Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An Open Letter from a Black Activist...

An Open Letter

From An Independent Black Activist, Named Brother Tracy Gibson

To: Cuba, The Soviet Union, Black Africa – From Egypt to South Africa and from Mali to Somalia, and to former United States, Now Turtle Island.

     **I am writing this letter to let you know I act as an independent Black activist. I am on no ones payroll except my own company’s, my job’s [as a food service worker,] and for Social Security Disability.

     **I am not a spy for anyone knowingly and willingly. Not the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the Kremlin, not The Central Intelligence Agency, not Israel Intelligence or any such Intelligence agency in any African, Asian, Central American or South American Country. I work diligently and consistently for Black People to make things better for myself, all Black People, and all good People who formerly considered themselves oppressed. I can use financial help from all who care about humanity, but you will get nothing in return, except a freer Black People, a freer earth and more responsibility and knowledge for Black People.

     **I’m not selling influence to the highest bidder, but am working for the liberation of our Black Planet to – in Peacefulness – to a GOD who is ready to Bless  People who need our help.  This letter is put on my Blog – good and positive News – to ask for your help and help you clarify the situation,


Gratefully Ture


Tracy Charles Gibson

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