Thursday, October 8, 2015

LOVe is Easy Change is

LOVe is Easy. Changing is not. But we must work at it. Success saves our Black Planet.

By Anonymous

I Love Black men. In fact, I’m infatuated with them. This would not be so bad if I weren’t a Black man myself. This makes things hard. I’m not talkin about one or two Black men. I mean everyone I see. Everyone that ever was or ever will be. God gave me this LOVe so I could save the planet earth. It is LOVe that saves things. Not firemen. Not policemen. Not school teachers. Not community activists. Not money. It is the LOVe in the heart that forces these people to act the correct way and do the best at their jobs. The LOVe of a Mom for Her child is instilled in a young boy and when He becomes a Black man, He LOVes in turn.  Greetings from Heaven. We now all live in Heaven. If we are makin it a Hell that is because of circumstances. We also live in the United States of Native America. It is not necessarily our fault to have difficulty.  If we were lucky enough to make a difference, even just for ourselves – that is God workin for us and the universe workin with us.  A lot of Black men still blame the White man for their ills. Sayin we are oppressed. Certainly there is a situation in place that puts oppressive glue on us each morning when we turn the tv on; eat a donut; turn the radio on or read most magazines and newspapers. Not reading them and turning them on or eating a donut is a choice we can make. We can choose to go to the library instead of choosing to have another 40 and get laid. We can choose to go to school instead of blow $20.00 a day on lottery tickets. When White men wake up the oppressive glue they listen to, read or eat or turn on doesn’t oppress them – it tunes them up for their day and gets them goin and gives them every advantage White skin can muster and put forth. The People who tried to tell Black men – beautiful Black men – about this were killed. Martin. Malcolm. Medgar.  We lost something when the computer was invented. We used to invent a lot of things. The computer has turned the landscape in the Black community into self-haters and mush. Don’t use your computer night and day. Learn how to rule it instead of letting it rule you. Don’t hate on White People. It is useless to hate anyone or anything except perhaps injustice, greed, bigotry, economic inequality, -- did I say greed. If I sound like a broken record to you, you probably are already a Black activist workin hard to figure out a Way to free Black People from the often self imposed mind set of slavery. We work to ``improve’’ the school system. We should  have our own private school system with a set of principles to lift our children’s minds out of the ``imposed’’ gutter of the ghetto and become a new class of  thinkers and doers. They have a commercial on tv about doers and they are all White and just about all male. As Black men we have been erased from the class of doers in their minds. And we let these people teach our children. This is not wise. If we have the money to save part of the liquor industry, we have the money to stop smoking cigarettes and cigars and – stop Bling Blinging. We can put our children through privet schools with expert Black teachers and pay our Black students  (and give them scholarships). This will support our Black private school system and raise our standards for our children and the rest of us. Our children need to go to Black colleges and Black universities where there are expert Black teachers, expert Black Administrators and expert Black companies and expert Black individuals who want to see the Black students achieve greatly.  Black Colleges and Black Universities succeed must succeed or we have failed. But it really needs to start at the grade school level with private schools. We can do this if we change some of our old ways and behaviors and take on being very coherent to listen to positive direction. We have a certain Continent that is our land as Africans and still full of People who we have a very special attachment to. (Our African Brothers & Sisters).  ``They’’ (White People) say the Africans don’t like or LOVe us as African Americans. Some White People say Africans want to just come here for education and go back and save their own piece of the African planet. I think, given a few positive words, we will find a lot of LOVe from Africans. But we must embrace our whole family. We have to also ask our Black family to start acting correctly and stop all the self destructive behaviors. (Certainly slow those negative behaviors, down think about them and, with help turn some of them around into positive behaviors). This may well take years of re-training and therapy.  We need to get started right away and stop being fearful and stop accepting stereotypes and stigmas, and stop listening to fear monsters.  When we learn how to embrace each other no matter what we are or who we are -- like Jesus said we should (and I’m convinced He was talkin about Black People inside our race) – then we will start on a generational journey towards the self LOVe that will save the Black family, the Black earth and save Black LOVe. Otherwise, we may be doomed to another day of doom. Look in the mirror and say I’m gonna stop hating and start learning and lOVin to make the world, our Black World – a much better place. Spend the afternoon at the library reading anything you want instead of watchin the Hip Hop Awards nonsense. You will be inviting God into your life. He has a funny way of setting up shop and stayin when He finds interested parties. 

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