Saturday, June 23, 2018

a dedication poem to Black People & Myself.

A Short Note of Clarification to Myself & My Black People.

Ju  e  30th, 2017

To Clear Things Up;

I can use major financial contributions from the Black community, from Black celebrities, from my family, from my church family and from all people. Concerned about equality, fairness, Justice and Peace the world over, and especially such Black People. In return, I will continue to work very hard and make good, ethical, well-thought-out and sane decisions to change things in a good Way.



Tracy Charles Gibson

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Religious Criminality

The Biggest Act of Religious Criminality is not to recognize that GOD has evolved.

Words from a Capitalist Brother to move forward in peace and justice.

      I  [ MR. Tracy Charles Gibson ],  Am a Capitalist, not A Communist or a Socialist. At the same time, I know traditional White-run Capitalism has stone-cold roots in slavery, exploitation, super exploitation, brutality, & racial hatred. It can & will be retooled much easier than any socialist movement can be implemented.
    There is real & actual corruption in socialist structures. A person can go missing if they publically disagree with Any leader of the socialist movement just as they can from racist oppression in a Capitalist Nation like the United States.
     But there are things that can be done to make our system more fair, open & equal. These are things that MUST take place to bring us the democracy we have never had. Yet they are simple things.
1)      Open, free responsible & equal access to Capital [ money & cash ]—in the formation of Grants and loans --  to start or enhance our Black businesses – to honest hard-working Black People in Our neighborhoods  -- [ We must also have access to top-notch  security as we to protect against the kind and character of chaos that happened during the Black Wall Street massacre in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.].

·                                                              *                                                                                            * 

2)      We must work towards achieving a national Supreme Court that is elected and that has members who serve for only a 10-year term, not for a lifetime term where they become more powerful than any President in our history.

3)       A Sharing of wealth. Have You ever thought about it? Why does anyone need more that $300 Million Dollars? Money held by anyone in the world including Warren Buffett & Oprah Winfrey should be 92% taxed and put  into an account to be used for the poor, the disabled & the needy. – Not for war.  This account MUST be responsibly managed by People & modalities that are totally un-corruptible in terms of who benefits from the incredible sum of money this will and is creating.  This MUST & can only be a voluntary plan where only the willing wealthy take part.  Any other funds from the general Public must also be accepted be it $5.00 or $5 Million Dollars.

4)      These three steps will bring a real & immediate relief to the pain and grief so many people in poverty feel.  It will also help our country feel a real sense of Pride in our country & a sense of shared responsibility & giving instead of the hopelessness and despair so many feel now.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Two black parents

What I think Black Parents Should be doing more of.

1] Be on time to pick up your beautiful children from day care.
[ You had them, you could not possibly want to be late, or have anything more important to do.]

2] When one or two of your children come to you to tell you about their same-sex partner, don’t slap, spit or curse.  They too are GOD’s Property and they still deserve your LOVe.  Did you know that one half of Homeless children in Philadelphia are gay or lesbian Black children who are thrown out of the house for being same gender loving or Gay?  This is a shameful statistic that we can vastly improve on.

3] Be receptive to idea on child rearing, such as from great Black books on the subject, or parents you know who have raised really great children, sent them to good schools [ hopefully Black schools t bet the family benefits and help only a HBCU school provides]. , and NOT COMPLAINED ONE BIT….  [ Spoken and written by someone who cares, but who obviously DOESN’T have any children himself! ]

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

MAY 19th, 2018 Saturday letter to the churches...... from Brother Tracy Charles Gibson

May 19th, 2018, Saturday


From MR. Tracy Charles Gibson,

LOVer of human Kind and decency for all humans.

I LOVe you first for being of GOD as much as you can & for, as much as you think you can – reaching out with a LOVing, helping hand to the BLACK community. There is no place any longer for hate in my body, mind or thoughts. You should join me!


