White in the South? How can these road blocks be broken down?  What if there is a history of racial and ethnic cleansing?  How do you get different leaders and groups to forgive and or not hold onto historic hatreds or act out violently? 




Editor’s Note: I would like to get together with some Black people who have the technological know-how to create video games so we can develop actual games that will be mentally constructive, liberating and build better character in our children. I would like to see and be a part of games that will not be about violence and destruction, but about building a better world for ALL PEOPLE.  If you know of any such groups or individuals who are so engaged, please forward the information to me at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. I Thank You. (This Editor’s Note was added on Sunday, 1-10-2010.)  





A Real, Authentic Black Man—An Indigenous Black Man…


Your sandals are like the ones Jesus Christ wore…

Your hair is locked, or perfectly braded by your woman or your man…

Your hands are worn from the heat and toil of working in the fields…

Your brow is wet with the honest result of toil…

Your ancestors sprang from the Nile Valley as they overlooked the Dynasty, the Empire of Ancient Africa they had created…

You are now ALL OVER THE WORLD..

From Egypt to Chad to Gibbon to Atlanta to Kenya to Philadelphia…

You are there and have seen it all…

You are a Christ Child…a MASTER of men…

A man who owns time itself… But you don’t Lord over other men and women…

You are the Indigenous one—not the invader…

You are the essence of love & respect for humanity…

Your rugged feet walked through Nazareth and Bethlehem

Your ancestor’s eyes were cast into the sky to create the SUN & the STARS…

You are an ancient African man and

As you walk through the City of New York, the perfect mix of

The Ancient and the contemporary, few Europeans understand the dimensions of your existence among them… 

Frankly, you are superior…

You have come from dirt and dust to once again rule the world…

You are a champion of fairness, justice and righteousness among men who plunder and hate….

You are an African Emperor in a pin striped suit



You are NOT, allowed to be the hero and a romantic lead because the mere vision of you shapes thought, time and response ….


But let’s be clear, if you are not a large part of the shaping of the New World, there will be NO NEW WORLD…








Letter #22


Wednesday, October 16, 2009



Brother Tracy Gibson

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720







Dear Sister Maisha and Brother Wayne:



                Hello to both of you.  I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to share something with you that is important, controversial and has me quite upset.  Recently, about a month ago, I sent a letter to the Chicago support team for Elijah Muhammad (It is enclosed).  The letter practically wrote itself before I even read or reviewed it properly.  Unfortunately I also mailed it before talking to Brother Rob.  It mentioned the League.  I had gotten some comments about Mr. Muhammad from some very close women friends who said they wouldn’t go to any event about Elijah Muhammad because of allegations from his past with women.  I didn’t even realize that I was walking into the 50-year-old scar that hasn’t healed and was part of the reason for Malcolm X’s dismissal and separation from the Nation of Islam way back in the 1960’s. (Talk about repeating history!!) I know how red hot this topic is and how I must have hurt some people to even have brought it up.  But, I feel there really needs to be some healing & clarification around this. Part of the Nation’s credo is to respect women.  (By the way, I generally feel they do a fine job at this…) However, when they haven’t at least made a statement about Mr. Muhammad’s past it looks bad and is bad for the movement.  There are people and groups who have been deeply divided over the topic of Messenger Muhammad’s alleged behavior for far too long. Some sort of clarification and a statement is sorely needed.  A Black lesbian friend of mine used to wear a button that said ``Question Authority’’.  I have always followed suite and found that authority, even Black authorities, need to be questioned about the direction they lead people and what their ethical obligations are to our precious Black community & the future of that community.  How can progressive thinking Black women take heed to the vital message the Messenger has left us without dealing with this issue that is at the foundation & crux of any discussion of the Messenger & his important work? Some Black women are still hurt and some members of the Nation of Islam are still hurt that it would even have been brought up.  All I asked for was a statement from the Nation of Islam on the matter so it could be brought out and finally aired so tensions could be eased...  Well, as it were, I was dismissed from the League Executive Committee and am not allowed at meetings and nothing else has been said.  Not dealing directly with this issue is keeping the Nation of Islam in limited lockdown in their ability to deal with many progressive thinking Black women (and men) who feel strongly that it needs to be aired and that we all need to heal from this. Certainly The Messenger was a fine leader, but like most Black leaders (or any other for that matter) they are NOT perfect. I have often said that perfection is in the eye of the beholder.  There are other leaders who have had flaws such as Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Thurgood Marshall to name just a few.  Just because they had a flaw or two does not render them useless to our people. The future of the movement is too crucial not to deal with this. If nothing ever happened, then the Nation of Islam should say so and let go of it and start a healing process for Black women who use that same old excuse for not at least listening to some of the important, life-changing information that the Messenger has left us. I understand how strongly Nation of Islam members feel in regards to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad--that he is the Messenger and far above reproach and that his memory cannot be soiled with such folly.  (I believe this is their thinking—I’m not actually sure).  I really love the Black movement & the Nation of Islam and the League has been a large part of that for me in recent years. Having the two sides, progressive thinking, so-called liberated Black women on the one side and the Nation of Islam on the other—is holding many things back from progress for our people.  I was hoping that you two could advise me on what to do. I really need your help.  I have asked for a hearing on the matter with Brother Rob, but he has refused.  I think I should be heard and talk to the entire League Executive Committee.  I can’t tell you what the Nation of Islam means to me and has meant to me and my family over the years.  (I have enclosed the piece I wrote on the Nation of Islam in my book for your perusal.)  Please call or write if you can.  I have enclosed my contact information.  I know this is not an easy thing and I will understand if you choose to ignore this letter.


To Quote from Dr. Maulana Karenga who wrote a recent article entitled ``Essential Teachings of Messenger Muhammad: A Careful Kawaida Reading’’, ``Thus, Messenger Muhammad states that the first duty of a Black person is to know ourselves and act accordingly.  ``It is, he says, ``time for us to learn who we really are and it is time for us to understand ourselves.’’ To know ourselves, as I read it, refers to Black people’s duty to recognize and actively respect their divine nature, their historical origin and high-level achievement, and their originally and centrality in human history.’’


 Sometimes moving forward is painful, but sometimes things happen for a reason.  Often dealing directly with controversial people, events and issues can bring on unexpected healing and forward motion. If you think this all doesn’t scare the hell out of me you are mistaken.  I just want the movement to expand and grow in a progressive & healing manner…  Maybe something good can be salvaged out of this, or maybe it needs to just be left to fester.  God Bless you, whatever you decide.  I appreciate your taking the time to read this & respond.


Yours In Honest Struggle,




Brother Tracy Gibson






Letter # 23



12-14-09               (Monday)



Singer-Actress Mary J. Blige

C/O Oprah Magazine




Dear Sister Blige:


                With the phenomenal success you have achieved, you must get a lot of people sending you letters asking for funds—especially this time of year.  This letter is NOT one of those.  I just wanted to thank you for supporting Ms. Clara Ward through your support of the ABC program Extreme Makeover—Home Edition.  You were on the show helping out in the Erie, PA community where Ms. Ward and her family are from.  You obviously really care about poor and oppressed people—especially children!!...  People who our system leaves out of the goodies in the cookie jar.  I have also done work for such people for about 30 years.  It is very rewarding work. I remember once I helped serve homeless and poor people food in Washington, D.C. right before a demonstration.  It was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!!...  It gave me a warm feeling all over.  Those people REALLY appreciated what I did and I felt truly loved.  It is really great to help the less fortunate—even if you are one of the less fortunate.


                I don’t mean to beg, but if you know any people with deep pockets who would be interested in helping with the many objectives listed on the enclosed letter, I hope you will steer them my way.  It doesn’t have to be you. One of the MOST important things is building & stabilizing my business so I can become not only self sufficient, but also hire some of our family and neighborhood youth when they get out of college or university.


I remember hearing that you bought some wild number of new expensive foreign cars when you first came on the scene. I think you were buying them for your friends.   I swore then to NEVER buy any of your records—no matter how many hit songs you had.  I just didn’t like your values and ethics at the time….  I have changed my mind because I feel you have changed and for the better.  I now want to buy your records and CD’s.  I also recently saw you in the film ``I Can Do Bad All by Myself.’’ Not everybody who can sing can also act.  But you were great in that movie!!  I have to admit I changed my mind about you and I really think you care about poor and disenfranchised people!!  This is a good thing so look forward to my support in the near future!!  You have grown into the role of being a really caring, sweet and considerate woman.  I don’t think you were always like that.  I know you went through some problems early in your career. Early on, you seemed to be surrounded by some people who really didn’t care about you and who were just after a few bucks and liked being around someone who was known and famous.  I think that has also changed for you.  CONGRATULATIONS!!  Some people never change, but you have and for the better.  Some people never wake up to notice the people around them are not the right people until it is too late and they have already gone under like the Titanic.  This is a lesson I have to learn also.  So, take care and keep up the great work.  If you ever get the time to read some of my writing, I hope you will by logging onto


                I am in the process of seeking money and support to get my third book published.  It is entitled ``Freeing the Free World--The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora (2009-2011)--Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Accomplishment,’’ By Brother Tracy Gibson.  It is going to be a BLOCKBUSTER Book.  I can’t wait to get that and the other myriad of projects I’m working on properly funder and underway.  Times are hard and it may take me a while, but it will happen if GOD wants it to.  Again, thank you for doing the show.  I will be a supporter as long as you keep supporting people like Ms. Ward in Erie, Pennsylvania.  May GOD Bless you and keep you strong!!. I have enclosed a list of the things I’m working on, but don’t feel you have to support me.  I know how hard times are and how money is tight.  GOD will provide.  I pray on it each waking hour of each day.



Sincerely & With Respect,




Brother Tracy Gibson




Brother Tracy Gibson

Writer – Activist – Humanitarian

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Delaware  19720










11-25-09 (Wednesday)




Brother Tracy Gibson—Human Rights Activist

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720







Congress Woman Barbara Lee



Congress Man Dennis Kucinich



Dear Honored Progressive Congressional Representatives:


                How are you both?  I hope and pray you are both fine because you are the kind of voices and movers and shakers in Congress I love and respect.  You are working for the issues and concerns that I, as a Black progressive American, are most concerned with.  You have stood up against the war(s) and you have taken on many causes for the underserved, the left out and the underprivileged.  If there is a place in GOD’s heaven, it is reserved for people like you, but back on earth, I think we have some work to do on that President of ours.  I am very fearful that he is going to escalate the war in Afghanistan and that is something I want to make SURE I have gone on record against.  Please let me know, as an unemployed Delaware worker with a few moments on his hands during the day, what I can do to advocate against the war(s) our nation is presently waging—for no good cause.  I have already written my U.S. Senators and my home Congressional Representative.  I want to know some other strategies that can be utilized to finally put an end to the war(s) and how those strategies can be put into place quickly, efficiently and effectively...   I am all ears.  I know you probably have enough trouble keeping up with the mail from your own district, so I will understand if you take a while to get back to me, but I have to let you know that I have gotten letters back from Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.  I want to again commend you for your hard work and dedication to the many causes that many Americans are finally beginning to realize are key to our becoming truly a land of the free and a home for the truly brave.  I have enclosed a copy of my Proposal for the Middle East.  It has been getting around and has some sound ideas within it.  I hope you will take the time to review it (it is only 7 pages) and give me some suggestions on who else to send it to.  I am tired of seeing the billions in U.S. tax dollars going for these war(s) when there are unemployed people and a lack of dollars for education, the poor and the unemployed right here in this land.  There are also a host of issues surrounding the proper care and treatment of our children that need to be addressed as well as a crumbling infrastructure and a failing economy.  We need to do more than bail out the banks, we need to help the everyday American worker and the unemployed.  I don’t think our Democratic President has gotten that message loudly enough.


                One writer, William Greider (an older White gentleman I should mention) said in The Nation magazine (It was re-printed in Metro Philadelphia) that we should be taxing Wall Street to pay for some of the things we need such as more funds for the infrastructure and to clean up what some of the more reckless bankers have done to our Nation’s finances & economy. To Quote from Greider: ``Instead of taxing folks to clean up after reckless Wall Street bankers, why not tax Wall Street?  Instead of tolerating behemoths regarded as ``too big to fail,’’ why not break them up before they do more damage to the country? Instead of genuflecting before the mysterious Federal Reserve, why not strip the temple of its secrets and cleanse it of the self-interested bankers who shape Fed policy?’’  This sounds like a great idea and I have to concur that I would agree with this idea.  However, I think we would have to stipulate that the banks also not be able to pass the cost of this ``tax’’ from the government on to the poor unsuspecting consumer—the regular Joe and Jane or Tyrone and Vanessa who always wind up footing such bills.  Not to mention how the cost of the war(s) and all the other Federal spending will effect our future generations.


                Currently Congress is even talking about a ``WAR’’ tax to help pay for the war(s).  Why can’t they seem to get it through their heads that war itself, especially on the level the U.S. keeps waging it, is unsustainable, unworkable and often useless and ineffective in changing human behavior? War rarely results in the kind of policy changes that are sought by us in the country or people being attacked and killed by us.  We need to stop just taking oil and other resources from the world and study the world’s people and show some respect for people and their issues and concerns.  Every time I hear of a Muslim being referred to as a ``rag head’’ I almost go ballistic because I remember how the Viet Cong were referred to as subhuman and how such racist terms were used to leverage a great deal of inhumane behavior on the part of our troops onto those people. When will we learn to stop dehumanizing people are remember that these Muslims are people to and that they have their own ways, mores, customs, language, writing, and cultures that they hold as dear as we do ours. The human and financial costs of war are prohibitive, yet the Republicans and many Democrats keep insisting that we have to slaughter and kill!!! Maybe we should strap some of these old Congressmen up with guns and send THEM to Afghanistan and Iraq? I don’t think many Americans would miss some of them. (The people I’m writing to are definitely excluded from that group.) I can’t understand why some White men keep thinking they have to continue to dominate and play like the world’s police (More like the world’s thugs if you look at some of the activities of some of our troops and the many mercenaries on the federal dole.)  We obviously need to be putting people to work building and shoring up bridges, building badly needed housing and doing other constructive tasks--NOT taking down ornate buildings with endless gunfire, bombs and grenades and killing people in foreign lands who don’t agree with or understand our way of life, our government and our culture. 


                I am very THANKFULL during this Holiday season, for the positive and progressive things Mr. Obama has done, (Including more openness and travel with Cuba and legally putting an end to our Nation’s dreadful torture policy) but there are still boat loads of other successes that hang like low fruit on the tree of freedom waiting to be plucked.  I await your letter or contact so I can start working on whatever you suggest I work on to continue the work that needs to be done to make our land and people truly FREE!!  With Love, Power, Peace & Respect…



Speaking Truth To Power,’




Brother Tracy Gibson…

Human Rights Activist & A Lover of Man and Woman Kind





Letter # 24




1-22-2010            (Friday)



Brother Kanye West

C/O XXL Magazine

New York



Dear Good Brother Kanye:


                You have managed to bridge the gap between RAP and B &B like a fine wine bridges the gap between a fine cheese and other delicious foods.  Your success has been phenomenal and I wish you all the best.  There is one thing I want to talk with you about and it is not easy.  It is about hurt feelings, mental illness and a feeling of loss.  The View from Afar is that you are suffering a lot of pain since your mom died.  I hope you are able to get the needed help you require before you take a really bad turn. I totally understand the feeling of loss that you possibly have.  I have a history of mental illness (Please see the enclosed article) and have been battling depression for decades.  I have been successful and have not had to be hospitalized for over 10 years.  This is an accomplishment that I and my medicine and my therapist have made working in unison over an extended period of time. I could NOT have done this without seeking help. I hope you will get the help you require.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.  This could make the difference between life and death for you.  We need you around for many decades and generations to come.  I don’t want something to happen to you and your brilliant career get cut short like Michael Jackson’s or Elvis Presley’s.  You are of great importance and value to the Black community because your music will evolve and get more politically relevant and astute with time. I know it will.  I want to see that evolution. 


                More about me: I want to help our people step positively into the future through the publication of my book and through the other projects and programs I’m working on that are detailed in the enclosed letter to Great Results Consulting.  You can determine if I’m worth an investment through that letter and all the other information I have enclosed here.  I hope you will take me under serious consideration because I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to Black people and out quest for decency and dignity.  GOD BLESS you always……



Peace & Blessings,


I Am,


Brother Tracy Gibson…




Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720








Letter # 25



4-18--2010 (Sunday)




Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720








Corporate Headquarters

6001 Bollinger Canyon Road

San Ramon, California  94583


Dear Concerned Corporate President or CEO:



                I have rallied against Big Oil in the past, but I think, now, there is something we can work on together for the betterment of our country.  I am proposing that Chevron put forth an employment program for inner city youth this summer in the United States. If it is too late for this summer, maybe it would be more effective to shoot for the summer of 2011?  This will put needed dollars in the hands of our inner city youth; stem the growing tide of crime in inner cities by giving youth something to do over the summer; and provide a desperately needed Public Relations boost to your company. Three positive things that will help all involved!!


