Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Somethng Positive From Haiti.....

An Open Letter to Brother Harold

There is a Black LLC that handles construction in the Maryland area in an expert manner. One of the main things they also do is oversee work on rebuilding Haiti in a masterful, professional, and up-beat Way. Brother Harold is Haitian Himself, and is not playing when it comes to making sure things are done there in a Way that will be systemic, lasting, professional and on-going.  He has a vast vision of making the first FREE Black country in the Western Hemisphere -- Haiti-- become economically pliable; financially sound;  a good, positive location for raising children; a place with stable schools & good safe places for People to relax & enjoy life; and a great motivator & role model for other Black countries to follow.

How is Brother Harold Charles bringing this about in Haiti? He is dedicated, hard-working, positive thinking, proud to be Haitian, and He has a company -- CEEPCO? [Look up] that won't quit in crating a host of policies that are forward-moving; well-financed; and positive in the face of the disaster earthquake that almost totally demolished the entire Back country of Haiti.  By getting a host of licenses, certifications, and qualifications for His company and His staff, He has created a true level of professionalism that can't be overlooked or ignored by the oligarchy.

[This article is in the development stages and MUST be researched properly. It Will be finished by Jul 10th, 2015.]... 

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