Friday, April 3, 2015

``A First Time for Everything''

``A First Time for Everything,’’ looks at the world of Gay male prostitution, but does it without much kissing, nudity and so forth.  It manages to tell a story of lost hopes and dreams when a young Black  man’s restaurant, where He was working as a chef, closes and He is left jobless.  Later the movie tells viewers that loss of economic opportunity is one of the main reasons young men are faced with when they turn to prostitution.

The first time was hard for Ethan.  His ``John’’ was a rather hairy, older European who He really wasn’t interested in going to bed with.  The money was looking good so He did it.  The moral dilemma He faced afterwards apparently doesn’t wash off with soap and water.   The film was just under an hour and I have to admit that it kept my attention even at 5 A.M.   The acting was relatively good for short, lower budget films.  Director-Writer Reginald A. Fleming was and is a very good filmmaker who delves into a ``street survival’’ issue that faces more Black men than many Black wives, Black mothers & Black families want to realize.  It is an issue that is facing the whole Black family.

My own personal testimony: I try never to use prostitutes. I was very active sexually when I lived in New York, but NEVER took money for sex. I was in my early 20’s. Over the last 10 to 13 years I had a friend who started asking for money later in our relationship and I eventually broke off the relationship.  [It was difficult because I still wanted to be with him. I knew it was over when I ended up in a hotel room promising to pay him $2,200.00 if he let me do a certain thing. A voice in my head said it would seal a financial deal between Tyler Perry and Michael Jordan so I went along with it. {I have to deal with some emotional issues that require a therapist and medicine. I am presently being evaluated for continuing my Social Security Disability benefits. } I still owe the brother the $2,200.00 and he isn’t speaking to me, but still goes to church every week and even attends religious study classes at the same place I do. I think he is totally oblivious to his own hypocrisy and somehow accepts this prostitution aspect of his lifestyle. {By the Way I don’t judge Brothers for being gay or homosexual because I am and know it ain’t easy to deal with. It needs to be talked about more in less emotionally heated environments and safe spaces. } It doesn’t make him such a bad person, it makes him one needing other sources of income, education & opportunity…  I made promises to him because I thought I would be able to make more money. It has NOT materialized yet, even though I spend about 10 hours a day working.] Men are known to make that kind of money for sex. Don’t miss this film –``A First Time for Everything’’ on You Tube.

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