Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Money Is For


``When money is used properly it is used to employ & free people, save lives, solve problems, correct mistakes, purchase necessities, build progressive societies, help others, & to avert difficulties or help out during catastrophes. Or for basic necessities like food, rent, utility bills & a few luxuries like going to a fine restaurant a few times a month or investing in Real Estate, investment bonds & stocks or saving for retirement.  It was not created, in GOD’s mind, I believe, to hoard, exploit others, enslave People, oppress, or corrupt People; do evil; nor to expand ruthless Dynasties & Empires; create or trade weaponry; or to hurt and kill people; or for violence. ‘’

A quote from Brother Tracy Gibson….. (Author of ``Freeing the Free World—The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora, (2009-2011)-- Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Accomplishment.’’ Due out in September of 2011.  A Book of Poetry is due out before that…

``In addition, it would be nice to have money if you are a Progressive, freedom-path finder such as I Am.  Sometimes the Oligarchy finds & devises ways to keep money out of the exact Black hands that need such financial resources to move our Progressive Nation – The United States of Native America – ahead and other such Nation’s ahead. We have to put a block on such financial curses through every legal and effective means we can.  It is crucial, in a Progressive revolution such as the one we in the United States of Native America are presently experiencing—it is crucial to have money to run our movement in an effective, on-going & meaningful Way. Often People whose coffers are full of cash & Capital & who want to give to the Progressive and revolutionary movement can’t get to the People who are working day to day on the front lines of the movement to bring home Freedom, democracy, decency, honesty, openness, honor, access to real capital, openness and access to GOD, education, a cleaner environment, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Prisoner rights & rights for formerly oppressed groups such as the Native Americans or Black / African People- sometimes getting money to the positive and working forces who want to bring these entities, forces & issues forward is a difficult thing. It must not be & it should not be a difficult thing to support openly our liberation movement. No one should feel ashamed, fearful or scared to support liberation movements that free bodies and souls from authentic oppression such as that experienced by Black People in North America or the world over.  It can’t be difficult to get to and generate money for our Progressive causes – Black, Native, Latin, White, Arab, Asian, Gay & Lesbian, straight and so forth—it can’t be difficult to get money to these forces if we are to have an effective and on-going movement that brings about the new world we so richly deserve and have worked so hard for over a very long duration.  When we borrow money from one another and don’t return it, we create difficulty for our positive Black / African Ancestral forces to move in the correct direction to help us. Where I live there is a young lady down the street who owes me $5.00. She has owed it to me for over two years. This May not sound like much money, but it –that debt-- can actually chop off my ability to give Her a job, or help Her son or daughter in a positive and on-going Way to become constructive & positive-minded adults….  She doesn’t understand this and ends up standing firmly in the Way of Progress.  What She doesn’t understand is that the positive Ancient Black Ancestral forces will eventually move Her right out of the Way and keep Her poor just for being such a negative force and a roadblock to progress.  There is also a White gentleman I know and was quite friendly with who attended my church for a time – Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia at Broad & Arch in the Arch Street United Methodist Church at 55 North Broad Street [In the Chapel every Sunday at 2 P.M.]—He said a dominate Progressive religious leader in Our City would have to go on trial before He would get the backing of His People. [The White gentleman was talking about me.] GOD had another thing in mind. What I know is there will be no such trial and this individual [I’m talking about myself] will triumph and have a good relationship ,a good life,  longevity AND wealth. Such White people should not stand in the Way of what GOD has planned for good women and good men because doing such is the work of negative forces none of us church-goers want to be allied with—if you know what I mean.  GOD won’t slow down once He has the People behind Him and is headed in the correct direction, which is towards bringing liberation & effective access to money, People & resources to help effectively with resolving the many issues I mentioned here & helping the communities I mentioned.  But it takes money to put oil on the wheels of justice. I stand and sit in frustration until the People realize this & are able and willing to support me and my liberation efforts every day and in an effective, consistent and on-going manner.  We can’t just live in our communities and expect positive and Progressive change to come knocking on our doors. We have to get out into the community and find such change and make things happen. I have been working at it for over 30 years so I know it gets frustrating sometimes. But do you think for a moment the Brothers & Sisters who brought us the liberation efforts from the 1960’s took it slow and easy and watched TV and listened to advertising and played around all the time? No!! There may have been a bit of lollie-gagging, but most of the time was spent doing the difficult work that needed to be done to move the wheels of justice along & in a positive direction. Then, the Black churches were being burned down also and People were being killed also. But we stood up as a race of Black People and turned things around and used our feet to demonstrate and boycott and our votes to change things through the ballot box. We must do this again, but with a whole new peaceful, non-violent arsenal of weapons such as determining what stocks & bonds to purchase that will help our efforts through helping companies that are more adherent to our causes and issues; and through supporting Black businesses such as where I get my fruit & vegetables from – The Black Produce man Brother Arnett Woodall at 62nd & Market Street in West Philadelphia.  It can be done, it will be done and it has to be done. Otherwise we will have given into forces that mean nothing but the demise of us and our precious earth. We can’t stand for this. We must fight for Progressive change and move our money and efforts in such good and positive direction as to liberate us now and create a liberated society for our children’s & grand children’s future. So Mac, Paul, Raymond, Bernadette & my other neighbors, this is what money is for. Believe me I will hire People in the neighborhood as soon as I Am financially able & have the necessary funds. I work towards this every day!!!’’.

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