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Progressive Black Investors Needed....

Why not do this………

We’ll help you find more purpose to your life!!  Who are we looking for? Positive thinking, progressive Black  Wall Street stock traders, Black Hedge Fund Managers, Successful Hedge Fund Operators & Successful Black Entrepreneurs—this is your opportunity to be a patron & Supporter for an up and coming Black business with a heart & a political conscious in our changing world!  We are helping change lives and need your support.  Log onto our blog at:

  Discover a new world of investment opportunity!   Find a program or a cause that you want to support.  It will give you a warm feeling that the new red sports car you just purchased can’t beat.  Check out our articles and the groups WE support and you will see how many people you can help during these improving economic times.

 We look forward to hearing from you.   Any and All contributions will be kept confidential, unless you otherwise instruct... If you have questions call Brother Tracy Gibson at  (215) 921 - 2065 AFTER October 27th 2014. Write us at: blockboi75@Yahoo.Com with any questions. Please put Questions for Progressive Black Investments—In the Subject line.

We THANK you for your interests & Concern.

Brother Tracy Gibson 

Please enjoy the following song from the Disney Movie Pocahontas.
 As of October 29th, 2014: A List of Organizations We Supported in the Past…and / or will Support in the Present & Future. Request for funding:
1} Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. – An Organization dedicated to supporting the issues and causes to help Black youth live lives of trust, worth, respect, high business ethics & standards, responsibility & dignity.
2} Brady Anti-Gun Campaign.
3} Common’s Causes & Common Cause.
4} Earth Justice.
5} Friends of Somafco.
6} Corporate Accountability International.
7} Native American Rights Fund.
8} Oxfam America.
9} Philabundance.
10} The Progressive Center for Dance
11} North Star Fund.
12} Environmental Defense Fund.
13} The Land Trust and the Estate of Mr. Charles S. Gibson.
14} ** The Estate of the late Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson.
15} **The Black Millionaire’s Network—as run and envisioned by its’ founder, Brother Tracy Gibson.
16} My other legitimate business interests designed to help Black People, especially Black youth. [I have NO illegal business interests that I know of and approve of and DON’T WANT ANY!!!]  
17} The Coalition for Peace & Justice in the Middle East, as conceived by its’ Founder, Brother Tracy Gibson.
18}   The ole debts of Brother Tracy Gibson and or Mr. Tracy C. Gibson, so He can move forward with the various businesses, issues, concerns, corporations, political issues and items He is presently working on that are helpful to Black People.
19}   New Property and Stock purchases for Brother Tracy Gibson & Doctor & Mrs. Keith Hunter [Brother Gibson’s Brother-in-Law] {ONLY WITH THEIR TOTAL CONSENT & APPROVAL}so they may move forward with their work both separately and together as part of the family. [Mr. Gibson will buy property in West Philadelphia].
20} The Southern Poverty Law Center.
21}   **Money to create a good & stable job and extra spending money for Muata, Helena, Thandiwe, Kamau and Bacari as well as any of my cousin Vicky Wilmore’s children and grandchildren and other extended family who want to work, who want a job & can work or need money for school for this next generation & the time being right now. [In grant, job, consulting jobs, & gift formation, not as loans.]
{With full Parental support & approval and support & approval from grandparents as well.}

22} Money for Anoa (my Niece) and Yofi (Her Husband) for their children –including Densu, their business development & their general expenses such as school [in the formation of scholarships, grants, business grants, research grants & for other legitimate costs.] – {Again, only with their full consent and approval.}

23} The Restaurant idea for Philadelphia’s Homeless People, Poor People,  those who are disabled [differently abled], indigent, needy, and in need of financial help, mental and emotional help, spiritual healing, hope, prayer, good clean decent housing and jobs—and the rest of us who want to help these Good People move forward in life. Find details under Wooden Spoon on the Major Blog at:

24}  Money to send out more teaching items and study items for friends and family members; members of my church; and the general Black community; the Black Gay and Lesbian Community; and our supporters in the religious community and in the political community as well as to our other supporters.

25} Financial support for any number of Black churches in Philadelphia and other areas in the United States of Native America as it evolves as well as in Africa, the Caribbean; Cuba & South America (Especially Brazil) & ALL areas in the world where Black people dwell, grow and prosper. Not just to support the ``word of GOD’’ & needed work impacting positively on Black People but to build bridges of Hope, Understanding & financial healing among Black People & for Black People & to help streamline, enhance & promote our positive work; & to work consistently & diligently—with more than reasonable time off to repair & restore our human bodies; & to effectively reach out to Black communities in need to help lift them up financially successfully.
26} We also need help for the building fund for my church—Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia. We are located at 55 North Broad Street in the Chapel of the Arch United Methodist Church. Our Church service is on Sunday at 2 P.M. Pastor Jeffery Haskins and Assistant Pastor Victoria Castillo presiding.

27} The Kwanzaa Collective.
Please give as you wish, as your heart sees fit and as you are able and willing. Don’t feel you are under any pressure AT ALL!!! ALL this work and support must be done in the Spirit of Peace, kindness and Prosperity for ALL Black People on this good earth and ultimately without expectation of return on any donations given or in any Way which might be corrupted. I am, Hoping AND  Praying each day that these funds can be generated especially among the Black Rap Community and Black celebrity community in the United States of America and the Evolving United States of Native America and in Any and ALL areas of the world considered moving forward in a progressive manner, but especially from Grass Roots Black People, and made to multiply and never be any part of our destruction in any Way. Any such work by Black Rap artists, Black Hip Hop artists and or Black celebrities to support on-going Revolutionary and Progressive  work will be rewarded, as we are able, with more control over the Black Rap artists, Black Hip Hop artists and Black Celebrity’s own work, copyrights, endowments, funding sources, wages, creative content, scheduling of themselves as performers, venues utilized, endorsements, creative control and financial control as well as control over branding, distribution rights for their own work, and the positive ethical content of their work. This applies to Black artists in every field of the arts including: dance; theatre; community theatre, film and movie industry and all fields within the filmmaking  and Movie industry; culinary arts; sports; martial arts; radio and New tv; publishing industry; video gaming industry; casino industry; travel and adventure industry; hotel industry; housing industry; construction industry; and within other business ventures.   No one in the world is being forced to give any money to the causes or constructs explained here and no one need feel any pressure to give any money if they don’t wish to; or receive any benefits at all if they don’t wish to. No one at all is to be penalized, scolded or punished if they wish NOT to participate in any of what is explained here; and no one should feel peer pressure, political pressure or economic pressure to conform to any of these voluntary mandates.

**The asterisks indicate the possibility of, desire for and motivation in generating Black Celebrity support and support from the Black Hip Hop and Black Rap Community.  

Prepared by Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson for Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. on June 16th, 2014 Monday evening. Updates on October 29th, 2014, and before that.

Please enjoy the song from the Disney Film Pocahontas.

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