                This Summer Employment Program will also help beleaguered cities with needed wage taxes and jobs.  I am sure that Chevron can use the boost in Public Relations because I saw few people supporting your stations in our neighborhood. It seems that Big Oil is, rightly or wrongly, getting much of the blame for the costly wars that our Nation is presently waging.  One famous movie director, who is also an environmentalist, said that the actual cost of a gallon of gasoline is about $20.00 if you consider the tax dollars going into the wars that are really just being utilized to leverage oil from the Middle East. 


                I know youth can use the jobs because there are few and far between as far as jobs to go around in the communities across the Nation. There will probably be only limited economic improvements by this summer… People would appreciate the jobs and look on your company in a better way.  The young people, both male and female, both Black, White, Asian and Latin, could certainly use the professional experience and the economic boost for themselves & their families. 


                The cost to Chevron would more than be off-set by the positive word of mouth and increased sales to a company that is trying to help the community instead of just profiting from it. You would also be by creating better service to customers all summer.  


                Please let me know how I can help this idea become a reality.  There is no time to waste.  Young people could help with minor auto repairs; cleaning auto windshields, pumping gas, cleaning the stations up and so forth and their work will pay off in increases in sales, customer satisfaction and customer traffic.



                I hope to hear from you as soon as possible concerning this important matter.  I have included a resume for your consideration.



With Honor & Respect,



Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO OF,

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.




















Building Community Through Strength & HOPE!!










2-16-2010            (Tuesday)



Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720







Bill Maher

C/O Oprah

The Oprah Magazine


Dear Mr. Maher:


                I just watched you on Larry King Live (2-16-2010) and was generally very pleased with your intelligent and thoughtful comments.  There are so many Americans who don’t care or who just seem uninformed on the issues.  I voted for John Edwards in the Primary in 2008 and I think what you said is very true.  We need people to step forth and say they represent and advocate for the poor and the left out.  Certainly the corporate world has enough people representing and speaking for them.  I agree with you on that.  The one point I have to disagree with you about is Israel.  I am concerned about what is going on over there and I think the U.S. is often on the wrong side of the argument.  I am not saying the so-called terrorists are right, but they never get much of a chance to have their views heard or their opinions aired in the major media because they don’t own the media like many Jewish interests do.  Why are we, like you also said, so scared to have the other side’s views aired?  We can take it as Americans.  I think not having the trials for the so-called terrorists in New York is a mistake.  The media needs to pay attention to some divergent views like the views you and I have and agree about on many issues.


                I am sending you a letter I wrote CNN about their Haiti coverage.  I think they needed more background and to show some of the complicity of the U.S. and the corporate interests.  I agree with you about the Congo.  I know very little about what is going on there, but I know corporate and U.S. involvement can’t be far away from the brutality and hatred that has arisen.  I thank you for your comments and I look forward to having the funds needed to watch you on HBO regularly.  I am determined to be a successful writer. I have a book that I am praying will come out soon.  I need money to get it published.  Maybe you can refer me to some people who can help.  I’m sending you a copy of a flyer about the book and a few other things.  If you can help, fine, if you can’t I totally understand.  Take care and keep on the positive track.   


With Sincere Respect,



Brother Tracy Gibson…  




11-29-09 (Sunday)



Brother Teddy Pendergrass

Brother Kenny Gamble

Philadelphia International Records




Dear Good Brothers:


                I am honored that the good Lord guided towards writing you at this time.  I think the career of each of you has been seller.  You are also warm hearted and caring individuals.  None of us are perfect, except maybe in the creator’s eyes, but maybe HE knows HE created imperfect being and did so for a reason.  Whatever the reason, there certainly is a lot of inhumanity towards men and women on the planet right now.  I have been sent to you to ask for help in fighting some of the inhumanity. 


                I have been a Philadelphia-area humanitarian for years.  I have fought for better education for our children—especially those who have been left out of the picture or discriminated against.  I have also fought against police brutality and for a better and fairer Justice system in our Nation.  I have also fought for the rights of homosexuals to be treated with the full measure of humanity and for our children to get the nourishment and health care they need—especially Black and poor children.  Yes, I have worked for a host of organizations and for a host of causes.  You may well have never herd of me. Believe me I have been there.  I was a crusading reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune—but only for a short time.  I couldn’t take another child falling down an elevator shaft in the projects or another shooting in North Philadelphia.  I was NOT cut out to be a reporter—although I love to write and to help people tell their stories. 


                Presently, I am seeking funding for my company.  We are a for-profit company that is getting reconstructed and, hopefully, uplifted by GOD as we try to do our part for us humans down here on earth.  And, as I said there is much to do. 


                Teddy, ``Wake Up Everybody’’ is one of my informal theme songs.  That song really talks about helping ourselves and being more aware of what is going on around us and getting involved in improving things.  I know you must have thought a million times about what your life would have been like if you had not had that accident.  I have though of this also.  I don’t know why GOD lets the things happen that happen.  But you have certainly been a beacon of hope and light for many thousands of people in spite of you handicap.  I also have a handicap.  I am bipolar, but I have not let that stop me.  I just tried to get my graduate degree in Business Administration, but couldn’t cut the mustard.  But I won’t let that stop me either.


                Brother Gamble, you have written some of the sweetest tunes in the history of writing music and lyrics. You have also supported a number of causes and a number of Black individuals in their quest to make something of themselves & help others...  What I am writing you both about is the need for a printer.  As you can see, I like to write.  (You might want to take the time to read some of the other articles I have written at  I am also presently working on a BLOCKBUSTER  book called ``Freeing the Free World--The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora (2009-2011) Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Accomplishment.’’ My printer went kaput about a week ago and was unsalvageable… I have looked at printers and the one we need at my place of business costs $669.00 at Staples.  I also need to upgrade my Web Page ( at a cost of about $600.00. (A Black company is doing my web page).  I don’t expect either of you to write me a check.  I know times are hard and I know you must get plenty of requests for funding.  Fulfilling all of them is an impossibility I am sure.  But I was hoping that you might have some wealthy Hollywood or New York friends that might be able to help.  I am also in desperate need of an upgrade for my home office.  We need office furniture, computers, file cabinets, paper, pens, chair mats, phones, a camera, print cartridges, envelopes a quick books accounting program,  and such.  We also need to catch up on our taxes and paper work for the time during which we were mostly dormant as far as making any money.   Our work advocating for the poor has always kept going, but we have been under reconstruction for about two years. .  (If you check out the same web page [] you can see what we have done for the community when we were really fully up and running.  I have calculated that the office overhaul will cost about $13,000.oo (Thirteen Thousand Dollars). I just filed my 2007 personal taxes if you need to see them for any reason.  I have been on disability for years, but have never stopped advocating for my people.  I have enclosed some documents that I am sure will leave a paper trail and let you see very clearly that we have remained active at helping others through these tough times.  A list of the documents enclosed is included at the end of this letter.  We hope you can help by referring us to some of your friends in Tinsel Town, New York and other places where a few of the concerned & progressive wealthy reside.  The need is great, but I know there are some who want to help.  We remain in a state of constant excitement about the progressive movement and about helping Black people remove the remaining shackles of mental and physical slavery that hold us back throughout the world...


                In 2005 we were able to send a free bus load of young Black men to the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March.  That was a great day.  I couldn’t go with the bus (I went separately with another group) but I made sure they had the chaperones needed so they had an exciting, but orderly, educational and constructive trip. That is just one of the many things we did. We will do similar things in the future with your help!!  We have many other plans which are laid out in the enclosed documentation.  We hope you can help.  I know you both have full plates right now, but if you read the documentation, you will find that we probably have worked on similar projects and concerns in the past.  (By the way Brother Kenny, I have visited your restaurant at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City at least three times.  We love it!!) Take care, and we hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you for your time & consideration...



With Sincerity and Respect,



Brother Tracy Gibson





Brother Tracy Gibson’


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Delaware  19720







Documents Included:


1)            Cover Letter.

2)            Proposal for the Middle East.

3)            Resume (I am looking for work as an Advocate, Organizer or Non-Profit Administrator)

4)            Proposal for Prison Reform.

5)            Proposal for Black Youth.

6)            Letter of interest to Great Results Consulting.

7)            About the Author.





           An Open Letter to Malcolm X:


4-26-2010 (Monday)


Dear Mr. X:


                Your words were inflammatory, but extremely accurate and well targeted at the enemies of real JUSTICE.   You got people railed up and ready to fight, and that is a good thing because we are and were then being impinged on many fronts and in many ways.  I wish we had you now in our struggle towards real freedom and real justice—people don’t have a really clear and accurate picture & idea of what is happening to them & the world. We are certainly clearer in thought than our oppressors who think they are NOT oppressing us as they take every advantage of having White skin and a European background.  Yesterday they passed a bill in Arizona that really smacks of the new formations of racism and racial hatred that we as Black and Latin people will be fighting against in the NOW and the near future.  They are going after the so-called illegal immigrants FIRST, it would seem.


                What most White Americans fail to admit & realize, (at least openly) and what few Black or even Latin people realize is that the question of whose land is it anyway is never raised by the Western Press!!  Didn’t the European-descent Americans just fight wars, with superior weapons and more money, (often generated from the dollar bills that slavery and exploitation generated) to take over Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California anyway?  Wasn’t this land originally in the hands of indigenous Mexicans anyway? Wasn’t this land stolen from the Native Americans and as most of them were exterminated through chemical warfare, and superior guns, bullets and other advanced armaments & weaponry? (Again, mostly paid for by the Black Man’s and the Black Woman’s slave-labor dollars!!)  Latin people are doing a vast amount of the crud labor in states such as Arizona. The new law now says that hiring such people is illegal and punishable by law.  Won’t this have a chilling impact on the crime rate as people are thrown out of work, but still in need of money to feed their selves and their families?  It seems that the lawmakers in Arizona didn’t really think this one out at all, but took on some of the anger and resentment at what they saw as the Federal government’s inaction on the immigration issue.   


                It would be nice if we had someone of your Stature, Mr. X, to help us see things clearly, to help us focus and gather an adequate response to the onslaught of hatred and greed we see coming from the established order.


                Maybe the Lord will bring us a seer, a believer, a thinker and a visionary who can properly articulate the viewpoint of the masses of the down trodden and oppressed people of the world.  Maybe he will be YOU again, Mr. X, but in a new different formation… We look forward to meeting you…


Sincerely,                                            Brother Gibson
























4-15-2010 (Thursday)


Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Delaware  19820






The Philadelphia Gay news

505 South Forth Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19147-1506


Atten: Publisher Mark Segal


Advertising Manager: Nick Forte


Dear Friends at the PGN:


                I sometimes pick up the PGN when I’m in Philadelphia’s Free Library in Center City Philadelphia.  I usually find something of interest to read.  Your credo is ``HONESTY INTEGRITY PROFESSIONALISM.’’  I would like you to stick with your credo that is emblazoned across the top of each & every issue even more than you do at the present time…. Integrity denotes inclusiveness..  Your old competitor, Au Courant, was a very different paper from yours.  I would send in articles to the Au Courant and they would invariably get in the publication almost all the time.  They seemed to have a more open door policy on writing about divergent and exotic viewpoints, opinions and people than the PGN does.


                Well, times are certainly changing.  We have a Black President of the United States and more Black and Latin people are seeking and getting positions of power all the time.  Color is certainly still an issue, but I think more Americans are beginning to take a look at different races and saying ``They have a point, maybe I should at least listen.’’


                That is what I’m asking you to do today.  ``Just Listen for a Moment.’’  I have tried to get articles that I think would be of interest to your readers in your paper consistently over a number of years.  I have NEVER gotten a single article published in your paper.  Frankly, when I read the PGN I see a lot of what goes on among White homosexuals in Center City.  If something bad happens to a Black person of stature who is a homosexual, it is prominently featured in the PGN.  For example when they had troubles at The Colours Organization and when they had troubles at UNITY and when certain Black people got arrested or in legal trouble—there was ALWAYS an article in the PGN on these matters. I saw little or nothing mentioned about positive attempts to bring different people of different colors together for something positive such as the Kwanza Celebrations at the William Way Center... 


                This is not to be flip, but our community is very diverse and reaches far outside the Center City White Established Order of Gay (Same Gender Loving) people in Philadelphia.  There are Black, Asian and Latin Same Gender Loving people in North Philadelphia and West Philadelphia.  There are Asian Homosexuals in all parts of the city as well.  We at Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. feel there is a great & abiding need for these other groups to be reflected in a positive, proactive way in your newspaper in a much more consistent manner….  How can we make this begin to happen? After the heavy days of protests, demonstrations and ``affirmative action’’ of the 1960’s and 1970’s you would think we had already passed muster with this issue.  Apparently not!! We would like to see your publication come to a positive decision to change policy and bring on board some more Black and Latin staff people; advertise in Black and Latin neighborhoods; and cover Black and Latin events in a more steady and positive way. We would also like to help you generate advertising dollars from these same ``people of color communities’’ as soon as possible…  We would love to meet with your ``high level staff people’’ to help make this happen in a friendly, positive and proactive way as soon as possible. We are available for such a meeting and would like to schedule two hours with you for this to happen.  Please have a point person call us when you feel ready to meet with us.  We hope this will happen very soon. Meanwhile we will share this letter with all media in the Philadelphia area as well as several of the organized Pro-Gay or Same-Gender-Loving-friendly groups & organizations in Philadelphia such as The Colours Organization; ADODI Philadelphia; The Men of All Colors Together Organization; The Unity Fellowship Church in Philadelphia; Metropolitan Community Church; The Human Rights Campaign; other progressive organizations including BEBASHI, the local NAACP and the Urban League. Also: some prominent Black, Latin & Asian Same Gender Loving individuals and others such as established Politian’s in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas will receive a copy of this letter; and civic leaders; community leaders of all stripe; as well as some of your advertisers will get a copy also.  Just to keep some friendly pressure on.


                Our President & CEO, that would be me, also has many articles that he feels deserve consideration for publication and hopes that, this could also be a consideration & goal of any scheduled meeting between PGN and the Black and Latin Organized Same Gender Loving Community you will be meeting with.  I am presently writing a book entitled: ``Freeing the Free World--The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora (2009-2011)--Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Accomplishment.’’  We hope to be able to advertise this book in your publication when it comes out in June of 2010.  We also hope to be able to help PGN find badly needed advertising dollars from within the Black, Asian & Latin communities as soon as possible.  Certainly there are Black, Asian and Latin advertisers who would seek out your reader base as it expands to include more people of color.  It sounds like a ``win—win situation’’ for all, if we approach this matter with an open heart and an open mind…..


                We hope to hear from you very soon in a positive, proactive way.  Until then, please remain well & in good sprits.


Sincerely & With Many Good Tidings for You and Yours,





Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO OF

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.

































Building Community Through Hope and Reconciliation!!







Letter # 26





2-21-2010 (Sunday)



Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720






First Lady Michelle Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mrs. Obama:


                I want to personally thank you for coming to the Philadelphia area to promote better health, nutrition and exercise for young children and youth—regardless of their ethnic background, financial background or religion.  The fact that you came to a new Grocery Store in North Philadelphia was a real plus. (We are glad to have the Fresh Grocer in Town!!).


                Our children, especially the poor ones, struggle everyday with getting the proper nutrition and your visit helped make their parents, community leaders and local politicians understand the importance of this issue.  I hope you will keep on keeping on, on this important issue and that more people will be able to utilize local gardens and local produce.  ALL the best to you, your husband & daughters,


With Love & Respect,




Brother Tracy Gibson

President & CEO OF,

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.





Building Community Through Strength…







4-14-2010 (Wednesday)


``It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them,’’


A Quote From Mark Twain…



Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Delaware  19720








To: All Gold Directors, Corporate

Leaders, My Up Line & Specifically to

Mr. Timothy Lewis & his Wife Delbra:


                I bid you Peace and Good Health. I have been involved with USANA for almost two years now.  My trainer / Up Line is Ms. Anne Reid of Canada. I haven’t made ANY money with USANA.  I tried consistently for about a year and a half, but finances got so bad that I HAD to put funds into things that were proving to be more promising at giving funds back.  I have a multitude of business ideas that I am slowly working on. A lack of Capital is a real problem. At this point I wanted to take this time & opportunity to mention some things I feel about USANA.  I hope you will take ALL the comments in the positive, constructive manner in which they are offered.


                First of ALL I want to publically thank my Up Line Anne Reid.  If it had not been for her, my life would have spiraled downwards and I would most likely be in a worse situation than I am now. It was not easy after my family faced financial ruin when my Mother became ill and eventually passed away in 2006. Even though the Man is supposed to take my house away from me next month (May 11th, 2010 to be exact)…. I still have eternal hope that things will work out for the best.  Anne was so supportive and always talked me out of the sometimes negative thoughts I would have about myself and my abilities.  I wanted to take this moment in time to publically thank her for her help, support and all the hours and hours of hard work she put in on my behalf.


                I was able to get some supporters, but mostly I found a great deal of frustration when trying to sell USANA products in the Black community & get people to come on board with USANA...  Many Black people just DON’T understand the value of supplementing your diet with quality minerals and vitamins.  Then, when they do want to spend the money, they want to buy cheap vitamins from the stores that are basically worthless.  They have a very small threshold through which to gain the knowledge and understanding of the superior quality of USANA products. I found this very frustrating. 


