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An Open Letter to Oprah WinfRey From Brother Tracy Gibson.....


Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.

670 North 41st, Street

Apt. B

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

1 (215) 823 9985

Dear Oprah of New York and California:
An Open Letter -- No Harm Meant...

     I am an important Black writer in the West  Philadelphia area. I am Black and Gay and a political liability to myself because of the response to my own revolutionary and progressive ideas and non-violent actions. Some people in power hate on me because I have kicked the established Power structure in the shin and given them a black eye politically., but I have done so while patting them on the back, but not taking their big cigars, or the glasses of bourbon. I have demanded that they share money, wealth and power with the homeless and the poor or all races, but especially with Black people. [I mean  theoretically, and in reality.] They – the traditional Oligarchy --  don’t know, some of them don’t, weather to step on me like a roach, give me money or just ask me to move to another city or country or just go away. On Christmas Day 2013 at 5 P.M. I was struck on the back of the head with some kind of pipe or weapon and got a slight concussion. [I survived, went to the hospital and was not retained even overnight at Mercy Hospital at 54th and Cedar Avenue also in West Philadelphia.. You can look up the records and check for yourself.]  I have relentlessly kept on with my work because GOD herself or himself has both given me a safe path to work and because GOD herself or himself has helped me in my work. I am a strongly ethical Black Gay man, rarely to a fault. I wrote you some 30 letters, over about a 10 year period, but I never asked for a penny. No I am NOT Dupock SHopera,(Check Spelling)  who I consider just another unethical  money grubber and NOT very useful at all to the revolution or the progressive movement. .  I am Brother Tracy Gibson of West Philadelphia.  By the Way, I’m not interested in being interviewed by you unless you allow me to ask you at least ten questions. I think you have successfully dodged several questions that the public wants to know about and that are important for your own personal career’s continued success – the answers to those questions that is. [You need to answer these questions on Public Black media that is NOT owned by you or anyone with political or economic ties to you, not on your OWN {Oprah Winfree Network} [Check Spelling] Network.]

     I want to be questioned by the Brother on the insurance commercials (Put His name here); or actor / producer Don Chedal.I will allow this interview to take place only after you answer the questions provided in this letter.  The fact that I am a Black homosexual is not incidental. The fact that I wrote a 657-page book that I haven’t been able to publish is also true. I am using this letter, in desperation, to sign away the rights of the book [I hereby do so under no strain, or negative influence, or undue influence, as of February fifth, 2017. I am doing this because even GOD herself or himself has been unable to create a publication path for this book [The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora: A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation] . I actually copyrighted the book under the name [Tracks to Truth, Power and Freedom: A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation—The Federal Copyright Registration Number is TXu 1-793-312 Dated December 20th, 2011].

    I have had at least three computers and five flash drives stolen over the last 20 years, so I am a bit leery about what I’m doing here.  I am GOD awful sick and tired of what has happened to me as a loyal Black activist and Black community organizer. I have spent time and money to make sure I haven’t broken any of the Whie man’s laws and have always worked to be ethical, legal and above board.  This has not paid off as I still only make $1,324.00 a month in disability income.  I am frankly sick of the whole mess!

     By the Way I have really lived on less than $1,324.00 a month for the last 20 years.  See enclosed Federal  end-of-year statement for 2016.] . I am 60. I have a lover named MR. Leonard E. Taylor who stays with me sometimes. We both live in West Philadelphia. I have been black-balled in Philadelphia and because of my low credit score, age, disability [I am bipolar] and revolutionary, non-violent political beliefs, I have not been able to find a meaningful, well-paying  job.  I have my own corporation – Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.—through which I funnel my work as an educator, Black activist and lover of humanity through. We don’t make a dime that I know of. [Federal EIN Number 27—0145705.]

    I have a sister, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson  Hunter, who  entrusted me with $27,000.00 several years ago but I used the money to pay down a mortgage for a house I sold so I could buy another house in Delaware so I could have some God-Given peace and quiet so I could write the 657-page book I mentioned. My sister has always been there for me and has helped as she can.  My sister is also not making much money. I LOVe her dearly and we have a very good and positive relationship. She is married to a doctor [Doctor Keith Hunter both of Washington, D.C.]  I live in public housing which I was very glad to get and only pay $398.00 a month in rent and no utilities except the phone bill. I recently got my Serv.Saefe certificate [ certificate number 14312656 at 59 on October 29 of 2016, but still haven’t landed a job. I have at least two other copyrights one for an educational institution called ``The Institute to Create Proper Sexual Value, conduct and ethics among young people.’’ From about April 18th, 2013 No Federal Copyright  number is available.; and The Knowledge Hut Business Plan [Federal Copyright Registration Number TXu 1-831 – 958 from May 29th. 2012.

     I have included a few documents here: a Letter about the Black Millionaire’s Network; and my Administrative Resume. The resume has my recent contact information. If you have any questions of me I can be reached easily through my LOVer’s cell phone number [ 1 – 267 – 361-9304.] This is actually my own phone number. Leonard is my personal assistant and LOVer.

