Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Norman Lewis Exhibit at Broad & Cherry Street in Philadelphia {Free on Sundays till Sunday -- April 3rd, 2016.

Norman Lewis Exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Today {Three weeks ago} & for the third time – I visited the Norman Lewis exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Mr. Lewis {a Black abstract artist born in --- & who passed in---} brings protest art to life in the extraordinary artistic event that runs through April 3rd, 2016. Some of the Blue dominated pieces stuck out most in my mind, including, ``Seachange’’ and ``Part Vision.’’ Lewis never reached the fame & fortune levels of a DeKooning, Picasso or a Campbell’s’ soup & Maryland Monroe {Andy Warhol}, but the artist, seen on video in the exhibition put it best Himself -- ``The fact that they [The Artists] get a lot of money for a painting is not any indication of quality,’’  {n} I feel some strange, cohesive, Real & pressing connection to Mr. Lewis& His work which has brought me back to the Academy a third time. {I was fortunate enough to be invited to WURD’s Holiday Party which had the works of Mr. Lewis as a back drop for festive undertakings at Christmas time last December}. A young Black father who came to the exhibit with His two young Sons, was one thing I saw that – aside from the Paintings – warmed my heart& soul & made me feel redeemed, hopeful, & rewarded for helping to get the word out to my hundreds of readers, mostly in the Philadelphia area. Log onto http://NormanLewis.Com to see some of the works at home or on your computer.  The most stunning piece of art in my View is lady in a Yellow hat, which is like a Black Mona Lisa, except you don’t get to see the women’s face. The painting also makes me think of Andrew Wyeth's ``Christina's World'' (1948) in that you cannot see the face of the subject in this famous painting either. By so doing, Lewis creates a mystery & a mystique about Black women that perhaps, only Black men can attest to

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