Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Anonymous Article About Business, Jobs & Real Estate


One of the First complaints People have about their jobs is they feel rushed & pressured in their work. The funny thing is workers & employees may NOT even know they feel this way because management is so busy squeezing every penny out of working People they often rarely ask workers about job satisfaction. There needs to be a Progressive, Anti-racist business magazine to help inform the public on such issues. One would think Black Enterprise for would obviously foot the bill.  I have subscribed to Black Enterprise for years, and they really don’t foot this bill. They often talk about making progress along racial lines and have improved greatly over the years, but they rarely take on Big Businesses that are often exploiting workers in foreign countries and in the U.S. The corporate structure is also guilty of environmental abuses that if the general public knew about them, the general public would be outraged and demand improvement. Progressive thinking is the Voice of the Future. That Voice of the Future also beacons the small and People of Color business community as well as the Progressive business community {There is some cross-over as to these categories} . Small community businesses often hire from within the community and are more willing to share profits with employees & community members through community assistance programs & promotional events that benefit the community.  I challenge Success Magazine, which I just subscribed to about a month ago, to be more Progressive & more Pro-Woman, Pro-Non-White & Pro People of Color, More Pro-Worker & more Pro Family. Success Magazine needs to talk more about & embrace issues like Gays & Lesbians in the Workforce & in leadership positions in business [do Gays & Lesbians feel they can, in light of the Abolishment of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the military, & the evolving general  acceptance of Gay & Lesbian marriage in the United States of North America, can gays be more OUT in the workplace, or do major Gays & Lesbians who work in corporate North America still feel the need to hide their sexual identity {which would be sometimes be understandable}].  I want Success Magazine to be more willing to expose pushy unions as well as more able to expose corporations that, like Halliburton, Wal-Mart, Coco Cola & Monsanto, are allegedly Anti-Worker & very exploitative.  This is why I’m going to talk briefly about MaryAnne Gilmartin, a successful  Real Estate broker & dealer in Manhattan.  One of the Rap stars says ``You Exhaust me like a muffler.’’ That is NOT how I feel about Ms. Gilmartin. In the article about Her—and first I have to say when I worked for TV Guide magazine in Radnor, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania, one of the tough-nosed female managers was named MaryAnne, but I didn’t think of her at first.  Ms. Gilmartin’s article was great because she talked about being ignored as a serious Real Estate person because  she is a woman. [She works for Forest City Ratner Cos., as president & chief executive officer as of the November 2014 issue of Success magazine].  That got my attention because I am a Black man and  a homosexual and have felt the bitter sting of being ignored, rejected, discriminated against & even mentally & physically abused & assaulted because I am a Black man and a homosexual – just because I’m what I am & who I am naturally.   She owns, I mean actually owns the New York Times Building which is on Eight Avenue [as much as anyone can tell who owns what nowadays].  The New, New York Times Building opened in 2007, according to Success magazine from November 2014.  Unfortunately while I take Pride in Ms Gilmartin because of her success, I also have to wonder if the Pacific Park Brooklyn Project she spearheaded in Brooklyn didn’t displace & gentrify Poor & Latino & Latina & Black People in New York in a big way. [By the Way, I have to add this: I am very concerned about women master-minding & fronting businesses that are actually held by their husbands, boyfriends or other male-dominated entities & taking good salaries for their work, but forgetting to advocate in any Way for the rights & concerns of women on issues such as abortion rights; leave for day care; proper education for children; having a Nanny paid for by the government so women can work & not have to worry about the children; having enough spending money to spark massive needed growth in the public & private sectors through the forward movement of the economy internationally; & in the United States of North America; Proper, legal, licensed, available & inexpensive day care for women & families; & environmental issues as they pertain to women & families.]  These issues are real & although I am a man, I advocate for our Black & Progressive & Latin families getting these rights & benefits.  It would be nice if Success Magazine took up the banner on some of these issues.


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