Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thankful For SEPTA!!!

A Big SEPTA FAN!!!!!

By Anonymous

I Am a BIG SEPTA FAN!! In more Ways than one. I am a big guy and I almost never have trouble getting onto and out of SEPTA Transit. I am very appreciative to have the SEPTA System so I can get down town to work at the Main Library and home or to the Library in West Philadelphia I go to at 52nd and Sansom Street. I have a suggestion. I think income-challenged People like myself who have to finds creative ways to make it on about $1,300. Plus dollars a month, should be able to buy a SEPTA BUS AND Trollie pass that is good from the First of the month into the first three days of the next month.  This Way, when I go to the other neighborhoods to spend my hard-earned money or to work, I don't have to walk all the way down town or to other neighborhoods because I usually don't have ANY money the first two or three days of the month because I don't get disability Social Security until the Third of the month.  If a pass is good from the third of the month to the third of the next month, this problem would be illuminated.  If you are income-challenged like I am this makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!! To us income-challenged and home-challenged People. I hope you can allow this option for home-challenged and income-challenged People like me.  It seems like a small thing to do, but you are the ones who know about SEPTA and How it has to run. I have very little knowledge of it, except that I think the bus drivers are very kind --male and female-- and today I saw a very heavy and overweight man in a wheelchair pass up a bus ride because He saw other elderly and disabled People would have to move & make space for Him because they were already on the bus. I thought to myself  ``That gentleman is going to be especially Blessed by GOD Herself or Himself!!! For His kindness and consideration.  If we would have had to wait, the day for me would have dragged because although I only had one stop to go we would have been delayed for abut seven minutes waiting for People to move about and for the disabled Brother to get on and seated. I Am Still in the Jesus and the GOD believing Business and the Yall Way business -- Black & Income-Challenged People get things Their Way (Yall Way) because it is in the Bible that the Meek Shall inherit..... That disabled gentleman was the BEST!! I will never forget Him for that simple kind and generous thing He did.

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