Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Release Mumia Abu Jamal!!

Dear Vice President Joe Biden: I Am NOT a 100 % Mumia Abu Jamal Supporter, but I DO think His case should have been thrown out of court and or I think He Should have been tried by a jury of His peers over again  a Long, Long time ago.  There were, as far as I know, extenuating circumstances that precluded a fair trial the first time.  But all this is water under the bridge right now. Mr. Jamal is quite sick, from late reports I have gotten from reliable sources. I want Him released from jail due to health reasons. I think this could be parlayed into a great deal of support from the Grass Roots . It would stir up controversy, however, because Mr. Jamal is ill, I think this is significant and that we need to make sure we are seen, this Nation of ours--The United States of Native America-- as a humane country and a country that is empathetic to the needs of those who have suffered. If we are not this you are talkin the same ole ``business as usual'' and that isn't going to float or fly at the major Dem convention here in Philadelphia next year. I don't like to beg People for things, but I am telling you it is a great idea to release Mr. Mumia Abu Jamal RIGHT NOW--Not in two weeks or later. Please don't ask me to write a letter asking that the Cuban Government release into custody Sister Assata Shakur as a swap for this releasing of Mumia. I WILL NOT DO THIS!!! Please don't alter this statement I have made here. An original copy of this statement will be put on my Blog and sent to close friends for verification.


LOVe, Peace & Blessings,




Brother Tracy Gibson,

Poet, Businessman, Proud Uncle, Philanthropist, Earth Father..

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