Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Diana Ross, w winning, shining STAR we cannot forget.

You can talk about Diana Ross all you want. About Her marrying out-of-race. Marrying two White men. But what you cannot refute is that She cared about Her children enough to give up much of the bold and lasting career and legacy She would have had as a BLACK SUPERSTAR to raise Her children with a great deal of caring and nurturing!  She is still, also, a fantastically beautiful BLACK woman.  With plenty of awards and accolades to show for Her efforts. [ She was cheated out of an Academy Award in 1973 For Her leading role in the Stellar, beautiful and haunting ``Lady Sings the Blues'' -- Her first major role in a motion picture. It was directed by Black Recording executive & founder of MOTOWN records Berry Gordy.  ] The likes of Liza Minnelli won that year for  ``Cabaret''  [ a much lesser moving I found boring and contrived. ].....

What I said on WURD Radio Today, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018...

What I said on the Radio [ WURD , 900 AM or 96.1 FM -- The Voice of the BLACK COMMUNITY ] on Wednesday morning before 9:15 A.M. on May 23rd, 2018

I wanted to address another brother's comments about expressing His identity as a citizen of this great stolen land.

Working from the positive side, I said, 

 1 ] I My identity is  as A Black Gay Man living in the United States of Native America or Turtle Island. The commentator said let's not forget about Black Africans being here before the Native people. I SHOULD have said, Well, it was the Native Americans who met the White man here when he invaded this land [ let's be honest ] and it is them who have bragging rights over this exploited, bloody, so-called developed land --  full of trash, Skyscrapers and Technology.  It is they who were almost exterminated. And it is we who are largely still enslaved. Especially our minds.

2] I said in response to a lady who mentioned that to paraphrase, ``The Government know all they want to know about you.''  I [ SHE ] was a government investigator for the State of Pennsylvania. They know where you sleep and all they need to know when you do something illegal.'' My response was   `` I feel we should not be scared of paranoid about the Government having information about us. We must not let buying into fear stop us from being touches for freedom, Justice & Economic Recovery for Black People. ''

I also gave my congratulations to Sister Stacey Abrams [ 44 ],  who won  the Democratic nomination in Georgia and the continuing opportunity to be the first Black woman governor of any state in the United States of Native America [ Or Turtle Island ] ........CONGRATULATIONS SISTER!  

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Security Volunteers Needed.

Volunteer security team needed for effective Black Philadelphia activist, who has a past of being attacked & verbally abused.  Eventually, we will be able to pay all personnel.   1 [ 215 ] 823  -- 985. BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com  Call early in the day  [ 9 A.M. to 11 A.m. ] , or late at night.  [ 9 10 P.M.]

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

a big thank you

A Big Thank You.

From, MR. Tracy Charles Gibson.
I want to give a big thank you to the many people who helped me get the job I have at Girls & Boys Club [  Caring People Alliance ] at 3512 Haverford Avenue… The special thanks go to Thespian Denzel Washington; State Senator Vincent Hughes; Congressman Dwight Evans; Pastor Jeffery Haskins; City Council woman at-large Blondell Reynolds Brown; City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell;  MR. Branon Gilmore; MR. LaShawn Braxton;  & all the other kind people who helped.

Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank You!

Monday, May 14, 2018

An Angel, Jeffery Osborn

↺Jeffery Osborn the Angel
By Tracy Charles Gibson

Jeffery Osborn  Has the quiet, controlled, soft
Yet strong voice of an angel
I have LOVed Him from a far for
He has rejected the jet
-set life of a star
And has been a
Family man for His wife and children
Yet he is handsome, fine
And delightful by any measure
He is probably also very
Polite, giving
And LOVing towards His wife and family.
He often reminds me of my psychiatrist
Who was so LOVing and kind and a healing force
In my life for decades
Even though I don’t know you in any real sense
It is I who have LOVEd  you for years and have prayed
For GOD to Bless you with Joy, happiness, and wealth
As long as you live
Thank you for being such a kind and talented Man for
So long
It is not only the ladies who swoon  at every turn and
Meter of your voice
It is also men like myself
Thank you forever,

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Wicked Queen of ENGLAND re-discovered resolved

The Queen of England. You are a vampire. A blood sucker of the planet who gets away with looking real good in the public. I don’t like to call White poor People trash, but you are Dirty White Trash. (That comes not only from me, but from many of the poor Black People in the Community where I live.) .  You have taken the life’s blood from entire countries in Africa and East India, and left those places, through plunder, stealing, rape, destruction and greed, you have left those places in need and want. What you give back is about 3% of what you have taken. If I could legally confiscate all the wealth you have stolen from Africa and East India I would do so in a heartbeat.  You ruthlessness will be rewarded to you by GOD with more than a sore ankle or a sore hip. You will get your come-up-ense as soon as GOD works His // Her Ways and take good care of you and exposes you for what and Who you really are. I suggest that People Goggle and  also look under and put in the Ruthless Queen of England if they want to find out the truth about you and all those African diamonds you are seen parading around in that were stolen from Africa along with the rubies, emeralds  and other gems, gold, oil and so forth – all plundered and stolen from the poor People in Afriac. .  The English government has been in deep compliance with your dirty and threatarious (LOOK UP WORD) work for generations, as you have outlived several Prime Ministers of England. If I travel to England it will be to visit the Black history cites not to see your blasted guard change.  Keep doing the charity work you do, but it will never buy you a ticket to heaven, where Lady Diana does Her work in perpetuity .  This is not to even mention the brutal, heartless enslavement of hundreds of Africans to do your horrible world domination work that once stretched around the globe, but has been properly receding for decades.  Your ``subjects’’ who are proud of your work look on in ignorance or turn their collective heads away from the Human Rights violations that carry your brand name and stamp. Your image in carefully tailored by the media to exclude the horrible things like beheadings, mass incarceration, murder, economic plunder and the literal rape of a land and Black People in far too much of Africa. I am suppose to forgive People like you, but I extend that work to GOD who has the last word on your fate.  You sit on over $300 billion dollars in stolen wealth and then you help the English government discriminate against foreigners and curb back on government benefits which makes it hard on far too many in England. Especially for the poor. You are a dastardly coward. I have been told to keep things positive, but I’m sorry, a proper criticism of you is not only in order, but a very positive thing in deed.  I just Pray that People get the courage and find the time to read more about you than what is put here. The elite white – run, White Supremist press MUST be truthful about you -- reading the truth about you and making their own judgments.  I ask my readers to make up their own minds about you and how you avoid the bad press through making many people glamorize and accept the crown  and the English royalty.

Friday, April 27, 2018

5 [ five ] things that are insane about our society

1]  We actually believe White people are superior to other races such as the Black race.
Have you ever seen a White person with an Egyptian outfit on?

The are obviously not natural Egyptians. Egypt is a part of the country of Africa.

2] We actually think it is OK to build a life around making White people money through our jobs, and spend little time, as Black people, following and building on the things we want most deeply.  Some people call these things dreams.  A dream is gone when you wake up. I want what I have been working for over the last 37 years to appear when I wake up, but I did the homework.  I know you h ave also.  We deserve success as Black People.

3] We know Television is called ``programming'' .  Do we really need to be programmed, or do we need to think clearly and for ourselves?  I think people need to think clearly and stay away from anything that takes away from thinking clearly, such as illegal drugs, marijuana, or alcohol.

4] We should not allow our Supreme Court Justices to have terms that last for the rest of their lives, or as long as they want to be on the court. This policy corrodes justice and democracy.  It must be changed if we are ever to have a true democracy. Anything else is , well you get the drift. Think on these things.

5] Racism is crazy