      What do I want from you? I would like to give you some advice as a business consultant. You can decide to send me a check if you want to, but I have to tell you a few things.  [The check can be for whatever amount you want.] You need psychotherapy because you really don’t LOVe or like Black people.  I know we are not your basic constituent which is White women, but because you are Black, you really need to consider what your Blackness does to little Black girls and little Black boys also who want to make it in industry.  You have been given access to many, many things and situations that have helped you.  Everybody always says ``well, Oprah is doing it. I don’t see what is stopping you as a Black person.’’ You have been put up there for expressly this reason by the Ruling Class [Oligarchy] and my feeling is this farce needs to be revealed and disclosed, especially to Black people, who get really little benefit from anything you do.  I know you have given millions of dollars to Black Universities and Black schools, but that does not repair the damage or offset what you have done by being held up as a success when success is snatched away from thousands of us because of this.  Image is key. For example, I saw you on television with a White man – leaning on his shoulder—at the first Obama Inauguration.  That image is one that hundreds of Black youth saw.  Are they supposed to lean on the White man also instead of leaning on our beautiful Black community for support? I think if we lean on each other, we are much better off.  Don’t feel I’m after your money. I’ll make money sho nuf, even though I have most likely been tagged to not get an extra dime due to my progressive and revolutionary views and non-violent / peaceful actions and tactics.

    If you wish to relinquish any interests in the book and copyrights to the book [The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora: A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation] please call my lawyer Attorney Ron Harper of 140 Maplewood Avenue; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144 at 1-215 - 844-4848 Extension 11.

     I have an idea for you also at no charge. How about ``Oprah’s 11’’ instead of ``Ocean’s 11’’ and you pick 11 young business executives (Please make five of them Black, African American,  African or Caribbean – and no I don’t mean East Indian) and raise them to work for you for five years and learn How to be successful Black entrepreneurs. I personally think they should be from ages 12 to 19 and make at least $30 an hour. This is a fantastic public relations effort / community growth effort  and would be graciously accepted by the Black community internationally.

     I wish you the best of luck in your general business endeavors and good works.




Brother Tracy Gibson,

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, (Disabled)

Of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.

Building Black wealth through positive effort.    


Questions for Oprah Winfried:

#1] Are you a homosexual?

#2] Has your personal relationship with Stedman been a sham all these years?

#3]     Do you have a personal sexual relationship with your girlfriend Gail?

#4] Do you feel this is anyone’s business except your own, even though you are in the public arena?

#4] Could you explain some of the doors that have been opened for you and why you think these doors have been opened when they are not opened to other Black people?

#5] Do you think Hillary Clinton was a good choice for President in 2016? If so why?

#6] What is your advice to Black young businesspeople?

#7] What are some of your most exciting plans for the next 10 years. [Those you want to reveal.]

#8] What REALLY makes you tick as a person?

#9] In one sentence, what is the best business advice you can give anyone, especially Black youth?

#10] Did you ever personally see or read any of the 30 oetters you were mailed from me personally? If so, were you able to gain anything from them that helped you in your work?


If you want to ignore the first five questions, I totally understand. I am just telling you what the public wants to know about for sure.  You are under no political, Spiritual, economic or legal obligation or pressure to answer any of these questions or respond to this letter in any Way at all.  I plan to reinstitute my ``O’’ subscription in December of 2018. I do not watch OWN [Oprah Winfree Network]Check name spelling   except for about 30 minutes while I’m at the gym [Planet Fitness] because I don’t have cable Television, can’t afford it and don’t want it. I was extremely disappointed when BET was bought by the corrupt conglomerate Viacom. Black people need relevant, coherent, viable, ethical, hopeful, optimistic, well-researched, politically astute, and Black owned media or all sorts.  We don’t need sophisticated sham artists.
President’s Notes
      I HAVE A LIST OF BOOKS YOU CAN ASK ME FOR THAT WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THESE SITUATIONS BETTER AND HELP YOU GET A BETTER HAND ON WHAT TO DO TO INCREASE POWER FOR YOURSELF AND END THE FEELING OF HOPELESSNESS YOU MIGHT BE FEELING. Call me at 1 (215) 823 9985 and send me your e-mail address [or leave it clearly on my phone] and I’ll send my book list to you.  You can also buy a copy of my poetry book ``Let the Children Gather,’’ by Tracy Gibson to help me out financially. Change costs money. My corporation is an ``S’’ corporation. We are celebrating our 10th year (we incorporated on December 18th, 2006). Reach us by regular mail at Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.; 670 North 41st Street,; Apartment B;  Philadelphia, PA 19104. 1 (215) 823 9985. Contributions are accepted, but not tax deductible. This article is written through the auspices of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. If you wish to write for us, please submit an article at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com some articles will be published anonymously.


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