Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Background about the Gibson Principles

I have sent as many members of City Council as I could afford a copy of some African Principles I drew up a few years ago to help People of African descent stop the abuse and violence against each other and start to treat each other with respect and dignity throughout the world. The African Principles or Gibson Principles for Africa were drawn up with The Reverend Leon Sullivan in mind as He Himself drew up the Sullivan Principles to deal positively with the racist system in South Africa.  The Gibson Principles are designed to press Human Rights and dignity in ALL trade agreements with African Countries and help African Americans here in the States think twice before we act violently against any one of us or ourselves. I hope you can use them as a back drop for any and all new economic agreements that take place with the communist island nation of Cuba.  Having traveled to Cuba myself, I find it way beyond ridiculous that we have first Nation status with the also communists nation of China and fairly good, but sometimes strained relations --but fairly good economic relations--with Russia. Yet Cuba is left as a world step child.  The Cuban People are a world source of knowledge, health, spirit, education, multiple languages, and advance healthcare, even as they have struggled economically due to the stress and strain caused them by the United States Led Cuban embargo. Many People  are confused about the Cuban Embargo and think it is the Cubans who are willingly boycotting our products. This mistaken idea needs to be cleared up. But Cuba was by no means the only country I was thinking about when I drew up the Gibson Principles. I was also thinking of emerging African Nations such as Namibia which, if I'm not mistaken, has gained and advanced in recent years due to their strong relationships with technological communities in Germany--their former colonizers.   The City of Philadelphia should and can take a lead in opening new markets among African Nations and must not sit back and let other Big Cities take over these prospects.  Moreover, Philadelphia has been first in many things over our history. I think the treatment of Black People in our city, especially Black students and Black Poor and Black homeless People has been shabby and shameful. We can do a lot better. We can have an education city and we can have the first non-racist city in the entire country, if our leaders have the vision.

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