Wednesday, November 25, 2015

a letter to my doc

November 25th, 2015 Wednesday.

Dear Doctor Joseph Boselli & Drexel Medicine Staff:

From: Brother Tracy Gibson,

Founder (Disabled), CEO, & President of:

Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Building Better inter-cultural and better family relationships, especially for Black People &

The Black Community for almost 10 years.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania

19101- 2878

1 215 823 9985


Good Afternoon or good morning!! Thank you for the new script for Nifedical XL (ER) 60 MG tablets [ one a day]!! Doc Boselli, I might need to come in to have my blood pressure checked & have my medicine lowered because I’ve been doing well with my blood pressure. Then again, you are the Doctor, and might want me to either wait until I see you in February, or keep the medicine the same it is up to you. I know how important Doc visits are!!  I have been very satisfied with my medical service over the many years I have been under the treatment of Doc Boselli & Drexel Medicine and I just wanted to mention that again this year. I feel very guilty about not being able to keep up on my medical bills. I have no money to send you a bouquet of lovely flowers – especially for the nurses, but for everyone—like I sent a few years ago. If I had lots of money I would do such lovely things for lovely People like all of you.  What I want to mention is not a criticism, but just some information that I thought would be helpful for better health for all patients.  There is a prompt on your phone message that says ``lifestyle changes’’ are helpful for health.  I want to go on record as strongly recommending that you change that to a strong positive message specifically about changing diet and nutritional habits for the better – less saturated fat, more natural grain, more fresh fruit & more fresh vegetables (organic is best, if you can afford them), less salt, less sugar, less white bread, less white potatoes, less white rice, less fast food, no sodas etc. – you will find a lot less patients coming into your office for things like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments, especially of the heart.  You should also stress getting more exercise and using things like garlic to fight high blood pressure and fresh cut ginger and hot water to ward off a cold. (You can do the research on these matters, this s not stuff I just made up). You will find you still have to treat plenty of patients because People are rather hard to implement change and are rather hard-headed. (For example, it took me over 10 years of hearing Doctor Boselli ask me to join a gym (I now attend Planet Fitness on an almost daily basis & LOVe it).  You can use your on-the-phone-while-waiting messages for such positive voice information.  A lady friend of mine from Canada who used to work with me when I was attempting to sell vitamins used to tell me ``you have to keep drippin’ on them’’ meaning you have to tell People over and over again before they listen and take charge of their own health and realize the importance of exercise, vitamins, nutrition, and a positive attitude.  (This is an inside secret and a lesson advertisers know from way back, & the reason you see the same ads on tv  all the time.).    


Just Sayin,


*GOD, Brother Tracy Gibson

* I say I Am GOD, but I also say I Am no more GOD than anyone else.  It is just a matter of self development, Spiritual improvement, LOVing self and others, and being a positive thinker and a non-violent individual. (Martin, and the end of Malcolm’s career, Shirley Chism and Medgar Evers and John Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy and Winnie Mandela taught us well.) I thank you for being you and being so kind and generous with good medical service!!! Have a Cheerful Kwanzaa!!

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