Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Trumping Trump -- Dumping Trump

     Don't give in. Don't give up. If you are a Black parent of a Black teen majoring in business, the arts, engineering, mathematics, English, architecture, languages, geometry, gymnastics, physical education & fitness, medicine, dance, catering & food preparation, biology, any specialized medicine field, weight lifting, or any other subject like nutrition or law  -- there is HOPE. Machines can't do what humans can. The machines fail miserably. Humans are triumphant. There will be a job in the future for your child. The egg heads will never be able to create a Rosie the Robot to take that Job in 2046 or any other year. Rest your mind. The egg heads who want to use technology to erase jobs & stuff their pockets with even more money while regular workers make far too few dollars have been defeated by International Law, The United Nations & the whole 9 yards.  I'm not kidding. This is what Trump was elected to trounce workers Rights He will not be re-elected. He was never elected in the first place. The Republican Party will find themselves unelectable on even a local, suburban, rural level. Case Closed. We will have Mo Better Tomorrows.  

Monday, April 9, 2018

Where is GOD?

Where is GOD?

She is in your heart and in your eyes every time you do something kind, generous & good for someone other than yourself.

She is in the wide, innocent smile of a child. // She is in the stars and the natural guises, the National Parks of Native America and in Colorado’s rock formations and in pristine water and in New York’s Native American People. She is in Black People, but exits quickly when we curse or say the ``N’’ word. She hugs us when we are oppressed, which is still too often. [ Not the hugs, the oppression still comes too often.] Soon it will be, our oppression --  will be no more.

She is also a He and in my mind and in my life 24 hours a day as I Pray 24 hours a day.

He is in Philadelphia’s people when we are good, honest, & reveal our inner selves, and are vulnerable to the truth -- Black or Latin, Asian Native or White.

She is dismissed when we take advantage of each other and exploit each other or fight like children on the el or the trolley.

She takes a vacation when we are hurtful or violent.

She will use these things to teach us a lesson, if we care to listen & learn.

Mother Teresa & Desmond Tutu do not have a monopoly on GOD, just because they are great and recognized for great, merciful and generous work.

Listen to the voices of small Black children and you will hear the voices of Maya Angelou & Ruby Dee, justice, freedom, peace, understanding, sharing, economic parity and equality – this is where GOD dwells.

And in the roaring seas and in the blissful, perfect power blue and white clouds.

Especially when we keep the seas and the air clean and care about our planet & our environment and what our children’s children will be

Left on this precious earth.


By Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson, Also known as God. I AM GOD, but no more GOD than you are.

Black Bean Soup Low Sodium

Black & Brown Bean Organic Chicken  Skin-on -- & Tofu  Soup

Soak in water, one large bag of brown Pinto Beans for one day.  After rinsing, cook in water for 45 minutes.  Use three Bay Leaves to cook the brown Pinto beans.

Bake 10 chicken thighs with spices such as power garlic, cumin, parsley, red pepper flakes, onion power,  &poultry seasoning.  Don’t throw out the chicken stock or oil from the baked organic chicken thighs. Don’t clean the pan out, Please set it aside,. Put the chicken stock together with the mushrooms and onions, and oil – from the cooked chicken  --  in a bowl in the refrigerator.

After the beans are cooked stir fry one large onion & some jarred mushrooms Use a little Hollywood Safflower oil for the stir fry.  Set aside in the refrigerator.

Rinse 2 cans of Black beans in the strainer to get the salt out and add to the Brown Pinto beans after they are about cooked, but continue cooking.  

Reheat the chicken thighs in the same pan you saved and didn’t wash. Reheat for 15 minutes.  After they heat up, cut the chicken meat off the chicken thighs bones. Cut into large chunks.  Throw the chicken meat into the cooking beans, chicken stock, onions and mushrooms. Keep heating under medium heat. 

IMPORTANT! Add a large pinch of cinnamon and an even larger pinch of Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice instant decaffeinated coffee House Blend.   

Add 1 large container of [ 32 OZ. ] All Natural Kitchen Basics un-salted chicken stock and 2 jars [ 9 OZ’s each ] of William Sonoma’s   Pasta sauce   Organic Tomato & Roasted Garlic  also add 2 regular cans of generic spaghetti sauce or any such brand [  meatless  sauce ], & 2 more cans of low sodium tomato sauce  -- also meatless.

IMPORTANT!  -- Stir fry one tub of organic Tofu in Hollywood oil for five minutes and add to the soup ingredients.  

Let simmer for 35 minutes.

Serves 15 people

I Am not a soup Nazi, but I want Black men with high blood pressure to eat this dish and similar dishes instead of eating steak sandwiches that are loaded with salt, white potato fries loaded with salt, and ketchup loaded with salt.  If your Black man has high-blood pressure like I do, please cook this for Him.

Write me for more recipes and places to go to where foods are more healthy. BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com  1 215 823 9985  Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson.  


