Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Biggest Secret in the World

Because I'm nice enough to give this secret away for free, I want you to consider giving a small donation to my company that fights for world peace; decency for Black People; kindness within our Black race; and a Way to send our children off to college {Black Colleges}. I need your help. Read other articles to see what we do and How we do it. Read our Annual report.

If you read further, I hope you will consider sending in a voluntary donation of $25.00:

When A Jewish Person dies they are put in the ground within 48 hours {If they are a practicing Jewish Person}. This has some sort of metamorphic circumstance that helps them, through a chemical process, maintain control of often stolen intelligence and continue to dominate world markets; certain fields of study & fields of commerce {ER.GO. The movie industry; the field of law; the medical profession; Wall Street; The advertising industry; Administrative positions in Black for-profit and Black non-profit agencies and businesses which they have no business running; School administrations; Jewelry Industry; Heads of large corporations; and even illegal dealings with illegal drugs and underworld activities such as pornography and prostitution. I do not hate Jewish People, but I think the unfair advantages they have, reflected in How they run such industries and fields of study, needs desperately to end, for their own continued existence and for the sustainability of a more fair and decent world. I AM not kidding!!

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