Monday, November 10, 2014

Worker's Manifesto

Original Date Of This Document: October 31, 2013 Thursday. Today’s Date, When This document was augmented and updated: December 27, 2013, Friday.
Manifesto: The Proper Activity for Black Businesses and ALL Businesses Operating anywhere on the World.
Written by A Fair-Minded Proud African Activist Working for the Working People of the World.
1] Businesses should be open and accepting of their employees being unionized as the Workers see fit and should NOT work to stop or under mind unionization.
2] Unions must be accepting and open to all people joining the union, including all faiths, colors, skin colors, religions, creeds, sexual orientations, sexes, gender identities etc.
3] Businesses should NOT exploit or super exploit Workers, but instead must offer full and complete mental health benefits, health benefits and dental benefits and offer Workers full time hours at a good working wage at least $13.00 an hour in the United States according to living costs [it may need to be higher in places like Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.].
4] Businesses Must Do Their honest best NOT to pollute. Waters and streams and the air must be kept as clean as possible, when utilized by industry—and that includes China and anywhere else business and industry does business in the world including United States and India.
5] Businesses must put forth a stable and public policy that allows open and fair representation of employees wishes, needs and desires at every level of operation.
6] ALL these positive changes MUST be implemented in a timely and on-going fashion.
7] Businesses must provide adequate heat and or air conditioning for the vast majority of workers, customers and administrators to feel comfortable.

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