Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Only God Knows...

You know when they say, What Happens in Rio, L.A. & Las Vegas stays in those places? Well this really isn't true. GOD knows all and He knows what you did exactly, who you did it with, why you did it, what your motivations were, how long you did it, and How many times you went back for more. He also knows if you paid for what you took, or took it for free. He also knows if you destroyed some one's life; how often you lied; did you hurt someone; and How you benefited from what you did. I don't believe in sin. I think what you did is your business and I don't think you should feel guilty as long as you didn't hurt anyone or cause human or property damage, steal, or confiscate something that doesn't belong to you and as long as you didn't needlessly hurt some one's feelings.  What interpersonal reasons there are for destroying someone else's life, be it greed, money, hatred, self-hate, repugnance, or whatever, you should hand those feelings over to GOD and your therapist and stop feeling guilty. Don't let someone blame you for having human desires of LOVe and for having a libido. Where do you think the libido came from in the first place? It came from and comes from GOD!!  NOT feeling guilty for LOVing someone and expressing that LOVe is something wonderful and joyous & something GOD wants us to do. My church says God is LOVe and LOVe is for everyone--no matter who you are. No matter what your skin color is; no matter what your race and ethnicity are; no matter what country you come from and no matter if you are straight, gay, bisexual, or trans. No matter what class you are born into; no matter if you are White, Black, or of any other ethnic group.  [By the Way, even though I haven't gone in a long time -- about seven weeks-- my home church is still Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia which is located inside the Arch Street United Methodist Church's Chapel at 55 North Broad Street in Philadelphia. Come and join us for service at 2 P.M. on Sundays or at the same location on Tuesdays at 6:30 P.M. for Spiritual Study. I presently have some difficulties with the church, but I'll be back on Sunday, September 6th, 2015.] Remember, GOD is LOVe and LOVe is for everybody, but this doesn't give any of us the right to hurt other People's feelings, or hurt People physically or financially or exploit people or be hurtful or be nasty spiritually or hateful. These are un-Christian concepts and should be avoided.  Even if we are a waring faction of a so called terrorist cell or a general in the United States of Native America's Army. Stop feeling guilty.  LOVe & Be LOVed!!!

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