Saturday, July 1, 2017

what I think of SEPTA -- even at $2.50 a POP!

A SEPTA Thank You.
I have a few Popular words to say about the South East Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. {SEPTA}. I know a bunch of People like to complain about SEPTA service. I have even complained about SEPTA in the past. But, I must say, I have gone to my neighborhood #10 stop and the Trolley {#10}, has been right there. Yes, it is seldom clean, it is sometimes crowded, but I don't know of any other viable Way to get down Town in 20 minutes safely, quickly and without much delay, hassle or fanfare. A good female friend of mine -- Her initials were G.F. -- used to always talk to the drivers on the busses. She wasn't always trying to make time with them, She just wanted to be kind, supportive, friendly, appreciative and nice. G.F. LOVed SEPTA. It has taken about 5 years since G.F.'s death, but I now LOVe SEPTA as She did. You can decrease waiting time by getting a SEPTA official schedule; you will be appreciated for NOT littering; NOT playing your radio loud; being kind to your  fellow SEPTA riders; NOT smoking anything; moving back in the bus or trolley; and NOT talking loud on the TROLLEY or BUS. Spiritually, sometimes I do a project to help GOD {I believe GOD works through People}. The project  is, in fact, still going on. I did a long Prayer that SEPTA's rank and file, get or start a scholarship fund for their children and or grandchildren, and that this scholarship fund be supported by the SEPTA Union members, SEPTA management, and private contributors. I have not called SEPTA's Union as yet, to see if they have such a scholarship fund, but I am pledging $20. from my for-profit company for the scholarship fund. WHY?
* SEPTA workers have and continue to perform exemplarily often under difficult working conditions such as extreme heat, or extreme cold, heavy traffic; crowding ;unruly passengers;  and  a lack of trash being taken off the system consistently.
* SEPTA drivers treat disabled People like my-self with great respect and kindness, when it is often difficult to do.
* SEPTA workers are friendly.
* SEPTA hires women, men and People with different sexual orientations.
* SEPTA gets you where you are going on time -- if you plan well ahead.
Thank You
Thank YOU
Thank You
Tracy Charles Gibson

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