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The Knowledge Hut Business Plan

A. Name of Company: The Knowledge Hut Stores.

B. Mission Statement and Objectives:

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Knowledge Hut Stores is to help younger Americans of Color to better understand their history, grow and develop as more productive and reliable adults and learn better ethical behavior through the development, production and sale of positive, defined and responsible products.

Objectives: To help parents, guardians, grandparents and others who care for youth to assist them in developing strong personal and community-wide values including responsibility, good health habits and hygiene, good ethics, good family values, cleanness, reliability, good and positive cultural values and other positive traits in an on-going fashion through the sale of good products that reflect those values. While we are a for profit store, we will network with non-profits and social service agencies to bring on more support services for needy Non-White youths.

RE: ``The Knowledge Hut Stores'' and Why We Need Them.....

It has come to my knowledge, more and more over the years, that our young people are in deep trouble. Unless we act as responsible and concerned adults, they are doomed to create another generation of lost souls who are down and out economically and unprepared morally, ethically, culturally and politically for what faces them in a few short years.

This is why I have labored so hard to create the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut Stores'' and why I think the concept will be a Big Success when it goes National very soon.

The concept is a simple one: Instead of throwing a whole bunch of assorted products at young people when they come to shop, why not give them a selection of products that are designed to stimulate their thinking; develop the mind and body correctly; spark learning; and develop good strong family values and strong positive study habits in them including better eating habits.

What we would like to sell to our young people is music and videos with positive messages and positive images; Tee-Shirts that are developed to make people think of positive things and that are designed, drawn, written and developed by the young people themselves; food snacks and drinks that are healthy and exclude white flour, potato chips, soda and too much sugar, salt and fat; greeting cards with inspirational and funny sayings in them that are written and designed by the youths themselves that reflect strong positive political and cultural values; and plenty of books that reflect the same values and also describe and create roads to self-awareness, self-reliance, honor, holistic thinking, sharing progressive ideas, interacting positively with elders, other young people and other members of the community with respect, decency and humanity, and teach our history, languages and culture in a positive and upbeat Way.

Executive Summary

We have registered our company name ``The Knowledge Hut'' Stores with Go.Daddy Network. Eventually we want to be an LLC. We are planning to copyright our idea within the next few days. We have done some test marketing through our Parent company--BTGandA.Com--and we are operating a mail order firm right now. We are low on funds to develop our Tee-Shirts and buy other products right now. Our Mission is to instill positive values in young people by helping them choose more politically conscious and ethical products.

Our company came about when our founder recognized a need to curtail the negative impact some of the more lured rap music and rap videos were having on American inner city and suburban youth. We will be selling Tee-Shirts, greeting cards, books and posters chosen by our staff to reflect and promote better values in youth. Those values include: doing homework; not bullying; having respect for parents and elders; avoiding teen pregnancy and STD's; and staying out of trouble with the law. We also hope to have outreach information in our stores from the youth service network, churches and Non-profit organizations that work on youth issues such as staying in school, attending college or university and starting youth-run businesses.

Our target market is youth and young adults, ages 12 through 27 and their parents, grandparents and guardians. Market trends show that church-going parents are looking for products to purchase that will enhance and support family and church values, and there is an obvious need to increase business knowledge and political awareness among young people. We have circulated a petition and generated 30 signatures from people who support the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut'' stores and the community seems ready for the positive change. Few stores of any size are offering only products that encourage better values in young customers so competition at this point is null.

I think we can compete successfully, especially if we can get on Board with Macy's because they have hundreds of stores Nationwide. {We have written letters of intent to possible investors about actually having our stores within Macy's network}. While we have not actually officially approached Macy's as yet, we think their up-beat, youth oriented specialty shops would be perfect for our stores and well suited for our idea. We have written General Mills about carrying their Nature valley Granola Bars. {We do not want to sell potato chips, sodas and Twinkies which hamper young people's energy level by providing too many empty calories and too much sugar}. There could be barriers if someone beats us to the punch and gets investors or gets a major similar contract before we do.

Our concept designer has sound business experience, having worked at Macy's, Sears, Gimbals and Staples as a cashier; and having test marketed some products that will be sold at The Knowledge Hut at our Parent company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.... Brother Gibson has also taken some business courses at Temple University and with the Money School in Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware. We did the test marketing from April 2006 to September 2007. Our key manager will be our concept designer, Brother Tracy Gibson, until we can get funding and hire additional staff.

We want to have 15 locations and about 300 employees. We also want to manufacture our own products in the United States and provide shipping and handling at a reasonable cost. At the same time, however, we want to pay all employees good wages and have suitable benefits available for employees, as we can afford. According to reliable Internet sources most book stores reach about $ 3 Million Dollars in annual sales for each store. Since we will sell other products besides books, we project about $5 Million a year in sales for each store. The total income from all 15 stores would be $60,000,000 {Sixty Million Dollars a year.}

We are seeking $15 Million Dollars in startup funds through about five investors. The funds will be used to buy, modernize and refurbish existing property and hire staff. Investors will get their funds back.

Business Budget for Three Months:

My Salary: for Three Months is: $24,999.00 *

Staff and Staff Development {Includes use of a consultant for initial personnel development, All figures are for three months}: $50,000.00 *

Office Supplies: $2,100.00 *

Office Furniture: $5,500.00 *

Computers: $18,000.00 *

Rent for One Year: $10,500.00 *

Rental use of vehicles plus car fair: $4,500.00 *

Capitalization and Renovation of Building to be purchased and / or rented: $25,000.00 *

Legal fees: $5,000.00 *

Merchandise and inventory to be bought wholesale to be modified or improved on: $50,000.00 *

Purchase and Modernization of Property to be used for the Factory in North Philadelphia: $375,000.00 * Postage for Three Months: $2,500.00 *

Internet and Web Page Development: $5,000.00 *

Phone and Utility Bills: $2,727.00 *

Phone Installation: $400.00 *

Community Outreach, Promotions and Advertising: $7,500.00 *

Additional Communications, Accounting and Consultants: $2,250.00 *

Other Legal Fees, Licenses, Contracts and Consultants: $7,500.00 *

Other Costs and Consultants: $1,500.00 *

Security: $19,200.00 *

Health Insurance for Four Employees {Including Myself} for Three Months: $48,000.00 *

Total Expenses for Three Months: $666,676.00 *

* All figures with Asterisks have been added into the total...

Still Being Edited for the next two weeks.

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