Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Positive Letter to My Dad Before Father's Day!!!!!!!.......

April 20th, 2014 Sunday... Updated on May 19th, 2015

Dear Dad:

I never understood what was the importance of the Way you taught me and Claudia --my Beloved Sister-- about Real Estate. I Am beginning to understand. I have the hunger in my belly to be successful in Real Estate. In my case, however, that hunger for Real Estate and profits from Real Estate is tempered with an enormous concern for the poor and especially the Black & Poor [or Black income-challenged]. That concern is making it impossible to just crush and forget the interests of BLack and poor [read income-challenged], People and be just a profiteer. I have one gift from GOD and Fate that you didn't have, that is a deep & compelling faith in Black People and a deep & compelling LOVe of Black People. It is funny to hear myself write this. When I Really Really am honest about All this, I have to admit you did always allow Africans to stay at your buildings. Africans who may well have not had much of a chance to find an apartment any other Way, were actually generating, I Am sure, ``positive reputation [s]'' for you as a Real Estate holder among African People coming over to the United States of Native America from Africa.

At the same time, and this is unfortunate, many Africans who lived in your buildings were very abusive and usury of you as a property owner, property manager & Landlord. You far to often, as far as I'm concerned, allowed them to not pay rent and were too lenient about it. I never thought about it before, but maybe in your mind, they were viewed as having suffered enough and needed a break.!!.................  The same Way your Father may have needed a break when He came to the United States from the Barbados Islands. I didn't take this compassion into consideration when and as I viewed you as a Father. Now that you are gone, I feel a bit guilty about this. I wasn't really looking at the whole picture--the glass as half full-- and viewing you according to fair doctrine and with objectiveity. As I get older, I'm now 58, I have the power and ability to view you and Mom more fairly. I thank our Black Ancient Ancestor, Jesus and all the other positive Black Ancients , more recent and present-day African ancestors for this.   I'm thankful to GOD that I had you as a DAD and Mom as my Mother. I will write other letters to you as soon as I can and I walk a path each day of thanks and appreciationthat you helped carve for me.  GOD Bless you Forever and never forget How much I LOVe you and Will never forget the years of hard work and dedication you showed us as you provided a home, food, good educations and as much LOVe as could be expected in the difficult circumstances We were raised under. How you held down a job full time and then went out and worked in those apartment houses, I Will never know...!!! I Am now a workaholic like you are. I Am thankful for the work ethic.  It is a lot better than having one of the more traditional addictions. I Am a Thankful MAN!!!!!!!.......

LOVe, Peace & Blessings,

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