Friday, February 20, 2015

first family

First Family

I wish, somehow, I could go back in time and tell the Founders of this Nation, now the United States of Native America, who thought of the concept of ``The First Family'' in the White House

we are all First Families and that the real importance & Power of This Nation is rooted in our treating Native People & Black People like the First Family -- not as second class People. This is a lesson made all-too clear by way of the tv images of President Obama & His Family almost never measured up to many Caucasian Americans except perhaps on that brisk January 2009 Inauguration Day walk up Pennsylvania Avenue. In Skin color Africans walked into Power that day even though an obviously pre-arranged and pre-orchestrated need to turn the tables on the Oath of Office failed miserably.

First Families Live in Mississippi, Connecticut, Southern California, the sunshine state & all over this soon-to-be Great Nation of Native Founders -- The United States of Native America.....

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