Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Writing the Ford Foundation November 25th, 2015 Wednesday

November 25, 2015 Wednesday

To: The Ford Foundation

320 East 43rd Street

New York, New York  10017

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson (God)

670 North 41st Street, Apartment B

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Ford Foundation Associates:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and at this time of Thanksgiving, I Am at the end of my rope in writing People and organizations and asking for money for the many worthwhile causes I Am associated with. I have a private S corporation that was founded & incorporated on December 18th, 2006 to help Black youth determine and establish a better life for themselves and to become responsible North American citizens – an asset to our Black community, as opposed to a detriment to our nation. [I must mention that my late mother, Mrs. Jessie Mae Gibson—an educator & motivator --  determined Thanksgiving as Her favorite Holiday as it brought together Her family for a festive and elaborate meal, fellowship & good times. This year I will show gratitude for what little I have by eating with homeless People [I like the term Home Challenged Brothers & Sisters].    I have done an enormous amount of work over the years, but have never received much money to maintain and advance that work.  We are not a 501c3. We are an S corporation. [Frankly, I don’t want to be beholden to the grantors and prefer to establish my work from money from the Black community itself.] Unfortunately, these are such hard times that it has been almost impossible to get much capital through this process of community building. [The financial back-biting and the crabs-in-a-basket attitudes have been phenomenally destructive to community progress.].

I Am sending you a copy of my Annual Report from this past year (2015). You will understand what we do and How we do it with such a small amount of money. At this point we have a bank account at United Bank – a Black bank in Philadelphia --  but haven’t even been able to establish and maintain a checking account. I have been able to pay myself a small salary [from time to time] (see number one on the annual report), but hit a problem with our payroll company.  I Am an expert writer and a expert strategist politically. I have supported the President on some issues and opposed Him on some issues. Our company and I as an individual have friends on both sides of the isle [I Am an independent voter] and have even written letters to both sides in the Middle East conflict. I have a Peace Plan for the Middle East which I have sent to many establishments since I first started writing it over seven years ago. It has grown and developed, but has been largely ignored. It is controversial, but will effectively put an end to the whole crisis there. I AM sure of it.  We are basically a Think Tank called Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc. (Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated) and we do writing, Education, Public Relations, advertising, small but very effective Philanthropy, Black Community Advocacy & Advocacy for Black youth and Black children, consultations for individual problems, & have always been a determining factor in building self esteem and better values in Black young People. We have requested financial support from several Black celebrities, but to no avail. Out of respect I will not mention their names. As you can see from our annual report, we have received some financial support from the community and I have invested in our company as my small disability money has allowed.  We took a financial nose dive this year to effectively reach out & help a 27-year-old Black man we hired and taught many subjects this last summer. The experience was fantastically rewarding and we were really able to help Him learn about Black community relations, electronics, ethical values, good manners and Black history. We even helped Him pay for the care of His two small children by giving Him a stipend of over $300.00 ever two weeks as we could afford it. Recently, I Am a bit concerned about my nephew who is a filmmaker living in Brazil. I think He is rather embarrassed to tell His uncle –that would be me (who is Gay) that He is a man who loves men also.  This is only a theory I have looking at the lack of women in His life. I will probably be an important bridge for Him in relating with His parents, who will feel a real disappointment in Him if this is true.  [They have their own issues.]. My nephew has been very quiet and aloof on the subject. Tomorrow I will send Him an important e-mail on the subject to try to get Him to reach a level of self acceptance in the face of a rather stern father and mother on the subject of homosexuality.  (I Am about to write this in a few moments and put it on my travel drive to send Him tomorrow).  During the summer of 2014 I helped a White friend of mine battle some of the same demons as He wanted to be straight, but found himself wanting a man as a lover. After spending a few months with me, He is now living in Florida with a male lover, but He comes to Philadelphia (and I assume sends checks here) to meet with and support his young male child. I have had to battle my own demons as I Am dealing with being a bipolar Person with a hint of schizophrenia. (I Am treated very professionally by a psychiatrist (Doctor Chang) 215 748 8400 and psychologist (Ms. Sarah E. Johnson, LCSW (1 267 354 2797 – my outpatient therapist --  at a place in West Philadelphia at 55th and Chestnut Street called The Consortium Inc.   (They desperately need a grant themselves and probably do have their 501c3). The Consortium Inc. provides very good services to the Black community here.    (My sister says if Black People ever got reparations, it would give us all, our entire nation, great benefit if they were given in the form of mental health services.)  I have to agree. When I see poor Black People spend $20.00 a day on lottery tickets and then agree with their misguided leader that they can’t afford a $5.00 national Identification card – and spend an entire election cycle fighting against the community taking responsibility for that small worthwhile $5.00 investment, I cringe knowing some of our Black leadership is just as misguided as the People He is trying to lead. (Out of respect, I will not mention any names).  If you need any information from me, please contact me at the existing contact points below. (I Am giving you my home address and my mailing address as well as my phone number and my business e-mail address.) My sister is an up-and-coming artist in Wash D.C. who once received a Ford Foundation grant. I hope you will contact Her again as well. (She presently has a back injury that has temporarily put Her partially out of commission. However, She is a determined Black woman who raised four children with the help of an equally determined doctor / activist husband/ (Their address and phone number is also listed below.)  I thank you for any consideration you can provide. My brother-in-law, sister and myself have worked diligently to help our Black People with little regard for financial reward and we have done so over a duration of about 35 years.


Peace & Blessings,


*GOD, Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

*When I say I Am GOD, People always miss the second part of this because I also say ``I Am no more GOD than anyone else. It is all a matter of personal, spiritual, educational (not always formal), and other development.’’ This s not a new concept. If you do the research you will find professionally qualified and high-ranking  academicians who talk about humans being Gods when they develop in a good and positive manner.

Founder (Disabled), CEO & President of

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates., Incorporated

A growing concerned facing extinction unless we get funding very soon.


Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101 – 2878

Phone 215 823 9985

Home address:

Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

670 North 41st Street

Apartment B

Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 19104

The Gibson Hunter Residence

Doctor Keith Hunter & Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter

4221 Argyle Avenue

Wash D.C. 20011

Phone : 1 202 723 9409

[Doctor Hunter, I Am sure, has a private company and perhaps a 501c3 but Is entangled in some legal matters that have been temporarily financially crippling. Perhaps you can help.).

To Check out my older sister’s art work log onto:


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