Some of we decide to sit ``on high’’ & judge others even as we take $ money from the people we condemn, criticize  & try to control, even in their most intimate moments. Not having LOVe for people different than you is not the Christian Way of being. What is Christian is to give a small donation to B’nai B’rith  International even though I am not a Zionist nor a Jewish person, and to give a small donation to MECA which does charity work for Arab children, Palestinian children including build playgrounds for them in the occupied territories [ or Palestine ], as the Arabs like to call it.  I have worked tirelessly to get funds for my for – profit company for years, but have failed. Largely because conservative &  so-called liberals, alike have put incredible road blocks in my path. I have been attracted both physically & verbally for having the beliefs I have. You have seen much lesser men --  both Caucasian & Black take $ money and speak of GOD when there are 500 to 1,000 people cheering them on as they preach at the pulpit and as they really find no GOD of authenticity in their churches.  

      The manipulation and out-right theft from and against the innocent is not a GODly Way. I forgive you, but ask you to forgive me. Forgive me for having LOVe in my heart & working diligently – often against forces you back & support – to bring Peace, solace true decency, LOVe, and honesty to this sometimes wretched world.  Forgive me for promoting that people LOVe & share even though doing so seems somehow a crime in the present circumstance in this country … a country I call Turtle Island or The United States of Native America. I call our country this because nothing makes me happier or prouder than to turn this country – full of sky scrapers and technology – turn it back over to the Native Americans because we are all just visitors here  -- even the decedents of slaves as I am myself. We live in a time where theft of Billions of dollars goes with no criticism or demand for a refund. The Queen of England sits on $500 Billion Dollars of money, jewels, , diamonds, gold, rubies & Safire’s [ LOOK UP } stolen from my native land AFRICA & the AFRICAN People.  Then she & the government refuse a small stipend to poor Africans who walk the streets of England searching for respite, food & shelter.

       The Pope makes a film showing people kissing his ring & bowing to him considering him almost a God but he too sits on $500 Billion dollars of wealth stolen also from my mother country AFRICA!  God listens & will soon take decisive action --  it will not be pretty.

     We  -- you  -- judge Gay People and I am Gay  -- We  --  you -- judge your own BLACK People who are different or disabled. We – you  -- judge Black men  ---  I am a Black man. Some once tried to type cast me in a play as a great judge of humanity. [ The gentleman who offered me the role is a theatre director, I am not saying he was totally serious.  I didn’t take the role because I am a published writer not an actor. To publish my 656 --- page manuscript I have written many Black nationalists, publishers, agents and Black radicals with no such luck or success.  I don’t want to lash out and call people stupid because I know my book, when published, will change the world we live in for the better.  We will look at ourselves and feel healed. If there is an e-mail address for you or your church, I will send you my manuscript for free. It contains the word of GOD even as your 2000-year-ole Bible does. I keep telling people ``GOD is Contemporary’’ the words fall short and on unhearing ears as people continue to collect $ money & judge & manipulate lives they have no business manipulating. I challenge you to stop taking money $ from the Asians, the Mafia, the White wealthy, the KKK, & the Jewish people & come clean with what you do & How  you do it  -- especially financially.  I challenge you to call our country by it’s rightful name --  Turtle Island. I challenge you to at the very least criticize  the Pope & the Queen of England for being who they are  -- thieves, scoundrels,  scallywags, murders, rapist, plotters against humanity, greedy Capitalist  & manipulators.  I challenge you to be just & tell the Gay men and Lesbian Women in your congregations that you don’t want their money because you don’t like what they are or what they do in their bedrooms in their most private moments.

