Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Writing Style of Mr. Claude Lewis Will be Missed by the Black Community Here!

By Brother Tracy Gibson.

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      **A lot of young Black People don’t remember or were not born yet when the terrific work and overwhelming dedication of a Brother who just passed away a few days ago – I believe it was Saturday the 18th, of MaRch, 2017, named Brother Claude Lewis, was a major publisher and journalistic figure in Philadelphia….

     ** This writer, father [Look on Wikipedia and make sure He was a Father] and publisher was  now just a ``liberal commentator or print’’ but published for a good long while [Check publishing dates on Wikipedia]  a fantastic Black journal called the ``National Leader.’’

     ** The National Leader broke fresh ground in the Way Black People especially were thinking, and helped us navigate a positive and progressive Way through many political and social obstacles during the time it was published. 

     ** Brother Claude Lewis worked for the Philadelphia Bulletin – which was a considerable rival to the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News -- for many years {Check with Wikipedia as well],.

     **His journalistic standards were very extensive, established  and  far-reaching.  I was so impressed with MR. Claude Lewis when I was a teenager, about 15, I called Him and asked if I could come to visit Him in His office.  Mr. Claude Lewis  was kind enough to extend an invitation to me to come and visit His office. I was highly impressed with His kind demeanor, soft temprement and big smile.  I started writing when I was eight, and after this meeting the deal was sealed – I would become a writer of the best order GOD and I could muster.

     ** One of the main things I remember about MR. Claude Lewis was that He had a big traditional Black rotary dial phone with a red light on it.  When the phone ``rang’’ the light would light up red. Mr. Claude Lewis told me He didn’t like the disturbance the ringing sound cause and liked the red light much better.

     ** Frankly, I thought this was a bit eccentric of Mr. Claude Lewis, but I went along with the plan and had a very nice conversation with Him, noting that He was very dedicated, professional, and caring about Black People.

     ** But the reason I wanted to write this is to explain to our Black  public that publications are very expensive and hard to keep afloat, especially in today’s market with so much media taking on a more electronic tempriment.   In the older days, Mr. Claude Lewis was able to keep the entire nation abreast of Black news that mattered. Fantastic feature stories, interesting interviews, great photographs, and personality sketches that would stop a pit bull cold.

     ** I was very impressed with Mr. Claude Lewis’ writing style and His ability to get interviews with the most hard-to-reach Black personalities for interviews, photo sessions, and delightful comments that were not being shared even in ``Ebony,’’ and ``Jet,’’ magazine.  His Spirit and confidence will be very much missed by this Black journalist, and He has inspired me, through His death, to try once again to join the Association of Black Journalists.  I walk with my head held high as a Black writer / Black journalist because of the hard work, dedication and terrific writing style of this talented Black published / writer – Mr. Claude Lewis.

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