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I Don't Have Much Money Either, But I Do Have GOD!!!.....

``Even if I don’t have much money, I still have a great deal of wit, intelligence, good values, LOVe, family, creativity, a good LOVing heart, open-mindedness, Writing Skills [I am a wordsmith] , good humor, GOD, and Gratitude I Am forever thankful to GOD our Creator & All Ancient Black Ancestors including Jesus Christ &; All Living Black Ancestors &; Our Black youth who will carry on the torch for this positive movement that will eventually wake us up to our own Black power as Black People.’’


Earth Father  -- Brother Tracy Gibson…..



The Concept of Earth Father & Why It Is Important to the World’s Future

                                                                            By Brother Tracy Gibson

The concept of Earth Father has come to mind to ponder.  A Black Youth told me I was thinking I was a God by calling myself an Earth Father. That is certainly not true. Certainly, recently, I have thought of myself as a God, but at the same time, not wanting to take the place of the one and only true GOD, I have backed off from this concept in hopes of discovering for myself something else that works better in concept. I think Earth Father will do just fine.


An Earth Father is someone who sees Himself as a leader of men and women. A LOVer of mankind and woman kind. A Man who sees Himself as the father of all of human creation, but not wanting to take the place of GOD, but, in fact, just help GOD along the Way by working towards peace, LOVe, decency, justice, Joy, Prayer, Hope & wealth spent properly for all of humanity.  I think, in my case, being of African and Caribbean decent, I Am a special Earth father to African and Black People throughout the world. But my duties extend to other races as well. 


The fact that I Am a homosexual has nothing to do with my viability as an Earth Father. Learning from such groups as Adodi Philadelphia, a support group for Black Gay men, I discovered the many faceted aspects of what a truly caring, open and giving Black man are, regardless of sexual orientation. It really has to do with the deep LOVe, I have for myself and for this precious, precious earth we live on and our duty to serve as masters of it and stewards for it as we hand it down to younger generations of Africans and others who truly care about People, places and things and the environment.  Not just wanting to exploit these entities, and master them for wealth building, but actually utilize stewardship as a great honor and return great portions of wealth back to the People. For now, I don’t see why I should need more than $75,000.00 a year r more to live off of.  This would have to be done in a Way that was complimentary to the positive existence of this precious earth, not leading it further towards destruction just so I can make money.


Some wealthy People who live well, but give millions of dollars away—I think they are secret Earth Fathers and Earth Mothers. They just don’t think of this concept.  They also go by a more traditional way of thinking about wealth, philanthropy, wealth building, inheritance, charity and stocks and bonds & so forth.  I tend to think we MUST share, not that it is just an desirable option. Keeping wealth within one family like so many wealthy families do is out of the question for an Earth Father or an Earth Mother.  I see Mr. and Mrs. William Gates as struggling with this concept.  They give away a lot of money, but their home estate is worth a ravishing $67 million dollars.  I am sure there are servants, extra cars planes, and so forth.  Having some of the trappings of wealth is ok, but I really think too much is too much.  So much of the United States population [I call our Nation he United States of Native America] so much of our population looks at people like Oprah and want to be like them and envy them.  They   know very little about How wealth works, how to attain it, how to master it and how to maintain it. I learned at my father’s knee that a key to all this is property ownership and living below one’s means.  However, [personally, I’ve not been able to buy property recently and live as a struggling man economically.  I pray everyday this will change. I work hard at it. But my inability to give back created a very bad spirit for me so I forced the issue with myself and created a program to hire one Black youth who is now my student.  He earns $342.00 every two weeks. Unfortunately this leaves me with very little to spend on myself and my personal needs. 


What I can’t get close family members to know and understand is this giving back to me is like breathing for others.  I felt a level of joy and hope and wonder at being successful with the program – devised as p[art of The New School for Black Progressive Thought & Black Achievement—I felt so good about the program at first that I cannot explain to you this feeling.  It made things come round for me. Turned me into a New Man. Made me whole. Made me feel decent and great about myself.  But as we fell on hard times, I realized I couldn’t successfully run the program without financial intervention and financial help from somewhere.  I AM still an Earth Father, but I have to be a realist also.  Unless the Program is financed in some way, it will have to be discontinued for now.  This I feel, is a shame and makes me sad.  Maybe I am just fantasizing here, but I know unless many, many more Black People take a personal look at helping out Black youth, maybe just one or two, our youth are, many of them doomed to create another generation of People in the turnstile of prison, the military and joblessness.


This is Why I have asked for financial help with the Program.  But this is Why I want to express my concept fully as Earth Father.  Why are we longing for a vacation house on the French, Riviera, expensive art work, mansions, and many sexual partners when such a lifestyle is basically destructive, deceitful, greed-producing, wasteful, unnecessary and while your friends will be envious, they will also be out after your wife, husband and your pocket book.  Such a wealthy unrealistic lifestyle is one that may create envy, but since when has creating envy in others ever been a good thing? Creating envy in others flies in the face of good spiritual posture with the major known religions such as Christianity. It also is basically an un-Godly lifestyle unless you are prone and destined to give away, after seeking the People who have their credential and hearts in the correct place, give away a large chunk of the wealth you helped create. Basically it is the workers who have really created the wealth in the first place.  Often it is the inventor or the innovator who just harnesses an idea and uses it to make the money and manages the company well enough to harness wealth.  This really doesn’t, in my opinion, make you any better than any worker down on the front line of employment or in your factory.  In fact it may make you less humane as you consider and ponder the decisions that impact greatly on People’s lives, without their input and / or knowledge.


An Earth Father or Earth Mother makes decisions that help create peace; create and maintain a safe and clean environment; take good care of worker’s needs; creates decent, cool, relaxed, clean & safe working conditions; & take care to obey every and all regulations without using money, power & influence to pay off this foreign official or that state or federal regulating agent. This is the duty of an Earth Father or an Earth Mother.    

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