                But I discovered that there is something else going on when I attempted to sell USANA products in the Black community to my many contacts, friends and relatives.  1) Black people, in general, have much less disposable income to spend on good products of any kind including USANA vitamins, minerals & nutritionals; 2) Black people are even more suspicious of people trying to sell anything to them. Often when it doesn’t come over the TV, it is NOT trusted!! Especially when family and close friends are doing the selling...  (This is due to our own economic victimization of each other and also due to our economic victimization from other races); 3) The old crabs-in-a-basket mentality often takes place among Black people.  Often we don’t want to see others get ahead and will hold people back who try. This is largely true of some large sectors of the Latin community also. ; 4)   Our National Oppression often also has a deleterious impact on people within the community who want to help--even though we have a superior product at a relatively reasonable price.; 5) After you get worn down with little success, one just wants to give up; 6) Seeing Whites and other ethnic groups such as Asians make all the money as Gold Directors & reach success (in your magazines and such) also only ends up making one want to give up.  We need more representations among Black & Latin people and more Black faces besides Mr. and Mrs. Lewis represented in the many publications and magazines that display successful Directors; 7) I am e-mail savvy, but I am NOT too schooled on much of the latest technologies of the 21st Century such as the I-Pod, and the technology behind the latest video games or the special effects one sees in the latest movies.  Black people are getting left out of the technology loop!!  Many of our Black households are less likely to be hooked into the internet-- and we are far less likely to know and understand the latest, most exciting terminology and technical complications of the new technologies. (This is certainly a detriment to being successful with USANA, as you know.) Also, while attending college, we don’t major in science & math as much as Whites and Asians and we are far less likely to be in college or university at all (especially Black and Latin Males). This is another reason why USANA is less workable & accepted in Black and Latin communities. We just aren’t acclimated to the technological devices that are relevant & pertinent to such success…


                I am frustrated, but I want to help USANA—which has a good record of reaching out and helping the underserved & left out—reach more PEOPLE OF COLOR!! I want you to especially be more able to reach Black and Latin people and have a massive success rate among these two groups of people.  I think it would be a great idea if you had a ``special program’’ to help Black and Latin people ascend the ladder of success at USANA. I think such a program should be devised by Black and Latin people themselves.  All the barriers I discussed earlier in this letter could be targeted and overcome through such a ``special program.’’ If it were successful [and with USANA’s record of opening up new markets and helping people of color communities, I am SURE it will be successful] this ``special program’’ could reach massive proportions and be the envy of other corporate interests.  The details of such a ``special program’’ would take time to work out, but would assuredly reap more Big Profits for the company. The ``Special program’’ would also as help more Black & Latin people from all walks of life receive the health benefits and some of the income that it would produce as more such people took the supplements and gained a foothold into USANA’s profit-making structure.  To just say that such a ``special program’’ is not needed after you have taken any realistic and hard look at the difficulties Black and Latin people are facing in reaching success in the American financial community is to, frankly, be dishonest with oneself and the rest of humanity…. THESE ARE REAL ISSUES!!  


                I think you will find the institution of such a ``special program’’ very helpful and desirable as you enter into immerging markets in places like Jamaica; Ghana, West Africa; Kenya, East Africa; South Africa; Venezuela; Panama; The Andes and eventually Cuba right here in the Western Hemisphere.  


                Dealing positively with the disenfranchised in cities like Chicago & Philadelphia will help in reaching the above mentioned immerging markets because they are equally if not more disenfranchised.….


                I hope you will call on me so I can help in the development and implementation of such a ``special program’’ for Black and Latin people. I know there are many who just need that ``special push’’ to get inside the USANA Business.  I have heard some Blacks say your compensation plan doesn’t go far enough and that USANA isn’t all it should or could be. One relative of mine even called USANA products ``Those expensive vitamins.’’ I would love to prove them wrong!!  I hope you will take this important & vital opportunity to take on the naysayers and help develop such a ``special program.’’  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  I guess you can write me at my home address...  Hopefully I’ll still be here after the date that lives in infamy in my roommate’s mind and in my mind. On that date we are suppose to have our house sold on the open market to foreclosure—May 11, 2010.  We hope to hear positively from you very soon.



With Positive Thoughts, Peace & Blessings,





I Am





Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO OF

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.





























Building Community Through Hope, Healing & Strength!!







Letter # 27




3-3-2010               (Wednesday)


Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  10720






Ms. Violet Sutton

South Philadelphia High School



Dear Ms. Sutton:


                True, real heroes are those who are going about their regular work and routine when something happens and they take swift, positive and correct action to rectify a usually bad situation.  You fit that category.  I want to go on record for thanking you for helping those Asian students who were about to be attacked at your school.  I also am a person who cares about our young people—especially the often lost Black youths of our inner cities.  I was an abused child and have spent much time and energy advocating for young people, especially lost and at risk Black youth like the ones who were probably about to persecute and attack those young Asian students...  I know you are probably a busy woman and already doing a great deal of volunteer work, but I’m hoping you can give me some pointers as to how to get my book: ``Freeing the Free World--The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora (2009-2011)--Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Accomplishment.’’ Published as soon as possible.  I don’t want to go through regular publishing channels because I want control of editing and content.  I need to raise money for the publishing of the book and I thought you might have some suggestions.  You can read some of my articles on my web page at and you will see that I’m a good writer.  I wish you good luck in all the positive, proactive and progressive endeavors you are already involved in—I am sure there are many.  I have enclosed a position paper on Black Youth that I wrote that is included in my book.  I look up to you as a leader because when I saw you on TV, you reminded me of my teacher in High School—Mrs. Ernestine Carter—who I will never forget and will always love for her guidance, inspiration, support, dedication & serious-mindedness. Those students don’t realize how lucky they are to have you.  May GOD walk with you always.  I have also included a flyer about my book.


With Sincere Best Wishes,



Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO of

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.




Tuesday, April 12, 2011…

From The Desk of: Activist Brother Tracy Gibson…

To: Singer / Song writer / Activist John Legend…

Dear John Legend:


Again The City of Chester, PA. [just outside of Philadelphia] has been struck by meaningless violence and our youth are victims. When will it all end? The same kind of meaningless violence has taken place several times in the Philadelphia area.  I have a plan to create an oasis of hope for our youth, but I need your help in getting the plan off the ground.  What I want to do is develop a string of stores that will cater to the better side of our youth—and yes, there is a better side. I also want to develop a major Youth Institute to study and implement plans to improve the behavior of our youth and the conditions under which poor youth especially, live under, while also providing roads to college, university and a prosperous life of hope & prosperity for them and their families...  Yes, even during these economically challenging times under which we live…..


One of the things I want to do RIGHT NOW is develop a positive concept for at least two stores [in Wilmington, Delaware & Philadelphia, PA—but also areas like Chester, Pa, Harlem and Newark, New Jersey as well]   that would be for the positive development of youth—especially Black & Latin youth—but poor & challenged youth of all races as well—that would help them become more responsible, reliable & law-abiding—as well as constructive citizens & positive thinkers. Such a store and meeting place must be developed for Chester, PA as well, considering the violence going on there when the Summer hasn’t even begun. [There was recently a party in Chester, PA at which some nine young people were shot—two of them were killed]. This is needed because our young people in this country are deeply influenced by some very negative forces in our country such as the inane media, street violence, negative rap music, corporate greed and corporate exploitation, bullying and negative peer pressures—to name just a few...  These forces need to be counteracted by more positive influences and a road towards more constructive and positive living.  The stores I am proposing would sell positive CD’s and DVD’s; posters of Latin & Black historical heroes [both male and female]; positive greeting cards developed by the youth themselves; Tee-Shirts with positive slogans and images on them; and books that are geared towards making better and more positive choices in life as well as stressing self-improvement concepts, education and positive ethical choices & positive ethical development, as well as ethnic pride and a sense of community.  The Saturday morning cartoons and the violence, sex and cursing on TV & in American movies are having a very negative influence on our children & young people.  We want to counter balance that with more positive reinforcement in the formation of these stores.  The stores would also serve as a focal point and an organizing center for our youth to not only congregate in a more positive way, but to also learn about life and themselves while doing so.  We would eventually be able to have classes, workshops and seminars that talk about the importance of staying in school; offer business development opportunities and entrepreneurial development; and stress NOT taking illegal drugs, NOT drinking alcohol, and / or NOT having unprotected sex too early [or at all]. Other issues that we would want to help educate youth about might include: reproductive rights ; the dangers of bulling and the virtues of treating people who are different from the norm with fairness and equality. There are other vital issues that pertain to our young people growing up to be strong, progressive, law abiding and responsible adults that also need to be explored…..  

                Let’s face it, we live in a material world and having something tangible young people can actually buy that helps stress positive living traits & positive life lessons can only be a plus. I am in need of seed money for this idea.  I have tentatively called the proposed stores ``The Knowledge Hut’’ and I plan to give our investors a 70 % share of the interests and our parent company will take a 30 % share.  We would like to have final say as to what gets sold and distributed from the stores because we don’t want the same old negative stuff that is available at Wall Mart & K-Mart and several other stores to ever be available.  ``The Knowledge Hut’’ will be different.  We also want the stores to be partially run by young people [under 21] and have adult managers to oversee the management. We also want to have a structure that allows community input as to what is allowed in the stores and to help set up and maintain policy as to how they are to be run.  I am sure all the details can be worked out in a timely manner.  My parent company is called Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, INc. We are licensed in Delaware and have been incorporated since 2006.  It is my hope that if you or anyone you know who has the funds to invest in such a concept and idea--you or they will contact me as soon as you can. I have a business developer and Real Estate manager who I trust and who I have worked with in the past that can help bring these concepts and ideas into reality without too much stress and difficulty.  All my contact information is listed at the top of this letter.  I wish you well in all positive endeavors that help the less fortunate thrive into the future... Your hard work is always enlightening and challenging to the intellect—something desperately needed among our Black people—especially our youth...

                There is one last thing I want to share with you.   ``The Knowledge Hut’’ stores won’t nearly be enough positive stimulus to help dissuade the negative influences that are attacking and manipulating our youth every day.  We will also need a Youth Institute to deal positively with providing the research and development to implement the positive plans and create a positive foundation on which to launch our plans.  Much work is needed and a Youth Institute can be the impetus and create the momentum to provide the positive programs—supported by the wealthy among us, and the Middle-Income,  poor and grass roots as well—that will guarantee better, more constructive futures for our young people.  The Youth Institute would require funding for: research and development to determine what the pressing issues of youth are and how best to create and implement solutions; create, develop and maintain funding sources; serve as a public affairs, public relations and a mouth piece for the Youth Institute itself; and make sure there is more than adequate input from poor, left out and disenfranchised communities and people in all processes the Youth Institute works in.   There are other aspects that the Youth Institute will work on that I have not mentions here, but which are equally important and that must be included.  We will gradually have a deep and positive impact on the negative statistics that have doomed & devastated our communities for generations….  We will turn those statistics around and create better, more healing and loving conditions for our young people to live in.    Our Youth Institute will make sure that young people are living with hope and that they will grow up to be productive, responsible, reliable, hard-working, productive and viable American citizens—ready to have a positive impact on the world.

                I am hopeful that you can put me in touch with the community leaders, business people, community activists & supporters & benefactors we need to get in touch with to make this all happen as soon as possible. Our youth are crying out for solutions that will improve the community, develop positive economic forces, help them get educated & bring the community together for something positive & lasting. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. I can be reached at the contact points listed below.





Brother Tracy Gibson…..

President & CEO OF

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, INc.


Brother Tracy Gibson

Leader – Activist – Thinker

Community Organizer – Businessman

Fund Raiser

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720



Or Reach me in Philadelphia at: 1.215.471.6494







The People’s Manifesto

                          by Brother Tracy Gibson


The people shall be free.  It is the duty of each and every person of the New Land to work towards the freedom of each and every person of the New Land.  There will be no further tolerance of hatred or discrimination.  It is the right of each and every person to have a job and or own a business and this shall be worked towards by the government of the New Land as well as the people.  The people of the New Land must be willing to learn about the cultures of other people, but will also have the pleasure of having their cultural history and the historical achievements of their people, not only considered, but shared and highlighted.  Equality shall ring out throughout the land for each and every human being.  The media shall have no economic vice.  The media of the New Land can no longer be used  to just ring money out of the people, but MUST be used in good and equal proportions to teach and educate the people about math, languages, history, architecture,  The national, international and intergalactic policy of the New Land shall represent and promote the good values of the aforementioned. Economic plunder by, for and about the rich shall and will no longer be tolerated.  Groups of people of the New Land will naturally want to highlight, study and even admonish the works, beliefs and religious and cultural history of the specific group they belong to.  This MUST be respected.  The advancements of one group should not and must not become a detriment to other groups, but successes must be shared and ways to help ALL the people of the New Land must be discovered and spread throughout the land.  The words of active and reactive hatred and racism must soon melt from our mouths, lips minds and actions.  The suffering of ALL people should be discovered and relinquished and restitution must be made for past aggressions that are considered inappropriate and hateful.  Such poison must be replaced with the cool and enriched water of love, tolerance, cooperation, sharing, caring, respect, pride, righteousness, ethical uprightness and unity.




















Building Community Through Strength!!





Crime Scenes on TV Galore!!!


   By Brother Tracy Gibson…


                Did you ever wonder why there are so many TV programs about Crime Scene Investigators carrying out their duties to fight crime in our major inner cities?  There are any multitude of things to write and produce TV shows about, but they –that mysterious ``they’’ who from board rooms and back rooms produce the major TV shows—have decided that we need more than a stomach full of dramatic TV programming about the U.S. fight against crime. Why so many shows? And why right now when there is any number of pressing issues that could now use some dramatic depictions on TV that would help us through this economically troubling and socially tumultuous time in our history?

                I, for example, would like to see the old show ``Room 222’’ [1969 – 1974] brought back  That show from the ‘70’s told the dramatic, and fictional story of a high school and all the social drama that takes place in a high school among the students and teachers.  Since Hollywood likes re-makes from a sure thing, I would think that re-making ``Room 222’’ would be a sure bet.  The original show starred Denise Nickels as one of the main counselors / teachers.  I believe it also starred Lloyd Haynes & Karen Valentine as other teachers. Michael Constantine also starred…  It was quite a drama as it depicted the social problems of inner city youth and the stress and strain of living in Los Angeles at the time.  The TV show even became a movie that was equally successful. It took place at Walt Whitman High School [a multi-racial high school in L.A.] where ``socially relevant issues were explored.’’ Re-making that show is just one idea for Hollywood to think about.  I have several hundred others—if Hollywood would only ask.  God knows I have written, but for some strange reason I get very little mail back from the citadel of movie and TV production.

                I think that the mass production of police drama, which has gone on for about 30 years, is part of the mind control game that Hollywood plays on us little people.  The question is: Does the excessive visual presence of police violence & criminal behavior on Police / Crime dramas on TV deter or actually encourage criminal behavior? They want us to obey the law and march to their drum beat.  Stay in school, work and make the rulers--millionaire’s and billionaire’s--richer and richer without ever questioning why we can’t walk to a different drum beat and strike out on our own as Black, Latin and poor people—or just as questioning and progressive thinkers—and make a different kind of positive mark on society.  They want us to continue to accept things the way they are instead of demanding that things be different—and better--as we did in 2008 when we had such hope for the Obama Presidency.  

                The advent of TV Crime drama is saying that we need to step to the beat of the status quo that cares more about maintaining power and influence among the rich and powerful instead of sharing power with the little people like you and me.  Have you ever noticed how the drama almost always centers on people of means and how property is protected as much as if not more than people? I had a woman friend, she was a dear and sweet friend, and also a Black lesbian, who almost always wore a pin or button that simply said ``Question Authority!!’’  I know now more than ever what she was saying with that button.  It is always authority that protects itself, creates barriers around its’ self and tries to stave off any challengers—if any exists.  Just look at local politics for example.  It is always the incumbents who are about maintaining power and protecting their power base. Why, for another example, can’t we have another program like ``The West Wing,’’ that depicted a fictional Democratic presidency with all the trappings and really gave the viewer a look see at how some of the inner workings of the American Presidency worked?  This program was a one of a kind show and I found it fascinating, well written, well-acted and informative.  When it went off there was nothing else like it to take its’ place.


                What did we get?  Snooki and her bunch on ``The Jersey Shore.’’ [Talk about dumbing-down the public!!!] This has to be the most mindless, brainless, stupid and inane program to ever cross the airwaves, yet the ``actors’’ in the show are getting new contracts for $100,000.00 an episode.  The show is supposed to be a reality show, but it is the dumbest ``reality’’ that you can probably find in America. [Now that is saying a lot!!!]  Most of the show’s ``actors’’—and believe me I use the term loosely—are not even Italian Americans, as first thought.  They are from other ethnic backgrounds pretending to be Italian.  And Italian groups were outraged about the racist and shallow depictions the show presented.  Their anger did nothing to stop producers and the sponsoring network from making the ``actors’’ into household names and reaping monetary benefit from the show.   If I am not mistaken the show is going into its’ third or fourth season.

