Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Holy Bible & Brother Marquis Laughlin, host of The Scriptorium-Center for Biblical Antiquities in Orlando, Florida (He lives in Atlanta with His wife & Two Children)

I have your audio of the Holy Bible. I have found it soothing and warming. I Am a homosexual, but I still know GOD almighty made me the Way I Am for a holy and special reason. You might not understand this, but it is true that no man knows another's pain or Reality unless He has walked in His moccasins -- as our Beloved Native American Brothers & Sisters are known to say. I have a new special friend and I cherish our relationship. I Am 59 and He is 46. I was at the gym, by myself and my lover has said He thinks ``something is strange'' about me going to the gym so much. I have maintained good health by going and go at the request of my doctor. Today I was tempted, but I was able to turn away and go about my business and get home to that special someone because I was listening to your words from 2000 years ago. I don't believe everything I hear in the Bible, or read in the Bible, but I know for sure there are very important words and very important lessons to be learned from the Bible. I want to personally thank you for creating such a beautiful audio of The Bible. It comes to life for me in a very special Way. I think it is partly because you are a Black man as I AM and partly because you are a special chosen man to carry on GOD's work for Him / or Her. I belong to a very special church called Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. (It is actually a movement of some 18 churches nationally). They call themselves affirming, but I say they are Gay-friendly. Some People think that because a person is Gay He or She is outside of the church. This is blatantly false at its' root. GOD made all kinds of People to do His work. If you look at population projections of what happens to the availability of food and water if People keep reproducing the way they are, gayness may well be a part of GOD's plan. Not for everyone, but for some. God wants His or Her earth to continue and not be destroyed. We have to live together here. We must get along better. All of us. The Holy Bible can make that happen. It is an important book, but there are other religious and spiritual books that are important as well. (One is ``Ethical Ambition: Living a Life of Meaning & Worth,'' by Derrick Bell  (A Brother). I just wanted to thank you for what you did to bring the words of GOD to life for so many. Keep up the good work and remember to share your gifts, your knowledge & your wealth with others. You are a very special Brother.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated --  (I AM disabled, but very active, responsible, creative, effective, coherent, alive, & thankful for this life). Our firm is a firm dedicated to building better lives, bounty & sustainability for Black People and especially for Black youth. We use Research, Writing, Education, Advertising, Public Relations, Black Community Advocacy, Philanthropy & Business for our work. Loving Black People in the correct Ways is extremely powerful.

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