Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ready, Camera Action..

Is There a Possibility of a Coming Technologically enforced Religious & Cultural Crusade Against Sexual Freedoms & Homosexuality?

By Anonymous

There has been a growing level of freedoms among the more sexually liberal in our country. More People, straight or Gay and choosing NOT to get married, and more Gay & Lesbian People are pushing for the legalization of marriage at the same time. So-called Gay marriage is being legally challenged, but finding acceptance in many state houses across the United States of Native America.

At the same time, a growing paw is reaching across the world, motivated by some unseen cultural and religious forces such as stemming from  China and the Muslim world, that says no to homosexuality and wants to continue to press for more restrictive behaviors sexually and more ``traditional’’ family units.

These conflicting cultural and religious forces—one wanting People to conform and the other questioning  & bending conformity—seem to be coming to a dimension where more conflicts and legal battles will occur. It seems to me such conflicting ethical values can co-exist without too much problem if People just learned to respect each other’s personal boundaries and not force their values on others who are unwilling to accept them or unable to change with what might seem to others a ``growing liberal social trends.’’

We have been through this before. The 1970’s found the Orange Juice lady squirting her favorite variety of anti-gay rhetoric on everyone who would listen from Phil Donahue to Merv Griffin to the pages of the New York Times and the San Francisco Examiner.   But The Orange Lady was light weight fair compared to what might be in store among the Islamic region’s forces and the more conservative family oriented theories of China and their cultures and religions. They will be much harder to defeat and there won’t be or isn’t a single target, there are several moving targets.

Strangely, somehow, Caucasian males, who might be sexually open and even permissive and / or homosexual, seem very allusive, above the fray and detached from this cultural and religious social conflict  that is gripping Black and Latin communities from Maine to Minnesota and from Wash, D C to Washington State.

I am perplexed what role technological media plays in the fomenting of this cultural and religious conflict, but ipods, computers music, & DVD’s are heavy in the matrix.  I want you to write in your ideas and comments on this subject.  Write to: The Black Millionaire’s Network; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania 19101-2878 and give me your ideas on this subject as well as your views and comments.


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