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Black Men of BLACK essence

Black Men

     You are more delicious than a cream puff or chocolate ice cream or a chocolate eclair or a chocolate cup cake, or a red velvet cup cake.  You are bold and beautiful. You are brass and sassy.  You are in LOVe with my being in LOVe with you, regardless of your sexual appetite for men or women.   I believe Jesus was a BLACK homosexual, but if I say that the entire Black church will come down on me like… I LOVe Jesus and our Black African children are my bosses.  But I have to wonder why Jesus was never talked about as to when He was a child. The Bible doesn’t say much about that. All the King’s men were also probably Gay. Do you see any BLACK women around much? Saying this can get you pinched. I LOVe Black women, but not you know, that way.  I LOVe Black men because the pain they represent of their ending [  [ [ [ [ today at 4: 05 P.M. ] their ending slavery is fantastical and beautiful. [ Don't ever hurt yourselves or your Brothers, sisters or children or anyone at all, because you are too good for that.] We only have to deal with ourselves and improving ourselves.  Before GOD, we are only like GOD Him / Her self. When I say I Am GOD, people miss the second statement. I Am no more GOD than you are. That is the second part.  Black men have the most beautiful powerful asses and feet and teeth in the world. I LOVe them. Even the fat ones and the ones people think are not ugly.  I want to put them into movies. I want still photographs of beautiful Black men. I want to see them naked before GOD. Natural, nice naked. Clean, beautiful naked. Black male nudity is a gift from GOD.  Ole Black men young Black men. In between Black men. Call it an obsession. Call it a study. Call it part of my life's work.   I want to be in LOVe with just one, who will understand I Am in LOVe with us all. I want a man who will understand I Am constantly having a mental affair with every Black man in the world. I can’t stop. It won't stop. It is like the unstoppable locomotive in the DenzeL Washington Film ``Unstoppable.’’ Did you ever look back at how beautiful, fine and attractive Hank Gathers was? ``Let the Children Gather,’’ is the name of my book. You can get it on .  Please buy one for $10.00 because I LOVe the work I do , but I need your support. Send me information about your company and I’ll support you as well.  I want to take nothing away from Black women.  These are and remain mostly your Black men.  But I will not relinquish my right to look and appreciate.  They are like a sad trumpet player, turned happy. They are like a Black child’s smile. They are like a panther or a leopard.  They are like GOD.  They are peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. They are smooth and lovely.  There are no other men cooler.  Forget about the cool President of the U.S. Obama, have you ever seen Huey P. Newton in that swanky wing-backed bamboo chair from the 1970’s? That is a GOD. I tell you that is a GOD. Before you divorce your Black man, go to a therapist and see if you can save the relationship.  If He won’t go, then you have rights to give him up, like I did with L.T.  Don’t think I don’t still LOVe L.T., but now I turn my interests towards R.R.B. WOW! What a Black hunk.  Sweet, smart, Street smart, revolutionary and beautiful.  LOVe you just the Way you are. Sweet, revolutionary, smart and beautiful. Arewa in Yoruba. Beauty. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

🌍🌐March 27th & 28th, 2018 Tuesday & Wednesday
An Open Letter  
American Medical Association
AMA Plaza
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300
Chicago, IL 60611-5885
From, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson
670 North 41st Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104  -- 5202
Phone, 1 [ 215 ] 823  -- 9985
Dear American Medical Association,
I Am not a doctor, but I Am very concerned today about some of my concerned [ today ] about some of my current – today’s – medical records that contain errors. Being a progressive Black political activist, I Am very concerned about the following errors on my medical records, just started earlier today. I recently changed from going to Drexel Medicine at 205 North Broad Street where I was treated by Doctor Joseph Boselli who was my doctor for over 30 years. Now I attend the public health clinic at 44th & Haverford.   Doctor Story who I have never met – is named as my general practitioner. I visited there in February and saw a Doctor Achmen or a Doctor Muhammed. I gave Him a full & complete list of my medications. I told Him I will need a new colonoscopy because the one I had most recently was inconclusive. I went to 44th & Haverford Avenue clinic for a routine checkup today  [ required before the new colonoscopy ] . They took my blood pressure today & I when I stood up the second time they took the blood pressure they got a better reading.  On the records it said I had a lower pressure sitting. A small mistake, but a mistake none-the-less. The attending Doc was Doctor Fatema  Ahmen. The notes also said I had ``coincident congestive heart failure’’. My father [ Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson ], died from complications of congestive heart failure & I do not have heart failure. Doctor Ahmen also wrote that I had a moderate episode of recurrent major depressive disorder today while I was at the office. I told her I have not been hospitalized with depression since 1999. I had an excellent day today. I bothered no one. I sat patiently for my appointment with the doctor. I had no such episode in the doctor’s office and am well aware of what I go through mentally, and it has been very smooth for quite some times, with a few bumps in the road, but no major episode.  I have enclosed a copy of the Doctor’s report for you to look at. I also told Her I was taking 4 medicines for blood pressure, She only wrote down two of them. A full list of my medications was given to the doctor in February. They had lost the list of medications. I don’t want to make a fuss, but being in a rather sensitive position as a Black activist makes me want to ensure all such records are kept accurately at all times.

I Am sending a copy of this letter to my political representatives in hopes that the health services in the public sector in Philadelphia can be wholly upgraded as all people, regardless of income level, deserve excellent health care.

Gratefully True,

Tracy Charles Gibson

President, Chief & Founder
Seventy-Five Cent, LLC
A company concerned about the well-being of Black People throughout the world. We do this through education projects, philanthropy, Public Relations, Advertising, Black community advocacy & support of Black businesses big and small.  We also do outreach to Black youth who want to take life more seriously and make serious advances in career, education and the business world.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Guys

It is funny How men have a fit if they are called ``the girls’’ but women think it is OK to be call ``the guys’’ all the time in mixed company. Just sayin.

I know another Mac who can use some of that MONEY!

Mac Zuk-Burger’s Net Worth was put, today, MaRch 22, 2018-- at $66 Billion Dollars. Isn’t that a bit excessive? That is a bit excessive!  I think He is not a creative genius, but instead a fraud and a stingy thief.  But that’s just my uninformed opinion. You know what they say about opinions. Ever try to go to the bathroom without one?