Tuesday, May 9, 2017

a letter to United States Senator Cory Booker.

Dear Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey:

       **I just re-registered as a Democrat after about a year and a half absence. The only reason is that I want to vote in the Philadelphia primary and help select / elect a new District Attorney and some better judges for our fair city.  What I want you to tell me is why in GOD’s country I should stay a Democrat. Don’t give me some corny rhetoric or some jive about How great this country is. I know we invaded some 150 other times on shores we didn’t belong on to give strategic and economic cover for future corporate exploitation that our citizens and the thinking world had very little to gain from.; I know we have Watergate; Iran / Contra;  wars in Afghanistan and Viet Nam {Where we were defeated}; Iraq; Libya etc. in our past and hundreds of body bags that come back into Dover Air Force base are not even allowed to be shown on Television.; I know we no longer have a democracy where our Presidential races are in the hands of the People and not the corporations and our elections debates are run fairly, openly, and without undue tampering like they were when the League of Women’s voters handled them,; I know we are in trouble economically because we bailed out hundreds of nasty banks that ran roughshod over the People with the help of the government, while People – like me – go without jobs, decent housing or a feeling of safety.; and I know we continue to run a game on the North American People that Bernie Sanders {Check spelling}  was exposing {You see How far He got in running for the Presidency. I know all that, so please don’t come at me with snow in a snow storm called Donald Trump.

       **How are you going to make a difference in 2020 and are you going to run as a openly gay candidate  -- if you are that—and win. I want to believe again, but I don’t and I don’t want to get swept away by the likes of a law like the one that lets our corporations run over elections with money like they have no connection to the People and the democracy we profess to cherish.  I like the things coming from your campaign. I thought President Obama was going to bring the ``needed change’’ to the office, but I was so severely let down so earl I didn’t even bother to vote in 2012 and haven’t felt like voting since then. { in 2012 I wrote in Nelson Mandela for President; Angela Davis for Vice President – even though I am NOT a communist; and myself for Congressman} . Hillary Clinton is still a powerful woman and her husband is powerful also, but when you take a clear and definitive and honest look at the Clinton years in the White House I see hundreds more Black men going to jail because of the Three Strikes You Are Out law; Don’t ask Don’t tell; and the beginning stages of the debt crisis and the mortgage bank-bail-out fiasco.

       **I don’t know what I think one man or one woman can do about the situation we have here in this country {Which, by the Way I call Turtle Island or the United States of Native America because I think we need to give the whole thing back to them and admit it is stolen,  corrupted, racially segregated land on which way too many innocent People die each day without proper food and shelter while hundreds of millionaires still act like puppeteers while the politicians and People are puppets dancing in overt consumerism, socially orchestrated , corporate orchestrated distractions and the continued rule of the rich and the White.

       **Are you going to seriously put yourself up against the enormous financially endowed and technologically dominate oligarchy and try to make a difference by being right and real with the North American {Turtle Island} People, or are you just another whist in the wind who is taking a paycheck and not being really real? Tell me before I vote next May 16th.

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