Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Am Ali

``I Am Ali,’’ looks at the early life & times of famed boxer Muhammad Ali, who started boxing when he was the tender age of 12. (``He was 87 pounds’’). Included: His early days as Cassis (Spelling)  Clay at the Olympics in 1960 in Rome, Italy; a look at his parents;  his ``Rumble in the Jungle’’ fight in Zaire, Africa; loving times spent with his children (in person & in recordings over the phone); an interview with trainer Angelou Dundee (spelling); his anti-violence code is explained; the marriage to his second wife ; & intimate time spent with his first wife; training in Miami, Florida; & in the ring with interviewer David Frost & singer Tom Jones.  ``He’s always been different. He was born for greatness,’’ one confidant said. 

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