                I have to be frank with you.  If such a show had depicted Blacks as such shallow, violent, empty- headed and stupid people the Black community would have called for a boycott and the show would have never made it past a second season. The funny thing is ``Meet the Browns’’ the Tyler Perry produced vehicle on another cable network is barely any better that the adventures of Snooki and the Situation.

                But to get back to the subject at hand, there is ``Law & Order,’’ a host of shows like ``CSI: Miami’’ and any number of other shows that center on police and police work.  They try very hard to make heroes out of policemen and police women.  They ALWAYS have a token Black person and they always show them spiriting away the criminals in the last 15 or 10 minutes of the show.  Black people—especially poor Black people aren’t fooled.  We know there is still something called police brutality in our community; there are still cops on the take; and there are still cops who have raped and abused our women AND men.



Humiliation & Disappointment…..


                I face it every day.  I listen to the so-called God-Voice or Good-Voice in my head and do all the positive things she says to do, but I am more often than not, lied to about what rewards I will receive…  I feel let down, humiliated, defeated & disappointed, but still I rise and go on to the next thing and do what I can to pull myself out of the morass I find myself in…..I work and toil every day to move forward… I look back and see a mountain of achievement and still I am behind because that is how the White racist Power Structure designed our OPPRESSION as Black people.  President Obama is NOT a liberator; he is too conciliatory and obedient to the powers that be to ever be a liberator.  Besides, if he was a liberator, he probably would have gone the way of The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Harold Washington, Huey P. Newton, Patrice Lumumba and Maurice Bishop. These White rulers do not play.  They are used to getting their way and they don’t like to be handed defeat, but soon, very soon they will be handed a defeat the size of Mont Kilimanjaro—it will make 911 look a day at the Circus—I can only promise you that. I keep working and take joy at knowing one day we as Black people, will all be free.  But it is more than Obama!!!! GOD Willing, It won’t always be like this…..


Black Nationalist Arrogance…Not a Pretty Picture…


                The other day I was explaining how my Dad and I had a tradition of giving each other the fist bump when saying hello to my sister.  She quickly cut me off at the knees and said ``That’s what White people do. We call it ``DAT’’ and we as Black people shake hanks in a more complicated way.’’ She went on to, in so many words, really make my handshake with Dad something corrupted by White folks that wasn’t authentically anything because it wasn’t Black enough….

                To say my feelings were hurt would be a massive understatement. Sometimes I think we as Black people with Nationalist leanings and or tendencies tend to alienate and offend plane old Black folk because they don’t measure up to some Nationalist knowledge or idea of what is Black enough.  This was not only a shameful embarrassment for me, it left hurt feelings that lingered because my fist bump with Dad took literally years to get there because when I was younger, Dad and I bumped heads more often than fists.

                We, Dad and I had a stormy relationship for many, many decades.  Now at his old age, we were getting along swimmingly and the fist bump was a part of that.  Of course, my sister didn’t know that and if I had hollered that out at the time, I would have hurt her feelings and felt silly myself, at the  same time.    It was something that was left unsaid at the time, but there is something I want to say to Black Nationalists that needs to be said…

                Sometimes Black people have their own customs and ways that just don’t and will not measure up to the ways and such of the Black Nationalist movement. They are ways that might be White in orientation, or just sloppy culturally.  They might be dances, cultural tricks or short cuts that were taken from the dominate White culture.  It is important that we as people who believe in Black liberation take a kinder gentler hand in helping our grass roots and community folks understand that there are other ways that are more accepted by Black people who think on a higher plane and who are perhaps more oriented towards our liberation as a people. Helping other main stream Black people understand why they might want to take on some of these Black cultural ways should not be a hard hit on the head, but instructional and fun.



Non-Profit Organizations in the Philadelphia Region That Can be Relied Upon for Assistance to the Community


1)            The Alliance for Digital Equality.

2)            Southern New Jersey Gay Pride (

3)            Mazzoni Center (LGBT Health & Well Being)

1201 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone  (215) 563-0652 Ex. 257


4)            Philadelphia Black Gay Pride (

5)            BEBASHI (Transition to Hope)

1217 Spring Garden Street, 1st Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19123

(Phone) 215.769.3561

United Way Donor Option code  #7958

6)            Griot Circle of Philadelphia (Newly Forming)

7)            Mountain Meadow—Embracing Family Diversity, 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

(Phone) 215.772.1107.

8)            REACH

[Recovery Empowerment and Community Health]

A Partnership program of:

ActionAids – Mazzoni Center--&

(215) 563.0663 Ext. 245



260 South Broad Street, Suite 1000

Philadelphia, PA 19102

(Phone) 215.985.6873


Call 1.866.HIV.PENN

11)          PFLAG Philadelphia

P.O. Box 15711

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(Phone) 215.572.1833


(Phone) 1.877.557.3251










A Big Thank You…


There are four people I want to take this space, time and opportunity to personally thank. They are Mr. Larry Davis, Ms. Carrie Engram and my father & sister...


Mr. Larry Davis has supported me when everybody else ran for the bunkers!!  He brought groceries when I had a negative balance in the bank; he helped me keep my chin up during some grave & misbegotten times; he would loan me the 44 cents for important letters like job applications, resumes and business letters that HAD to go out when I didn’t have a dime for postage.  I can’t thank you enough & I hope that some day soon I’ll be able to repay you.  There is no way I could have had the down time & been able to concentrate & focus without your help, assistance and support.  You have always understood about how it cost money to bring on progressive change and that many times, there is very, very little money coming back. I thank you for being so understanding, faithful, generous, kind and concerned.  Your strong faith in GOD is also deeply appreciated.  While you don’t want to understand some of the finer points about politics, you have a basic sense of what is right and what is wrong and you always try to be fair to people and do the right things.  You once gave me a $300.00 plus loan to get my computer out of the shop; then you turned around and waited months for me to repay you.  You have rarely complained, and when you have, it has been more than justified. Like I said you might NOT understand about what I do and politics, but you have been one of my most reliable and steady supporters over the years. Without you I would NOT have had the rest and the stable home to work from and this work and all the rest of what I’m doing would have NEVER been possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Ms. Carrie Engram, I thank you for turning me onto The Leon Williams Journal, which I have been writing for, for about seven months now.  You have been a supporter of my writing for years and have always gone out of your way to encourage, support and inspire me in many, many ways.  There are things about me that you don’t understand, but instead of condemn me, you had a way of wanting to learn and at least listen.  We have common enemies and common friends. I thank you and I’m forever grateful for your help in the many ways you have extended yourself. I have a hole in my heart because you have left this plane of existence, but I will never forget you and I vow to stay in touch with your family and I will fight for the creation of a Foundation in your name to help young Black people—something you always found time for.  I miss our talks, now that you are gone, but you will never be forgotten by me…


Mr. Bruce H. Harvey. I thank you for being one of the most funny, dead-pan characters I have ever known. Your humor is something that I will always cherish, but you have given me more than that—so very much more.  You have found time for me when you had better more important things to do; you have given me money when I felt ashamed to even ask for more; you have come to all my corny parties when others have skipped out on my early on not come at all. I am hopeful that someday I can re-pay you.  I never knew what it was like to love a real man until I fell in love with you, even though we are only friends.  I am figuring that one day you will come and work for my enterprise, but I can’t make any promises—you seem to more than understand.  We have differences of opinion, but you have taught me how to look at something—a problem or a situation or a person—from another angle and notice the beauty in something that others might think unbecoming. I have never really seen you get upset.  You have a mild and funny demeanor that I want to be around as much as possible and you have a deep appreciation for men’s butts like I do as well.  I will never forget the help and assistance you have given me for whatever project I was working on at the time.  Thank GOD for you as a friend, mentor, benefactor, assistant and quiet companion.


My father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, has lent me money for my business which allowed me to carry out the experiment on 38th and Lancaster in 2006.  Having my own storefront allowed me to grow and learn in many, many different ways.  I will pay you back, but more important than that, you could have said ``NO!!’’ like the Republicans do and let me be more frustrated, angry and lose my momentum.  There are so many, angry and frustrated young Black men out there.  I didn’t have to be one that year because you believed in me.  I will NOT LET YOU DOWN!! I will not forget your kindness & generosity!!


My sister, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson-Hunter, is a great painter and supported me through many, many hard and trying times.  You are a great person to bounce ideas off of and you are often the first person I want to tell about something I just discovered or learned.  You are the mother of four of my favorite people in the world—my two nieces and two nephews.  They have learned from you and your husband Dr. Keith Hunter—well and are bound to be great adults as they grow towards adulthood.  Thank you so much for trying to understand someone who thinks on a deeper level and has a curious and examining mind.  Your held with research has also been considerable and well appreciated.


ALSO: a big thank you to the workers at the Free Library in Philadelphia for their help with research as well as staff members at the Bear Library in Delaware. I am very thankful for your help.




About The Author


                Brother Tracy Gibson’s legal name is Tracy Charles Gibson (He was named after actor Spenser Tracy by his mother in 1956).  He was born and raised in Philadelphia and now lives in New Castle, Delaware (45 minutes away from Philadelphia) with his friend and business partner, Mr. Larry Davis.  He was educated in the Philadelphia public school system and went on to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where he received a B.A. degree in Journalism and Public Relations.  He minored in Black Studies.  He worked for 13 years as an editorial assistant at TV Guide Magazine in New York City and Radnor, PA.  He also worked for a short time for the Philadelphia Tribune in Philadelphia where he devotedly covered North Philadelphia.  He attended graduate school at Temple University where he studied Communications and Journalism under a Scripps-Howard Scholarship, but he never got his graduate degree.  He left TV Guide in 1995 and never looked back. In 2003 he generated enough support from the community, family and friends to start his own business (Public Relations, Marketing and Community Advocacy) at 38th and Lancaster Avenue in the Powelton Village of Philadelphia.  After a year and a half he had to move into his basement in New Castle, but plans to branch out once again very soon.


 ``Freeing the Free World--The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora (2009-2011)--Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Achievement’’ is his new BLOCKBUSTER book, due out in March of 2010.…  He has many expectations for it and has worked hard on it.  His elderly father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, has supported him with ideas and some financial help along the way as has his only sibling, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson-Hunter of Washington, D.C. He has been a political advocate for the poor, the Black and the left out for over 30 years and has worked for many political organizations in the Philadelphia area. Brother Gibson has also worked on political campaigns including the election of Philadelphia’s first Black mayor (W. Wilson Goode) and for his former State Representative, Vincent Hughes (Who is now a State Senator). He wrote for other publications such as Male Box Magazine, Au Courant, SBC Magazine in Los Angeles, California and The Philadelphia Daily News (Guest Opinions). He currently Writes for Leon William’s News Journal of Philadelphia and has his own blog (The Politics of REAL) on The Official Google Blog Spot portal...  He will parlay his success with the current book into a regular opinion piece for a major publication and write several other books. His younger niece, Thandiwa Gibson-Hunter (who now attends school at Spelman University in Atlanta) once told him that success is in the eye of the beholder.  This quote is something positive to hold on to during the tough times, the former reporter says. You can reach the Writer/Journalist at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. Or you can call him at 1.302-276-2755. You can view some of his writing samples on the web at or you can write him at:


Quote From: Brother Gibson:  ``I’m not always the sharpest pencil in the drawer, but I do have something significant and worthwhile to share.’’


Brother Tracy Gibson

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720






                                 Warning and Disclaimer:


(The opinions, views and writings here are that of the author ``Brother Tracy Gibson’’ [Except for the article on Haiti by former Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney] and not necessarily that of any groups, organizations or individuals discussed or endorsed in this book. Reading this book is suggested for those 16 years of age and older due to some adult themes, content and adult language. At the same time, it is strongly suggested that young Black adults [ages 16 to 25 read this book.])  Some of the profit from this book will go into positive, proactive programs and advocacy work designed to support and stabilize the Black community in the Philadelphia vicinity and elsewhere in an ongoing fashion... 




``God sends a voice, if we choose to ignore the voice, he sends pain,’’


TV Evangelist…..



3-31-2010            (Wednesday)



Brother Tracy Gibson


214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Delaware  19720







President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C.  20500


Dear Mr. President:


                I just wanted to raise my voice Loudly & Firmly AGAINST the proposed oil drilling on the West and East cost of our Nation.  The environmentalists have warned against this for decades. It is far past time we listened. Once you have destroyed the earth, what is left—NOTHING!!  Don’t do this!!



Sincerely, & With Respect,




Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO OF

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.





Building Community Through Hope, Strength and Bringing Power to the Common People!!





I Was Born Lookin’ Guilty…


By Brother Tracy Gibson…



(A poem for all ages and races)


I’m a Latino male in L.A. or Arizona.


I was born lookin guilty..


People think I was born with a switch blade in my pocket

& steeling on my mind


All I ever wanted was a chance to be an English teacher or a professional

Football coach.


I never stole any old lady’s pocket book or joined any gang.


But I was born lookin guilty..


     X   X  X


I’m a Black male youth from the Bronx, Harlem or Detroit.


I only want to get an educated & pull myself out of this miserable poverty.


I want to delight audiences with my soulful singing talents & my acting abilities,

But these skills need to be nurtured and honed.


That will have to happen without the help of my father who is missing in action.


I want to be a trained classic thespian—a Man among men, a talent rare among humanity…


But I, like my Dad, was born lookin guilty…


X   X   X


I am a White man with argyle socks, boxer shorts, black horn-rimmed

Glasses  & a brief case.

I work on Wall Street, but I am not OF Wall Street.


I never trade oil or defense stocks or do some of the other

``Dirty Stuff’’ my colleague do that I consider unethical…


My Mother & Father always raised me to

Respect humanity—especially people who are NOT like me…


I give thousands of dollars to charity and have dedicated myself to

Helping in the creation of fairness & balance in the world..


I even have a poor Black  sponsor child from Kenya

With the Christian TV Network…


But I get lumped together with people like Bernie Madeoff and other

People who work for corporations like Goldman Sacks, Halliburton or IBM

Who take Billions in bonuses & get paid millions in salary.


I have a nice car, but a modest lifestyle with my wife and kids in Queens..


I have high ethical standards, yet I get lumped together with

People who don’t have the good values I have just

Because I work on Wall Street


I was born lookin’ guilty..



X   X   X  


I am a gay or Same Gender Loving Asian man.  I sit rotting away in a jail in China.


I am a convicted freedom fighter, an activist & a humanitarian.


I long to get out of here & live in the U.S. or France, or England where

I can express my divergent views


But I was born lookin’ guilty…



X   X    X



I am a straight Black & Latin man living in Cuba with

Two children and a lovely wife.


I am a former policeman.


What you don’t know is that we feel we have more freedom by supporting the

Revolution than you do in your so-called free American democracy…


We have free access to education & I’m traveling all over the world with a

Team of Doctors who help the less fortunate on the world—especially Africa and Asia.


But in your country,


I was born lookin’ guilty…



X   X   X   X



I am a straight Black African living in Ethiopia, Africa…


I sprang from the cradle of civilization at the base of the Nile Valley…


I have a wife and three young babies.


I went to school in Ethiopia and England & studies Industrial Engineering 


As well as gourmet cooking.


I have a beautiful wife who cares for our children…


I am successful & I love Africa but in your eyes,


I was born lookin’ guilty…



  X  X  X  X


I am a Same Gender Loving Black man living in Philadelphia and Delaware

I have worked my finger to the bone on social justice issues

I love what I do

But they are taking my house away from me..


Your Catholic church condemns what I am (A HOMOSEXUAL)

And a catholic priest raped me when I was a little boy,

Leaving me little opportunity to be anything else




I am neither fit for nor able to find a regular nine-to-five


But somehow I must find ways and means to adequately fund my struggle

As a Black human being


I want to work for the causes of liberation, freedom and true justice


My skin and my attitude are Black,


And I manage to keep my style and spirit up


Even though I have been crushed before….


Like a Phoenix I rise from the ashes…


Ever soaring to new heights of peace and understanding about the world, its’ people &


The new promise of World Social Change…

The New World Order is nothing to be frightened of…..


It is Time for the equal Knox to come full circle…..


Even though I was born lookin’ guilty……







I Was Born Lookin’ Guilty…


By Brother Tracy Gibson…



(A poem for all ages and races)


I’m a Latino male in L.A. or Arizona.


I was born lookin guilty..


People think I was born with a switch blade in my pocket

& stealing on my mind


All I ever wanted was a chance to be an English teacher or a professional

Football coach.


I never stole any old lady’s pocket book or joined any gang.


But I was born lookin’ guilty..


     X   X  X


I’m a Black male youth from the Bronx, Harlem or Detroit.


I only want to get an educated & pull myself out of this miserable poverty.


I want to delight audiences with my soulful singing talents & my acting abilities,

But these skills need to be nurtured and honed.


That will have to happen without the help of my father who is missing in action.


I want to be a trained classic thespian—a Man among men, a talent rare among humanity…


But I, like my Dad, was born lookin’ guilty…


X   X   X


I am a White man with argyle socks & a brief case.

I work on Wall Street, but I am not OF Wall Street.


I never trade oil or defense stocks or do some of the other

Stuff my colleague do that I consider unethical…


My Mother & Father always raised me to

Respect humanity—especially people who are NOT like me…


I give thousands of dollars to charity and have dedicated myself to

Helping in the creation of fairness & balance in the world..


