Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Something to Think About

A few years ago I did something that seemed right at the time. Now, I think it was stupid, but maybe it was still necessary, looking back. I said some things and found a picture of a man who looked like Alan Iverson, the former 76er. The gentleman in the picture was partially nude and He was with another man.   He looked like Alan Iverson. I went over the edge and destroyed His career as a Sixer by saying He was Gay. (Misery LOVes Company, I guess).  The reason I did this was because He was making Rap Music (and I use the term loosely here), He was making Rap Music that degraded Black Gay men and degraded Black women.  Our youth were listening to the music and I fund hopeless and helpless to do anything about it. So, I took the action I mentioned. I Am making a serious confession about myself that could cost me getting at the wrong end of a law suite filed by Mr. Iverson's crew. I held this back for years, but it is time that it come out. He was let go by the 76res shortly after I made this ``most likely false'' disclosure.  I think it shows two things. 1) The internet is a powerful tool that can be used to bring down the powerful and mighty; and 2) It is a tool that can be misused and abused. Tipper Gore and C. Deloris Tucker are two women (Gore is White and Tucker was Black) who stood as a fortress against the raging evil machine that most of the Rap Industry has become in the hands of mostly a few White producers who still to this day refuse to give bigger contracts and exposure to the politically correct, politically conscious and the progressive or left to Radical Black Rap artists who want to get their records out there. Choosing instead to give money, contracts and exposure to People like Mr. Alan Iverson. I don't know if Mr. Iverson and His People or Crew can forgive me, thinking back to the harm they were doing. I may, as I said, be at the wrong end of a very expensive law suite. But I Am a man of GOD and I had to eventually make this confession. They say confession is good for the soul. I feel rather stupid if I did actually have anything to do with Him losing His career because Brother Alan Iverson LOVed Basketball and He LOVed being a Sixer. I Am sending this note to my Pastor at church in hopes that He will help me forgive myself. I will seek His council this week. If Brother Iverson wants to call my attorneys He can look up Attorney Ron Harper at 140 Maplewood Avenue, (1 215 844 4848) in Germantown, Philadelphia.

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