     Moreover, back on the Queen of England, I am amused at the way they [ the so-called royals ] are portrayed on television and in other major media as if they have great morals and great stature among humanity – yet they are in actuality exactly and precisely what I said they are above.  Just about the same goes for the Pope, even though he has been a much more liberal and caring Pope than just about all his successors.  I want to tell the Queen of England that we as Black people will settle for $300 Billion Dollars, I want the Pope to know that we will settle for $300 Billion Dollars as well. I am expecting another $300 Billion Dollars from France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Germany. Not from each country, but $300 Billion Dollars all together from the bunch of the scoundrels. We as international BLACK People will lick our wounds and move on with our lives and never look back and ask for money again.  We will shore up AFRICA and Brazil, and Cuba, and The United States [ Turtle Island ] and where ever else we are and be much more self-sufficient, loving  trust worth towards each other, and much more honest.  But this process cannot start unless my second book is published. We will make sure stupid Black people will not take their money and buy new Cadillac’s   [ look up later ] , mansions, fast women or fast men and diamonds rings.  They will each get $3,000.00 a month to do whatever they want with, but it will be strongly demanded that they buy things like tuition for their children, nice reasonable homes, reasonable cars, pay their bills, & even go back to college or start businesses, or get a business plan done, or buy office furniture, computers, etc.  I am NOT saying the $3,000.00 is enough for each of us. Other money will be pooled in Black Banks and used for supporting our BLACK institutions like our BLACK colleges, our Black museum, our other Black institutions like even our BLACK churches - who will not have to go begging to the other organizations I mentioned above.  If you think I am asking that me and my tiny corporation that is largely on paper only be the ones to manage this amount of money by myself, you are incorrect.  I will get together a large group of Black professionals to do this. Looking at the stellar work of groups like Black Lives Matter, Black Wall Street, Black unions, Avenging the Ancestors collation, and all groups working in Back history and for reparations, I KNOW we can handle this job.  We also MUST  get our BLACK men and BLACK women out of the military, and into decent jobs in civilian life in a peace-time economy.

When the United States stops aggressing other nations we find the world beginning to live in true peace and solace.   It will not be easy and will not happen overnight.  It may take two or three generations, but we will at least have started on a path of righteousness and decency that we have NEVER been on before.  The process cannot start until my book is published. If you want to take my book profits and use them for the pool of money I talked about, you may do so. I ask only for a small percentage for me to live on.


With LOVe, Peace, Purpose & RESPECT




Also Known as MR. Tracy Charles Gibson

A servant of GOD, but really no more GOD than anyone else.

Post Script
I write Cuba & the honesty that flows back to me is phenomenal, even though I haven’t heard from them much directly. GOD tells me that they are pleased.  They are the leaders of humanity, not terrorists as our country has said. I have traveled to Cuba before & I thank them with all my heart. 

No 12 years a ............

Thank you for the library loan. By opening this cinema disk box, you will be granting me and all BLACK Diaspora members 70,000.00 years of Freedom, prosperity, good will, decentness, historical importance, good accurate history, intra-racial LOVe, devotion, economic advancement, use of technology in a progressive, positive and  non-oppressive Way, stable households, homes, churches, and institutions, happy faces on us and our youth & children,  - - warmth, economically-run cars, plenty of cheap, non-polluting cars, stable, great business ownership & great access to Capital, non-hurtful-to-the environment sources of energy & personal and family decency including our whole family  -- gay, straight, bisexual, disabled, able-bodied, trans-gendered, sighted, blind, etc.  There will be no end to our glory and reign as a law-abiding, voting, and basically GREAT BLACK People. Religion and our differences will not hold us back. But make us stronger, warm and accepting people who LOVe all of humanity. There will be NO 12 more years of slavery. GOD Bless you, From GOD Himself, ALSO known as Brother Tracy Charles Gibson. Founder, President and Chief of Seventy-Five Cent, LLC & BrotheR Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Diana Ross, winning, shining STAR we cannot forget.

You can talk about Diana Ross all you want. About Her marrying out-of-race. Marrying two White men. But what you cannot refute is that She cared about Her children enough to give up much of the bold and lasting career and legacy She would have had as a BLACK SUPERSTAR to raise Her children with a great deal of caring and nurturing!  She is still, also, a fantastically beautiful BLACK woman.  With plenty of awards and accolades to show for Her efforts. [ She was cheated out of an Academy Award in 1973 For Her leading role in the Stellar, beautiful and haunting ``Lady Sings the Blues'' -- Her first major role in a motion picture. It was directed by Black Recording executive & founder of MOTOWN records Berry Gordy.  ] The likes of Liza Minnelli won that year for  ``Cabaret''  [ a much lesser moving I found boring and contrived. ].....