Thursday, December 24, 2015

Can you tell me about ``Flight''

Can you tell me who you think left the door open leading to the hotel room where the small bottles of alcohol were in the refrigerator in Denzel Wash's film ``Flight'' Call me at 1 215 823 9985.

After you get your fruit & vegetables from Brother Arnette at West Phillie Produce, call me and we'll talk about the Special Blessings God has in sore for you. I can tell you right up front you will have to contribute and work for any Blessings. Times are tight and no one is just giving things away. I don't even think many People are doing this for Christmas. West Phillie Produce is located at 27 South 62nd on the West side of the sidewalk. Tell Him Brother Tracy sent you, but DON'T expect any hook ups or lower prices because you drop my name. Such undercutting of profits is one of the main things that hurts Black businesses and causes them to go under. Now we would not want that now would we.

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