Saturday, May 6, 2017

Did You Wait Too Late? Mother's Day Dinner Reservations for Six at Relish.

Did you wait too late to make Dinner Reservations for Mother’s Day, and finding everything booked up? Dinner reservations for six  Black People who are REAL about helping other real Black people be all they can be are available. The location is Relish Restaurant in Mount Airy Philadelphia, (for Mother Day May 14th, 2017 ).  First come, first serve.  No extra cost. All you have to do is pay your restaurant   dinner bill with a generous tip and say a Prayer for our company – Seventy – Five Cent, LLC.  We are dedicated to helping Black People reach their own good and great destinies and become their best se selves.  This is all being done through the auspices of Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson. Reach me at 1 (215) 823 9985.  Please be real and be honest. This is not a come on. It is also NOT an invitation to imitate, take the place of or take the identity of Mr. Gibson.  It is also NOT an invitation to stick me with the bill. If you have any of those notions in mind, please DON”T  take part in enjoying these reservations and the tremendous obeisance of Relish Restaurant. .    (I was simply unable to enjoy the food and good company at Relish, due to out-of-town business, and wanted to help a Black family who might be in need of dinner reservations.  Just say you are with the Gibson party of six, but fully expect to pay for the reservations (about $29.75 a person) and a reasonable tip. I thank you. Enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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