Monday, November 16, 2015

Important Letter you Should Be Aware of About WRTI Jazz / Classic Radio

 November 16th, 2015, Monday

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

(Disabled Philanthropist & Businessman)

The Mount Olivet Projects

670 North 41st Street

Apartment B

Philadelphia, Pa 19104

To: WRTI Radio Classical / Jazz

1509 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, 3rd Floor

Philadelphia, Pa 19121

Dear Associates & Management at WRTI:

I like much of the Jazz you play. I would LOVe to provide a significant money donation to you, but I live off of less than one thousand, Four hundred dollars a month & pay $398.00 in rent a month. Plus I have to pay for food, medicine, transportation, a haircut, clothing, notebooks, etc. out of the rest of that money. If I Am able to eke out a contribution of $5.00 or $10.00 here & there, it is a Holy Miracle. Sometimes I give one or two dollars as I can. But there is another reason I don't give to WRTI Radio. *[If you look back on your financial records about 20 years you will see I have given you money in the past.] I Am very disappointed in the amount of Black radio announcers you have on during your Jazz Programming. I also don't like the kind of encroachment I see Temple University doing in North Philadelphia. I Am Black and feel Temple has displaced hundreds of Black People from North Philadelphia. [I used to cover North Phillie for the Philadelphia Tribune & I testified about gentrification in front of Philadelphia's City Council a while back, so I know what I'm talkin about.]. This is a proven fact, and it is shameful (your record of gentrification that is). I can't financially support such behavior. The really outrageous thing is, on your classical music side, from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M., you always have White radio announcers. This is also shameful and the reason you will not get a dime from me. It is as if your management is saying there are no qualified Black People to work on the station as announcers for Jazz or Classical European music!! This is outrageous and ridiculous!! This is also the reason why this letter will be published on my Google Blog for the Public to read. Black People are significantly tired of Europeans fronting with Black this and Black that and taking our money, meanwhile there is very little positive Black representation & Black positive gain as often Jewish People, other ``Whites,'' and more established and conservative Black People get almost all footage from business endeavors Black People should be benefiting from. If Black People are to make the positive advantages we must make to truly move forward, we must stop this phony care-fronting you and Temple are doing. So, no, you will get any donations from me until such policies change and you join the 21st Century. I don’t hate White People. I have LOVe in my heart for all of mankind and womankind. I also LOVe People who are Gay--as I Am-- or bisexual or transgendered. As a Black Gay man, I feel, the more we learn to LOVe ourselves as Black People, the more we will be able to be fair to ourselves & stop such fraud and phony fronting going on at Temple and WRTI Radio. I will not send you a single dollar until I see significant change in a correct, Positive and forward-moving direction.


Respectfully Yours,


Peace & Blessings,


Tracy Charles Gibson, Businessman (Disabled) & Philanthropist.

Business Address:

Brother Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101 – 2878

1 215 823 9985

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