Monday, June 22, 2015

We Lost Nine Black Angels.....

We Lost Nine Black Angels

By Anonymous

I don’t want to dwell on the negative, but nine Black saints were murdered on yesterday. Wednesday brought the end of their lives. A White mad man went to a Black church and sat in worship for about an hour and then suddenly opened up with real live bullets and killed nine Black Saints. It is being considered a hate crime and they already caught the criminal the murdered, who MUST be tried in a court of his peers before he is really found guilty.

This has happened in the overriding darkness of our Black children, especially males, but females too—and the females being ignored by the media is not really a separate issue—Our Black youth and teen’s lives were already being snuffed out by police in numbers that are hard for the average Blck, and sometimes even the average White North American, to understand.

There is a war going on in our country. I haven’t commented much more than to say we as Black People have to keep our nose to the grind and do our own work past and beyond what we are being paid to do by any European company we might be working for.   We have to get serious, get real, write about our situation, find new and better roads to finding solutions, be willing to talk to people we don’t normally talk to, and we have to be willing to bend, move forward and stop just view People as Black and White, but look at People’s achievements, their dedications, what they decided to do with their lives, who they are loyal to and how they make space for themselves on this planet and what their relationships are with their friends, families, and most of all, in my opinion, what their relationship is with GOD!!!

One thing that has helped me to cope with the real anger that is seething under my surface reality is to call our country The United States of Native America and begin a process of looking at each property owned by progressive, grass-roots, Black People, and also really radical People of every color—I feel it is important to look at all the land owned by us as part of this new fairer, more decent, LOVing, open, humane and wonderful country……not part of the ole country that continues to choke, kill, murder, fatten-up, and exploit us.

I was watching ``House of Lies,’’ when I decided to write this article. I think this show, a Showtime program, uses humor to expose & explore the inhumanity, ruthlessness,  Capital worshipping, money worshipping , sex worshipping, silly, ungodly society we live in. How our President and Washington took thousands of our dollars to pay off the Wall Street interests, the Banks, and the rest of the money machine that makes this country the hated country it is in so much of the real world. The real problem is the top rich folk within our borders who are suppose to have control of this madness are so invested in keeping money to themselves, they have no ethics, no decency, and no kindness about themselves…. And people are starting to NOT want to emulate them or be like them.

Black People have it within their grasp to create something new by formulating alliances with Native People, Latin People, Arab People, Asian People and yes, even White People, who have full control of their senses and who want to not only create something new, but also want to formulate a new reality that is about fairness, justice and decency. This can be done.

The murders in South Caroline point out How much work we have to do, How little time there is to ratchet  control, not only of the political system, but also of the economic system, away from this hateful system and formulate decency before the Middle East blows and before the wretched of the Earth have gotten together and made it impossible for any decent People to exist on this earth. I think there is still time. I think People like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren serve to offer real hope for People.  But we have to really look at the governments is Denmark, Switzerland and ? Sanders talks about so much and see they still have problems with drug dependency, alcohol, marijuana, crime and some other problems.  These problems can be lessened by really creating jobs, not just lip-service, in our Native American Land. But we have to come to terms with the reality that none of us deserve to be here unless the Native Americans say we can be here. Just my opinion.

We don’t have to go along with the plans the rich and super rich continue to shove down our mouths. We don’t have to accept Jewish People only as our record producers for the Rhythm & Blues singers and our Black Rap singers. These traditional executives are mostly corrupted, corny, tired and trite in the way they lead our talent and they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Our talented, ethical, politically conscious singers have to stop the money worship long enough to realize they can be and do better and we can’t replace these hateful, racist record and movie and TV producers with the same problems in Black face.

I Am not hating on Jewish People here.  There are way too many Black People who don’t stretch and bend and do better as well. If you real some of the articles on my blog and you want to take life more seriously, you will find yourself unable to accept the life you are probably living and make some real changes in diet, lifestyle [and I don’t think, for a minute, you have to become straight—because I’m gay myself].  I think everybody can change, but not listening to People like Dupock Shupro [Look up spelling], who have formulated progressive views and made them into so much pap and amalgamation that they become way too difficult to embrace fully and understand on the Grass-Roots level they , these principals and ethical standards, need to be understood on.

I wrote an article about How Whitney Houston,[spelling] another Black Angel who was killed and who killed Her, and guess what? The article disappeared from my blog!!! We cannot keep losing our Black angels. Are you bold enough to stand up and protect our Black Angels?

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