Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sports and What they Mean to us

Sports: Two Views from One Man Anonymous
By Anonymous …
1] On the one hand I can understand why People like to go to sporting events. There is a thrill, a certain level of excitement, the community comradely from supporting the same franchise or the same team, and a general feel-good nature to sports. There is also the very real need for our Black boys and Black girls to get physical exercise, so this is a benefit for health when they play organized sports. Young People also get great encouragement to play more sports when they actually go to sports games. However, more sporting events need to be accessible for young people to attend so they get the encouragement to play sports themselves and benefit from not being obese, or bordering on obesity  & other health benefits.
2] On the other hand, I have to wonder if we are making the best choices when we drop $150.00 to see a baseball game with the family when the household is in need of food for the house, clothing & books for the children, new glasses for the Father, or a new stove or air conditioner is needed. More money is needed for income-challenged People to attend & get encouragement from sports. Some of our youth see the players making literally thousands of dollars & the youths themselves don’t have food, let alone money to see a live sporting event. Something is wrong with this picture. It is really inherently unfair How if you are from a family that has money you can go see almost any professional team your fancy pleases, but if you are from a family that is income – challenged, you are lucky to ever go to see even a Phillies game or other live sporting event up close & personal.  Considering the phenomenal salaries some of the players make [& then they don’t even want to give back to community- based, grass-roots charities], I say ``I’ll keep my season ticket money invested in real estate; stocks; bonds; & the private corporate sector – thank you.’’

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