Monday, November 10, 2014

something rather funny... A Special note to Black Parents.....

I  LOVe your children more than you do.  Now right off the bat, you are saying that such a proposition is preposterous and ridiculous, but it is simple: I don't really know your children like you do so it is easy to just LOVe our Black children and want the best for them and want them so survive and thrive as healthy, well-read, educated, well-rounded Black human beings with positive futures.....  Good nutrition and no candy much and no sodas much is a must. However actually providing all this for them is another matter. This is a really Big Job and I am leaving this to you. I will help by saying a Blessing for them each and every day. I know I LOVe your children more than you do because I don't have to put up with them like you do. That is YOUR job. You had them, not I. If Bill Cosby is reading this, and a Little Birdy told me He might, I am hoping He will take this for HIs routine.Kokayi.. 

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