Saturday, November 28, 2015

2 Corporate Assistants Needed for Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.....

Ad for 2 Corporate Assistants

About-to-flourish Black Progressive corporation needs two volunteer assistants to work on various projects. Must be serious-minded and able to keep information close to your chest and in-house.  You will need your own location, computer, internet accessibility and office space while we plan our financing and structure. This is a serious offer and will lead to a job in the near future (We are planning to be up and running in three weeks.). We are a firm dedicated to the economic survival of the Black community and want to see Black People flourish and succeed. You must be energetic, ambitious, willing to work for a time as a volunteer, and you must be serious-minded about the positive & bountiful future of our entire race. This application and opportunity is open to all races. We work on international, state-wide, and local issues that impact on the Black community in a political, social and economic manner.  We are a Gay & Lesbian friendly corporation, but we advocate for mostly Black People who are down trodden, left out, or who need direction in turning their lives around and navigating our North American (United States of Native American) processes.  As we get funding soon, we will be able to give you funds for bus fair, printing cost & lunch—but we need money for even these small items at this point. If you do this work for a year or two, you will find yourself being college ready, geared up to learn, focused, dedicated & directed to take on sometimes controversial projects, but they are always well thought out and aimed at really helping Black youth and the rest of our Black community. You do not need a college degree to apply & your age or race is not a factor. Writing skills are a must as are skills in organizing, business management, sales, corporate structure, marketing, Public Relations, journalism,   philanthropy, public speaking, and a caring and open heart for young Black People of all income levels who especially need our help.  This is a golden opportunity to work for a corporation that is on the runway and about to take off after working to get here for almost 10 years. We are not Johnny-Come-Lately to the Black youth issue. (We were incorporated in December of 2006, but started research & development long before that.). If you already have a job in the corporate sector, this work may not be for you, as you will have access to volatile, internal corporate documents that need to be kept internal , secure & confidential. If you send me a resume and cover letter, I will send you via e-mail our Success Mission and a short history of our Founder & President, Brother Tracy Gibson, who has experience working for a national magazine and a local (Philadelphia) Black newspaper. (and who is disabled, but still our major active leader and organizer).  Call 1 215 823 9985 or write BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com for more details or just send in your resume and cover letter. Make sure you put ``responding to request for volunteers’’ in the subject line and be careful not to allow typos into your documents.    If you would rather write us through regular mail, write to:

Brother Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Post Office Box 42878
                                          Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878

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