But I get lumped together with people like Bernie Madoff and

People who work for corporations like Goldman Sacks, Halliburton or IBM

Who take Billions of dollars in bonuses & get paid millions in salary.


I have a nice car, but a modest lifestyle with my wife and kids in Queens..


I have high ethical standards, yet I get lumped together with

People who don’t have the good values I have just

Because I work on Wall Street


People think I’m for the destruction of Third World

Lands and People, but…


I was just born lookin’ guilty..



X   X   X  


I am a gay or Same Gender Loving Asian man.  I sit rotting away in a jail in China.


I am a convicted freedom fighter, an activist & a humanitarian.


I long to get out of here & live in the U.S. or France, or England where

I can express my divergent views


With a protest sign in my hand

And the fever pitch of a freedom song in my heart….


But I was born lookin’ guilty…



X   X    X



I am a straight Black & Latin man living in Cuba with

Two children and a lovely wife.


I am a former policeman.


What you don’t know is that we feel we have more freedom by supporting the

Revolution than you do in your so-called free American democracy…


We have free access to education & I’m traveling all over the world with a

Team of Doctors who help the less fortunate of the world—especially in Africa and Asia.


But in your country, you see only my race because….


I was born lookin’ guilty…



X   X   X   X



I am a straight Black African living in Ethiopia, Africa…


I sprang from the cradle of civilization at the base of the Nile Valley…


(I’m of Nubian ancestry)


I have a wife and three young babies.


I went to school in Ethiopia and England & studies Industrial Engineering 


As well as gourmet cooking.


I have a beautiful wife who cares for our children…


I am successful & I love Africa but in your eyes,


I was just born lookin’ guilty…



  X  X  X  X


I am a Same Gender Loving Black man living in Philadelphia and Delaware

I have worked my fingers to the bone on social justice issues

I love what I do

But they are taking my house away from me…


Your Catholic church condemns what I am (A HOMOSEXUAL)

And a catholic priest raped me when I was a little boy,

Leaving me little opportunity to be anything else


I am neither fit for nor able to find a regular nine to five

But I Am a Father Of Humanity and I will survive…

But somehow I must find a ways and means to adequately fund my struggle &

My survival…


I want to work for the causes of liberation, freedom and true justice


My skin and my attitude are Black,


And I manage to keep my style and spirit up


Even though I have been crushed before….


Like a Phoenix I rise from the ashes…


I am a father of Humanity…..


Ever soaring to new heights of peace and understanding about the world, its’ people &

The new promise of Progressive World Social Change…


The New World Order is nothing to be frightened of…..


It is Time for international progress, peace & positive world social change


Even though I was born lookin’ guilty……



The Internet—A Wasteland of Broken Promises and Dreams Deferred……



                The Internet has much to offer in the way of information about research topics.  I have found it helpful in this regard, although not always completely so.  Sometimes I have to call the local Library System in New Castle, Delaware or the Library System I Philadelphia, PA to get the answers I need—even in regards to research...


                But one place I have found myself frustrated time and time again with the internet is as a source of income.  I have been unable to make even a thin dime from the net. This comes after years of trying diligently and thousands of dollars worth of investing.


                Yet I hear story after story from White business people and internet ``Wizes’’ that the net is where it is at to ``make money from home in your underwear.’’  My feeling is that one needs to try the good old fashioned way and follow the money trail from a good bricks and mortar institution of Higher Education to a well-paying job and then eventually start your own business (most assuredly not only a net business) AFTER doing the necessary market research in the field you want to go into business in. 


                That is what my personal research and years of work has revealed to me.


The Crazy Things That Kids Do…


             When my sister was 16 she ran away to California with her boyfriend Jeff Renfro. I remember my uncle Pete coming over the house and saying ``Charlie, (that’s my Dad’s first name) call out the mother fucking National Guard on the mother fucker!!’’  It was one of the first times I had ever heard cursing and I was really shocked. I was also worried about my sister. I was only 13 and didn’t really know what all the Hub Bub was about.  My Dad’s jaws were really tight about it.  I remember that day as if it were yesterday!!



             Dancing for the first time at my cousin Vicky’s party in the basement of their house on Addison Street in West Philadelphia. I was tall, lanky, skinny and had two left feet (Size 12). But somehow I danced with a young lady and no one laughed. That’s all I can remember—the blue lights and no one laughing. I thought I was ``King of the world.’’  It was like I had won an Academy Award like John Cameron for directing ``Titanic’’ or something like that!! I had seen others dance, but until Vicky told me to ``get on out there and ask that girl to dance,’’ I never thought I would also be able to do such a thing in life, ever!! Thank you Vicky.


             Crazy Kevin Bunch jumped off the second floor roof of their house down the street with a white superman cape around his neck (it was a towel) and almost broke a leg. Kevin grew up to be a successful oil man like his Dad Alvin was. (Mr. Alvin Bunch was a great role model for us kids).


             I told you about the Cub Scout Dinner where I sat and cried looking at the small size of the chicken leg on my plate and Dad had to promise to take me to Genoe’s for another meal afterwards.  Well Dana, also a Cub Scout, and I actually had a battle Royal right near where we had our Cub Scout meetings one night after the meeting. I talking a knock down drag out fight.  Don’t ask me what it was about, I couldn’t tell you.  I think Dana, who was stockier that me and stronger, got the best of me and kicked my ass pretty god before an adult came along and stopped the fight. I don’t know whatever happened to Dana, but he was a cousin to some male twins I knew (the Pointdexters) when I was coming up.  They lived around the corner and down the street from us, which seemed like a long journey then.


             Alvin Bunch and a White blind man named Mr. Camanchie took us to French Creek when we were all kids—mostly us boys—to go swimming. It was an amazing, fantastic voyage that seemed to take hours. (It was only an hour and a half at most). It is amazing how none of us drowned.  Sometimes the hand of GOD is over you and you don’t even know it.  We were so young & skinny--not many of us could swim a lick.


             There were also two beloved stores in our neighborhood when we were kids. One was ``Mother Sandy’s’’.  It was a candy, cards and knickknack shop that was run by a kind, sweet older White lady who looked a lot like Sally Star.  If you don’t live in the Delaware Valley and aren’t over 45 years old you probably don’t know who Sally Star is.  She was a local TV host and a favorite among the younger set about 30 to 40 years ago.  She hosted her own show where she introduced some of our favorite Hanna-Barbara cartons and led us by the nose to our favorite carry-out restaurants including McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Geno’s (now defunct).  That was when those restaurants were in their hay day. Mother Sandy was like a celebrity because she was so nice to us kids.  If you didn’t have enough money for the penny candy she would sell, she would let you slide for a few days until you got your allowance or until you earned a few dollars from your parents for doing odd jobs around the house or for getting your chores done. Her shop was crammed with nice little things and we loved Mother Sandy and visited several times during the week. 


The other stores we loved as children was called ``Jarvey Imports.’’  It was run by some of the nicest Black ladies you ever wanted to meet.  One usually went to Jarvey’s with your Mom because the items there were more expensive than we could afford as children.  They had many, many items from all over Africa and other exotic locations.  There was art work, sculptures, figurines, cards, rugs, wall hangings, some clothing items and other assorted items for sale. The greeting cards were always different, exotic and sometimes funny.  My Uncle Pete (William Peterson) and his wife, my blood relation, Aunt Helen Peterson, would go to Jarvey’s at 52nd and Walnut quite frequently.  They had many items from there in their lovely home and some things still remain in their home even though both relatives have passed away now.  Going to Jarvey Imports was like going on safari because you never knew what you would discover or what new items would be in the store.  As I said the ladies were always glad to see children when they came in and were always very sweet to us. Visiting Jarvey Imports brought some needed ethnic excitement and wonder into our lives at an early age.  The visits helped instill an early interest in travel to Africa and had us asking questions about Africa and wondering what it was like there and what the people there were like.   



             As I have said, the movies were always a place for fun and adventure when we were kids.  It was about 25 or 50 cents a pop to get in.  One time I sat up real tall in the movie seat and my little cousin Leslie sequenced down in her seat and we told the movie usher we were daughter and father and we were able to stay and see the adult feature after the kid’s matinee.  We just knew we were hot stuff because all the other neighborhood kids had to leave the theater!!!


             Summers at Cape May were filled with enchantment and wonder (See the chapter of Cape May & The Cottage), but there was also the rides at Atlantic City (which were quite tame by today’s standards at Six Flag’s Great Adventure), getting our pictures drawn by an chalk sketch artist there and the popcorn and cotton candy.  WOW!! My childhood was filled with fun and adventure.


             I remember Pete Raymond and I running after each other and I tripped over a low-hanging chain that hung across a parking lot around the corner.  I really banged up my knee and cried for days.  Pete was sorry and felt responsible, but he was no more responsible for that catastrophe that the Native Americans are for what has become of our crazy country. I forgive you Mr. Raymond (Who last I heard was living out in California).


             One Halloween I dressed up as a farmer and went tone of my first Gay (Or Same Gender Loving) parties. Everybody else had on some elaborate customs they had taken hours to make. I threw on a straw hat and some overalls and a plaid shirt and called it a day.  I must have been about 18 years old.


             Herby, who lived two houses away in the same house s Neceey, used to always mess with Donald Felder, who was always over weight. Once he kept saying ``Milk Duds’’ ``Milk Duds’’ and was squeezing on Donald’s hardy breasts.  Whenever I see Milk Dud candies at the store, even today, my minds harks back to that incident and how cruel Herby was. I didn’t do anything to stop this from happening because Herby was street wise and had probably been in jail.  That would have been crossing over a line I was not ready to cross over at the tender age of 11. 


             I also remember Mrs. Bunch, who was not to ever be messed with having raised some seven boys and one girl, had a knock-down, drag out fight with Patsy who also lived in the house with Neecey’s family. I mean hands and fists were a swinging and we almost had to call the police.  Mrs. Bunch got the best of Patsy and whipped her ass really good.  Again, don’t ask what the fight was about.  I couldn’t tell you.


             The family that lived next door, the Henry’s, were Jehovah’s Witnesses and they lost an elder son because he would not get a blood transfusion.  I remember how much we felt the loss and how we thought that was really strange and crazy.  We wanted Tony back, but he wasn’t coming back.  That was a hard lesson for us kids to learn.


             My mother would throw these elaborate birthday parties for my sister and I.  We would actually get dressed up in our Sunday Best and ALL our guests had to also.  We had Piñatas (Big paper Mache objects like fish or clowns that were painted bright colors & filled with candy) for these parties and had no idea that we were carrying on a Spanish tradition that was hundreds of years old. Everyone would take a turn swinging at the Piñatas until all the candy burst out and us kids scrambled on the floor to get our share.   (My Mom loved the Spanish-speaking people of the world and went on the get a Master’s Degree in the Spanish language from La Salle later in life.) We also had the Limbo Stick dance where you had to dance under the limbo stick to Caribbean music. This was actually part of our family tradition because I would learn late that my father’s people were from the Barbados and we had family in Tobago and Trinidad also! We also did the more traditional cake and ice cream thing, but our parties were something special and all the neighborhood kids and our family members would attend. Another thing that was for sure with Mom’s birthday parties for us, the cake HAD to ALWAYS be from Handson’s Bakery on 52nd street. The butter cream icing was the best in the world.  I have never had a piece of cake like that since Handson’s closed back in the 1980’s. It didn’t matter where the ice cream came from, anything would do. 


             Ms. Helen was the head family member of the Henry’s who lived next door.  My sister loved this woman to no end.  She was a kid like us, although she was about 40 something.  She would play hide and seek, tag and tell us all these funny and deep stories about adventures and people in far away, strange lands.  I distinctly remember the story about the people who could breathe under water. Where she got these stories from I will never know… but we were captivated by them. I once saw Ms. Helen actually climb over a six-foot-high fence to get on the other side so she could be one of us kids and play in the filed around on Locust Street.  She was wild, but we all loved her a great deal….  One time she called me a sissy because I ate a piece of pig’s feet she had cooked and almost threw up. (I think that and my reading the Muhammad Speaks was why I stopped eating pork at the tender age of 14). She was offended and I was offended at having eaten something so gruesome, hard and grisaille.  Boy was that nasty!!  Ms. Helen used to join us for the movies sometimes also.  She was quite a character. Her grandsons, Chuckey and Gene were some of our best friends. Wow, those were the days!!!... Other than Pig’s Feet, she could cook up a storm. I’m talking really great food like fried chicken and macaroni salad for example. She would always cook up enough for the neighborhood children.   To this day my sister still talks about Ms. Helen and the whole family over there. They were just great old school people…  Wonderful!!!



* Mom and I would always have these funny arguments about my shoes.  I would take my shoes off in the house and not remember where I put them.  Mom would say ``I don’t wear them, they must be around here someplace.  They didn’t just get up and walk off by their selves!!’’ I always thought that was the funniest saying. Somehow I always found the mysteriously missing shoes.




Additional Stuff About Kids…..

      When I was in elementary school I would sometimes get the job of clapping the erasers in the fire tower to get the old chalk out.  Sometimes this became a fun thing when Joe or Bruce Bunch went with me and we made a total event out of it.  We would scrub each other’s faces with the dirty board erasers and laugh and giggle.  We sometimes got into a little trouble when we went back to class after taking so long.  Sometimes we also threw board erasers at each other and just went the Hell off with the darned erasers.  We needed some discipline and some guidance as to how to do this job without all the fun and merriment and get back to class and hopefully learn something.  

                 *      *   



Mr. Yo was our Asian math teacher during elementary school at Lea School.  He was a good math teacher, but not a good disciplinarian.  When he taught math, usually algebra and geometry, it was also time to cut up and act the fool.  I don’t think I learned a single math principal, rule or much about how to configure a thing while under Mr. Yo’s tutelage.  When his back was turned we would throw those board erasers we just cleaned with each other’s heads at poor Mr. Yo. We called a icosoleas Triangle  a Hot Sausage Triangle and made fun of poor Mr. Yo every way we could. We never got disciplined much and never got sent to the principal’s office. When we did get was stupid. To this day I am very poor in math and that is one of the main reasons I haven’t excelled as a business man and Public Relations expert. The ``we’’ at school cutting up this time was Courtney Jeffers and I.  There were other culprits as well.  One of my other friends, Lee Kates, was trying to take in what Mr. Yo was saying and actually did homework and tried to study.  But Courtney and I would have none of that silly math stuff. It is one of my regrets to this day.  I feel sorry for Mr. Yo and I pray you take math class much more serious than I did.  I don’t know if people are just stupid like the little brother from Malcolm in the Middle said at the beginning of this volume, but kids sure play the fool and cut up in schools across America.  Having good disciplinarians and tuff rules for good behavior will help, but there has to be serious punishment for people who act out and act up in the classroom as well.

                 *     *

Ms. Barnes didn’t play.  When I got into her class in the fifth grade, believe me the reputation of her and the golden ruler preceded her.   This was when some of the other boys were discovering girls.  I wasn’t much interested at first (please read the heart breaking story about Neceey) but eventually I got around to making my rounds like the other boys.  And making rounds was exactly what we did.  Feeling the girl’s behinds was a favorite pass time during class. The idea was not to let the teacher see you and NOT to get caught by the girls at the same time.  Of course this was impossible.  Some of the girls actually liked the attention, I won’t say any names, but there were girls who liked to get their behinds felt up.  They never thought of telling the teacher, other students or the Principal.  Once I was doing this to a new girl in class and getting away with it—or so I thought.  Little did I know that Ms. Barnes had eyes in the back of her head and saw the whole thing.  It was my turn to get Old Goldie across the knuckles...  ``Come up here boy.  Now I was told you were going to be a good student and pay attention, not play patty cakes with the girls.  Hold out your hand. ‘’ (I was in total fear of Ms. Barnes. I was about to wet my pants, but the water , thank GOD, didn’t come. ) In the front of the class, she told me to turn my hand over, palm down and I did so.  She hit me three times across the knuckles and my hand began to swell and hurt like the dickens. ``How does that feel.  Now go sit down,’’ Ms Barnes told me. I learned my lesson and sat down and shut up and paid attention for the rest of the school year.  I wasn’t fooling around with those other boys who liked to fool around with the girls.  I was lucky I didn’t get sent to the Principal’s office and suspended.  The Principal, Mr. Warnock, didn’t play crap like that.  He would suspend you in a minute.  I didn’t want another visit with Old Goldie either.

