Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Black Ventor at 52nd & Chestnut Street in West Phillie

There is a Black vendor at 52nd & Chestnut who has very attractive earrings for your Lady LOVe; nice bracelets; photos & posters with Nationalist prints on them of Bob Marley & Marcus Garvey or famed Blues singer Bilie Holiday; Ole School music; Afrocentric Collectables; He also sells perfumes & colognes and other items. He is a kind & friendly Brother & we hope you can support Him. He is right on the corner of 52nd & Chestnut Street. His Name is Brother E. The Third Eye. reach Him at 1 267 742 9292 or Issahorn3rdeye@GMail.Com. I wanted to add that there seems to be more Black vendors on 52nd Street, which I think is a very, very great thing and I Pray it continues. They need our support!!

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