Monday, March 12, 2018

Officer Abuse and How to Stop it. New Rules

The word for beauty in Yoruba language is ``arewa’’.//

      Black Philadelphians are sick and tired of White officer night-stick justice.
    The following are official recommendations from Brother Tracy Charles Gibson, Chief, founder  and President of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated – to help the City of Philadelphia lessen officer abuse & to improve on Black community – Officer relations.
1 ] Allow the officer rank & file to create another Officer Union so they don’t have to automatically sign onto the White racism & White Supremacy of Lodge 5.
2 ] All Officers must take a mandatory 5 – month psychiatric training course  & sensitivity training course --  successfully completing a psychiatric & sensitivity test before becoming an officer. This test & course must be jointly devised by members of the Black community, the District Attorney’s Office, City Council,   Black Clergy, & The Officer’s Department.
3 ] A mandatory film produced by the Black community MUST be shown to all officers in active duty or about to become officers. This film is ``JT,’’  with Kevin Hooks., from 1969.
4 ] Part of the training is to talk about an officer’s duty to protect all Philadelphians and all citizens, not just the rich & not just the Capitalist order & not just White Businessmen and White-owned Business establishments.
5 ] White officers are to be asked on film ``Why do you think Black youth are killed more than White youth?’’  Their answers – on film – are to be part of the mandatory training for officers…,
6 ] 17 Black youth are to be filmed being asked & answering to ``Do you hate White officers & if so Why.’’  Watching this is also mandatory training.
7 ] Members of the Black community MUST have a major say so as to what art is in all Philadelphia officer’s stations including central command.
8 ] Members of the Latina & Latino community are to be asked on camera about why Latina & Latino children have not been or are not being zeroed in on as Black youth are .
9 ] An external independent investigation from the District Attorney’s Office must be held for each and every citizen shooting  by officers.
10 ] White & Black officers singing – on film -- ``I’ll always LOVe My Mama,’’ must be part of the sensitivity training. This film is to be shown throughout the city, at community centers and officer’s stations, churches, etc.
11 ] All instances of mis-conduct, bribes, abuses, and other excesses must be fully investigated and revealed to media including Black media.
12 ] A break-the-silence Blue code / confession hot line number is to be made available to all officers & officer administrators.
     Written by Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, Chief of our ``S’’ corporation – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated, & our subsidiaries. We have spent the last 22 years developing strategies,  plans & inanities to support, protect, defend, educate & financially support the Black community & all good people who want to help humanity in a positive Way. We do not follow or know the details about each & every case of officer violence against Black youth in Philadelphia.

Friday, February 23, 2018

power to black men

The beauty of Black African men
Their stories are untold.

Much Ado about Something Fantastic

Much Ado about Something Fantastic

     I want to say a very few things about our First Lady.   Mrs. Michele Obama is a great lady.  She takes on the issue of child obesity in a Way that lets our Black community know She really cares about us as a group of Black People.

     Looking at the kind of things our children eat in the inner city, it is no wonder that they have trouble concentrating and learning in school.

     I think this is one of the reasons Mrs. Obama – a beautiful Black woman -- was so concerned about good diet, good nutrition, healthy eating, getting exercise, starting community gardens, and eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and organic vegetables.

     I thank Our First Lady for Her valent efforts and good works.

     The only problem I have with the First Lady is Her not taking a more public stand against the proposed bombing of Africa by the Washington Administration presently in office.


Tracy Charles Gibson,



I Am GOD, but I Am no more GOD than anyone else…

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Could this be a ``knowledge is Power'' rally with an almost teen Queen Latifah doing Her consciousness-raising rap in the middle of a mindless silly ``House Party 2''?

Women are mostly window dressing, young men are all just ``chasin booty,'' stolen scholarship $ is at the center of the story line.

I found myself waiting for the party that never arrived.

Other positive highlights included, a poster of Malcolm X, & several very handsome Black athletic young men; & a Black teacher for African American Studies who really wants His students to do well.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bent, Brown Eyes. A movie review of American Ganster

Thespian Denzel Washington is an ``American Gangster,'' who, in the opening scene sees his friend Clarence Williams III decry the corrupt state of North American business as lacking ``pride of ownership'' for business owners as places like McDonald's take profits, but care little for decent wages for Black workers, and establishing decent work ethics and selling foods that retain good standards for nutritional value.

To be honest, The character did't say that exactly, but if the movie was updated, he might well have said that.

Washington plays a character who provides a higher grade of co-cane at a cheaper rate and makes millions.  His character is seen shooting another brother right in the head in broad daylight.  While Denzel got good recognition for his role, it is my opinion that he wasn't just taking a role that was very negative to get the opportunity to play ``more important roles.''

It is vastly important that young Black men who are thinking about selling illegal drugs  [ in the face of inner-city hopelessness ] or who are actually part of the pipeline, it is phonemically important that these young brothers check out this movie because they need to know what type of an animal illegal drug dealers of any race or creed, become at any level.

When the main character turns state's evidence to unleash the city's prosecutor on ``dirty cops'' the whole movie takes a different course. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

as white supremacy dissolves...

Things we have to give up as we erase white supremacy


1] the latest BOND movie.

2] white rice.                                                                             

3] white potatoes.                                                                  

4] ALL meaningful relationships with white people.

5]ever calling the gentleman who occupies the white house by legal name.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

To Eagles Owner Mr. Jeffrey Lurie.

To Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie,


What to say if the guys want to not meet and greet with the Executive.

Because of the controversy surrounding the White House’s indifference on race, our proud, diverse Eagles have decided NOT to visit with Him at the Executive Manson.