             * *


As if all that trouble wasn’t enough, I also got into a big fight with a girl in Elementary School.  It must have been in eight grade because I was transferred to University City High School in Ninth grade, and this was late in my career at Lea School.  By then, Mr. Warnock had retired and we had a Black principal.  His name was Mr. Perry.  If you had any, and I mean any damned sense at all you stayed out of Mr. Perry’s way and out of his office.  Well for some reason the devil got into Cheryl Brown and she called me a fag right in front of everybody else in school.  She didn’t just call me a sissy, which would have been sloughed off.  She called me the Big ``F’’ word right to my face and everybody thought it was very funny—except me of course.  While other students laughed, something in me swelled up like a dirigible—it was my anger at being called that name and it was my deep sense of resentment and my sense of wanting to get back at Cheryl.  I blew the Hell up.  Before I even knew what was happening, I was all over Cheryl.  Her legs and panties were in the air and I was swinging and beating her like there was no tomorrow.  People were totally unsuccessful at tearing us apart, including the teacher.  I went at her like a battering ram hitting a brick wall.  I was truly making some damage and taking a toll.  Cheryl was screaming and crying and didn’t know she had hit a real sore spot from years ago.  Years of feeling unsure of myself as a young man because I couldn’t always measure up like some of the males in the family, namely my DAD wanted me to; years of not getting any of the girls and feeling like an outsider; and  years of not being able to fight my own fights as a boy because I goet pulled out of fights by my older sister or other male friends.  I was letting Cheryl Brown have her day in the boxing ring.  Everybody saw her panties as she opened her legs and I dove in to attack her with one punch after another.  Finally I either got tired or the teachers and other students managed to pull me off of her.  I didn’t call her any names, because I was too angry.  In short shift, I found myself and Cheryl in the Principal’s office.  Mr. Perry told me I was going to get suspended.  My mother was going to kick my ass worse than I beat Cheryl Brown’s.  I don’t know what my teacher said or what my face must have looked like or what my Mother said over the phone, but Mr. Perry, GOD bless his heart, DIDN’T SUSPEND ME!!   I promised to never fight in school again and was sent back to class after about an hour to cool off.  I was totally satisfied because I had whipped Cheryl’s ass and DIDN’T GET SUSPENDED.  I think I got away with it because everybody heard her call me the foul name and because I had managed, don’t ask how, not to have bad report card marks for behavior.     The story of the fight circulated in the annals of Lee School for about 10 years after I left.  It was the panties flying up in the air that really did the trick as far as longevity of a story. I have seen Cheryl since and we get along just fine now. Judging from a look back at my childhood, I guess you could say I had kind of a Black ``Malcolm in the Middle’’ kind of upbringing!!


The Journey….


                The most exciting, vital and important aspect of this journey I have been allowed to take on GOD’s good green earth is that I was able to take it as a Black man.  Some people admire Donald Trump because he has been able to achieve great wealth; some people admire the Kennedy Klan because of their power, money and name recognition; some people want to be like Madonna, Will Smith or Lady Ga-Ga because they have amassed great wealth and are said to be talented and ``hot’’ or ``IN’’.  I would NOT want to be any of these people because they were not honored with Black skin and an African heritage as I was. (Well, Smith was, but I wouldn’t want to be him either.) I am an obscure Black writer.  If I receive any fame and or recognition at this point it comes to a man who is 53 years old and who has toiled and worked almost all his life for the betterment of Black people, the down trodden and the left out. That is my legacy and I wear it like a proud badge of courage for the rest of my life.  But most of all I thank GOD for making me a Black man.  Thank you GOD almighty for that!! Thank YOU!!!







A Golden Bounty of Books: To Heal the Soul, To Encourage & Seed Wisdom, To Guide & Sooth The Spirit & To Give Honor to Black People & Humanity. 


This book list is offered by Author-Writer-Journalist Brother Tracy Gibson and was compiled with the help of many people including librarians, book store clerks, friends, relatives and associates. It is offered especially to the Black community with love & respect, but to others who would listen & learn as well. It is strongly suggested that Black parents rip their children away from the criminal-minded Rap Culture, and  the corrupting influences TV and Movies long enough for them to learn about their past and how best to step forward for our people……. Some especially good books are highlighted in Yellow….Our youth definitely need to read more!!!.


1)            ``Anger Is What I Do Best: The Journal of a Black Gay Man in America,’’ By Roger T. Ward.

2)            Don Lemon’s ``Transparent…’’

3)            ``The Autobiography of Malcolm X,’’ as told to Alex Haley.

4)            ``Freeing the Free World--The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora Volume I (2001) and Volume II, 2009-2011,’’ By Journalist Brother Tracy Gibson.

5)            Sister Sonia Sanchez’s, ``Home Girls & Hand Grenades.’’

6)            Professor Michael Tillotson’s (The University of Houston) New Book ``Invisible Jim Crow: Contemporary Ideological Threats to the Internal Security of African Americans,’’ due out in June of 2010.

7)            ``Dispatches from the Ebony Tower,’’ by Manning Marable.

8)            ``Erasing Racism: The Survival of the American Nation,’’ By Professor Molefi Kete Asante,

9)            ``Just Above My Head,’’ a novel by James Baldwin,

10)          ``The Fire Next Time,’’ non-fiction essays by James Baldwin.

11)          ``How Europe Underdeveloped Africa,’’ excellent non-fiction by Walter Rodney. 

12)          ``Angela Davis: An Autobiography’’ by Angela Davis’’.

13)          ``Revolutionary Suicide,’’ by Black Panther co-founder Huey P. Newton.

14)          ``Assata: An Autobiography’’ by Assata Shakur & Angela Davis.

       13) ``Man Child in the Promised Land,’’ By Claude Brown.

14)``Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent.’’ By Eduardo Galeano.

15)``Egypt Vs. Greece & The American Academy’’ by Professor Molefi Kete Asante.

16)``African Culture the Rhythms of Unity’’ By Professor Molefi Kete Asante, Kariamu Welsh Asante & Kariamy Asaste-Welsh

17)``The Global Intercultural Communication Reader.’’ By Professor Molefi Kete Asante, Yoshitaka Miike, & Jing Yin.

18)``Afrocentric Idea Revisited.’’ By Professor Molefi Kete Asante.

19)``It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop: The Rise of the Post Hip-Hop Generation’’ by M.K. Asante, Jr.

20) ``Afrotopia: The Roots of African American Popular History’’ by Wilson Jeremiah Moses.

21) Tony Brown’s ``What Mama Taught Me.’’

22)          Randall Robinson’s  ``An Unbroken Agony: Haiti From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President.’’

23)          ``Black Looks,’’ By bell hooks.

24)          ``African America’s 3rd Rail: SGL’’ by Max Smith.

      25) ``Sugar Blues,’’ By William F. Duffy.

26) ``The Assassination of Fred Hampton; How the FBI & The Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther,’’ By Jeffrey Haas.

27) ``The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America,’’ By Samuel F. Yette…

28) ``The Debt: What America Owes Blacks,’’ By Randall Robinson…

29)  ``The Reckoning’’ by Randall Robinson…

30)  ``Quitting America,’’ By Randall Robinson…

31) ``Defending the Spirit: A Black Life In America,’’ By Randall Robinson…

32) ``Have They Decided to Kill Us Yet: Global Black Labor Obsolescence & Manufactured Black Genocide,’’ by Joseph R. Gibson…

33) ``Come Back Charleston Blue,’’ A Novel By Chester Himes.

34) ``In Search of Pretty Young Black Men,’’ a novel by Stanley Bennett Clay.

35) ``Get Healthy Now! With Gary Null: A Complete Guide to Prevention, Treatment, and Healthy Living.’’ By Gary Null.

36) ``Gary Null’s Ultimate Lifetime Diet: A Revolutionary All-Natural Program

for Losing Weight & Building a Healthy Body,’’ By Gary Null.

37) There are several other books by Gary Null that will be beneficial to you. (You can look them up at

38) ``The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure’’ by Chris Prentiss.

39) ``Nelson Mandela’s Mandela’s Way Fifteen Lessons of Life,

Love & Courage.’’ With Richard Stengle.

40) ``Fierce Angels: The Strong Black Woman in American Life & Culture’’ By

Sheri Parks.

41) Howard Zinn’s ``A Progressive History of the United States.’’

42) ``The Huey P. Newton Reader,’’ Edited by David Hilliard and Donald Weise.

43) ``Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal,’’ By Danny Schechter.

44) ``Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s Most Pressings Needs,’’ By Muhammad Yunus & Ray Porter.

45) ``Betrayal of Trust,’’ by Leslie Esdaile Banks.

46) ``Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business & the Future of Capitalism,’’ by Muhammad Yunus.

47) ``Black Power,’’ by Amos Wilson.

48) ``Yurugu’’ by Mariamba Ani

49) ``Something Torn, Something New,’’ by Nogoi

50) ``2000 Seasons,’’ By Ayi Kwe Armah.

51) ``Khmet,’’ by Ayi Kwe Armah. ***(Include Publisher)

52) ``The Adinkra Dictionary,’’ by W. Bruce Willis.

53) ``BLACK A Celebration of Culture,’’ by Deborah Willis.

54) ``The West & The Rest of US,’’ By Chinweizu.

55) ``The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade: 1440  -  1870,’’ By Hugh Thomas.

56) ``The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America,’’ By Jonathan Kozol.

57) ``European Christianity & The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Black Hermeneutical Study,’’ By Robinson A, Milwood.

58) ``The West & The Rest of US: White Predators, Black Slavers & The African Elite,’’ By Chinweizu.

59) ``Black: A Celebration of a Culture,’’ By Deborah Willis.

60)  ``Two Thousand Seasons,’’ By Ayi Kwei Armah.

61) ``Tutankhamen & the Daughter of Ra,’’ By Moyra Caldecott.

62) ``The Adinkra Dictionary: A Visual Primer on the Language of Adinkra,’’ By W. Bruce Willis.

63) ``Something Torn & New: An African Renaissance,’’ By Nhugi Wa Thingo.

64) ``Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought & Behavior,’’ By Marimba Ani.

65) ``Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, & Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century,’’ By Amos N. Wilson…

66) ``Khmet’’ by Ayi Kwe Armah.

67) ``Citizen You: Doing Your Part to Change the World.’’ By Jonathan Tisch, Karl Weber & Mayor Cory Booker.

68) ``Black Women’s Lives: Stories of Pain & Power’’ By Kristal Brent Zook.

69) ``Tapping the Power Within: A Path to Self-Empowerment for Black      Women,’’ by Iyanla VanZant.


70) Look up or Google ``Manning Marable’’ to discover for yourself the many great books by this Great Black writer, thinker, visionary & author.

71) ``Black Pearls: Daily Meditations, Affirmations & Inspirations for African Americans,’’ by Eric V. Copage.

72) ``How to Write a Book Proposal,’’ By Michael Larsen.

73) ``Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential,’’ By Michael Bernard Beckwith.

74) ``Debt Cures, They Don’t Want You to Know About,’’ By Kevin Trudeau.

75) ``How Successful People Win: Using `Bunkhouse Logic’ to Get What You Want In Life,’’ by Ben Stein.

76) ``Advertising Profits from Home: Simple Money Making Strategies You Can Use Right from Your Home,’’ By Anthony Morrison.

77) ``My Heart Will Cross This Ocean: My Story, My Son, Amadou,’’ by Kadiatou Diallo & Craig Wolff.

78) ``Organize Yourself, New & Revised Edition,’’ By Ronni Eisenberg  with Kate Kelly.

79) ``More Dirty Little Secrets About Black History, It’s Heroes & Other Troublemakers, Volume II,’’ Claud Anderson.

80) ``From Holy Power to Holy Profits: The Black Church & Community Economic Empowerment,’’ By Walter Malone, Jr.

81) ``Black Africa: The Economic & Cultural Basis for a Federated State,’’ By Cheikh Anta Diop.

82)``From Civil Rights to Human Rights: Martin Luther King, Jr., & The Struggle for Economic Justice (Politics & Culture in Modern America)’’ by Thomas F. Jackson.

83) ``Black Capitalism: Strategy for Business in the Ghetto,’’ by Theodore L. Cross.

84) ``The 85 % Niche: The Power of Women of All Colors—Latin, Black & Asian’’ By Miriam Muley.

85) ``Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power & Economic Justice,’’ By Claud Anderson.

86) PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America,’’ By Claud Anderson.

87) ``Black Power Inc.: The New Voice of Success,’’ by Cora Daniels.

88)``Black Business & Economic Power (Rochester Studies in African History & The Diaspora)’’ By Toyin Falola & Alusine Jalloh.

89) ``Understanding the Impact & Power of Social Networking,’’ By Ben Black.

90) ``Virtually Free Marketing: Harnessing the Power of the Web for Your Small Business,’’ By Philip R. Holden.

91) ``Dirty Little Secrets About Black History: Its Heroes & Other Troublemakers,’’ By Claud Anderson, Joann Anderson, Florence Jekins & Robert Coleman.

92) ``Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,’’ By Former President Jimmy Carter.

93) ``Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis.’’ By Former President Jimmy Carter.

94) ``The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution & Build an Imperial Presidency,’’ By Ken Blackwell & Ken Klukowski.

95) ``Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader,’’ By Warren Bennis & Joan Goldsmith.

96) ``The Obamas in the White House:  Reflections on Family, Faith & Leadership,’’ By the Editors of Essence Magazine.

97) ``Words on a Journey: The Great Speeches of Barack Obama—Special Inauguration Edition,’’ by Barack Obama.

98) ``Michelle Obama: An American Story,’’ By David Colbert.

99) ``The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy & Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss & Help You Feel Great,’’ By Dr. Neal D. Barnard & Robyn Webb.

100) ``Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups can Save Your Life,’’ By Dr. Neal D. Barnard.

101) ``Foods that Cause You to Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect,’’ By Dr. Neal D. Barnard.

102) ``Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings—And 7 Steps to End Them Naturally,’’ By Dr. Neal D. Barnard.

103) ``Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs,’’ by Dr. Neal D. Barnard.

104) ``Books to build a strong Black foundation: A List’’ By Jason A. Martin.

105) ``From the Back of the Bus,’’ By Dick Gregory.

106) ``Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat: Cookin’ with Mother Nature,’’ By Dick Gregory.

107) ``No More Lies,’’ By Dick Gregory.

108) ``Callus on My Soul: A Memoir’’ By Dick Gregory & Shelia Moses.

109) ``Nigger: An Autobiography.’’ By Dick Gregory & Robert Lipsyte.

110) ``Blood In My Eye,’’ By George L. Jackson.

111) ``The Green Collar Economy,’’ By Van Jones.

112) ``Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race & Inheritance,’’ By Barack Obama.

113) ``The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream,’’ By Barack Obama.

114) ``Say It Like Obama: The Power of Speaking with Purpose & Vision,’’ By Shel Leanne & Shelly Leanne.

115) ``Barack Obama: We Are One People,’’ By Michael Schuman.

 116) ``Another Country,’’ By James Baldwin.

117) ``Collected Essays,’’ By James Baldwin.

118) ``Giovanni’s Room,’’ By James Baldwin.

119) ``Go Tell It on the Mountain,’’ By James Baldwin.

120) ``Going to Meet the Man,’’ By James Baldwin.

121) ``Notes of a Native Son,’’ By James Baldwin.

122) ``Nobody Knows My Name,’’ By James Baldwin.

123) ``If Beale Street Could Talk,’’ By James Baldwin.

124) ``In My Father’s House,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

125) ``Basketball Jones,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

126) ``And This Too Shall Pass,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

127) ``Abide With Me,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

128) ``I Say a Little Prayer,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

129) ``Invisible Life,’’ By E. Lynn Harris. 

130) ``If This World Were Mine,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

131) ``What Becomes of the Brokenhearted,’’ By E. Lynn Harris.

132) There are Other Books by E. Lynn Harris that you might want to check out. You can Google and look under his name for a more complete list.

133) ``Looker,’’ By Stanley Bennett Clay.

134) ``Visible Life: Three Stories in Tribute To E. Lynn Harris,’’ By Stanley Bennett Clay, Terrance Dean & James Earl Hardy.

135) ``Diva,’’ By Stanley Bennett Clay.

136) ``Black Betty’’ (Easy Rawlins Mysteries by Walter Mosley & Stanley Bennett Clay. (Audio Book.)

137) ``A Red Death,’’ By Walter Mosley & Stanley Bennett Clay (Audio Book.)

138) ``A House Is Not a Home,’’ by James Earl Hardy.

139) ``Love the One You’re With,’’ By James Earl Hardy.

140) ``If Only for One Nite,’’ By James Earl hardy.

141) ``B-Boy Blues,’’ By James Earl Hardy.

142) ``B-Boy Blues Second Time Around,’’ By James Earl Hardy.

143) ``The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours: the Poetry of Jill Scott,’’ By Jill Scott.

144) ``Shake Loose My Skin: New & Selected Poems’’ By Sonia Sanchez.

145) ``Tears for Water: Songbook of Poems & Lyrics,’’ By Alicia Keys.

146) ``Morning Haiku,’’ By Sonya Sanchez.

147) ``Conversations with Sonia Sanchez,’’ By Sonia Sanchez.

148) ``Like the Singing Coming Off the Drums,’’ By Sonya Sanchez.

149) ``Wounded in the House of a Friend,’’ By Sonia Sanchez.

150) ``Sister Outsider: Essays & Speeches,’’ by Audre Lorde.

151) ``Race Matters,’’ By Cornel West.

152) ``Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys,’’ (Vol. 1, Vol. 1-4 & Vol. 3), By Jawanza Junjufu.

153) ``The Destruction of Black Civilization,’’ By Chancellor Williams.

154) ``The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality,’’ By Cheikh Anta Diop & Mercer Cook.

155) ``Radio Golf,’’ By August Wilson.

156) ``The Piano Lesson,’’ by August Wilson.

157) ``Blonde Faith,’’ By Walter Mosley.

