Monday, April 25, 2016

Mr. PResident, for international security, please abolish the Security Council

--An Open Letter to the United States of North America, President Barack Obama. About: The Security Council in the United Nations Being Abolished.


I don't know if you can master this one, but after careful consideration one of the main problems with world security and a feeling that everyone is being heard fairly is the existence of the Security Council in the United Nations.  Why have the United States, Russia and China ``the security council’’  been able to, for the last however many years, been able to actually veto many considerations & positions & proposed resolutions of many so called ``rogue’’ countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia,  Syria and other countries that may well not even be ``rogue’’ nations. When these countries are not heard at such an international body as the United Nations, they get angry, lick their wounds and make plans to destroy instead of join in peace talks; trade openly on foreign markets; find roads to help their people; find Ways to end graft and corruption; and listen to divergent views.  This small thorn in the side of so many causes bruised egos; has created more anger than I can mention here; and may well even be traced back to the causes of war and unnecessary bombings. I want to see Peace and much less use of military force by all countries and all sides. [This is why I’m asking for Communists countries not to show off their military wares on May Day; May 1, 2016. Because such shows of force are utilized by the West to justify more military spending in Western countries like England and the United States.] .  I feel the Security Council is really for the security of the conservatives and for the security of people with great wealth holding onto their share of markets instead of giving back and making sure many, many, many more people have healthy food to eat, more than decent housing, bus fare to get to and from work and school, decent well-paying  jobs,  clean water, decent shelter & that People don't have to live in at-war circumstances. I have not done the research, but I have called the United Nations about this, but have not been able to get a clear answer to my questions. The Security Council has held up progress at the United Nations for decades and must be abolished. There are more than rumblings about some countries starting a new international body that will hear the voices of countries -- large & small  -- fairly and equally. This must be part of your legacy. --One country one vote with no veto power for the Security Council.



Brother Tracy Gibson,

President, Founder, Chief Executive Officer,

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.


--Building better more holistic green living for our world.

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