Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A NICE COOL SUMMER Recommended Book for the Legal Problems of Youth... Other Suggestions...

``Your Legal Rights as a Juvenile Tried as an Adult,''  By Cristen Nagle.

From page 5 and 6: ``What John didn't realize is that the officer violated his constitutional rights by searching his bag on no more than a hunch. The officer's search was not allowed by the Constitution.''

This applies to car searches when you are in your car and stopped by the police. They have to have ``probable cause'' for the search.  Attorney / Activist Michale Coard is a expert on legal matters as they relate to criminal matters especially. You can listen to the Radio Courtroom on Wednesdays at 12 noon {Please check the time by calling WURD Radio at 1 (215) 425 - 7875. His show is also on Saturday at 12 noon. Please double check by calling the station. } You can also log onto and get legal advice about possible interactions with police and  How to avoid conflicts and possible verbal and physical exchanges between police and our youth. It is also a GOOD idea for Black parents with teenagers to join the American Civil Liberties Union as soon as possible. Another thing that will help us all survive this summer and thrive into June, July, August, September, October & November is to attend more community meetings dealing with police abuse, the schools, community relations & keeping our Black youth employed, happy and safe over the summer of 2015.  Attending meetings with your local NAACP or more grass-roots organizations like The National Action Network is highly recommended. There are other local grass-roots organizations that may be just as or more viable and important in your local  area. [Call us at 1 (215) 921-2065 and we will be able to help you find these organizations.] It is a good thing to have good communications with your young children and ask them who they are hanging around.  They can easily get caught up into something negative by just being in a car that is suspected to be stolen or involved in a crime just because they know the perpetrators and are in the car with them.  These problems can be avoided.  As parents you should want to spend quality time with your young ones and go do experience quality events and programs such as the African American Cultural Museum; The Philadelphia Museum of Art; The Polish Museum; the out-door Irish Museum; The Liberty Bell; and the out-door exhibit and monument to George Washington's slaves at 5th and Market Street in Philadelphia.

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