158) ``Six Easy Pieces: Easy Rawlins Stories,’’ By Walter Mosley.

159) ``Blues for Mr. Charlie,’’ & ``The Evidence of Things Not seen,’’ Both by Mr. James Baldwin. 

160) ``Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness,’’ By Dave Ramsey.

161) ``Roots,’’ By Alex Haley.

162) ``Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not,’’ By Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter.

163) ``Healthy for Life: Developing Healthy Lifestyles That Have A Side Effect of Permanent Fat Loss,’’ By Dr. Ray D. Strand & Donna Wallace.

164) ``What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You,’’ By Dr. Ray D. Strand.

165) ``The History of Incarceration (Incarceration Issues: Punishment, Reform & Rehabilitation,’’ By Roger Smith.

166) ``Too Good to Be True: The Rise & Fall of Bernie Madoff,’’ By Erin Arvedlund.

167) ``The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 2nd Edition,’’ By David Meerman Scott.

168) ``How To Get Into the Top MBA Programs, 4th Edition,’’ By Richard Montauk.

169) ``How To Get Into the Top Law Schools, 4th Edition,’’ By Richard Montauk.

170) ``Web 2.0 Architectures: What Entrepreneurs & Information Architects Need to Know,’’ By James Governor, Dion Hinchcliffe & Duane Nickull.

171) ``Selling to Big Companies,’’ By Jill Konrath.

172) ``Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice,’’ By Dennis Kimbro & Napoleon Hill.

173) ``The Law of Recognition (The Laws of Life Series),’’ By Mike Murdock.

174) ``The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life,’’ By Mike Murdock.

175) Please look up Mike Murdock under to discover for yourself the many other important books by this preacher/author/truth-teller.

176) ``It’s Your Time: Activate Your Faith, Achieve Your Dreams, and Increase in God’s Favor,’’ By Joel Osteen.

177) ``Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day,’’ By Joel Osteen.

178) Please look up Joel Osteen and his wife on and discover for yourself the many books, DVD’s and CD’s he has available that are life- enriching and helpful for traveling through the many trials and difficult processes in life.

179) The Magnificent & Sexy LeBron James is Featured in ``The Franchise: LeBron James & The Remaking of the Cleveland Cavaliers,’’ By Brian Windhorst & Terry Pluto.

180) ``Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion & Purpose,’’ By Tony Hsieh.

181) Books are available by, for & about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad by writing the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad (CROE) at 2435 West 71st Street (CROE Lane), Chicago, Illinois  60629. Or you may call them at 1.773.925.1600. FAX # : 1.773.925.9013.

182) ``Starting Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting from Where You are to Where You Want to Be,’’ By Chris Gardner & Mim E. Rivas

183) ``Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision & Reality,’’ By Scott Belsky.

184) ``Why He Hates You: How Unreconciled Maternal Anger is Destroying Black Men and Boys (Volume 1) by Janks Morton.

185) ``Anger Strategies: Practical tools for Professionals Treating Anger,’’ By Claudia Black.

186) ``Brothers on the Mend: Understanding and Healing Anger for African – American Men & Women,’’ By Ernest H. Johnson.

187) ``Black Anger,’’ By Wulf Sachs.

188) ``Going Off: A Black Woman’s Guide for Dealing with Anger & Stress,’’ by Faye Childs & Noreen Palmer.

189) ``The ABC’s of Liberating Black Anger,’’ By Lama Choyin Rangdrol…

190) ``Sex Therapy: A Women’s Guide to Understanding Why Men Cheat,’’ By Kole Black.

191) ``The Artistry of Anger: Black & White Women’s Literature in Aerica, 1820 – 1860,’’ By Linda M. Grasso.

192) ``The Passing Summer: A South African’s Response to White Fear, Black Anger & the Politics of Love,’’ By Michael Cassidy & John Perkins.

193) ``Claiming Earth: Race, Rage, Rape, Redemption: Blacks Seeking a Culture of Enlightened Empowerment,’’ By Haki R. Madhubuti.

194) ``Black Rage,’’ By William H. Grier & Price M. Cobbs.

195) ``Black Rage in New Orleans: Police Brutality & African American Activism from World War II to Hurricane Katrina’’ by Leonard N. Moore.

196) ``Black Rage Confronts the Law (Critical America Series),’’ By Paul Harris.

197) ``From Rage to Responsibility: Black Conservative Jesse Lee Peterson & America Today,’’ By Jesse Lee Peterson, Dennis Prager, & Brad Stetson.

198)  ``From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black & Hispanic Students,’’ By Crystal Kuykendall.

199) ``Black Rage in the American Prison System (Criminal Justice Recent Scholarship),’’ By Rosevelt Noble.

200) ``When Anger Hurts Your Kids: A Paren’t Guide,’’ By Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Kim Paleg, Ph.D., Patrick Fanning & Dana Landis.

201) ``How to Effectively Control Your Anger—Learn How You Control Your Anger That Keeps You Just a Hair Strand Away from Danger,’’ By Wings of Success &  Manuel Ortiz Braschi.

202) ``Letting Go of Anger: The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles & What to Do About Them,’’ By Robert T. Potter-Efron & Patricia S. Potter-Efron.

203) ``The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life,’’ By Les Carter & Frank Minirth.

204) ``Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames,’’ By Thich Nhat Hanh.

205) ``Your Step By Step Guide to Anger Management,’’ By D. Huffman.

206) ``Working for You Isn’t Working for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss,’’ By Katherine Crowley & Kathi Elster.

207)  ``Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work,’’ By Katherine Crowley & Kathi Elster.

208) ``Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam,’’ By Akbar S. Ahmen.

209) ``Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves,’’ By Bill Press.

210) ``Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck & The Triumph of Ignorance,’’  By Alexander Zaitchik.

211) ``My Father’s Faith: Essays for the 20th & 21st Century and Beyond,’’ By John E. Bush.

212) Lonnie Elder the 3rd’s Award Winning play  ``Ceremonies in Dark Old Men.’’

213) ``Death At an Early Age,’’ By Jonathan Kozol & Robert Coles.

214) ``All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan,’’ By Elizabeth Warren & Amelia Warren Tyagi.

215) ``For Colored  Girls Who Have,’’  By Ntozake Shange.

216) ``Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny,’’ By Anthony Robbins.

217) ``The Deming Management Method,’’ By Mary Walton & W. Edwards Deming.

218) ``Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality,’’ By Rafael Aguayo.

219) Check out other motivational and inspirational books, CD’s and DVD’s by Writer, Speaker & Successful Businessman Anthony Robbins at You will be glad you did.

220) ``Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression,’’ By Dr. James S. Gordon.

221) ``The Law of Success: The Master Wealth Builder’s Complete & Original Lesson Plan for Achieving Your Dreams,’’ By Napoleon Hill.

222) ``Chicken Soup for the Soul,’’ by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen.

223) ``How to Love Me: The Lover’s Book of Questions,’’ By Ali Davis.

224) ``Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief,’’ By Martha Whitmore Hickman.

225)  ``Losing My Cool: How a Father’s Love & 15,000 Books Beat Hip-hop Culture,’’ By Thomas Chatterton Williams.

226) ``The Cornel West Reader,’’ By Brother Cornel West.

227)  ``Suze Orman’s Action Plan: New Rules for New Times,’’ By Suze Orman.

228) ``The Little Black Book of management: Essential Tools for Getting Results NOW,’’ By Suzanne Turner.

229) ``Oil: Money, Politics, & Power in the 21st Century,’’ By Tom Bower.

230) ``The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women,’’ By Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, Rhonda Joy McLean & Angela Burt-Murray.

231) ``Suze Orman’s The Road to Wealth’’ By Suze Orman (Revised Edition.)

232) ``Rule # 1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!!,’’ By Phil Town.

233) ``Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African & African American Experience, The Concise Desk Reference,’’ By Kwame Anthony Appiah & Henry Louis Gates.

234) ``Hopes & Prospects,’’ By Noam Chomsky.

235) ``If It Takes a Village, Build One: How I Found Meaning Through a Life of Service & 100 + Ways You Can Too,’’ By Malaak Compton-Rock.

236) ``The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working: The Four Forgotten Needs That Energize Great Performance,’’ By Tony Schwartz, Jean Gomes & Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D.

237) ``Counseling Troubled Youth: (Counseling & Pastoral Theology)’’ By Robert C. Dykstra.

238) (Please don’t forget to Google ``Books on Troubled Youth’’ & ``Books on At-Risk Youth’’ on [under books, DVD’s and CD’s] if you are dealing with a teen or a young person who you have given up on or are struggling with.)

239) ``Hear My Story: Understanding the Cries of Troubled Youth,’’ By Dean Borgman.

240) ``All-Time Favorite Lessons (Break through Strategies to Teach & Counsel Troubled Youth Series)’’ By Ruth Herman Wells.

241) ``Creative Interventions for Troubled Children & Youth,’’ By Liana Lowenstein & MSW.

242) ``At Risk Youth: A Comprehensive Response for Counselors, Teachers, Psychologist, and Human Services Professionals,’’ By J. Jeffries McWhirter, Benedict T. McWhirter, Ellen Hawley McWhirter & Robert J. McWhirter.

243) ``Resiliency In Action: Practical Ideas for Overcoming Risks & Building Strengths in Youth, Families & Communities,’’ By Nan Henderson, Editor, with Bonnie Benard, Nancy Sharp-Light & Paula Pugh.

244) ``Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future,’’ By Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, & Steve Van Bockern.

245) ``At-Risk Youth: Theory, Practice, Reform (Source Books on Education)’’ By Robert F. Kronick.

246) ``No Name in the Street,’’ By James Baldwin.

247) ``The Sound of Freedom: Marian Anderson, The Lincoln Memorial, & the Concert that Awakened America,’’ By Raymond Arsenault.

248)  ``The Economics of Forced Labor: The Soviet Gulag,’’ By Paul R. Gregory, Valery V. Lazarev & Robert Conquest.

249) ``Coming Alive: From Nine to Five in a 24/7 Century,’’ By Robert Michelozzi, Betty Michelozzi. Linda Surrell, & Robert Cobez.

250) The gentleman I’m going to mention here has sold over 65 Million books.  His name is Pastor Max Lucado. I suggest you look under for some of his winning and telling books about getting involved in helping others and bettering your life as you become more giving and charitable in your life. Three of his books are: ``Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear,’’ ``Just Like Jesus: Learning to Have a Heart Like His,’’ & ``When GOD Whispers Your Name,’’ all by Pastor Max Lucado.

251) For every movie he has made (and there are several excellent ones, as you know) Brother Spike Lee has a book. Google him under also.  Suggested: ``Please, Baby, Please,’’ By Spike Lee, Tonya Lewis Lee & Kadir Nelson. ``Spike Lee: Interviews,’’ By Cynthia Fauchs,   ``Spike Lee’s  Do the Right Thang,’’ By Mark A. Reid.  & ``Spike Lee’s ``She’s Gotta Have It,’’ By Spike  himself. There are several other good books by Spike under www.Amazon.Com.

252) ``The History of Modern Libya,’’ By Dirk J. Vandawalle.

253)  ``Aftershock: The Next Economy & America’s Future,’’ By Robert B. Reich (Labor Secretary under President Carter).

254) ``The Empowered Patient: How to Get the Right Diagnosis, Buy the Cheapest Medicines, Beat Your Insurance Company, and Get the Best Medical Care Every Time,’’ By Elizabeth Cohen.

255) ``The Blue Zone: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest,’’ By Dan Buettner.

256)  ``Painless Writing (Barron’s Painless Series) By Jeffrey Strausser.

257)  ``What’s So Great about America,’’ By Dinesh D’Souza.

(Also available on Audio Book.)

258) ``How to Pay Zero Taxes,’’ By Jeff Schnepper.

259) Check out the nutrition and health books of Dr. Mark Hyman. Google his name under www.Amazon.Com and discover a host of good healthy books including:  ``Ultramatabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss,’’ By Dr. Mark Hyman. (For really heavy people, changing your metabolism will change your life drastically.)

260) ``Something to Live For: Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life,’’ By Richard J. Leider & David A. Shapiro.

261) ``The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose,’’ By Dan Millman.

262) ``Something to Live For: The Music of Billy Strayhorn,’’ By Walter van de Leur.

263) ``Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life,’’ By Marc Freedman.

264) ``Down in New Orleans,’’ By Billy Sothern.

265) ``How to Write a Children’s Book & Get It Published,’’ By Brbara Seuling.

266) ``A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Story,’’ by Carol Denbow.

267) ``Lyrics: Writing Better Words for Your Songs,’’ By Rikky Rooksby.

268)  ``The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, & The Mississippi Gulf Coast,’’ By Douglas G. Brinkley.

269)  ``Hungry Girl: Recipes & Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World,’’ By Lisa Lillien. (Men and families can definitely benefit from this book as well—especially single men living alone.)

270) ``The High Tide of American Conservatism,’’  By Garland S. Tucker III.

271) ``The Millionaire Next Door,’’ By Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko.

271) ``Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed & Political Corruption Are Undermining America,’’ Arianna Strassinopoulos Huffington.

272) ``Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class & Betraying the American Dream,’’ Arianna Strassinopoulos Huffington.

273)  ``A Good Man in Africa,’’ By William Boyd.

274) ``Crazy for God,’’ By Frank Scharffer.

275) ``The Almanac of American Politics (2010),’’ By Michael Barone, Richard E. Cohen & Jackie Koszczuk.

276) ``Unfinished Business: One Man’s Extraordinary Year of Trying to Do the Right Thing,’’  By Lee Kravitz.

276) ``Black Man of the Nile,’’ By Professor Yosef Ben-Jochannan.

277) GOD Is Red: A Native View of Religion, 30th Anniversary Edition,’’ By Vine Deloria, Jr., Leslie Marmon Silko & George E. Tinker.

278) ``The World We Used to Live In: Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men,’’ By Vine Deloria.

279) ``Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: The Illustrated Edition: An Indian History of the American West,’’ (Hardcover). By Dee Brown.

280) ``Spike Lee: That’s My Story & I’m Sticking to It,’’ By Spike Lee & Kaleem Aftab.

281) ``The House of Rajani,’’ By Alon Hilu.


282) ``The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,’’ by author Joseph Murphy.

283) ``The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life,’’ By Pastor Mike Murdock & Deborah Murdock Johnson.

284) ``Giant Steps to Change the World,’’ By Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee. With Illustrations by Sean Qualls.

285) ``Harlem Is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America,’’ By Shafifa Rhodes-Pitts.

286) ``Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,’’ By Manning Mararble.

287) ``Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style,’’ By Kate Betts.

288) ``Mobilizing Democracy: Changing the U.S. Role in the Middle East,’’ By Greg Bates.

289)`` Citizen You: Doing Your Part to Change the World,’’ By Jonathan Tisch, Karl Weber & Mayor Cory A. Booker.

290) ``Reclaim Your Power: A 30-Day Guide to Hope, Healing & Inspiration for Men of Color,’’ By Terrance Dean & Travis Smiley.

291) ``The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society & Redefine Democracy,’’ By Raj Patel.

292) ``The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,’’ by Naomi Klein.

293) ``Profit Over People: Neoliberalism & Global Order,’’ By Noam Chomsky & Robert W. McChesney.

294) ``People-First Economics: Making a Clean Start for Jobs, Justice and Climate,’’ By Naomi Klein, Walden Bello, Susan George & David Ransom.

295) ``The Future of Power,’’ By Joseph S. Nye Jr.

296) ``The Road to Perfect Health: How Probiotics Balance Your Gut and Heal Your Body,’’ By Brenda Watson.

297) ``Furious Earth: The Science and Nature of Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Tsunamis,’’ By Ellen J. Prager.

298) ``Love Your Body,’’ By Louise L. Hay..

299) ``Half the Sky,’’ By Nickolas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn..

300) ``At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, & Resistance—A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power,’’ By Danielle L. McGuire.

301) ``The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character & Achievement,’’ David Brooks.

302) ``War Is A Lie,’’ By David Swanson…

303) ``Go Girl!!: Raising Healthy, Confident & Successful Girls through Sports,’’ By Mark Jenkins & Hannah Storm…

304) ``The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex,’’ By Incite Women of Color Against Violence…

305) ``King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror & Heroism in Colonial Africa,’’ by Adam Hochschild…

306) ``Treasure Islands: Tax Havens & the Men Who Stole the World,’’ by Nicholas Shaxson.

307) ``The Promise: President Obama, Year One,’’ By Jonathan Alter…

308) ``Flash of the Spirit: African & Afro-American Art & Philosophy,’’ By Robert Farris Thompson…

309) ``Harold! Photographs from the Harold Washington Years,’’ By Salim Muwakkil, Ron Dorfman, Antonio Dickey & Marc PoKempner…

310) ``Freedom Cannot Rest: Ella Baker & the Civil Rights Movement (Portraits of Black Americans),’’ By Lisa Frederiksen Bohannon…

311) ``Climbing a Great Mountain: Selected Speeches of Mayor Harold Washington,’’ By Harold Washington…..

312) ``Ella Baker: A Leader Behind the Scenes (The History of the Civil Rights Movement)’’ By Shyrlee Dallard…..

313) ``Here I Stand,’’ By Paul Robeson…..

