Saturday, February 18, 2017

church money

February 16th, 2017 Thursday (Edited later for clarity and increasing levels of professionalism)

Dear Pastor Haskins and Assistant Pastor B.J.: This letter is not written to embarrass you or cause consternation or conflict or disruption in the church -- Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia that meets most Sundays at 55 north Broad at 1:45 P.M. in the Chapel for service.

     **I promised about a year or two ago that I would donate $800.00 to church to dramatize that unless we are willing and ready and able to make a sacrifice and survive hardships for ourselves we will not get the money we need for our new building. [By the Way, I saw a building at 40th and Spring Garden called the LOVe Chapel that I think would be perfect to renovate, but there isn't much parking]. This $800.00 is to go to the Building Fund of our church -- Unity Fellowship Christ Church Philadelphia -- and is an equal amount of money [ $ good $ ] that was loaned to me from my Father's good friend Mr. Golden -- a Jewish friend of His, so I could buy my first piece of Property near 54th & Walnut.  [It was an income property and the first property I ever bought.]

     ** I strongly suggest the church buy property like an apartment building that can provide income for the church first, before you buy a church building which usually operates at a loss ergo -- in the red. 

     ** I will have almost no money for groceries, phone bill, household expenses etc.. for March, 2017. I am asking people to look close by at my current e-mails and support me where possible. Next month I'm planning and will put $125.00 in church each time I attend church. I will also be capable of paying the church $13,000.00 which is the $125.00 for each week for two years. -- which I also had promised to give to the church. I plan to attend each and every week.

     **Unless we face each day with seriousness and resolve we will never get the financial legs to stand on and create the income we need to sustain a church. I have not as yet, received a serious receipt for the money I gave the church last year [2016]. I gave $80.00 directly from books sold at a P.A.G.E.S. meeting about six months ago directly to Assistant Pastor B.J.. It has not been accounted for. This is why People are not giving money like they should, but I believe in you and I know you can do much good. I also gave at lest $50.00 in other dollars into the church which was not accounted for. I got a receipt that said I only gave $1.72 [One Dollar and 72 cents]. I am sure that doesn't mean one point 72 million dollars and I know I gave more that $1.72 cents. When something is fishy in Denmark, People don't give Denmark any money.

     **I believe in this church to have the positive Power to change People's lives. This is why I have attended regularly even when I have to walk from 41st and Lancaster Avenue and back home some weeks.  [Please tell Raymond I still have those pork chops for Him at my house, unless I cook them for Leonard]. The walking really helps with the circulation and I think and Pray when I walk. I expect a full accounting before you cash or deposit the enclosed $800.00 postal money order.  [It will be sent to you on March 5, 2017 to your Post Office Box.].

     ** There are a few other things I must say of Unity Fellowship -- not just our church, but the whole network of 17 some churches.  Some People have fallen off the wagon and some People have left feeling disgruntled. I understand this and this happens to all churches. I am also tired of us being called a ``Gay'' church.  But I think you are changing lives and not taking no for an answer when it comes to people making the positive changes for themselves they need to make. I have had a few runs ins with church leadership, but I don't want you job[s]. I LOVe what I do and will make money at what I do very soon, if not at we speak. You changed my life when therapy at $60.00 an hour, was only able to take me but so far.  This is a miracle in progress and I want to see hundreds of other people -- especially Black People -- take advantage of what we have to offer. I thought I would be able to work for the Board, but that is not possible. I will continue to do what I can to generate support in my own Way. ANd I thank you for your continued work and effort.

Ever Grateful,

Tracy Gibson.  


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