314) ``Ella Baker & the SNCC: Grassroots Leadership & Political Activism in a Nonhierarchical Organization,’’ By Joan Charles…..

315) ``Paul Robeson Speaks: Writings, Speeches, Interviews, 1918-1974,’’ By Paul Robeson & Philip Sheldon Foner…

316) ``Ella Baker: Freedom Bound,’’ Joanne Grant…..

317) ``The Paul Robeson Collection (Black Studies Research Sources)’’ By Paul Robeson & David H. Werning…..

318) ``Ella Baker & The Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision (Gender and American Culture),’’ By Barbara Ransby…..

319) ``Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class,’’ By Lawrence Graham…..

320) ``How to Love A Black Woman,’’ By Ronn Elmore…

321) ``How to Love a Black Man,’’ By Ronn Elmore…

322) ``Put Cash In Your Pocket: Turn What You Know into Dough,’’ By Loral Langemeier…

323) ``Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, & Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do,’’ By Loral Langemeier…….

324) ``Lies at the Alter: The Truth About Great Marriages,’’ By Robin L. Smith…..

325) ``The Price of Racial Reconciliation (The Politics of Race & Ethnicity)’’ By Ronald W. Walters…

326) ``White Nationalism, Black Interests: Conservative Public Policy & The Black Community (African American Life Series),’’ By Ronald W. Walters…..

327) ``The Stoning of Sally Kern,’’ By Sally Kern…

328) ``Value-Centered Ethics,’’ By Charles Kerns, Sally Farnham & Eileen Klockara…..

329) Law—``Questions & Answers on Real Estate,’’ By Robert W. Semenow, 7th Edition, Prentice Hall, 1972.

330) ``Real Estate Principals & Practices,’’ By Arlyne Geschwender…

331) Send away for a catalog from the Africa World Press. Go to: or for details or write them at: The Africa World Press; International Headquarters; 541 West Ingham Avenue; Suite B; Trenton, New Jersey 08638—USA.

332) ``The Crown & The Pen: The Memoirs of a Lawyer Turned Rebel,’’ By Bereket Habte Selassie… [This book can be attained from the Red Sea Press.]

333) ``Take Time for Your Life: A Personal Coach’s 7-Step Program for Creating the Life You Want,’’ By Cheryl Richardson.

334)  ``Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR is Killing Health Care & Deceiving Americans,’’ By Wendell Potter.

335) ``Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films,’’ By Donald Bogle.

336) ``How We Live & Why We Die: The Secret Lives of Cells,’’ By Lewis Wolpert.

337) ``Nature’s Way: Native Wisdom for Living In Balance with the Earth,’’ By Ed McGaa…

338) ``Earth in the Balance: Ecology & the Human Spirit,’’ By Al Gore…

339) ``Fat Shame: Stigma & The Fat Body in American Culture,’’ By Amy Erdman Farrell.

340) ``Fire Up Your Metabolism: 9 Proven Principles for Burning Fat & Losing Weight Forever,’’ By Lyssie Lakatos & Tammy Lakatos Shames…

341) ``Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life,’’ By Stewart D. Friedman…

342) ``Ain’t No Grave: The Life & Legacy of Brother Claude Ely,’’ By Macel Ely II

343) ``Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis from the NFL to Youth Leagues,’’ By Christopher Nowinski…

344) ``Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,’’ Amy Chua.

345) ``The Habits of Highly Effective Churches: Being Strategic in Your God Given Ministry,’’ By George Barna..

346) Ellen’s Choices: ``Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,’’ By Jonathan Safran Foer… & ``Vaganist,’’ By Kathy Freston…

347) Oprah’s Book List: ``A Lesson Before Dying,’’ By Ernest J. Gaines… & ``A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,’’ By Eckhart Tolle…

348) ``Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights!... and what you can learn from celebrity errors,’’ By Andrew W. Mayoras & Danielle Mayoras.



(Every Black Man and Black Woman on the planet should read ALL of these books at least once. Young Blacks should also read most of them, although some may have adult themes and adult subject matter.  Again, parents or guardians should pre-read them first for minor children ages 15 through 18. Many of these books are not suggested for readers younger than 15 years of age... Many of the older books (and some new ones) are, of course, available at the Free Library. If you need some guidance as to how to aim the books listed here at your particular problem, be it financial, emotional or organizational—call and tell us what issue you want to read about and we will tell you what books to read that deal with that particular subject.  This is a good idea because some of the titles are misleading.  As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its’ title!!! Call and ask for Brother Tracy Gibson at 1.302.276.2755 or e-mail us at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com we are more than willing to guide you to a book pertaining to the subject matter you want to explore… Have a good day…)






``My Grandpa asked me one time if I cared whether I lived, or died.  Now I guess it’s too late.’’  The last statement at the end of the hit movie ``Menace II Society’’


Don’t let it be too late for you…read more & take positive actions every day…


2-23-2011 (Wednesday)

Brother Tracy Gibson

Writer – Organizer – Businessman

214 Southwyk Road

New Castle, Del.  19720




Sistah Oprah Winfrey

Harpo Studios



Dear Ms. Winfrey:

                I was a bit surprised at your handling of a recent guest on your show. A Miss. Michelle A. Rhee, the former Chancellor of Schools under Former Mayor Adrian Fenty  of Washington, D.C. was a guest.  You handled her with open arms and kid gloves.  You were very supportive of her new initiative called ( . You never asked the tough questions of her like why was she so ostracized and disliked by the Black parents in D.C. and why her students and student advocates had little say in the formation of the school curriculum in D.C., yet the students were expected to achieve and accomplish a great deal my utilizing that curriculum. 

                I don’t know if you know it or not, but Mr. Fenty was defeated at the polls because of Miss. Rhee’s continued tenure as Chancellor of Schools AFTER the people had expressed their misgivings and lack of support for her.  The parents of D.C. [or their representatives]  were never asked to come on your show nor were their opinions ever revealed fully to your audience.  This is just a continuation of the miscarriage of justice that we as oppressed, left out and disenfranchised people have come to expect from the formidable powers that be in these United States and throughout much of the rest of the world.  This is why there is such an uprising in Egypt, Libya (North Africa); and parts of the Middle East.  This is why this ferment has spread to Wisconsin and Ohio and this is why it is spreading to other parts of our Union—PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF NOT BEING HEARD!! PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF BEING LIED TO AND TIRED OF HAVING THE FACTS MISPRPRESENTED!! PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF BEING ONE OF THE LEFT OUT, DISENFRANCHISED, DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, ABANDONED AND FORGOTTEN!!  This is why people are speaking up and getting out of the house with their picket signs, fog horns, banners and signs!!  They have had enough of the pretending, misconceptions, lies, deceit and misrepresentations….. You should have had the parents of the students in D.C. on your show and / or a representative of the parents. I was very sad that you have made such a terrible error in your producing of the Oprah Show.

                Another thing I am very sad about pertaining to your show is the fact that you invited Star Quarterback Michael Vick on your show and then you set a trap for him with Dog enthusiasts, animal-rights activists and animal lovers to pounce on him when he came on...  HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SET UP IN THIS MANNER!! Mr. Vick served 18 months of his life in jail for what he openly admits was a mistake in hurting and killing innocent dogs…  How long is the Brother supposed to pay the price for that mistake? There are quarterbacks in the NFL who have committed much worse acts of terror against women and other men, but they go un-provoked because they are White.  Mr. Vick has very dark skin and I am sure he has paid the price for that on many, many more than one occasion.  If he were a White quarterback for the NFL, and had done the Dog fighting things, I very much doubt that he would have spent time in jail—especially since he was a leading, point-getting quarterback for Atlanta in the NFL at the time.  It just would not have happened.  Yet you decide to drag him through the mud on your show instead of dealing with the racism he faces every day as a Black man.  This is shameful. Mr. Vick had every right to decide NOT to appear on your show.

                Lastly, what is also shameful is the fact that I have written you consistently for over four years and I only got one response back and that was a rejection letter.  I think that as a professional writer and a businessman, I deserve full respect from you & your staff, but I don’t get it. This letter will go out to my 200 readers and I hope they turn your new network and your Oprah Show off for a while in response. I also hope they send this letter to their friends, supporters and family members…..Please have a good day…




Brother Tracy Gibson,

President & CEO,

Of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, INC.


Post Script: By the way, I would like to take this time to thank you for ALL the wonderful and positive things you do every day to help Black people and poor people of every color.  I would be remiss if I did not ``go there.’’ GOD Bless you…



We Are One Community: Nation of Islam Leader Needs to Be About Forgiveness, LOVE, Unity & Healing—Not Hatred & Pain….

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..


                I have to respond to the Nation of Islam leader the good Minister Louis Farrakhan who in a recent statement called gay & lesbian people ``swine.’’ For me, personally, that is very ironic because as a child of 14 it was the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who helped me get away from the pork that was featured in so many African American diets, and still is today. I have not been a ``swine’’ eater since I was 14 [I’m now 54] so the last thing I’m made of is ``swine.’’ I know of several gay people who were also positively influenced by the teachings of the Nation in their early life.

                I think Minister Farrakhan and other people who hate & openly criticize homosexuals, for no good reason, are kidding themselves & the public. The holier than thou crap needs to stop…

                They are acting as though the sexual antics and exploits of straight people are blessed by God, Holy and Sanctified just because they procreate and bring children into the world.

                Well, I know first-hand that much of what some so-called ``straight’’ people do in their bathrooms & bedrooms—behind closed doors—is often worse ethically than anything any gay or lesbian person could ever dream up or think about.

                When I was in desperate need of financial support about 10 years ago, I used to work for a cousin of mine as a driver when she and some of her staff would go out and sell sexual paraphernalia and sexual toys at house parties in the Delaware Valley / Philadelphia area.  These parties were mostly for private individuals and took place in the homes of mostly Black, Middle income professionals. Mostly women had the parties and attended.

                Well, some of the items they sold at these parties were pretty tame, but they also included: chains with feathers on them, whips, handcuffs, potions, & lotions to make your man ``stand at attention’’ longer, mystic perfumes & powders and an assortment of other items.  Most of the people having the parties were just regular working girlfriend types & wives of very ordinary Black men. One item that was also radially available was a plastic penis that women could strap onto themselves and screw their boyfriends & / or husbands with!! This was available in a thick catalog that had an assortment of devices, games & sexual toys available for a price.

                Some of the items in that catalog would make most Black homosexuals over the age of 35 hair stand on end.  Many Black homosexuals lead rather mundane, moderate and / or conservative sexual lives and never venture into very kinky behaviors.  Certainly there are exceptions to this as well, but by the same token there are so-called ``straight’’ people of EVERY race, religion (including Muslim) & ethnic group, including Blacks, who are into some very kinky sexual behaviors.  Those behaviors can include: S & M (Sado Masochism); slave / master domination; beating; biting; kicking; burning; the use of some very exotic erotic toys & so forth. Just ask any doctor who has spent time working in a hospital emergency room and he or she will tell you some of the horror stories. This goes for wealthy people, Jewish people and Whites as well.

                So I don’t need Minister Farrakhan telling me how immoral homosexuals are when he forgets about other groups that are equally as kinky or worse. He needs to take an honest look in the mirror along with other moralizing & condemning leaders in the Black community & discover that the men who father all these babies that our young girls are either aborting or taking to term are often 35 years old or older—that is child molestation and it is going on every day in the Black community!!!  The criticism needs to be spread father and thinker, but ultimately we all need to be forgiving and about healing and love for ALL members of our community.  We need to be about telling the whole truth, not just that which is politically expedient at any certain time. We also need to sit back and take a breather on this issue which tends to get people very hot under the collar to say the least.

                We ALL, as Black people, need to take more responsible actions in our sexual behaviors and have sex with only one person at a time & try to maintain steady sexual partners instead of having several sexual partners over only a year’s time.  If we cannot maintain relationships we probably need to get psychiatric help and find out what was going on with Mom and Dad and our other family members through early childhood that makes us want to act out sexually—that includes gays and homosexuals if they fall into such a category as well.  Were we being beaten or sexually abused by our parent’s? Were we being sexually abused by other family members who were otherwise playing the straight life? Were we being forced into behaviors we didn’t understand or want?  These are some of the questions people like the Good Minister Farrakhan need to ask our community in a healing manner, not a hot-headed one.

                We ALL need a sexual healing in this crazy, sex crazed society we live in... That goes for our gay and lesbian people as well as our straight people—male and females, transgendered people and bisexuals as well. I once knew a woman who had three or four male sexual partners who would interchangeably walk in and out of her life over an extended period.  That sister needed help.  She was acting out about something her Father never gave her, most likely.  Her Dad probably never touched or appreciated her, so she was acting out on a need.  It will never be fulfilled unless she discovers it and talks to a good therapist for an extended period of time about it. She needs healing.

                There are any number of Black gay men who act out similarly by having sex with an endless array of men and spread STD’s throughout our community.  Some of the men they are having sex with are taking these diseases back to their wives and girlfriends.  Certainly this is where some of the Good Minister Farrakhan’s anger steams from. But there are straight men and women who are doing the same things.

                This high level of activity is one of the reasons there is such a high level of sexually transmitted disease within our community.  And the STD’s are not only ramped among Gay and lesbian people, but also among straight & bisexual people as well. More of us—straight & gay or Same Gender Loving—need to be responsible in our sexual practices & use condoms; have sex with a limited number of partners; get to know who our  sexual partners are; and get tested for Aids / HIV on a regular basis if we are sexually active.  I’ll also admit gay people, especially gay men, need to keep the damned thing in their pants more often and talk with & enjoy the company of the person they are interested in while getting to know them BEFORE ANY sexual act ever takes place at all.  Some of us also need to stay out of bathrooms & public parks and only use such facilities for what they were designated for & designed for NOT for public displays of sexual intercourse.

                But our friends, Ministers, Pastors, Reverends, community leaders, government leaders at every level of government, & our community political activists & community organizers and radio hosts who work at making scape goats out of gay & lesbian people ARE NOT HELPING matters at all with their homophobic tirades…..  Not one iota. Often they are just throwing gasoline on the fire.

                I never understood and still don’t understand the fascination that the Good Minister Farrakhan has with gay, lesbian and / or homosexual people. Maybe the statement ``He Doth Protest Too Much,’’ is appropriate here.  Maybe he has something in his background that he would rather the Black community not know about. I just don’t get it….. Frankly I like the Good Minister Louis Farrakhan a great deal for the wonderful things he has done for the Black community and for his sustained and consistent criticism of the White power structure in this country…..[more later on that.]

                Such people, as Minister Farrakhan and several other gay bashers and gay haters, should come to the table with an open mind & an open heart & talk about love, healing & talk about living in committed relationships. Gay people have been here since early times and we are not going anywhere, regardless of what some might want to do to banish us from existence… None of the aforementioned people including the Good Minister Louis Farrakhan should be speaking with such vicious hatred and demean any sector of our community by calling it ``swine.’’ 

                Sometimes I have to wonder why the Good Minister is so keyed in on gay and lesbian people.  He doesn’t lead such a life and doesn’t begin to understand it AT ALL. He would do best to get together some people who are experienced in the lifestyle and also progressive & educated thinkers, scholars & lecturers to have an honest and open exchange of ideas instead of shooting from the hip with such vociferous & hateful words. Having such a forum on sexuality would be a healing force and that is what we need—not the hatred and harsh words. We need to be about healing & love & forgiveness—not spewing hatred, resentment & jealousy.

                Let’s leave the kinky stuff & the hatred to the White racist & the Tea Party who seem best suited for it and who seem to really thrive off of it!!!

                Additional Note: I don’t mean to broadly criticize the Good Minister Louis Farrakhan, I’m just making a point about his homophobia—which I still don’t understand. Minister Farrakhan has made a broad, sustained & mostly positive imprint on the world & on African & African American people and history. Were it not for the Good Minister & the massive, mostly positive efforts he & his people have made over an extended period we would be a great deal worse off as Black people & we most likely would have never had a Black President elected in 2008 in these United States. I thank the Good Minister for ALL his good work & positive efforts over the years.


                Brother Tracy is a political activist and writer from the Philadelphia area. He can be reached at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com if you want to comment on this or any other of his articles and / or writing.  Look for a positive, non-fiction book to help the Black community along its’ path from Brother Gibson soon as well as a book of poetry……




Add to There is something Sad About Being Gay: To be a homosexual you have to be very ready NOT to be very gay about life—at least at times...  What does it do to one to be among a group of people who are hated and repulsed and rejected by a certain segment of society? It takes its’ toll.  But we can build up resistance and a thick skin. Still, sometimes, when we are along and sometimes suddenly, sadness sets in because we are so hated and rejected, even as our acceptance in American society has grown.



Note About Diana Ross: As we get older it is funny how we rediscover things—almost like experiencing them for the first time. The Diana Ross tune ``Reach Out & Touch Somebody’s Hand’’ really touched me the other day when I really listened to the words.  It is a song about helping the less fortunate and forgotten.  It is a song about love, like so many others, but it is a special song because Ms. Ross sings it with such heart and conviction. It is a real feel-good song that talks about having hope in your fellow man and woman kind. I hope you will listen to what it says and heed what it says.  It is a very special song.


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